Proceedings of the International Conference on Religion and Public Civilization (ICRPC 2018)

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Cultural Signification within Inter-Religious Encounter in the Post-Conflict Ambon: Negotiation and Contestation of Identities

Steve Gerardo Christoffel Gaspersz, Fabian Novy Jocephs Souisa
This article obviously is an effort to comprehend processes of socioreligious identity formation through historical trajectory as well as identity contestation in contemporary daily life of Muslim-Christian communities of Leihitu in Ambon, specifically Wakal and Hitumesing (Muslims) and Rumahtiga (Christian)....
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Sharing Meal, Sharing Life together: An Anthropological Perspective on the Significance of Sharing Meal Ritual Based on the Religious Life

Nancy Novitra Souisa
The article examines the role and existence of sharing meal ritual. At least, so to speak, there are two functions of the ritual, i.e. on the one hand, as a cultural strategy to maintain social cohesion. On the other hand, it reflects differences within the community which potential for conflict. Differences...
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Traditions: Radical or Peace-Building

Dian Eka Indriani, M. Sahid, Bachtiar Syaiful Bachri, Umi Anugrah Izzati
Indonesia is a nationality and multicultural state surrounded by different ethnic, linguistic, religious and ideological backgrounds and geographical areas among its regions as it is separated by tens of thousands of islands. The risk of conflict among communities is considerable. A number of these each...
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The Tradition of Visiting the Graveyard: A Theological Study on the Ways of Timorese Christians Honoring and Remembering the Dead

Ebenhaizer I. Nuban Timo
There is controversy among Christians about whether it is proper or not to visit the grave of a beloved one. First group regards that habit as idolatry while the second accepts it as a form of honoring and expressing love to those who were worthy with the exception of not talking to the dead. This article...
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Building a Culture of Learning to Accelerate the Advancement of Higher Learning

Ahmad Fathoni Rodli, Adhi Prasnowo, Muhammad Barid Nizarudin Wajdi, Sajiyo Sajiyo
Synergize learning society with the concept of operational management of a college education is an approach that can be done to improve the quality. Based on the indicators on which the university management system assessment by the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education of the Republic...
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The Education of "Orang Basudara": The Development of Multicultural Education in the Higher Education of Maluku Indonesian Christian University and Its Contribution to Maintain Peace in Maluku

Yohanes Parihala, Rolland A. Samson, Dewi Tika Lestari
The education of orang basudara (literally translated as brothers and sisters) is a process of developing higher education that is rooted in the local wisdom of the people in Moluccas, it is the culture of living as brothers and sisters. The education of orang basudara on one side is aimed to shape the...
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The Role of Religion to Face Climate Change: A Survival Strategy of Christian Fishermen Families to Embody Gender Perspective and Spirituality of GPM's Congregation in Coastal Area of Nusaniwe Subdistrict Ambon City

Eklefina Pattinama, Vilma Vieldha Ayhuan
Climate change is a world phenomenon, it will cause changes in global temperature or warming, and then systematically will also affect the melting of the north and south poles which then will affect the rise of sea level and will also affect the coastal areas as well as the communities there. On the...
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GPM's Resistance to RMS in 1950-1966: The Hsitorical Consequence of AMK's Resistance to the Indische Kerk's Authority in 1930-1933

Johan Rober Saimima
This article discusses the political stance of the Moluccas Protestant Church (GPM), when it was dealing with the Republic of South Moluccas (RMS). GPM rejected the RMS’ request to support its struggle to make Moluccas as an independent and sovereign state of the Federal Republic of Indonesia (RIS)....
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The Socio History of Plurality of The Religions In Ambon

Michael Bryan Pattiasina
This paper discussed about the life situation of plurality of religion in Ambon in 1803-1854 and its correlation with postmodern era. The method of this paper is historiography method that give accentuation in Indonesian perspective, because the archieve, which much focused on western perspective, had...
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Homo Religiosus Digital: Faith Formation In The Digital Age

