Proceedings of the 1st UPI International Conference on Sociology Education (UPI ICSE 2015)

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Inter-Religion Harmony

Aceng Kosasih
A lot of media, these days, broadcast some unrests and even conflicts between religious groups. The latest conflict between Muslims and Christians occurred in Tolikara, Papua on the day of Eid in 2015. The conflict caused a lot of injured, some even died. Several kiosks and worship places were burned....
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A Model of Cultural Survival of Sundanese Ethnic Community

Achmad Hufad, Jajat S Ardiwinata, Purnomo
Education process is engrossed with cultural processes as part of enculturation and socialization. Ethnic communities have their own unique patterns, ways, and characteristics in sustaining and developing their cultures. This research was conducted in the Ethnic Community of Kampung Cireundeu, Cimahi...
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The Impact of SNSs Usage on Social Capital and Knowledge Sharing in Organization

Adhi Prasetio, Ratih Huryati, Arif Prasetio Prasetio, Rolyana Ferina, Maylanny Christin
Organizational learning is affected by knowledge sharing. This paper seeks to add to the research on the role of social capital in promoting knowledge sharing among employees in Social Networking Sites. We examined the in?uence of SNSs usage on social capital that has 3 dimensions: structural (social...
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Identity, Language and Social Cohesion: Car Plate Number Preference Among Indonesian Diaspora

Ahmad Bukhori Muslim
Social identification and cohesion are deemed important, particularly among group-oriented ethnic minorities like Indonesians overseas. This identification can be, in some other ways, expressed by car license numbers, to show their social belonging and affiliation. This qualitative study explores how...
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Parents’s Rights of Having Curriculum Information in Their Children Education Process

Ahmad Yani, Rosita Rosita
Curriculum of Education Unit Level or KTSP in Indonesian is a curriculum developed at the school level. KTSP term is more widely known as content of the curriculum which refers to 2006 curriculum, while KTSP itself is not a content but a regulation of school autonomy system in developing their own curriculum....
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Development of Sustainability Reporting Guidelines for Indonesian Local Government

Alfira Sofia, Budi S. Purnomo, Nelly Nur Apandi, Rozmita D. Yuniarti
Organizations that concerned on profit without responsiveness on environmental and social influences created from business operations, consequently cannot hold its life in the long term (sustainable). The government as a public sector organization is obliged to pay attention to the three pillars of sustainability,...
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Talent Management to Competitive Advantage Rattan Furniture Industry: A Case of Cirebon, Indonesia

Annisa Ciptagustia
This study aims to describe the talent management and competitive advantage [1], explore the influence of Talent Management to Competitive Advantage of rattan furniture industry [2]. The data were analyzed by simple regression analysis. In this research, furniture rattan company member ASMINDO Cirebon...
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Preliminary Study of Knowledge Improvement for Professional Practice through Collaborative-Reflective Supervision

Asep Sudarsyah
The aim of this qualitative study is to explore school conditions and the needs of teacher's professional knowledge in practice through Collaborative-Reflective Supervision (CRS) at one elementary school under the guidance of the Indonesian University of Education. This research, a preliminary study,...
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Increasing Critical Thinking Skill Through Class Debate

Jauhar Fuad, I.W. Ardana, Sulton, D. Kuswandi
Students need critical thinking skills in deciding the various issues that arise with rapid and complex. Critical thinking skills students can thrive in a learning process that encourages their active involvement; both physically and psychologically. Active learning encourages students to listen, speak,...
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Perceived Value and Customers Satisfaction in Hotel Industry: A Systematic Conceptual Model

Bachrudin Saleh Luturlaen
The hospitality industry is a service industry that is engaged in the provision of accommodation and lodging. The increasing number of businesses in the hospitality led to business competition between companies is getting tougher, so the management should concentrate on retaining existing customers by...
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Revitalising Cooperative Values in Indonesian Educators for a Professional Learning Community

Christine Pheeney
Over 700 distinct indigenous communities form today’s Indonesia. Their historical coming together was built upon five strategic principles, known as Pancasila. The Pancasila are collectively represented by the phrase and goal ‘Unity in Diversity’. Indonesia’s Ministry of Education directs teachers to...
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Fostering Democratic Intelligence of Young Citizens Through the Implementation of Civic Education Classroom as Democratic Laboratory

