Proceedings of the 1st UPI International Conference on Sociology Education (UPI ICSE 2015)

The Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and The Challenge of Civic Education

Rini Triatuti
Corresponding author
Rini Triatuti
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impact, ICT, and civic education
This article is intended to describe the impact of information and communication technologies on the behavior of Indonesian citizens. We know that the information and communication technology is growing very rapidly and effect on all aspects of life. In recent times citizens are not only faced the real world but also cyberspace. Converge between citizens and the technology has caused a tremendous impact. Technology not only caused positive impact, but also caused negative impact. This study is a literature study. Data shows that Internet users in Indonesia have the following characteristics: the majority of Internet users use the Internet to access social media, the next rank is doing the buying and selling online, and then to support the learning activity, do instant messaging and searching for health information and health services. It is raising a new challenge for civic education which seeks to prepare citizens becomes good and smart citizens. Civic education is one of study which taken national mission to develop the nation intellectual life through value based education. Civic education which have behavioral ontology citizens can be addressed as the educational value of civic education can be used as a medium to counteract these impacts by always civilizing values that exist in order to create a good and smart citizen. Given that in Indonesia frequent cases of lawsuits related to defamation via social networking, it’s appropriate if citizens are given the knowledge about the use of information technology and the sides of the law. This can be done through civic education. Citizens are expected to be more cautious and adhering to the norms when utilizing the internet.
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