Proceedings of the 11th International Dentistry Scientific Meeting (IDSM 2017)

The International Dentistry Scientific Meeting 2017 (IDSM 2017) is an annual dentistry scientific event held by Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Indonesia for dental students and dentists from all over the world. Formerly known as Dentistry Scientific Meeting in its past 9 years, DSM has broadened its scale to International level since last year as the 10th International Dentistry Scientific Meeting. This year marks the event’s 11th year in providing continual seminars and courses that accelerate knowledge and skills of dental students and professionals. IDSM 2017 chose “Clinical and Research Updates in Dentistry” as the topic of the event in order to increase people’s interests in dental research.

The event itself was successfully held on September 16-17th, 2017 at IMERI FKUI, Central Jakarta. In this forum, participants could take part in scientific programs such as seminars, hands on, poster presentation, and courses given by outstanding international and national speakers. There was also a dental exhibition throughout the event which was hosted by some of the industry’s top manufacturers and suppliers.

There were 78 papers presented at the conference including the proceedings, which are intended to provide information to undergraduates and post-graduates students as well as general practitioners and researchers on current issues of dentistry. Each contributed paper was refereed before being accepted for publication. The double-blind peer reviewed was used in the paper selection. Then, two reviewers reviewed each of the papers. From all papers submitted, 45 papers were accepted successfully for publication based on their interest, relevance, innovation and application to the oral health sciences.

Finally, but not least, we would like to express our highest gratitude towards the speakers, the steering committee, organizing committee and members of reviewers for their hard work and kind assistance in reviewing the papers.

The Editors

Linda Kusdhany
Izzet Yavuz
Michele Callea