Patrisius Mutiara Andalas
This research captures the phenomenon of ‘homo religiosus digital’, especially among younger faith believers. Indebted to the explanation from the classical work of Mircea Eliade’s, The Sacred and the Profane, that the ‘human of traditional societies is admittedly a homo religiosus’, it seeks the dynamics,...
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The Importance of the Protestant Church of Moluccas (GPM)'s Pastoral Care for the Christian and Moslem Trauma Survivors at the Post-Communal Conflict in Moluccas

Rouli Retta Trifena Sinaga
The post-communal conflict trauma experienced by the Moluccas Christian and Moslem communities has not been seriously addressed by GPM through its pastoral care. Both the teachings and practices of pastoral care are still exclusive to the stewards and congregations, and have not been directed to the...
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Implementation of Village Fund Allocation Policy Reviewed from the Bureaucrats' Discretion in West Seram District Western Seram Regency

Samson Laurens
This research aimed to examine the practice of discretion conducted by bureaucrats in every stage of the implementation of ADD policy in West Seram District Western Seram Regency. The research focused on discretionary actions by frontline bureaucrats, like village officials, including village heads,...
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Criminal Policy of Hate Speech in Social Media Against The Religious Dignity of Society in the Digital Century

Yanti Amelia Lewerissa
Hate speech through social media can offend the religious dignity of society. This study aims to analyze the criminal policy of hate speech in social media against the religious dignity of society in the digital century. This type of research is normative legal study. The approach used is law approach...
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The Contribution of Maningkamu to Improve Social Welfare: learn from local wisdom in Central Maluku

Cornelly M. A. Lawalata
Local wisdom is inseparable aspect on an effort to emerge social welfare. Simply, welfare life condition is willingly discern on its social conceptualization according to its surrounding or especially on related local culture. Social welfare improvement socially, economically or in other fields of interest...
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Religious Education as the Shaper of Individual Character Behavior in Financial Management

Marissa Silooy, Chrisela Natalia Joseph, R. Suryanti Ismail, Beatrix A. Talakua
The success of human life in this world can be indicated by a variety of ways, suchas the collected treasures, career paths or positions achieved, the level of education passed, the preparation of future generations, and their contribution to life. All life's activities and decisions are no longer solely...
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Megalithic of Ternate and Tidore in Indonesian World

Nurachman Nurachman Iriyanto
The study of megalithic not only focuses on the physical artifacts of large stones only. The stones are meaningful, because they are given meaning and get a certain treatment through ritual due to the values shared and respected by those who believe. In some cases, the megalith remains attached to myths...
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Self-Control Analysis of Financial Expenditure in Managing Christian Household Finance A study on housewives, Member of GPM Silo Ambon City

Micrets A. Silaya, Grace Persulessy, Sarlotha Y. Purimahua, Nicoline Hiariej
Financial management is the process of how to manage the financial resources in a structured and systematic way to meet the needs of life. For Christians, Jesus Christ explains that one of the signs a person has a healthy spiritual life is to have the right attitude toward wealth. One of the triggers...
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Papalele: The Forgotten Campaign

Simon Pieter Soegijono
True peace is still being fought in various countries. Life of the compound (plural) remained a major constraint. Awareness of the importance of diversity should continue to be fought for individuals and groups. Therefore, peace is still indispensable in countries with diverse identities such as Indonesia....
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Strengthening harmony based on local wisdom in multi-ethnic, religion and culture in Moluccas: a theological perspective

Agustinus M. L. batlajery
The issue of harmony has becoming an important issue in public speaking particularly after big riot in Moluccas more than ten years ago. As a matter of fact, harmony is not quite new issue in the Moluccas society, religion and culture. People have been living in harmony for centuries since their ancestors...
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Functioning the Local Values of Siwalima as a Solution to the Segregation Problem of the Post conflict Religious Communities in Maluku

Henky Herzon Hetharia
The social conflicts that have struck the province of the Moluccas between 1999 and 2003 still leave the problem of segregation in the Moluccas based on religious communities. Many settlements in the Moluccas, especially in the city of Ambon as provincial capital of the Moluccas, are segregated by religious...
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Majority versus Minority