Dadang Sundawa
Nowadays, young citizens often misunderstand the meaning of democracy, interpreting it as an unlimited freedom, which in turn leads to anarchical acts. This situation is inseparable from the ineffective embodiment of democratic values in civic education classroom in particular. For this reason, the purpose...
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Fundamental Sociological Symptoms as a Source of Occurrence of Turbulence Indonesian Society During The Post-Reform

Dasim Budimansyah
this paper discusses the extent to which the fundamental sociological phenomenon is the emergence of power centered on an elite group (oligarchy) and the appearance of veiled hatred that became the source of the turmoil of post-reform Indonesian society. The paper argues that the problem lies in the...
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The Quality of Financial Reporting: Sharia Supervisory Board Role in Zakat Management Organization

Elis Mediawati
Public trust is closely related to the quality of the financial information which is presented by Zakat Management Organization (ZMO). The information will be useful if the information is able to support the community decision-making to entrust their zakat to ZMO. Sharia Supervisory Board (SSB) is a...
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Pedophilia and the Lack of Social Control ( A Case Study of Sudajaya )

Elly Malihah, Siti Nurbayani
In 2014, pedophilia was committed in Sukabumi. This act caught the attention of social media across Indonesia, and is believed to be the first of its kind to spread across the country through social media. The act became a trending topic looked at from two perspectives: the number of victims and the...
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Study of Indigenous Peoples Empowerment Model in Cireundeu Village

Ema Sumiati, Ema Hufad
Social and technological developments today did not have a significant impact to the culture of indigenous peoples in Cireundeu Village. Instead, they maintain their ancestors’ cultural values and traditions in their social and economic life. The objectives of this research were to discover and explain...
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The Development of Character Education in Primary Schools through the Enhancement of School Culture

Fransiskus Samong, A. Suryadi, Dasim Budimansyah
The purpose of this study is to determine whether school culture develops character education in elementary school. This is a quantitative investigation and the instrument named “School Culture” was used for this study. The variables of the school culture are school’s vision and mission, school’s tradition,...
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Community Based Tourism: A Corelation Between Knowledge and Participation in Mountain Based Destination

Fitri Rahmafitria, Ghoitsa Rohmah Nurazizah
Lots of community empowerment programs in tourism development has been done in order to improve social welfare and maintaining quality of physical, social and cultural aspect. Unfortunately, community empowerments often deal with a lot of problems, partly due to the lack of insight of local community...
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Could Tourism Development Act as The Living Strategy for The Indigenous People?

Gurniwan Kamil Pasya, Heri Puspito Diyah Setiyorini, Rini Andari, Gitasiswhara
This research studied about how tourism development acts as the living strategy for the indigenous people. The indigenous people earn their living from natural resources, usually in designated region that is large area. While the number of the area remains the same, the number of population is increasing....
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Impact of Personal Selling on the User Decision to Use the Services of @wifi.Id

Heny Hendrayati, Dhafina Ramadita
All aspects of life in today’s society are connected to technology and information. Therefore, PT Telkom plc has launched a public wifi with a fast connection named In the process of marketing, implements personal selling strategies for improving consumer decisions to access,...
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Teacher Annotation: Indonesian Students'Learning Behavior in Authoritative Parent Perspective

Ida Rohayani
The purpose of this article was to identify students learning behavior in parent perspective who claimed authoritatively, and how was school continued what students got from home and implemented it in school climate. This study based on Civic Education (CE) and Intervention Education influence on the...
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Study on Analysis of Curriculum Nonformal Education Institution to Increase Student Self Directed Learning

Ihat Hatimah, Jajat S. Ardiwinata, Yanti Shantini
Self directed learning became a goal in the implementation non-formal education program. Managers need to develop a curriculum that encourages students conduct self directed learning. The purpose of the research is to obtain: a) institution staff knowledge of the program curriculum, b) the program at...
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The Community-Based Value Education to Develop Environmental Awareness Characters for Elementary School Students

Kadek Aria Prima Dewi P.F., Dasim Budimansyah
The condition in character education of environmental awareness in the formal school is not yet completely able to develop the students' characters to participate and to behave with environmental awareness. Therefore, a value education model is developed by involving three educational environments based...
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Core Value (Ta’?wun) in Inclusive Education Development Program

Kokom Siti Komariah
Regardless of its fundamental role, value cultivation or development has been neglected in the education system. This phenomenon is even more profound in inclusive schools, where it is actually much more needed. The research ultimately attempts to seek answers to the question of how core values are implemented...
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Customer Delight Strategy in Hotel Industry

