Proceedings of ICT for Sustainability 2016

The 4th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainability (ICT4S 2016), took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on August 29-September 1, 2016. ICT4S is a series of research conferences bringing together leading researchers, developers and government and industry representatives dedicated to exploring and proposing how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can be used as a tool to reach sustainability goals.

ICT for sustainability is about utilizing the transformational power of ICT for making our world more sustainable: saving energy and material resources by creating more value from less physical input, increasing quality of life for ever more people without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their needs, creating and enabling innovative solutions that inject a positive change in the way individuals, businesses, organizations, and social communities function.

The theme of ICT4S 2016 was “Smart and Sustainable”. ICT transformational power is essential to make our society smarter and increasingly sustainable. This embraces many levels, from individuals to cities, from public sector to all industry sectors, from business goals to environmental objectives.

Altogether we received 49 full paper abstract submissions, concretized then in 39 full paper submissions. We accepted 27 full papers from 8 countries. The papers were single blind reviewed by at least three reviewers with a total of 158 reviews. The abstract-only submissions have been reviewed, too, following the same procedure, to explore their suitability as potential poster submissions. In the proceedings, you will find 26 out of the 27 full papers – one paper was withdrawn after acceptance. Moreover, 11 (9 countries) out of 14 submitted poster abstracts were accepted.

Connected to the conference there were 9 workshops. The workshop review process and program was made possible and held together by workshop chairs Ivano Malavolta (Gran Sasso Science Institute and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Annelise de Jong (Interactive Institute Swedish ICT). The success of the workshops was ensured by the workshop organizers.

The conference had not been possible without the contributions from the 49 members of the program committee, representing 14 countries and 3 continents, and ensuring a conference of high scientific standard.

An important part of the conference was the keynotes featuring (in order of appearance) Frances Brazier, (Professor in Engineering Systems Foundations at the Delft University of Technology), Maikel Bouricius (manager marketing and communications at Green IT Amsterdam), Frits Verheij, (Director Smart Energy for DNV GL – Energy), and Nicola Villa (Executive partner and European leader Internet of Things at IBM).

Maurice Bouwhuis, local chair, has been key person for all organizational matters and for acting as contact point for speakers and participants.

The conference aimed at renewing and vitalizing the concept of scientific conferences with the help of an unconventional design including "ConverStations" sessions and more time than usual for interaction of the highly competent participants. The facilitator Peter Woodward was responsible for the design and implementation of this.

The papers in the proceedings are organized into three “sessions”. One includes the six papers nominated for the Best paper award and the other two showcase all papers presented during the ConverStations.

Last but not least, we thank the conference sponsors SURFsara and Quanza, and the conference supporters Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam.

Paola Grosso and Patricia Lago, Program Chairs
Anwar Osseyran, General Chair
Proceedings Editors of ICT4S 2016