Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Public Management (icpm-14)

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Demystifying the Relationship between Decentralization and Villagers’ Welfare

Khairu Roojiqien Sobandi
Theoretically, political decentralization aims at creating prosperity for society, however it was not the case in Indonesia because the creation of autonomous regions with its authorities are unable to strengthen grassroots people, to understand and coping their problems through bottom-up planning. It...
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Study on the Employment Service in China’s Resource-exhausted Cities

Ge Shaolin, Han Quanfang
The employment issues in resource-exhausted cities are social issues faced by various countries in the world in the process of industrialization, and improving the level of employment service is the key for solving the unemployment problem in resource-exhausted cities. This paper adopts the comparative...
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e-Procurement PracticesinFourAreasinEast Java, Indonesia: Accountability, Efficiency and Barriers

Rachmat Hidayat
Electronic Procurement(electronic auctions) aims to cut thechain ofbureaucracyandmake public sectorspendingmoreeffectiveandefficient. Thisarticlediscusses theimplementation process of E-Procurement in four regenciesineastern Java: Sampang, Kediri, Surabaya and Jember with emphasis ontheaccountability...
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Study on Public Service for Border Minority areas in China: Taking Hekou County as An Example

Han Quanfang, Huang Xiaolong
Borderland as a particular area of social public services is the material, cultural and psychological bases of stable frontier minority areas. In this paper a case study on Hekou County border ethnic autonomous county in Yunnan province, China, deeply analysis of public services in frontier minority...
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The Required Competencies of the Middle Managers in Five-Hotel Industry: A Case Study of Five-Star Hotels in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Samphors Chum
The required competencies are crucial needs for tomorrow’s hospitality industry leader that wish to remain their competitive and challenges. Middle managers working in standard hotel accommodations play an important role to coordinate employees’ activities and determine the steps to increase of service...
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A Study on the Innovation of Evaluation Mechanism for Administrative Examination and Approval Based on the Customer Satisfaction

Shuyang Ou, Zhouqin Tan
Administrative examination and approval is one of the most important management tools for government to govern the economy and society effectively. And by evaluating the efficiency of government’s administrative examination and approval service and the satisfaction level of clients, we can not only improve...
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Antecedents for Public Service Motivation of Indonesian Public Servants: A Case Study in Padang, West Sumatera

Mr Syamsir
The study literatures on Public Service Motivation (PSM) have grown tremendously over the past two decades. However there are still many questions remain unanswered in regards to antecedents for the PSM. Besides, most of PSM theories often ignore cultural dimensions in their analysis. This study was...
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New Public Management Practices at Local Government in Indonesia: A Case Study of Wonosobo Government, Central Java

Slamet Rosyadi, Swastha Dharma
Shifting from bureaucracy model to entrepreneurial model as the main characteristic of New Public Management (NPM) has been taking place at local governments in Indonesia since the implementation of Law No. 32 of 2004 on Local Government. Performance appraisal, local financial management accountability,...
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Conceptualization Of Public Service Model on City Government

Dasman Lanin, M. Fachri Adnan
The purpose of this paper is to publish the findings of research that has spawned an academic concept of public service that is able to increase public satisfaction with local government services. The research uses quantitative methods and statistical analysis. Data were collected through questionnaires...
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Study of InformationPlatform for Community Public Service

Wang Xidong, Zhou Jiayu
In recent years, the Community Public Service exists so many problems such as the imbalance between supply and demand, the shortage of money and the low degree of specialization. Also, many reasons caused that. However, the lack of residents participating in community affairs and the imperfection of...
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The Governance and Analysis on Migration in the Frontier Region of Yunnan

Gu He Fan Lin
Cross-border migration in border areas of Yunnan has already been the emphasis and difficulty of social governance. On the one hand, it promotes the prosperous development of border trade, but on the other it causes a series of social problems. At present, there are three different forms of cross-border...
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Social Differentiation and Integration for Rural Villagers in Ethnic Group Areas A Case on Village A

He Xiaobo
At present, China’s social structure has being changed, which had people’s productive model, living style, social relations and cultural values changed extremely. In the transformation from traditional farming society to modern industry society, the differentiation of rural villagers is the most significant...
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A Study on the Supply of Social-rented Housing in Kunming