Lili Adi Wibowo, Judi Januarita Pratiwi Ekaputri
Low customer loyalty is a significant issue in hotel industry. Every hotel faces the same problem that is to keep their customers loyal. It is important since the customers are assets for the hotels. Therefore, retaining customers, which is easier and cheaper, should give some more importance than acquiring...
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Actualization of Nationalism Thought in Indonesia Civil Society Development (Phenomenology Study of Moh. Natsir thought in the Development of the Citizenship Values)

Miftahul Aliyah
This research is motivated by the tendency of nationalism disintegration in some Indonesian citizens who feared could fade patriotism and love for Republic of Indonesia. The attitude that is feared the disintegration and dissolution of the Republic of Indonesia. To prevent this there is need for strengthening...
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Social Responsibility for People With Mental Disorder

Siti Nurbayani, Elly Malihah, Mirna Nur Alia
The case of mental disorder in at some place in west Bandung is worrying because there are 28 people with mental disorders. There are many factors that trigger the increasing cases of mental disorder, and one of which is due to the poverty that makes an individual's life have a harder life and incapable...
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Local Wisdom In Constructing Students’ Ecoliteracy Through Ethnopedagogy And Ecopedagogy

Nana Supriatna
This paper entails some ideas of how students’ ecological intelligence is constructed through ethnopedagogy and ecopedagogy within the process of teaching and learning at schools in Indonesia. This paper is expected to draw provide some inspiration to high school teachers in the area of social sciences,...
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The Influence of Production Layout Strategy Towards Productivity

Nani Sutarni, Chairul Furqon, Lud Noviyanto
From many sectors industries in Indonesia, automotive industry has a progressively growth. This industry also including into machines industry and Tools industry can saved our national industries from decline. Nowadays Toyota Astra Motor still dominated our national automotive market share, while PT....
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Education as Powerful Social Capital

Neiny Ratmaningsih
Indonesia is currently experiencing considerable problems in terms of availability of social capital to build a prosperous society. Our social capital has collapsed along with the rule of the New Order, and getting crushed in the period thereafter. Solidarity and trust between members and community groups...
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Student Internship for Integrated Learning in Population & Tax and Political Parties Accountability

Nazrina Zuryani
Imitating the practice of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in Australian human capital capacity building, this research is based on student internship as a form of WIL. The aim of the research is to compile enough data and information, collected by students and their supervisors during their internships,...
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The Policy Arrangement of Taxation Management Agency in West Java

Prayoga Bestari
Tax is the main sector and still be seeded source of national income. But until now tax management is not effective and efficient. It caused by several factors including: 1 ) the weak public awareness of paying taxes; 2 ) system of tax management has not professional yet; 3 ) policy of tax management...
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The Status and Role of Women in The Community of Suku Dayak Hindu Budha Bumi Segandhu Indramayu

Puspita Wulandari, Achmad Hufad, Siti Nurbayani
The community of Suku Dayak Hindu Budha Bumi Segandhu Indramayu values the status and role of women as being more important compared to that of men’s. This study applied descriptive method and Spradley’s analysis design to explain the phenomenon. The result of this study shows that the highest status...
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The Influence of Brand Element and Education Service Marketing Mix on Brand Momentum of Higher Education Institution

Puspo Dewi Dirgantari, Agus Rahayu, Disman, Ratih Hurriyati
Every year universities in Indonesia continues to increase in number and its growth location dominated in the province of West Java and Banten. Nevertheless, the number of college students in West Java decreased. Similarly, the people's preference for universities in West Java as an excellence college...
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The Effect of Ethnocentrism on Purchase Behavior of Domestics and Foreign Products

Ratih Huryati, Lisnawati
The purpose of this paper is to investigate national identity, cosmopolitanism and ethnocentrism in influencing the purchase behavior of domestic or foreign purchase behavior products in Indonesia.  The method is descriptive verification, while the data analysis technique used is Structure Equation Model...
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Social Order Learning through Social Experiment

Ridwan Effendi
People's violations on social order regulations are have become a common phenomenon. As illustrations, traffic rules are violated every day, roads and sidewalks are shifted into a street vendor's booth or a parking lot. As can be seen from the foregoing violations of the public order, Indonesian society...
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Increasing Tourism Industry’s Competitiveness through Human Resources Planning

