Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sports Sciences and Health 2019 (ICSSH 2019)

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Relationship Between Body Mass Index and VO2Max With Vertical Jump of Basketball Players

Ahmad Syafii Ade Putra, Mahmud Yunus, Saichudin, Slamet Raharjo
Basketball is a game that is played by two teams and each player has five people, each team trying to score as many as possible into the basketball hoop. The combination of basketball is defense and attack, to play well the player must master the basic basketball techniques and skills. Basketball game...
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Management of Dislocation Injury Physiotherapy at PhysioSET Physiotherapy Clinic in Malang City

Anggi Afan Darmawan, Mulayani Surendra, Rias Gesang Kinanti, Slamet Raharjo
Physiotherapy is one way to deal with sports injuries in a more modern way. Injuries caused by sports one of which is a dislocation injury. This dislocation injury must immediately receive medical attention so that the joints return to their position, with comprehensive treatment and management to accelerate...
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Effectiveness of Interactive Multimedia-Based Learning With Basic Skills Ability Towards Conventional Gymnastic

Ari Wibowo Kurniawan
The purpose of this study was to obtain empirical data on the effectiveness and efficiency of the development of learning outcomes floor exercise techniques to students majoring in Physical Education and Health. This research is experimental pretest-posttest shaped Design Control Group. value gain score...
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The Muyu Women and Their Birthing Culture: How to Move Labor to Health Facilities

Desi Ariwinanti, Nurnaningsih Herya Ulfah, JennyVeronika Samosir, Aan Kurniawan
The research was a part of participatory action research aimed to descriptively explore the issue and to suggest the possible solution to the high risk childbirth tradition. It was conducted in Mindiptana District, Boven Digoel Regency, Papua. The data was collected using in-depth interviews to Muyu...
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Influence of TGT (Teams Games Tournament) Cooperative Model on the Hang Style in Long Jump Learning

Aslan, Mulyana, James Tangkudung
The general objective of this study was to obtain an overview of the TGT type cooperative learning model used by a physical education teacher in an effort to improve style abilities in the long jump. In this study the author uses the experimental method as a way of solving problems, and looks for answers...
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Effectiveness of Plyometric and Resistive Run Training Program on Motor Fitness Components

Bimalkumar K. Joshi
For the purpose of this study 80 male students among 150 populations were selected randomly from Innovative Gujarati medium school, Rajkot city. Their age was ranging between 13 to 16 years and verified with school record. Total 80 subjects were divided randomly in three experimental groups A, B, C and...
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Time Patterns of Physical Activity for 1st Grade to 6th Grade Students Living in the Lowland Area

Dilla Taman Roma Dlani, Ari Wibowo Kurniawan, Dona Sandy Yudasmara, Imam Hariadi, Taufik, Nurrul Riyad Fadhli
The purpose of this study was to determine the physical activity period of students in grade 1 to 6 in SD Negeri 1 Bantur. The study design used was cross sectional, using stratified proportional random sampling. The results of data analysis using non-parametric statistics with the Kruskal-wallis test...
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Learning Character Values Through Assignment of Audio-Visual Media

Eddy Marheni, Eko Punomo, Firunika Intan Cahyani
The problem in the research is the low character of students in the lecture process. This study aims to find out how the character of hard work, teamwork, discipline and creativity through the teaching model of character values uses audio-visual media as one of the technological innovations in the learning...
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Aggressive Audience Against Competitive Anxiety in Pencak Silat Athletes

Eko Purnomo, Alfi Mukhti, Saskia Putri Rahayu
Anxiety when facing matches is a problem of emotional turmoil that is often faced by athletes, especially in individual sports that use physical contact such as pencak silat. One of the factors that can influence the level of competing anxiety is the proximity of the audience from the arena. Intimacy...
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Identify the Talent of Artistic Gymnastics in Special Region of Yogyakarta With Application

Endang Rini Sukamti, Okky Indera Pamungkas, Sb Pranatahadi
This research ains to determine the potential of athletes who have talent in the gymnastics branch in Soecial region of Yogyakarta (Sleman, Yogyakarta, Kulonprogo, and Bantul) at the age of 7-10 years. This research is a quantitative descriptive study with the survey methods and Data collection techniques...
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Analysis of Superior and Inferior Extremities on Forearm Pass in Volleyball

Fajar Wicaksono, Saichudin, Slamet Raharjo
Analysis of superior and inferior extremity motion against passing down volleyball in extracurricular Senior High School I Bululawang, is a study that aims to know the truth of movement in accordance with the phases of passing down according to superior and inferior extremity movement in terms of biomechanics...
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The Impact of Full Day School Policy on Female Students Physical Fitness Level: A Study Comparative

Febrita Paulina Heynoek, Sugiyanto, Gema Fitriady
The aimed of this study compared physical fitness of female students in schools that implemented a Full Day School (FDS) and regular school policy. Proportionate Purposive Random Sampling (n=119) was selected in this study. Subjects were perceived performance level of physical fitness used Indonesian...
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Effect of ROM and Weight Bearing Exercise on the Degrees of Knee ROM and Muscle Strength of Post-Extremity of ACL Sprain Grade 1