Feng Yongli
The supply of social-rented housing is one of the most important parts of housing security, which determines the depth of housing security and results in certain impact on social development. In order to get rid ofvarious constraints caused by the insufficient housing supply, this study analyzed the...
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Research on the Development of Social Organization in Yunnan Cross-Border Minority Concentrated Region

Ma Guofang
Social organization is a sociological concept, defined as a pattern of relationships between and among individuals and groups. There are a large number of mass organizations in China, which carry out their activities independently in accordance with the Constitution and the law.The sixteen session of...
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Improving the Ability of Public Service of Local Government in Chinese Minority Areas

Yuan Fang
In recent years, local government in Chinese minority areas make great effort to improve the quality of public service , despite many achievements have been scored, there is still a wide gap between the eastern coastal regions. With in-depth development of regional integration of administrative work...
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Controling and Supervising the Development of Modern Market in Social Justice Perspective (A Case Study in Banyumas Regency)

Denok Kurniasih, Paulus Israwan Setyoko
Local government has important roles in developing populist economic. The existence of Banyumas Regional Regulation No. 3/2010 about the Management and Supervising of Traditional Markets, Shopping Centres and Modern Stores is a local government’s way to preserve the existence of traditional markets....
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The Institutional of Family Planning Program in Decentralization Era in Banyumas District

Dyah Retna Puspita, Rukna Idanati, Nesi Novita Imeldasari
Sincefamily planning programsis decentralized, the condition of family in Banyumas District was still characterized by a considerable number of children, number of cases of domestic violence as well as the increasing number of divorce. So that, this research was analyse how far the institution of family...
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One-Gate Public Service for Developing Local Wisdom-based Tourism in Banyumas, Central Java: An Alternative Solution

Triana Ahdiati, Oktafiani Catur Pratiwi
This paper aims at analyzing the development of tourism at the local level. Recently, tourism in Indonesia becomes the mainstay for increasing regional income as well as functioning as the tool of environmental conservation, both the natural and social environment. However, local tourism in Indonesia...
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Restorative Justice and Social Rehabilition of The Children in Conflict With The Law (A Study on the Involvement of Government Institutions in the Rehabilitation Process of Children in Conflict with the Law in Banyumas Regency)

Tri Wuryaningsih, Sunyoto Usman
Restorative justice approachby way of diversionis considered as the best approach to resolve the case for children in conflict with the law. Diversion is an actor acts to divert or put child criminals out of the criminal justice system. In Banyumas, children in conflict with the law are resolved by way...
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The Relationship between Good Governance Administration and Service Quality at Na Yai Arm Sub-District Administrative Organization, Na Yai Arm District, Chantaburi Province, Thailand

Pongsatean Luengalongkot
The objectives of this study include: 1) to study the level of good governance administration at Na Yai Arm Sub-District Administrative Organization, Na Yai Arm District, Chantaburi Province; 2) to study the level of service quality of Na Yai Arm Sub-District Administrative Organization and; 3) to study...
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The Comparative Study of Foreign Worker Policy Implementation: The Case Study Of The Three Provinces in The Eastern Part Of Thailand, Srakaew, Chantaburi And Traad

Wichai Jongchotchatchavan, Patchanee Taraseina, Ritthikorn Siriprasertchok
Based on relevant documents and in-depth interview from various authorities, this study reveals four-dimension of findings. Firstly, with regard to foreign worker policy, it is found that the policy’sobjectives and goals of all the three provinces are clear, but the goals and objectives are notsuccessfully...
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Functional Orientation and Approach of Cross-Border Electronic Public Services Platform in ASEAN-China Free Trade Area

Li Chongzhao, Yu Yimin, Liu Xinping
This research tries to form the function and approach of establishing efficient and convenient Cross-Border Electronic Public Services platform (CBEPSP) in ACFTA. By integrating information release,data search, business management, e-payment and other functions, construction portal website and basic...
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The Research Of Landless Peasants Social Risk Management Which Is Based On The Perspective Of Social Security

Ma Keji, Hu Liping
In recent years, the social risk problems caused by the process of expropriation farmers' land as government action, due to the land expropriation compensation, resettlement cost problems cannot be solved effectively, have caused widespread concern of government and society. Strengthening the social...
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Bureaucratic Structure Aspect in Implementation of Indonesian Finance Policy About Accrual Based Accounting in Local Government