Rofi Rofaida
Tourism sector's contribution to Gross Regional Domestic Product was very significant. In the employment aspect, this sector also plays an important role. The purpose of this research are mapping and conducting analysis of the formal labor market related with the employment potential, mapping and conducting...
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The Pleasant and Unpleasant in Leisure Experience (Study Of An Annual Tradition Called Mudik in Indonesia)

Researchs done in the topic of leisure experience mostly attempted to reveal its dynamic and multi-phasic nature. However, those researchs’s findings also showed how leisure experience was formed by a variety of experiences, including pleasant and unpleasant ones. This study attempts to gain a better...
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Local Wisdom of Ciptagelar Community in Managing Environmental Sustainability

Siti Komariah
Indonesian society as multicultural communities have localized knowledge that is invaluable in fostering harmony with nature. As in Ciptagelar people who have a variety of localized knowledge so that their living environment is maintained. The issue that will be studied in this research is how local...
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Development Pattern of Rural Tourism Based Creative Economy

Sri Marhanah, Erry Sukriah
The purpose of this research is to identify the potential of tourist attractions that based creative economy, and then to analyze how ready the Cikole Village as a rural tourism based creative economy, and the last to developing the development pattern of rural tourism based creative economy in Cikole...
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Implementing Value Clarification Technique to Improve Environmental Awareness Among Pre-Service Chemistry Teacher

Sulastri, Dasim Budimansyah, W. Sopandi
This research aimed at describing the implementation of value clarification technique combined with problem based learning and project based learning in basic chemistry course for organic chemistry topics. The subjects of this study were all students of Preservice chemistry teacher from Chemistry Education...
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Model of Family Life Education Based on Family Sustainability

Tati Abas, Yoyoh Jubaedah, Nenden Rani Rinekasari
This research aimed to develop of family life education model based on the family sustainability. the reasearch was used research and development as a problem-solving approach through stages: 1. the preliminary study, 2. the developing model, and 3. the validation model. The preliminary study conducted...
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The Impact of Brand Image, Brand Trust Towards Brand Loyalty of Indosat Telecommunication Operator Customer in Bandung

Tjahjono Djatmiko, Aldy Novianto
The growth of telecommunications service subscribers in Indonesia until 2015 is approaching saturation and will make more tough competition. This study analyzes the effect of brand trust and the brand image toward brand loyalty of the telecommunication service customers of a company. This study tried...
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A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Transnational Marriage: Franco-Indonesian Marriage Case

Tri Indri Hardini
Due to the development of communication technology, IT, and transportation, transnational marriage is very possible. However, this kind of marriage can result in conflict of interest due to the cultural divergence background. If this issue was not overcome, it may lead to a communication failure between...
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Determinant Factors in Building Youth Character

Viena Rusmiati Hasanah, Jajat S Ardiwinata, Elih Sudiapermana
This study aims to find out determinant factors building youth character in training with religion, values basis by exploring training management, youth character built through the training, and strategies and methods of training. This study employed qualitative approach by using data exploration and...
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Hallyu Wave Syndrome: Does Country of Origin Matter?

Vanessa Gaffar, Cindy Agustina Krishna Gautama
Hallyu wave or Korean wave is becoming a world hit, recently. It is a terminology that describes the spread of Korean culture globally. This research is mainly discussed about country of origin perceived by consumer of Korean cosmetic product and it's influenced on purchase decision. The purpose of this...
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Cultivating Agents of Social Media Literacy through Service Learning

Vidi Sukmayadi
Today's learning is focused on preparing students with characters and skills needed to pursuit their career and to succeed in their future. Beyond those skills, there are various supporting proficiencies that are significant in preparing for the "wild" world out there. Among those new proficiencies is...
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A Typology of Father Parenting in The Migrant Workers Family and Effect on Character of Children

Wilodati Wilodati, Dasim Budimansyah, Sudarja Adiwikarta
Parenting is a model of interaction between parents and children, which aims to foster the child's character. In general, parenting is done by both parents, especially mothers. However, in families where the mother latches become foreign workers abroad, the responsibility and the implementation of the...
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Study of Nonformal and Informal Education Policy Toward Professionalism Education Services for Community

Yanti Shantini, Elih Sudiapermana
The background of this research started from the limited observation conducted by researchers to understand the extent of the implementation of the program on institution non-formal education. The facts on the ground indicate that there are many improvements that need to be done in implementing non-formal...
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Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil as an Islamic Financial Inclusion Institution Model Towards a Sustainable Development