Rachel Iwamony
Majority versus minority in this article refers to a number of adherents of a religion. Majority means religion that has high adherents in number and minority means religion that has low adherents in number. Majority versus minority is a way of thinking that put majority to the central of a society,...
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Religious Conflict Transformation through Collective Memory and the Role of Local Music

Dewi Tika Lestari
This study departs from the writer’s interest in efforts for conflict transformation in Maluku where religious diversity has been used as an instrument to escalate the conflict between people in Maluku. In efforts for conflict transformation in Maluku, the local music functions as a way of reviving the...
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Symbolic And Socio-Culture Meaning Tanimbar Woven Fabric

Max Maswekan, Amelia Tahitu, Ricardo Freedom Nanuru
Indonesia has been known to have diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, belief, linguistic, customs, and local wisdom with a wealth of values and meanings in each region. The Tanimbar area of West Southeast Maluku regency, Maluku Province also has local wisdom that has been passed down from generation...
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Is The a Just Conflict? Analyzing Pastors' Understanding of Religious-based Conflict from the Just War Perspective

Stevany F. W. Pattiasina, John A. Titaley
This research explores pastors’ understanding of the 1999-2004 conflict in Ambon based on “just war” principles. The research employs a Just War Theory to survey the perceptions of an interreligious based conflict. The theory claims that a war could be a just war if it meets the principles in the Just...
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Scavenger In The Frame of Poverty In Ambon, City

Amelia Tahitu
The purpose of this research was to illustrate the underlying causes of poverty by poor scavenger communities, to know the factors of ignorance about the financial management of households of poor scavenger communities, and to formulate effective urban poverty reduction strategies. This research was...
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Application Of Accounting Systems In The Church Financial Management

Grace Persulessy, Gwen L. L. Pattinama, Gino G. Manuputty, Mozes Tomasila
The Church is a form of non-profit entity, based on SFAS 45 Revision 2015 on Non-Profit Entity Financial Statements, so the church needs to make accountable, relevant and credible financial statements. In order to be able to produce financial statements in accordance with SFAS 45 revision 2015 such as...
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The Living of God's Word in the Digital Era

Rolland A. Samson
In the Protestantism tradition, proclaiming God’s Word through preaching is an important element in worship. This can be seen in the setting of the pulpit which is usually located in the center of the church architecture, in the middle of the order of worship, higher than the pew. This God’s Word has...
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The Exploration of Inner Peace in Community of Finding truth: A Functional Discourses about the Role of the Teacher being the peace-marker toward Conjunctive Faith Relationship and its implication for the Teacher of Sunday school and the Children garden of Religious Teaching in Waai and Tulehu"

Christofer Judy Manuputty
One of the important element in education world is the teacher presence. Bassically, the role of the teacher are looked conventionally, limited by the space of class room physically and the identity was labeled when those are in the class room. Many demand are trusted to teacher and all demand just talking...
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Religion Evolution: The Study Of Religion Development From Evolution perspectives

Juliana Agustina Tuasela
Religion and religious practices have existed throughout the human history and persist today in every corner of the world. Explaining religion is a serious problem for any evolutionary account of human thought and society. In most societies religion is a prime motivator of both individual and collective...
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Church Sasi: beyond Religion Boundaries Study of Religious Anthropology

Resa Dandirwalu
This paper discusses the understanding of Christian and Muslim communities about the Church Sasi in the Protestant Church of Maluku (GPM), Maneoratu Congregation, which is actualized in their daily lives. The Church Sasi can be used as a means of encountering Christian and Muslim communities to solve...
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Social protection and Poverty Alleviation Management

Cornelis Adolf Alyona
Data of Indonesian Statistic Central Committee in 2017 showed that the population in Indonesia who still lived in poverty reached 27.77 million people. The poverty is the condition of the society who cannot afford to fulfill their basic and other needs. The social, economic and political cripples affect...
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The Internalization and Interpretation of Bible Teaching through the Tradition of Picking Up Nutmeg seed in the booi Congregation