Fitriatul Aini, Mahmud Yunus, Olivia Andiana
Exercise therapy in the form of ROM (Range Of Motion) and weight bearing exercises can be used as a means of accelerating the healing of injuries, such as ACL sprains injury. This study aims to determine the effect of ROM and weight bearing exercises on the degree of ROM or range of motion in the knee...
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Comparison of Malondialdehyde Levels in the Morning and Night at Private Vocational School

Gosy Endra Vigriawan, Slamet Raharjo, Rias Gesang Kinanti
This research aimed to see a comparison of the levels of MDA on students sports hobbyists badminton in the morning and night. This study used a survey method. Sampling using a purposive sampling. Analysis data retrieval using test instruments in the form of a detailed questionnaire and blood sampling....
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Effect of Interval Training to Increase Physical Fitness

Hartati, Wahyu Indra Bayu, Ahmad Richard Victorian
The aim of this study was to know the effect of interval training to increase physical fitness. Subject was Student Extracurricular at Senior High School 1 South Indralaya, Palembang, and collected using total sampling (N =30). Through a quasi-experimental research, treatment given to the subject during...
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Management of Sprain Injury Massage Therapy in PhysioSET Physiotherapy Clinic in Malang

Hendra Pratama, Olivia Andiana, Mulyani Surendra, Rias Gesang Kinanti
The aimed of this study was to determine the management of post-injury massage therapy sprain in the PhysioSET Physiotherapy Clinic. The data analysis technique used in this study is the triangulation technique. The results of the research at the PhysioSET Physiotherapy Clinic are the management of post-injury...
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Low Back Pain Treatment and Recovery (Physiotherapy) Survey at the Physioset Physiotherapy Clinic in Malang

R Ilham Wahid, Slamet Raharjo, Sapto Adi, Olivia Andiana
The aimed of this study was to determine the process of treatment and recovery of low back pain in the PhysioSET Physiotherapy Clinic. The approach used is a qualitative descriptive approach to the type of research using survey methods. The type of data used is in accordance with the role of researchers...
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The Effectiveness of Push Up Training for Improving the Power of Arm Muscle Among the Participants of Sports Extracurricular Activities

Khumaidah, Siti Nurrochmah
This study aimed at analyzing the influence of wall push up and floor push up training on the improvement of arm muscles power among the participants of sports extracurricular activities. The total amount of the sample was 34 female students. The result of anava sig. F = 0.000 < α = 0.05. And the...
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Physical Fitness of College Indonesian Martial Arts

Mego Yuda Pratikta, Slamet Raharjo, Sapto Adi, Olivia Andiana
The purpose of this study was to determine how good the level of physical condition of the martial arts athletes of the Persaudaraan Setia Hati Terate (PSHT) Merdeka University of Malang. This research is quantitative descriptive research. Retrieval of data by using tests and measurements. The results...
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The Effect of Moderate Intensity Aerobic Training on MDA Level, Osmotic Fragility, and Erythrocyte Amount

Moch. Yunus
This study aimed to analyze the amount of oxidative stress level reduction, the increase in membrane endurance and the amount of erythrocyte cells due to moderate intensity aerobic exercise. This research was a quasi-experimental study with quantitative approach, with a randomized group pretest and posttest...
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Effect of Squat Jump Weight Training Exercise to Leg Muscle Power of Volleyball Players

Moh Ridwan, Supriyadi, Mahmud Yunus
This study aimed to describe the effect of the implementation of squat jump weight training exercise to improve the leg muscle power of male volleyball players at UABV UKM State University of Malang. The employed research method was pre-experimental design. The collected data was analyzed using paired...
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Aging Effect Towards Crimp Pattern, Collagen Type I, and III Composition in Achilles Tendon Rupture

(Study on Spraque-Dawley Rats)

Muchamad Arif Al Ardha, Chung Bin Yang, Wei Jhe Lin
Achilles tendon rupture happens more frequently in the elderly. The aim of this study is to analyze the utilization of exercise rehabilitation program in the achilles tendon injury on the elderly. This is quasi-experimental study which were conducted by mix method approach. There were six Spraque-Dawley...
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Effect of Circuit Training to Incrase VO2 max for Futsal Player

Najarudin Nafis, Sapto Adi, Mahmud Yunus
Endurance can be trained by low or small load, with a lot of frequency and in a long duration of time. The purpose of this research is to know the effect of circuit training to increase vo2 max for futsal player of RedFox club in Malang City after given treatment. The research used was quasi experiment...
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Development of Game Modification Using Blended Learning in Physical Education, Sports, and Health For Senior High School Students