A. Jajang W. Mahri, Suci Apriliani Utami, Firmansyah Firmansyah, Aneu Cakhyaneu
This research is based on the issues of many informal sector businesses that do not have access towards capital from formal financial institutions, especially Islamic ones that are still considered to be exclusive and hard to reach. The research aims to find the best model in empowering informal sector...
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Transformational Leadership for School Productivity in Vocational Education

Aan Komariah
The problem arouse in Vocational School graduates shown that the schools need to enhance its productivity. School productivity becomes the principal's responsibility by adapting the transformational leadership style. This research aimed at describing and analyzing the impact of the transformational leadership...
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Islamic Financial Inclusion Contribution to the Empowerment and Development of Informal Sector

Aas Nurasyiah, Rida Rosida, Neni Sri Wulandari
The background of this research is the issue of doubt or skepticism of the majority of the society’s contribution towards the development of Islamic financial community, especially in the over-marginalized community including the informal sector entrepreneurs. Therefore, the aim of this research was...
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The Religion of Festival (Case Study on The Celebration of The Prophet’s Birthday in East Lombok)

Abdurrohman, Nurun Sholeh
Every religion has its own tradition of religious celebration as a ritual ceremony to remember a historical event or to worship God as an expresion of gratitude. Indonesian people is characterized by multi religious life which is rich by ceremony and religious festival. Lombok which is well known as...
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Social Identity, Ethnicity and Internal Mobility in Indonesia

Ahmad Choibar Tridakusumah, Dika Supyandi, Yayat Sukayat
Indonesia is a multiethnic country with more than 1000 ethnics and sub-ethnics. This ethnicity phenomenon played an important part on internal population mobility. Moreover, transmigration, a type of Indonesian internal mobility, is believed as a cultural project and interpreted as “Javanization” processes...
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Coastal Community Treatment Patterns in Riau Province

Achmad Hidir
The purpose of this research are to know: (1) What is being done by the fisherman’s family to utilize health facilities to get medication? (2) Is there any relation between the economic condition of the fishermen’s family with the utilization of health facilities behavior? (3) Is there any relation between...
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Character Education in Higher Education (an Example of Genre-based Approach Practice)

Effective character education is required in any level of education, including in higher education. This paper will discuss a literacy based teaching approach known as Genre-based approach under Halliday's theory of Systemic Functional Linguistics. The discussion will focus on the practice of Systemic...
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Investigating Social Differentiations of Student (A case of Special Education Student in Universitas Negeri Makasar )

Mapping of the social differentiations of student at any educational institution is very important in order to have a comprehensive data of them. The comprehensive data would be beneficial for the institution concerned to formulate policies related to solve student provlems and needs. Three main questions...
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Space and Students Classroom Behavior in Elementary School

Danang Tandyonomanu
This research aim to analyse theoretically the impact of distance to student’s nonverbal behavior in learning situations. In recent years, it is believed that the method of collaborative learning is the best choice for learning and teaching process. This raises the different seating arrangement in many...
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The Aspect of Social, Economic, Cultural and Public Health after Ten Years of Mining Closure Activities

Djoko Hartoyo, A. Harsono Soeparjo, Abimanyu T. Alamsyah, Arie Herlambang
Buyat Bay is a small bay located Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The bay was famous due to the mining activities of Newmont Minahasa Raya Ltd (NMR) since 1996, where NMR utilizes this bay as the flow of the disposal of tailings (mining waste) for its gold mining activity. The aim of this study is...
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Reflective Teaching Practice (Teachers’ Perspectives in an Indonesia Context)

Endah Yanuarti, David F. Treagust
This paper, which focuses on teachers’ perspectives on their reflections about their teaching, discusses teachers’ understanding of reflection as it relates to the context of teacher standards in Indonesia. The research uses a qualitative interpretive approach in which the teachers were the subjects....
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Small Scale Mining in Belinyu District

Fitri Ramdhani Harahap
Small scale mining has given positive contribution to Bangka Belitung Province and its people, particularly in Belinyu Subdistrict. As the consequence, local government issued certain policy for illegal Small scale mining. It is aimed to stop all activities of Small scale mining. However, the effort...
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Listening to Marginalized Women's Expressions of Anger (A Communication Study on the Use of Women’s Language for Resistance in the Prostitution Boarding Quarter at Sunan Kuning, Semarang)

Hapsari Dwiningtyas Sulistyani
The study deliberately observes the anger expressions of the neglected marginal group, the female sex workers of Sunan Kuning, a prostitution boarding quarter in Semarang, Indonesia. The marginal nature of the group is also revealed by the fact that there are interests of surrounding parties trying to...
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Share What and How You Cook at Home! : Uncovering Social Identity

