Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Politics, Economics and Law (ICPEL 2016)

Session: Law

6 articles
Taixia Shen
This paper studies the second major reform of the European Court of Human Rights, which was mainly brought about by the entry into force of Protocol No. 14 to the European Convention of Human Rights. It firstly analyses the main contents of Protocol No. 14, then compares the statistics around the implementation...
Ying Zhang, Dongsheng Xu, Juanjuan Geng
To evaluate the legal risk of big enterprise in China for the sake of avoiding unnecessary loss, multivariate statistical analysis method was adopted. In the evaluation process, a criterion which contains 967 observation points was raised. All the 967 observation points were carried out by priority setting...
Lanfang Fei
China's early institutional choice of arbitration institutions caused it to become locked-in and resistant to change. The paper reviews how the path-dependent nature of Chinese legal reform determines the specific characteristics of the Chinese arbitration system. Moreover, it reveals that outer forces,...