Sri Suwitri Koesdali, Hadiyati Munawaroh, Y Warella
Financial managementisan importantpartof thepublic administration. Implementation of Finance Policy of Indonesian Government about transparencyandaccountabilityin thefinancial managementsystemis connectedbythe financial report. Accrual-based financialreport has become ahallmarkof modernmanagement but...
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The System Innovation of Regional Public Management: Dilemmas and Breakthroughs

Yang Yanhong
With the rapid development of global economic integration and the process of modernization of China, the regional public administration issues are constantly highlighted. The regional public administration has become the inevitable trend for adapting to the developing times. This essay is based on the...
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Transformation of Chinese Government’s Economic Function under Globalization

Chen Meixia
Encountering with the strain of economic globalization, the Chinese government should fully recognize and understand their responsibilities in this process. They should positively change the way of government's function, and fundamentally realize the transform of its economic function from "all-round"...
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Analysis on the Functions of Policy Oriented Export Credit Insurance in China-ASEAN Economic and Trade Cooperation

Wang Wenhui
ASEAN announced to launch economic community in 2015 for the purpose of establishing a unified market with a huge population of 600 million. China should devote greater effort to establishing China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and the Chinese enterprises need to accelerate the in-depth cooperation with ASEAN...
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The Research on the International Cooperative Mechanism in the Public Crisis Events-- from the perspective of Regional Public Management

Zhang Yi, Zhang Yinzhu
With the development of global economics and politics, the international joint problems which have been endless in number and increasingly serious challenge all the nations as well as all humanity. Without proper handling, the interests of nations even all human beings will be impaired. As the measures...
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Reflect on Regional Cooperation Governance Research

Cui Maochong
With the development of economic globalization and regional economic integration, there comes a lot of cross-regional public governance theory and the practice problems. This paper includes three aspects of content First, analyzing the present situation of regional cooperation governance research, mainly...
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Reasonable Responses to Challenges on Strategic Development of Unbalanced Public Service Supply: an Analysis of Governmental Public Service Purchasing Mechanism in China

Fu Lei, Yan Xiong
With the increasing attention to public service supply in strategic development on a global scale, governments are working on how to provide more efficient and comprehensive public services to tackle challenges of unbalanced public service supply. Seeking a fair governmental purchasing mechanism has...
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Analysis on the Regional Public Governance Path under the View of Cooperation Network

Ren Yinan, Zou Zaijin
The increasing regional cooperation has continuously strengthened the cooperation and communication between countries. However, due to the influence of the specific environment, the approaches to public issues and public affairs totally vary from country to country. So the cooperation network governance...
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Strengthening Public Affairs through Project Financing of the Franchise Contract Foreign Intervention

Guo Xinyu
To participate in the public service in a way of franchising by project financing and intervention of the public affairs is a special operation idea and ability to resist risks, providing a way for the marketization of public utilities in our intervention. Through franchising way of introducing foreign...
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Public Diplomacy and Its Functions in the Regional Governance of China and Southeast Asia

Zhao Yonglun, Zhang Yinsong
In the age of globalization, the trend of public strength participating in global governance is becoming increasingly obvious, which means public diplomacy, including non-governmental economic and cultural exchanges as its main contents, comes to be an important method of regional governance in global...
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Strategic Management of Rural Community Empowerment: Based Local Resources

Imam Santosa
The real meaning of empowerment of rural communities can be understood as a process of increasing the capacity utilization of the autonomy of every individuals for utilizing local resources in a productive and creative way in the rural community. Every community development efforts based on local resources...
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The Role Shifting of the State in Public Sector Affairs in Indonesia

Bambang Istianto
The Implementation of public sectors such as transportation, oil and gas is done by the government as a regulator and the State Owned Enterprises as operators. First, the form of business was a state company. Next, it was transformed into a public company which later has become a limited liability company...
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Opportunity and Challenge of Human Resource Development and Saving Behavior Adaptation of Older Persons in Thai Society

Petprakai Kultangwattana
Introduction of preparation on Human Resource Development for Older Persons of Thailand. The direction of human resource preparation should be compatible with the country’s future human resource preparation starting from young-age population through old-age population with human resource development...
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Community-Based Women’s Crisis Center (Wcc) as a Preventing Effort, Handling, And Empower Women Victims Of Violence