Ikma Citra Ranteallo, Imanuella R. Andilolo
The passion for food and cooking establishes new social identity. There is a trend in social media usage where people share how and what they cook at home. There are also some applications that enable people to develop, experience and innovate their cooking skills. The aim of this study is to present...
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Women Agency and the Ambiguity of Their Role in Disaster Management

Iwan Nurhadi
Women found their momentum to engage in new forms of participation, accumulate economic and social capital in disaster management. However, it is important to highlight that the types of women agency remain emanates from the periphery of social relations. The sig??????nt of economic contributions of...
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Transformation of Fishermen Community: From Deterministic to Rational-Instrumental Culture 

Maksud Hakim
Generally, the fishermen community has characteristics in 'Deterministic' culture particularly in South Sulawesi. The main characteristic of 'Deterministic' culture is a believer that God is a determinant of all processes of human life, and man only 'Surrender' (fatalist) in accepting all the provisions...
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Analysis of Livelihoods Security of Three Farmer Communities at Nickel Mining Area

Muhammad Ikhsan Mattalitti, Sitti Rahma Ma'mun
The study aims to investigate the impact of nickel mining activities on the livelihood security of farmers in three farmer communities at South Konawe, and the implications of the policy on their livelihood security. This case study was done in two villages in South Konawe involving three farmer communities....
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Analysis on the Positioning of Private Higher Education Institutions Based on Fields of Science

Muji Gunarto
The growth of colleges in Indonesia increases every year, especially private Higher Education Institution (PTS). The higher the number of PTS is, the more intense the competition in getting prospective students is. The purposes of this study are: 1) to determine the position of each PTS among competitors’...
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Bringing Back Kasada Ceremony Identity in The Middle of State Religious Penetration at Tengger Community

Nur Hadi
Kasada ceremony is an important tradition about how Tengger community interacts with natural mountain environment and social interactions among them. Beside provide an identity and protection for commonality and togetherness preservation, this ceremony also maintain Tengger culture's existence. The aim...
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Prostitute’s Adolescent Clients’ Understanding of Local Wisdom on Social Relations

Rahesli Humsona, Mahendra Wijaya, Jefta Leibo, Sri Yuliani
Prostitution has become a global phenomenon. One contributing factor is the increasing number of clients. It is because prostitution will not exist without a request from the clients. From previous studies it is known that there are prostitute’s adolescent clients’. The objective of research was to identify...
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Political Participations of Rural Communities

Rizki Muhammad Ramdhan
Political participation is one of the salient aspects in a development. This research was conducted to rural communities in Sukabumi, West Java, with the purpose of investigating how rural communities’ political participations were and the affecting factors of the participations. The research employed...
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Democracy Value Based Inquiry Model Development to Enrichment Critical Thinking in Civics Education

The teaching process of civics education at schools which tends to be teacher centered that without our knowing it may put an end to students’ courage to take initiative, kill the desire on their part to express their opinions and bear any resultant consequences, are not ready to enter into arguments...
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Marriage System in Arabian Culture

Thriwaty Arsal
Marriage makes the married couple change the basic functions of the family that a family is a unit of engagement which is also a unit of residence which is marked by the presence of economic cooperation, has the function to proliferate, as a place to socialize or to educate children and help protect...
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The Model of Integrating Culture and Nation Characters into the School based curriculum at the Remote Areas in the Border of Indonesia and Malaysia

The Project Implementation Plan of Tanjungpura University (UNTAN) Pontianak shows an active role in the development of human resources in the border area. UNTAN as Pioneering Center for National Character development, has high integrity in solving of the various problems that occurred in the border region....
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Conflict Resolution Based on Chinese Customs in Pontianak, West Kalimantan

Yohanes Bahari
The aim of this research is to describe conflict resolution based on Chinese customs in Pontianak, west Kalimantan. This research used qualitative approach. The informants comprised of the executives, public figures and grass roots of Chinese society. The techniques of data collecting were direct communication...
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The Validation of Undergraduate Student Theses of Geography Education Department, Faculty of Social Science, Universitas Negeri Malang

Yusuf Suharto
The aim of the research is to study the content validity and the Indonesian language composition of undergraduate student theses of Geography Education Department, Faculty of Social Science State University of Malang (UM) which were written in 2011 to 2013. The limitation to three years is based on the...
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History of Buol : Study on The Border Territory and Exploitation of Mine

