Proceedings of the International Conference on Religion and Public Civilization (ICRPC 2018)

Papalele: The Forgotten Campaign

Simon Pieter Soegijono
Corresponding Author
Simon Pieter Soegijono
Available Online January 2019.
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identity, social capital, trust, papalele, Ambon
True peace is still being fought in various countries. Life of the compound (plural) remained a major constraint. Awareness of the importance of diversity should continue to be fought for individuals and groups. Therefore, peace is still indispensable in countries with diverse identities such as Indonesia. The values of peace are related to the cultivation of the values of tolerance in the face of conflicts, especially of tribal, cultural, and more prominent ones are conflicts in the name of religion. Various peace scenarios have been undertaken by governments, educational institutions, NGOs and other independent institutions. Includes strategies to strengthen peace through formal activities such as workshops, training, seminars, focus group discussions (FGDs) and so on. But the impression of the results seems not optimal. Regardless of the effort to build a genuine peacekeeping force, this paper will contribute to the idea of an informal peace built by small economic actors in Ambon City known as papalele. Papalele provides a lesson about the essential peace of economic activity; not knowing tribe, race, and religion. Although, their role of peace building, escape from the attention of many parties, and not talked (untold story) in building peace in Ambon City. With a qualitative approach, with the type of case study research, this research will reveal that they are a true 'bridge' of peace.
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