Proceedings of the International Conference on Religion and Public Civilization (ICRPC 2018)

Social protection and Poverty Alleviation Management

Cornelis Adolf Alyona
Corresponding Author
Cornelis Adolf Alyona
Available Online January 2019.
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social protection, poverty alleviation management
Data of Indonesian Statistic Central Committee in 2017 showed that the population in Indonesia who still lived in poverty reached 27.77 million people. The poverty is the condition of the society who cannot afford to fulfill their basic and other needs. The social, economic and political cripples affect the acceleration of the society’s multidimensional poverty and ignorance which need comprehensive management. In this case, the government has to give protection and social service to citizens who live in poverty economically, socially, politically, and culturally based on the regulations. In fact, several programs of the social protection have been done since the New Order era of the government, but they are not explicitly managed under a social protection system to build wholly and fairly, so that they have to be in accordance with the documents of the government’s plans for implementing the periodical programs. The social protection has four elements: providence, prevention action, promoting action, and transformative role. To strengthen the programs of poverty alleviation management, the government has to support the action of mental revolution by redesigning programs which enable the changing of the poor society mind set to be productive, autonomous, prestigious dealing with the social programs which are supporting the society to care for health, education, family planning, and promote the social solidarity in the society. The Moluccas are the archipelago areas that geographically have difficulties in reaching the remote areas, so optimizing and strengthening the one-door system needs to be applied throughout villages. Moreover, the roles of restructuring in the villages and sub-district levels, strengthening the system of inter service institutions, empowering the program givers and receivers, increasing the whole and integrated system have to be done.
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