Proceedings of the International Conference on Promotion of Information Technology (ICPIT 2016)

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Data Management and Three-dimensional Visualization of Global Velocity Model Crust 2.0

Xuefeng Zheng, Yuwei Sun, Xiong Xu
This paper described the method for managing and visualizing three-dimensional earth velocity model Crust 2.0 based on knowledgebase. Firstly, we managed the velocity structure data with Geodatabase. And then, we presented a method to model and visualize the three-dimensional velocity structure with...
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The Research and Implementation of Field Data Acquisition System in the Southern Plateau Based on the Android Platform

Yang Yang, Guang-liang Hou, Qing-Jun Yin, Qing-bo Wang
Based on the Android platform, we have developed a set of basic mobile GIS software platform, built a integrated service platform which is composed of positioning, analysis, overlay compliance judgment, site selection and statistics, and obtained the real-time spatial data, so as to improve the efficiency...
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IBM ILOG OPL and Its Application in Teaching of Operations Research

Lixin Zhao, Lishuan Hu
In this paper, firstly, application areas of Operations Research are introduced. Some computer tool-kits used to solve OR problems are outlined, together with some programming languages, which can be used to model and solve the optimization problems. Secondly, an optimization programming language-IBM...
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Information Construction in Guangxi Xijiang River Based on SWOT Quantitative Analysis

Chunyang Ji, Yun Deng
This paper used SWOT quantitative analysis to figure out the SWOT strength of the construction of the "golden waterway" logistics information, and to construct the "golden waterway" logistics information strategy SWOT quadrilateral. Finally, the paper will provide a new thought for logistics information...
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Software Productivity Estimation by Regression and Na‹ve-Bayes Classifier-An Empirical Research

Jun Wu, Sisi Gao
Software cost estimation is now a big concern in software engineering. Although many measurement-based analytical approaches have been proposed, some are focused on producing point estimates rather than interval predictions. The objective of this paper is to investigate the software productivity using...
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Countermeasures and Analysis for Promote the Brand Equity for an Enterprises to Sponsor the 2012 UEFA European Championship

Bin Gui, Zhanji Gui
The research design used was both qualitative and quantitative. The sample size determined was 450; these included undergraduates, graduates, and newly employed personnel who had a brand sense. Simple random technique was used in the administering of the questionnaire. Descriptive and inferential statistics...
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Research on User Integrated Energy Efficiency Evaluation Based on Balanced Score Card Method

Xudong Wang, Jian Zhuang, Leijiao Ge, Hui Wang, Yanhe Liang
Energy efficiency plays an important role in smart industrial park. The joint efforts of end users are useful to enhance the overall energy efficiency of smart industrial park. An improved balanced score card method for the assessment is proposed to guide the improvement of the integrated energy efficiency...
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Research on the Development of Science and Technology in Guangdong by Using Grey Incidence Evaluation Method

Feng Wei, Qiong Wu
The development of science and technology in Jiangsu province has made great progress. In contrast, the development in Guangdong is slightly inferior. This article puts Guangdong and Jiangsu as comparative objects. After selecting data from 2002 to 2013, this paper analysis the grey incidence between...
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Research on Seismic Wave Analysis Algorithm Based on HHT

Yabo Wang, Xiaoke Song, Wei Huang
The seismic signal is non-stationary signal, which needs to be introduced into the time frequency conversion method. EPAH is provided in this paper, which uses HHT to deal with the non-stationary seismic signal. The advantage of HHT using in processing non-stationary seismic signal is utilized in EPAH....
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Information Services for the Enterprise Value of Technological Innovation under the Big Data Environment

Wen Xiao, Na Yan, Yunqian Zhang
With the advent of the era of Big Data, dramatic change took place in the field of information resources. This paper describes the information needs of enterprise technology innovation at first, and then analyzes the Big Data technology used for technological innovation information service's core values,...
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Building a New Gap Model Based on the Dual Perspectives of Customer Value: A Case Study of Development of a High-end Business Apartment

Zhongqun Sun
Referring to the findings of domestic and foreign studies in customer value gap theories, this paper probes the "gap model" on the basis of the dual perspectives of enterprises and customers. This is achieved through discussing the five perception gaps of customer value between the company and its customers....
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Research of Dynamically Interactive Simulation Based on VR-and-JavaScript