Rin Rostikawati, Rawuh Edy Priyono
Community based crisis center is expected to be one of alternative way to eliminate every kind of women violences, in general, and domestic violence, in specify. This institution is established under the principle: from, by, and for the society, with role in preventing effort, handling, and empower women...
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The Readiness of Batik Banyumas in the Era of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA)

Sri Wijayanti, Nuriyeni K. Bintarsari
Free trade agreement between China and Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) will enable goods from China to easily enter ASEAN’s market and vice versa. Those products will be available in ASEAN’s market, especially in textile industries. Indonesia is one of the countries agreed on an agreement...
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Free Public Service in The Perspective of Government’s Management

Syarief Makhya
After the new order government, public services in several regions such as the health services, education services and civil services are free of charge particularly for the poor people. Furthermore, the poor are free of charge in obtaining public services. In this perspective, obviously, people have...
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Employment Policy and Its Implications for Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (IMW): A Comparative Study between Hong Kong and Malaysia

Tyas Retno Wulan
Based on data from the National Agency for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers (BNP2TKI), in 2013 there were about 6, 5 million Indonesian migrant workers (IMW) working in 142 countries around the world, and there are 6 countries which are the favorite host country destination namely Saudi...
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From Administration to Socialization: the Change of Public Service in China

Wan Taiyong
Public service socialized started in 1980s in China after the reform and opening up. For the transition from administration to socialization, the public service system in China will have a different development, much more competitive and market orientation. This article has an overview of the public...
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The Governance of Mass Incidents under the Background ofSocial Transition in China Based on the Theory of Political Stability

Xiao Bin
At present, China is in thecrucial period of modernizing development. It appearsnot only a golden opportunity for development, but also obvious contradiction and mass incidents during this period. Government how to realize the self-improvementof political system, to implement self-enhancement of government's...
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Synchronic Study about Chinese and Western Government Administrative Ideas: Distinction and Cause

Li Pengfei, Tang Qingmeng
An administrative idea is the soul of the administrative act and the core of the ruling culture. For a country’s government, administrative ideas determine its administrative function, organization, system and mode. The core values of China and Western countries have been the focal point to the culture...
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Research on the Reconstruction of Government Discourse under the Background of Social Transition in China Based on the Theory of Postmodern Public Administration Discourse

Wang Xiao Fen
At present, China is in a critical period of multiple transitions, social structure is undergoing profound changes and the pattern of interest reorganized sharply. With the development of diversified society, China's public governance is in crisis that characterized by discourse rupture and discourse...
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The Future IT Governance: Reshaping Future Public Management

Ayuning Budiati
There are many problems internationally in IT governance, namely spamming, hacking, and virus attacking. In Indonesia, currently, Australia hacked Indonesian president and many important persons. Therefore, there is a need to improve IT governance in Indonesia for more effective public management. The...
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New Interpretation of Government Information Disclosure - A Perspective of Social Welfare

Li Ya
In an information society, government information is not only a major social information resource, but also an indispensable social welfare resource. Government information disclosure is of great significance in terms of social welfare. It is held by the author that observation and study on government...
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Study on Risk Society Governance in the Background of Globalization: Taking China as An Example

Liang Dingcai, Zhang Bo, Wang Jia
With the rapid development of human society, risks are emerging in an endless stream. the uncertainties of social development are existent at anymoment, and the huge risk happened stochastically. This paper is based on the background of globalization, and to analyze the characteristics and reasons of...
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Analysis of Reasons for Chinese Civil Servants Resigning from Office

Li Yongkang
This paper adopts the methods of literature and case study to analyse the reasons deeply for Chinese CSRO according to the data since 1978. The analysis result shows that there are 4 perspectives including 11 reasons to impact on CSRO. Perspective 1, the environment of political and economic, including...
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Research on the Impact of Public Service Motivation on Job Satisfaction: Taking the ChineseCivil Servants for Example

Gan Kaipeng, Mou Jun, Du Xuefei
Since American scholars Perry and Wise put forward the concept of public service motivation in 1990, the research on public service motivation have been concerned by a lot of scholars. Many Chinese scholars have promoted the study of public service motivation since the beginning of 21 century and a lot...
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Research on the Archives Social Service

Lu Jimin
With the continuous development of archives social service, the archives social service has played a more and more important role in the social and economic construction. And it is an inevitable trend of social development for archives social service. Based on the substantial resources of archives, archives...
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Research on Questions of the Government's Public Service Outsourcing