Ndaru Kukuh Masgumelar, Wasis Djoko Dwiyogo
The results of the research were: (1) attractiveness criteria (90.06%), (2) ease criteria (91.35%), (3) clarity criteria (92.58%), (4) effectiveness criteria (90, 41%). The average (91.18%) category is very valid. Based on a large group trial (91.18%) and a small group trial (90.97), this indicates an...
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Management of Traditional Medicine Sangkal Putung Against Sport Injuries, A Case Study

Nissa Putri Kartika, Mulyani Surendra, Rias Gesang Kinanti
Traditional medicine as one of treatment outside of medical science and/or nursing science which is widely used by society in overcoming health problem. One example of traditional treatment of local wisdom that exists and develops in the community is traditional treatment Sangkal Putung. Traditional...
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Effect of Exercise Method and Achievement Motivation on Basket Dribling Skills

Prisca Widiawati
The aimed of this study is to determine the effect of structured and play training methods and achievement motivation on basketball dribbling skills. This research was conducted at Basketball Club Athletes. This type of research is an experiment using a 2x2 treatment by level design. The population of...
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Association Between Food Handlers Hygiene and Food Sanitation to the Contamination of Salmonella Sp. on Sempol

Putri Mustika Nopriani, Hartati Eko Wardani, Supriyadi, Agung Kurniawan
Food contamination could become the cause of high incidence of typhoid fever in Malang. Sempol is a well known traditional food in Malang, Indonesia, made from chicken meat and egg. Bad hygiene and sanitation in processing and selling will impact to contamination of Salmonella sp on Sempol. The purpose...
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Contributions of Physical Condition to Gymnastics Basic Skills of College Students

Ratna Budiarti, Wisnu Nugroho, Risti Nurfadhila
Physical conditions are considered a very important foundation for developing techniques. The aim of this study to determine the contribution of physical condition to Gymnastic basic skill. This Study is survey and used descriptive qualitative method. 82 students, whose aged 18-19 years and study in...
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Improving Forehand Drop Shot Stroke Skill in Badminton Through the Drill Method for Children

Mahmuda Permata Sari, Oni Bagus Januarto, Tatok Sugiarto
The aimed of this research is to improve forehand drop shot stroke skill in badminton for 8-12 years old athlete in Brawijaya Jr. Badminton’s club Malang. This study uses the Sports Action Research (PTO) method using two tiered cycles covering planning, implementation, observation, reflection and with...
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Correlation of Menstrual Pattern, Nutritional Status and Level of Knowledge With the Incidence of Anemia on Teenage Girls

Salma Nabilah, Hartati Eko Wardani, Rara Warih Gayatri
Anemia is a condition in which the number of red blood cells, or hemoglobin concentration is below. The prevalence of anemia is mostly due to iron deficiency. About 50% of anemia in women worldwide is caused by iron deficiency (WHO, 2012). This study aims to determine the correlation of menstrual patterns...
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Children With Mild Mental Retardation Interest in Sports and Health Activities

Sony Putra Dewantara, Olivia Andiana, Mahmud Yunus
This study aimed to find out how much interest the children with special needs (ABK) mild mental retardation to sports health activities in SDLB Jaya Putra Malang. In research this do researchers a descriptive, form non test instruments shaped questionnaire, then do analysis form technique descriptive...
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Life-Based Learning Approach on Massage Course in College Students

Sulistyorini, Moch. Yunus, Supriatna
This research aimed at developing a learning method product using the blended learning model integrated with e-learning at State University of Malang (UM). The research method used was Research and Development method (R&D), with the following research steps (1) Needs analysis, (2) Early product development...
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Android Apps Based on Woodball Training Guidelines

Supriatna, F Ahmad Yunan Ari, Sulistyorini
The aimed of this research was to develop variations of finishing stroke training which packed in the form of an android application.. The research method used was research and development method. The development procedures included (1) needs analysis (2) product planning I (3) product evaluation I (4)...
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Games Approach in Improving Forearm Pass Skills in High School Students

Susi Setyowati, Lokananta Teguh Hari Wiguno
The aimed of this study is to improve motion learning outcomes volleyball Forearm Pass by applying play methods in the learning process of physical education. The method used was classroom action research. The results obtained by observation volleyball Forearm Pass the test is 81.9% with a very good...
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Management of Physiotherapy Strain Injury at PHYSIOSET Clinic in Malang, a Case Study

Taufani Ahmad Ardila, Slamet Raharjo, Sapto Adi, Olivia Andiana
Physiotherapy is the form of health services devoted to the patient to develop, maintaining and restoring motion and using the handling of manually, increase of motion, equipment. Physiotherapy is one way to handle sports injury in a more modern. An injury caused by the sport of one of them is not a...
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Learning Stages Issues Identification in Implementing of Learning Process by Physical Education Teachers in High School

Widhea Wahyu Anantha, H.W Lokananta Teguh
This study aimed to find out the problems faced by the physical education teacher at senior high and vocational high school and find out alternative solutions used by physical education teachers. This study uses descriptive qualitative research design. The data collection was done by using a closed questionnaire,...