Wu Xu, Lingling Kong, Jin He, Gao Yali
Along with the rapid development of Internet Multimedia techniques it is increasingly popular in experimental teaching to base virtual, digital, dynamic interactive simulation on the computer network. This paper presents a virtual model built by modeling software using VRML and JavaScript combining instances...
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Application of Reverse Logistics Management in Solid Waste Disposal in Handan City

Jie Wang
In order to effectively solve the problem of waste disposal by using reverse logistics management, this paper analyses the current situation and problem of the Municipal waste emissions in Handan. Through the questionnaire survey, data collection and survey, we find that there are so many problems in...
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Research and Implementation of 2x2 MIMO-OFDM System with BLAST Using USRP-RIO

Jingyi Zhao, Yanhui Lu, Ning Wang, Shouyi Yang
In this paper, we use NI USRP-RIO and LabVIEW programming environment to successfully build a 2x2 MIMO-OFDM system. And based on this system, the Zero Forcing(ZF) detection algorithm, the Zero Forcing-ordered Successive Interference Cancellation(ZF-OSIC) detection algorithm and Bell Labs Layered Space-Time...
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Design and Application of Pseudorandom Coded Sweep for Mini-SOSIE

Zubin Chen, Na Li, Yun Long, Xiaozhe Wen, Feng Sun
The miniaturized, high-energy-output mini-SOSIE has become an important source in seismic exploration. It has seriously impeded resolution because of the coherent vibration frequency and periodical problem of the signal. In order to solve these problems, this paper designed a vibrator signal generator....
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Research on Effectiveness of Ride-sharing Service in China Based on PEST Analysis

Ruixue Guo, Zhili Liu, Jing Cai
Currently, sharing economy has penetrated into all fields in China, among which ride-sharing has demonstrated a leading role and has greatly changed the traffic mode. We briefly describe the definition, development courses, and the typical forms of China's ride-sharing in the beginning. Secondly, we...
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Virtual Geographic Environment Data Organization Model for Low-Altitude Collision Avoidance

Li Feng, Xiao-hui Chen, Li-heng Tan
The geographical environment with low-altitude is complex. Ground mountain, tall buildings, communications tower, bridge across the river, the tall vegetation has a significant effect on low altitude fly. The technology of virtual navigation and collision warning system which based on satellite navigation...
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The Construction of City's Smart-heathcare Data System Based on Habase

Zhen Niu
To deal with information incompleteness or error and supervising difficulties caused by hardships in information synergy and sharing among current medical institutions, this article proposes a solution to construct a city's smart-heathcare data system. Through the design of synchronizing each medical...
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The Research on Geographic Cognitive Model and Expressional Model of Cyberspace

Xiao-Hui Chen, Li Feng, Wei Zhang, Bing-Chuan Jiang, Yu-Ting Liao
The issue is aimed at the demand of cognizant Cyberspace, analyzed the spatial and temporal characteristics of Cyberspace. By means of researching the mapping mechanism between cyberspace and geo-space, constructs the theories and geographical cognitive models of Cyberspace. Based on the theory of cartography,...
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Relay Location Choice for CR Networks with Multi-Group Multicast Based on Inter-group and Inner-group Cooperation Transmission

Zhiqing Tang, Shouyi Yang, Ruizhe Zhang
In view of the cognitive radio network more groups of multicast, this paper proposes a multicast group matching based on collaboration between groups of information transmission mechanism. We formulate an overall rate optimization problem based on relay location and primary user (PU) location with interference...
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Multi-source Heterogeneous Data Integration Technology and Its Development

Yong Wang, Qi Shi, Hongtao Song, Zhigang Li, Xue Chen
With the improvement in the level of social information, data has become basic, strategic resources, which represents the advanced productive forces and core competitiveness. How to share heterogeneous data highly and effectively, achieve effective integration of information system, make full use of...
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Multiple Classifier Systems for More Accurate JavaScript Malware Detection

Zibo Yi, Jun Ma, Lei Luo, Jie Yu, Qingbo Wu
The researches of JavaScript malware detection focus on machine learning techniques in recent years. These works extract features from JavaScript's abstract syntax tree for the training of classifiers and achieve satisfactory detection results. However, in the training set there exist some scripts that...