Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sports Sciences and Health 2019 (ICSSH 2019)

On behalf of the organizer and the committees, we are proud to welcome everyone in Malang, in the 3rd International Conference on Sports Sciences and Health (ICSSH) 2019 organized by The Faculty of Sport Sciences Universitas Negeri Malang.

The conference aimed to provide a forum for sport sciences and health for all elements (Academic and practitioners) to share their ideas, perspectives and strategies to enhance education, sports, and health with technology integration. It also acts as an academic platform for researchers to present their latest research and develop the roadmap for their future research. Furthermore, the conference will extend the network between them to support more collaboration in health and sport sciences research and events, especially integrating technology in all aspects.

The theme of 3rd International Conference on Sport Sciences and Health 2019 is ‘Enhancing Sports Performance and Health through Technology Integration, Educational Innovation, and Scientific Collaboration’. We look forward to hearing a variety of perspectives and ideas about the innovation to develop the collaboration between academician and practitioners in education, sports and health issues. On the one hand, we also look forward to the latest innovation and technology integration in those particular area.

Your presence at the conference is helping to continue building the forum of nurturing ideas, innovation and strengthen the collaboration among sport and health academics and practitioners, and to develop the innovation and technology integration.

The 3rd ICCSH 2019 is made possible by the dedication and hard work of the community. We are indebted to many. The conference would not be possible without the advice and support of our steering committees. We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Nguyen Tra Giang, Prof. Norlena Binti Salamuddin, Ph.D, Prof. Chung Bin Yang, and Dr. Mu’arifin, M.Pd, for all their time and great energy to support us in the 3rd ICSSH 2019. We would also grateful for the support of the Rector of Universitas Negeri Malang, Professor AH. Rofi’uddin and the Dean of Faculty of Sport Sciences, Dr. Sapto Adi, M.Kes during the preparation of the conference.

Finally, we would like to thank all the presenters for the willingness to share their latest research and ideas and all the participations for their keen and active participation. Without your efforts, the 3rd ICSSH 2019 would not be possible. Keep up the good work. We hope that you will have and enjoyable and productive time in Malang, and leave with beautiful memories of our conference. We also hope that all of you will join in our next year conference.