Proceedings of the International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Personality Formation in Modern Society (ICTPPFMS 2018)

Stress management techniques for students

K. Kassymova, N. Kosherbayeva, S. Sangilbayev, Hans Schachl
Corresponding Author
K. Kassymova
Available Online September 2018.
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stress, mental health problems and promotion, intervention, treatment, academic performance and stress management techniques, methods and well-being
This paper deals with stress and its biology, which is a major problem for students throughout the modern world. It outlines and suggests stress management techniques, which are easy to practice for students and teachers even during lessons, e.g. japanese finger stress relief techniques and yoga pranayama. Stress is a significant problem of our times and affects both the physical and mental health of people. The main objectives are to ascertain the extent to which stress affects students’ academic success and health and to suggest some techniques and pratices to cope with stress for students. Stress coping methods are the physiological, cognitive, behavioral and psychological methods to deal with stress. The main method used has been to gather and analyse the relavant data. For this purpose questionnaires about stress were randomly distributed to different student groups mostly at three Kazakhstani universities. The results obtained show that students need to be given effective techniques to cope with stress while they are studying. After a thorough literature review in major databases stress management techniques were identified and are presented and briefly discussed here. Stress can be managed through the introduction of a stress management course and engaging in extracurricular physical and mental activities. These techniques are easy to learn and practice, with excelent results in individuals with sound health or even those with health issues. They are beneficial and very helpful for both students and teachers
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