Proceedings of the 2016 5th International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment Engineering (ICSEEE 2016)

623 authors
Zhou, Jiaheng
Analysis of the Impact of Abrasive Jet's Concentration On the External Flow Field
Zhou, Jie
Experimental Study on the Decompression Performance of the Annular Tube Device Using for the Water Supply System
Zhou, Minghao
Rotor Flux Estimation of Induction Motors Using Sliding-Mode Observer
Zhou, Minqiang
Research of hot air blower de-icing technology for wind turbine blade
Zhou, Sheng
A Type of Microorganism That Can Fix Greenhouse Gas (CO2 and N2 )Simultaneously-Isolation and Validation Experiment of Facultative CO2 and N2-fixing Bacteria
Zhou, Tao
The response difference of forests to different drought
Zhou, Tao
Estimation of the net primary productivity of forests on age in China
Zhou, Xiaoyong
Traffic accident influence in freeway tunnel simulation analysis based on the VISSIM
Zhou, Yuxiang
Integration Techniques of Ecological Restoration and Mining in Open Pit Coal Mine
Zhou, Zijian
Fate of nonylphenol compounds in the treatment of simulated denim wastewater
Zhu, Fen
Simulation of thermal behavior of a lithium-ion battery
Zhu, Li
Design of the internal space of the commercial building
Zhu, Li
The research on vegetation layout of urban wetland park revetment-Take the Tangshan Nanhu wetland park as an example
Zhu, Lihua
Research on the Method of Seismic Record Synthesis Based on Well Deviation and Stratigraphic Dip
Zhu, Shifan
A Comparative Study on Life Cycle Assessment of Typical Wood base Furniture
Zhu, Wei
Exploring the grounding problem of OPGW in substation of Longmen framework
Zhu, Wenjiao
Unreliability Analysis on the Neutron Detector System Using Monte Carlo Method
Zhu, Xiaoyan
The Case Analysis of the Permeability of Distributed Grid-connected Photovoltaic Generation
Zhu, Xiaoyan
A Bibliometric Analysis on Distributed Generation
Zhuang, Huimin
Online Optimization Voltage Control Based on Simplified Sensitivity Algorithm for Active Distribution Network
Zuo, Hui
Is International Trade an Influence Factor to the Pearl River Delta's Water EKC
Zuo, Jian
Research of forecasting method considering demand side resources
Zuo, Zhongguo
Transformation of raindrops characters on natural rainfalls