Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Public Management (icpm-14)

Regional integration is not a new idea. Historically there have been many endeavors in history. Integration is the force that steers societies to deeper co-operation between systems and its elements that exist and interaction among previously autonomous units. Integration is the process of creating effective structures of co-operation to realize the ends of the goals a society sets for itself and chooses suitable means to achieve those goals by a mean of institutional efficacy. That process creates both challenges and opportunities for administrators. The international development trends encourage administrators to manage, distribute, integrate and maintain in a sustainable manner of a profound and rapidly changing environment. For the Asia-Pacific regions, particularly ASEAN countries, diversity in socio-culture, economy and politics creates both challenges and opportunities for administrators to search for suitable strategies to be integrated into advantages instead of disadvantages in accordance to improve international cooperation.

This conference is aimed at addressing new challenges and opportunities in line with increasingly integrated regions of Asia Pacific to be Asian and Asean communities.

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