Jiang Ke
The government's public service outsourcing is an innovative public service institutional mechanisms, an important way to build efficient service-oriented government, and it is an important part of government reform. Government's public service outsourcing is to achieve improved government efficiency,...
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The Research Review of Public Service Motivation in China

Zheng Xiu Juan
The P.S.M is short for public service motivation. As a new research direction in the field of public administration the concept of P.S.M generated the microscopic study of public administration in Chine after 2006. Research on the public service motivation is based on the empirical research of psychological...
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Plights and Solutions for the Reform of Province-County Direct Management in China

Li Kun
Since 2010, China has enforcedthe reform of Province-County Direct Management (PCDM) in 8 provinces. The main contents are as following: enhancing county’s social management rights, reforming financing management system, cadres system, law system and so on. The reform does good for the development of...
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Paradiplomacy and The Future of Cooperation Between Regions

Muhammad Yami, Arif Darmawan
As the roles of a state as an international actor lessens, cooperation between individuals or groups from several countries or across regions gets stronger. The understanding of one-door policy these days doesn’t necessarily translate to a policy that is controlled by a diplomatic legal institution....
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Indonesia’s Interest in ASEAN + 3 towards National Economic Improvement

Renny Miryanti, Tundjung Linggarwati
The regional cooperation of ASEAN + 3 is a part of ASEAN cooperation improvement with their main three trading partners in East Asia which are China, Japan, and Korea. Mostly, their cooperation which focused on economic cooperation agendas became a very crucial matter in Indonesian foreign policy implementation.Increasing...
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Health Services Workforce in Rural China: Baseline Description

Zhao Shuliang
This researchtried to reveal the current situation and to track the future trends of the rural health workforce. By stratified multistage cluster sampling processes, the baseline data of nationwide longitudinal survey were gathered from China. The well-trained interviewers and strict procedures were...
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Conflict Management on GroupReligious in Islam (Case Studies in Empowerment of Group Religious in Banyumas District)

Abdul Rohman, Elis Puspitasari
This study entitled “Conflict Management among Islamic Religious Groups”. The objectives of this study are: to know the causes of conflict among Muslims groups; and to manage effectively conflict between religious groups.To manage confict among muslims community needs consideration, that are :1) All...
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The Social Responsibility of University in the Public Management Perspective

Liu Hong
With the deeper of globalization all over the world, the human resources become an essential element for competition in both economic and social realm. This paper focuses on the social responsibility of university nowadays. In the public management perspective, discuss the university’s social responsibility...
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Managing Popular Culture: Comparing Old Order, New Order, and Reform Periods

Dalhar Shodiq
In the paper, I review the existing literature about the burgeoning of popular culture in Indonesia and how political elites manage popular culture. The review encompasses three major periods in the Indonesian history: Old Order (1945-1967), New Order (1966-1998) and Reform (1998-now). I observe how...
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Chinese College Students Volunteer in the Contemporary International Environment: Facing the Opportunities and Challenges

Rao Huang, Liu Xixi
The Chinese college students volunteer is the main force of China youth volunteers, according to the characteristics of college student volunteers, analyses the problems existing in the volunteer in colleges and universities, discusses the volunteer organizations in the development of the contemporary...
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The Study on Education Equalization in Chinese Ethnic Regions Along the Border; Taking Dehong Prefecture of Yunnan as an Example

Wang Zhi-hui, Ni Lin-lin
The equalization of education opportunity is the most basic requirements of education equality. It plays an important role in promoting national economic and social development. To achieve education equalization is the common objective of all developed countries and developing countries, but for developing...
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School Education and the Cultural Inheritance of Ethnic Minority Groups; Taking Blang Ethnic Group in Yunnan Province as an Example

Xi Chunai, Li Qin, Yang Lingling
With the increasing development of globalization, the Blang ethnic group like most of other ethnic minority groups in the world is also facing the impact coming from non-native cultures.How to effectively transmit their traditional culture is increasingly important.This author believes that education...
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Exploring A New Mode of Urban Community Autonomy by Reconstructing the Cultural Memory

Zhao Junrong
Community memoryis a kind of unique ideas and cognitive habits that formed inthe development of the community.Reconstructing community memory can form the residents’ community identity. Based on analyzesof the Baiyunguan (a Taoist temple) community, the article shows the effects of reforming community...
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The Practical Research of Implementing Family Affection Education in Higher Education