Hendri D. Hahury, Imelda C. Poceratu, Ariviana L. Kakerissa
This article shows the meaning of the Bible-based ecclesiastical teachings as the Word of God in an effort to fulfill the needs of the poor in the congregation of Booi village through the tradition of picking up the nutmeg seeds. The fulfillment of the needs of the congregation of the country Booi is...
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Hybrid Religiosity and the Politics of Piety as a Survival Strategy: a case of the ritual of "Cuci Negeri" in Soya, Ambon

Ferry Nahusona
The main purpose of this paper is to show that the hybrid religiosity and the politics of piety phenomenon are one of the realizations of the survival strategy by religious community that faces multicultural, dynamic and accelerative context. The phenomenon is essentially a natural tendency inherent...
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Undur-e undru-e: stay in the city

Simon Evert Patty
The main purpose of this paper is to show that the hybrid religiosity and the politics of piety phenomenon are one of the realizations of the survival strategy by religious community that faces multicultural, dynamic and accelerative context. The phenomenon is essentially a natural tendency inherent...
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Development of Ecclesiology in Islamic-Christian relations Post Conflict in Maluku

Desy Soselisa, Johny Christian Ruhulessin, Izak Willem Josias Hendriks, Agustinus Agustinus Marthinus Luther Batlajery, Rachel Rachel Iwamony, Ricardo Ricardo Freedom Nanuru
The Church is both personally and communally a religious community that God has placed together with other religions as a manifestation of the presence of God in the midst of the world. The world as a context in which the church and religions are present is a plural worl. Christianity and Islam accept...
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Myth of Eno Karang and its Meaning in the Society Life of Aru Islands Regency

Natalya Papasoka, Margaretha Maria Hendriks, Hermien Lola Soselissa, Jafet Damamain, Henky Herzon Hetharia, Ricardo Freedom Nanuru
Based on the contex of life, humans build their theology of God. If Christianity teacher humans to have a relationship with the land as humans come from the land, the Aru people are just the opposite. The sea context that surrounds and makes life possible for them creates a reflection thet humans are...
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Poverty According to Congregants of evangelical Christian Church in Halmahera for South Morotai service Area

Ricardo Freedom Nanuru, Arkipus Djurubasa
This research aimed to illustrate the details of poverty problems in Evangelical Christian Church Halmehera (GMIH)congregants residing in Morotai IslandRegency according to the congregant or the poor themselves.The method used was a qualitative method with data collection techniques through observation,...
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Tifa Yanad Vat Masadin Duak e: Wedding Tradition at Elaar Lamagorang, East Kei Kecil District

Rumkeuslaw Fralen Manuhua, Cornelis Adolf Alyona, Margaretha Maria Hendriks, Eklefina Pattinama, Yohanes Parihala, Ricardo Freedom Nanuru
Traditions and customs play an important role in society, more specifically the people who still uphold the principles of the hereditary life of tete nene moyang (ancestors).The same applies to Elaar Lamagorang village, East Kei Kecil District, Southeast Maluku Regency. The village has a special tradition...
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Christian Ethics and Embodiment of Ecological Behavior: Contribution to the Thinking of Ecological Theology for Coastal Society in Inner Ambon Bay

Vicky Alberto Kempa, Izak Willem Josias Hendriks, Tonny Donald Pariela, Agustinus Marthinus Luther batlajery, Henky Herzon Hetharia, Ricardo Freedom Nanuru
Humans need support in the sustainability of their lives. The surrounding natural environment plays an important role for that. If nature is damaged, and so will the human life. For this reason, we need ways to survive as well as the thoughts that underlie the way of survival.The viewpoint of Christian...
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Socio-historical Reflections on the Existence of the Protestant Church of Maluku

John Christian Ruhulessin, Steve G. C. Gaspersz, Nancy N. Souisa
The tragedy of social conflict 1999-2005 in Maluku archipelago has driven the Protestant Church of Maluku (GPM) to realize that such conflict doesn’t help to bring benefit for every ones in any way. Along with the Muslim brothers/sisters in Maluku, the GPM totally realized that “we were all useless victims”....