Lukman Nadjamudin
Study of Buol’s history is very limited, particularly with regard to the border territory and the exploitation of mines. If this fact persists continuously, there will be discontinuities information between the reality in the past with the present reality. The research aims to clarify the position of...
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Society Preparedness in Facing Landslides (A Case Study of Sagalaherang District Society, Subang, Indonesia)

Mamat Ruhimat
Landslides are one of the events that are difficult to predict accurately. Morphology region, type, structure and texture of the soil, rainfall, vegetation density, as well as the behavior of the population in the use of land are a number of dynamic factors that could affect the occurrence of landslides....
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Street Vendor: The Study of Heredity Job and Social Behaviour

Ridwan Purnama
An urban Bandung in West Java that has a dense population recorded in 2014 the population of the Bandung City totaled 2,483,977 people, the impact of these conditions were increasingly heavy burden of the city facing a very complex and complicated with a variety of problems such as pollution, population...
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Democracy and Local Autonomy Policy in Indonesia: A Particularist Perspective

This paper explores the extent to which the discourse of local autonomy policy in Indonesia derived from the concept of democracy is applicable in the case of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Special Region). Generally speaking, democracy has been considered a universal concept. However, from a...
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Awakening through Career Woman: Social Capital for Javanese Migrant Worker on Southeast Asia

Becoming a career woman is a wish for most Javanese woman when living from agricultural system is not good for their survival mechanism nowadays. Not only high quality of standard living but also lifestyle has influence most Javanese women changing their mindset and becoming career woman is the solution...
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Civic Engagement, Political Development,and the Role of the Young Citizen

Citizen involvement in various activities of the society, nation and the state is a matter that cannot be negotiable. It is not the other, as in any self- citizens have rights and obligations attached, every citizen has the right and duty that must be carried out properly and full responsibility. The...
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Social Capital in Dealing with Neo-Patrimonial Governance of Street Vendors

This paper is intended to examine networks made by street vendors in dealing with local government actions affecting their livelihood. The study shows that the local governments dominate the process of decision-making, and governance of street vendors still continues through a top-down approach. The...
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The Development of Civic Engagement to Empower Student Potential through Entrepreneurial Student Program (PMW)

Cecep Darmawan, Syaifullah Syaifullah, Leni Anggraeni
The young generation is a figure of potential existence into hope to realize the ideals of community, state and nation. With qualified young generation, it is possible to realize these ideals. Conversely, the lower the quality of the younger generation, then it would only be a burden in the implementation...
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The Implementation of Improving Creativity and Innovativity of Cimahi Municipality’s Human Resource Policy

Idi Jahidi, Ayuning Budiyati, Diani Indah
Cimahi Municipality is a relatively big municipality with twelve million population at West Java Indonesia.This municipality has visions, misions and aims in improving creativeness and innovativeness its human resource to improve their local revenue. However, there are obstacles in the implementation...
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Expressive Writing in Minimizing Students’ Public Speaking Anxiety 

Fitria Tresnawati, Bachrudin Musthafa
Many students of EFL find it difficult to deliver their ideas in front of audiences, eventhough they have capabilities to do that. It is found that the commonest problem comes from the students themselves, such as lack of confidence and fright of making mistakes. Therefore, students’ anxieties to speak...
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The Study of Service Quality and Competitiveness of Secondary Education in West Sumbawa

Sukardi, Lalu Ali Wardana
This study aims to Determine: the quality of education services and the level of competitiveness of the education on high school level (SMA) in West Sumbawa Regency. This study uses a ServQual (service quality) method involving 210 high school of stakeholders as subjects which were determined by random...
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Establishing Social Capital among People Living with HIV/AIDS (Plwh)

Husen Subhanudin, Ruyadi Yadi, Siti Komariah, Siti Nurbayani
People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH) are often isolated from society due to stigma. Self-resistance of being infected HIV/AIDS brings about depression for PLWH. Rumah Cemara is an organization for PLWH that handling of these cases to establish social capital for PLWH through trust and social network. Program...
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Learning Model Based on Local Wisdom to Embed the Ethics Land for Students

Epon Ningrum
learning not only the process of acquiring new knowledge, but rather to embed values and moral. The ethics land relating with moral about the earth as a living space. Local wisdom is locally but global meaningful. In general, the purpose of this study is to embed the ethics land for student through the...
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Improving Critical Thinking in Academic Writing through Portfolio in Higher Education