Lu Dan, Zhang Junjie
Because of the social transformation, diversification of value, internet and other reasons, there are various problems of lacking of affection among college students at present. This paper integrates the practical college education to analyze the objectives and process of the implementation of affection...
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Role of Local Leadership in Providing Quality of Basic Education (Study In Banyumas Regency)

Muslih Faozanudin
Leadership is one of the important factors at the implementation of government decentralization especially for improving the quality of service to the local comunity. High commitment of local leadership will assure that the quality of service provision would be accomplished. The study examines how local...
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A Research on Public Education and Rural-urban Migrants’ Urban Adaptation

Mu Wei
Rural-urban migrants’ urban adaptation is essentially the process of transforming peasants into citizens. The key is to see if they have or develop new relations and survival skills in the city. Urban governments and urban society should assume the responsibilities of mobilizing urban public education...
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The Problems and Reasons of Development of Private Education in Chinese Border Areas

Wu Lin
Education is a foundation of national rejuvenation and prosperity, social progress and the fundamental way to promote the comprehensive development of human. However, China is no exception, the Global challenges of Investment shortage of Education is a shortage of educational development bottleneck in most...
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English Basecamp: An Alternative Learning Method for Enhancing Speaking Skill (A Case Study in Kampung Inggris, Pare, Kediri, East Java)

Muhamad Ahsanu, Rizki Februansyah, R. Pujo Handoyo
Learning method is a vital element in all learning process. An effective learning method will yield the learning output as expected by the educational institution. There are many learning methods applied in Indonesia. One of them is classical method in which students and teachers are in the classroom...
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Study on Management of World Cultural Heritage the Old Town of Lijiang Based on the Theory of Global Governance

Yang Li
Under the circumstance of globalization, protection and management of world cultural heritage attract a lot of attention from the whole world as a controversial issue. There are various contradictions exist in the management process, in this paper, we based on global governance and also take global governance...
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How the Soviet Union Influence the Change of Personnel System in Chinese Universities

Xiao Xing-An
The personnel system in Chinese universities is influenced by the Soviet Union. The biggest influence of the Soviet Union is the macro management system, namely, the department management, the plan and centralized management in higher education, the division of the universities and the academy of science....
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Students’ Perspective on Cheating during the Assessment Process at Tertiary Level of Social and Political Sciences Faculty, Jenderal Soedirman University - Indonesia

Syaifur Rochman, Mimien Aminah Sudjai’ie
Cheating is regarded as a means to a profitable end and a way to obtain the highest grades in the tests. Nowadays, the educational system has been incraesingly growing tolerant of cheating with few punishments. An academic dishonesty becomes a problem encountered by the Indonesian students at tertiary...
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The Issue of Official Religions and The Need for Multicultural Policy in Indonesia

Bowo Sugiarto, Novia Anggarina Hapsari
Examining the problem within the discourse on official religions and the religious discrimination has been experienced by The Baduy Luar tribe in the obtaining of identity card (Kartu Tanda Penduduk), this paper proposes an argument of the need for more multicultural policy in Indonesia. The discrimination...
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Communication Strategy Through Language Choice

Ely Triasih Rahayu, Muhammad Sulthan
This research is aimed at investigating communication strategy through language choice. Language choice here means the choice of language variation in Javanese and Japanese speech level. The problem focuses on how negotiations of language choice are applied in formal communication.This is a furthered...
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University Social Responsibility in Preventing and Addressing Impacts of Free Association among Adolescents

Niken Paramarti Dasuki
Association or interaction among adolescents becomes freer currently as male and female teenagers do not feel restricted to show their affection each other in public. Among students, who are belong to the late cohort of teenage, this phenomenon can be easily found out. Research results and released data...
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Paired Industrial Role in the Implementation of Dual System Education to Shape the Work Adaptability of Vocational High School Students in Greater Malang

Mohammad Maskan, H.B. Suparlan, Alifiulahtin Utaminingsih, Ludfi Djajanto
Vocational high school emphasizes on the preparation of students into employment and the development of their professional attitude. This study focused on(1) the role of paired school-industrial cooperation under the dual system program and its influence to construct vocational student’s work adaptability,...