Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Internet, Education and Information Technology (IEIT 2023)

Conference name: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Internet, Education and Information Technology (IEIT 2023)
Date: 28-30 April 2023
Location: Xiamen, China (Hybrid)

This volume of Atlantis Press is dedicated to the 2023 3rd International Conference on Internet, Education and Information Technology (IEIT 2023) supported by Key Laboratory, MNR, School of Information Science and Technology of Xiamen University and Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, held on April 28–30, 2023, in Xiamen, China (hybrid conference). The conference, focused exclusively on recent trends of research in Internet and education technology, attracted about 200 participants around the world.

With the development of science and technology, information technology and information resources should be actively developed and fully applied in all fields of education and teaching, so as to promote the modernization of education and cultivate talents to meet the needs of society. The immediate purpose of this conference was to bring together experienced as well as young scientists who are interested in working actively on various aspects of Internet and education technology, so as to make it a great platform for delegates to share the latest research development and results meanwhile learn more from each other.

The keynote speeches addressed major theoretical issues, current and forthcoming observational data as well as upcoming ideas in both theoretical and observational sectors. Keeping in mind the “academic exchange first” approach, the lectures were arranged in such a way that the young researchers had ample scope to interact with the stalwarts who are internationally leading experts in their respective fields of research.

Besides the invited lectures, a good proportion of the participants also presented their work through contributory talks and posters on this big platform. This was particularly encouraging and of benefit to the young participants, given that there were a good number of scientists of international repute among the participants, the feedback from whom could guide them in the right direction. All the contributions were refereed by experts.

The major topics covered in the conference are: Innovative Education System and Its Application, Distance Education Teaching, Education-Related Information Technology, Network Based on Smart Antenna, Information Management and Information System, Education Management Information System, etc.

We thank all the members of the technical program committee who contributed their hard efforts to make the conference a great success. We gratefully acknowledge the experts and reviewers for their valuable suggestions on the review process of the papers submitted.

We sincerely thank the Atlantis Press and its staff for the publication of this issue. Last but not least, we thank all the speakers and participants without whom the program would not have been such as success. We hope we will have your active participation in the future versions of the conference as well.

The Committee of IEIT 2023