Proceedings of the 9th International Conference for Science Educators and Teachers (ICSET 2017)

Measuring The Quality of Pedagogy Infrastructure in Web Based Instruction Using Learning Object Framework (LORI) to Promoting Student's Writing Skill in Indonesian Language Subject

Taufik Ikhsan Slamet
Corresponding author
Web Based Instruction, Learning Object, MOODLE, SCORM, Writing Skill, Language Acquisition.
Promoting student's communication skill, particularly in writing, has been issue for the past decades. Some researches have been conducted to formulate the framework of learning environment which is developed to engage to describe the wuality and its characters of pedagogy infrastructures in web based instruction based on Learning Object framework. The pedagogy infrastructures involved (a) content quality, (b) learning goal alignment, (c) feedback and adaptation, (d) motivation, (e) presentation design, (f) interaction usability, (g) accesibility, (h) reusability, and (i) standard compliance. Research-based design from secondary school (eight grade of Junior High School 4 Malang) are presented. Key results froom surveys to media reviewr, content reviewer, instructional design reviewer, and students are discussed. The results demonstrate that webbased instruction within writing skill lesso has been well received by students. The patform has been a key enabling students to engage into the learning process, even though this process involved only in individual learning. Consideration of the ther three important stakeholders including media, content, and design reviewer could significantly enrich the wuality of the infrastructures of web base dinstruction.
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