Damajanti Kusuma Dewi
Critical thinking skill is one of 21st century skills that supports the mastery of academic writing. Academic writing skill requires critical thinking to express arguments in such systematic and scientific way based on trusted sources. Facione (2011) argues that there are 6 stages in critical thinking,...
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Study of Gender in Adaptation Strategies Post Kelud Volcano Eruption 2014

Agus Purnomo
Kelud Volcano eruption in 2014 has weakened every aspects of life in society are affected. In the village of Pandansari Ngantang Malang, most of the people are farmers. 90% of work people are farmers and farm workers (mreman). So that when the disaster happens they do not have a livelihood again. This...
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Gempungan Tradition in Sundanese as Local Wisdom Learning Social Science Education in Primary School through Socio-Cultural Transformation

Ana Andriani
Sundanese as an ethnic, have many customs that still continue to be used, especially in rural areas. There are positive values can be taken from the ancestral tradition of Sunda, both with regard to religious values, human values, moral values, social values, and others. This paper will raise one ethnic...
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Supporting and Inhibiting Factors in the Structured Peer Network among Housewives in Coping with HIV/AIDS

Argyo Demartoto, R.B. Sumanto, Siti Zunariyah
HIV/AIDS case in housewives increases over times in Indonesia, but no serious attention is paid to it. This exploratory qualitative research aimed to find out supporting and inhibiting factors in structured peer network model among housewives in coping with HIV/AIDS in Surakarta Indonesia. Data collection...
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The Role Actualization of Society And National Organization in Law and Politic Education

M.Yahya Arwiyah, A.M.A. Suyanto, Runik Machfiroh
The quantity of society/public and national organizations is increasing. However, it is not accompanied by comprehension and understanding of the organization functions, especially in the education of law, politics and national character building, since the national character building contains in the...
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The Resistence of Traditional Value at Kajang Community in Globalization Era

Socio-cultural change in the era of globalization is characterized by the structural changes in social and cultural patterns in a community as well as the change in the substance of will have implications on people's lives. But things are different for the people of Kajang, where traditional values are...
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Tolerance Education Through Islamic Religious Education in Indonesia

Saepul Anwar
nowadays, social conflicts are still exists and almost founded in every county around The Globe. Even in Indonesia, based on data reported by Mabes Polri, The conflict tends to increase 50% every year between 2010 and 2013. Therefore, in 2012 government of Indonesia released law of social conflict management...
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Communication Strategy in the Implementation of Expanding Maternal and Neonatal Survival Policy

Sri Kusumo Habsari, Sofiah, Sumardiyono
The purpose of this article is to describe the communication strategy and to identify the obstacles faced by both the upper and lower level of the society in implementing EMAS. Research has been carried out in Brebes Regency because of the high case of maternal mortality. Data are compiled through various...
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Participation of Surakarta Children Forum in Development Planning Deliberation: Between Bureaucratic Formalism and Human Governance

Sri Yuliani, Rahesli Humsona, Rina Herlina Haryanti
Surakarta Children Forum is an association of young people deliberately set up as a medium for children's participation in the development planning process. Children's participation in development is one important indicator of public administration paradigm that respects the rights of children. Using...
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An Alternative Model of Political Education for Political Parties Towards Human Security

Vina Salvina Darvina S., Wahyudi Wahyudi
In Indonesia, the conflicts between political party supporters often happened in the atmosphere ahead of the General Election campaign or Legislative Election where it is usually also accompanied by violence or physical conflicts. This shows the weakness of the internal political education for political...
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Influence of Infographic on Exhibition Space Towards The Level of Interest, Understanding, and Visitors Behavior (Case Study : Educational Exhibition on Implementation of Nuclear Power Plant Project)

Boni Agusta, Tendy Y. Ramadin
Infographic as a form of modern information design is one of the various information media that is widely use in exhibition. The aim of this study is to conduct the influence of infographic as a visual display of information component in the exhibition space towards the visitor's level of interest, understanding,...
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Integration of Goods Market and Labor Market at Education Perspectives in Indonesian Agricultural Sector

Dessy Adriani, Elisa Wildayana
For Decades, Indonesia's economic growth has no impact on the more power of agricultural sector. The agricultural sector is still Characterized by subsistence, low education, low productivity, low income and underemployment. It is the caused by high dominance uneducated workforce in this sector. Hence...