Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Internet, Education and Information Technology (IEIT 2023)

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Dhananjay Kumar, Pavel Loskot, Qingliang Chen
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Design and Implementation of Music Appreciation Teaching System Based on Server Mode

Lulu Sun, Fei Ren
With the rapid development of computer technology and network technology, digital music has also undergone great changes, and all kinds of music assistance education software has begun to come into people’s attention. Based on B/S technology, music appreciation education system and education environment...
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Construction of Construction Technology Simulation Teaching System Based on SOA

Haichao Shang, Norma Maria Rutab
Building construction virtual simulation teaching is based on the construction industry standards and the relevant syllabus promulgated by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. Creating an artificial virtual environment with visual, auditory and tactile senses, that is, the...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Electronic Information Technology Courses in Vocational and Technical Education Based on CDIO Concept and Virtual Simulation Technology

Li-hua Qi, Dong-qiu Xing, Jing Zhao, Xi-wei Gao
In order to change the current situation that the teaching theory and practice of electronic technology course in vocational and technical education are disconnected, and improve students’ practical ability and engineering thinking ability. The teaching reform focuses on the demand design of the course...
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Big Data Analysis of Online Teaching of Finance Major in University Based on Questionnaire Star

Tieping Wang
In order to find out the problems existing in the online teaching, this paper has collected questionnaires in a university finance major to conduct a big data analysis, and used them to understand the satisfaction degree of the students to the online teaching, and continue to improve the quality of online...
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Study on BIM Maturity Model of Power Industry Based on LWD and LOWA Operator

Hong He, Zhewei Shen, Jianglin Wang, Wenxuan Qiao, Lei Wang, Zhengyi Li, Li Bian
The construction of domestic smart grid is accelerating, power companies pay more and more attention to the application ability of BIM technology, the three-dimensional forward design is increasingly promoted. And the owner needs a perfect evaluation model to evaluate the BIM maturity of participants,...
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Generic Vulnerability Analysis Based on Large-Scale Automotive Software

Chenya Bian, Yuqiao Ning, Qingyang Wu, Longhai Yu, Yang Chen
With the continuous development of the intelligent connected vehicle, the scale of automotive software system structure is expanding, and the possibility of security vulnerability is increasing. To improve the low adaptability of traditional vulnerability scanning tools in the ICV system environment...
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Visualization Analysis of Current Situation and Trend of TCM Electronic Medical Records Research Based on CiteSpace

Gang Zhang, Shuanggui Tian, Ling Lin
To explore the research status, hot spots and frontier trends in the field of electronic medical record of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and to provide reference for related researchers. Methods: The literatures related to TCM electronic medical records from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2021...
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Research on Creation of Barrier Free Digital Textbooks Based on Kano Model for Children with Visual Impairments

Xiao Xiao, Yitian Guo
This article suggests using hearing and touch to make up for eyesight in product design. To reduce the cognitive load and operational difficulties faced by children with impaired vision. Selection of design elements using the Kano model algorithm. Software programming and Arduino enable product-computer-user...
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Image Processing Design and Application of the Digital Museum Based on Jinling’s Compendium of Materia Medica

Tao Wang, Yu Tao
The report made on the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th National Congress in 2022 calls for promoting health development as well as the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine. Allowing for the enormous theoretical and practical value of the ancient Chinese medicine book titled “Compendium...
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Research on the Relationship Between College Students’ Class Interaction and Self-regulated Learning Skills in Online English Translation Course

Xue Xia, Min Feng
Class interaction is the key to the knowledge construction of learners in the online learning environment, and it is also one of the important ways to improve the effect of online learning. Based on the data analysis of 86 online learners, this study used the questionnaire survey method and found a significant...
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Evaluation of Financial Expenditure Performance of Higher Vocational Education—Taking Sichuan Province as an Example

Sai Fu, Shulin Xiang, Yang Li, Liyuan Guo, Yiping Deng
In purposing of exploring the financial expenditure performance lever of higher vocational institutions in Sichuan Province in 2021 and providing them with relevant proposals on financial expenditure utilization rate, the article applies factor analysis to select 12 categories of relevant indicators...
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Comparison of Unilateral Algorithms Based on Federated Learning in Smart Cities

Zutao Zhang, Junhong Lai, Fangze Cao, Yutong Guan, Qian Zhu
With the continuous popularization of the concept of smart cities, the environmental issues in smart cities have also received extensive attention. An important indicator reflecting the environmental problems in smart cities is the concentration of PM2.5 in the air. At the same time, we use a federated...
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A Practical Exploration of the “Infiltrating” Intelligent Teaching

Xiafang Hong
Under the background of modern education informatization, the intelligent teaching is constructed to establish a new teaching organization, “the infiltrating intelligent teaching”, in which the diversified “hybrid” “infiltration” teaching strategy can take advantage of innovative “Internet+” in the course...
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Design of an Interactive Science Installation for Young Children Based on Urban Bird Conservation

Siyuan Wang
Rapid economic development has brought about a series of environmental problems in the inevitable trend of global urbanization. Based on the current situation that urban birds are facing a survival crisis due to the reduction of green spaces, I have combined art with the Arduino and Touchdesigner programming...
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Design and Application of Management System for Undergraduate Graduation Thesis (Design) of Normal University

Take Guangxi Science and Technology Normal University as an Example

Shuwu Li, Guihua Mo, Chunsong Li, Mengdi Wang
Guangxi Science & Technology Normal University was upgraded from a three -year normal college to an undergraduate normal college in 2015. After several years of precipitation, it is about to undergo the first qualification assessment since its promotion. Graduation thesis (design) is as a qualified...
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The Influence of Institutional Support on Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Mobile Learning: An Empirical Study Based on English Teachers in Basic Education

Long Ye, Shiqing Huang, Song Liu
Mobile learning has been utilized to varying degrees in the teaching and learning of various subjects at different stages of basic education, and its application in the English learning has already reached a popular stage. Teachers' attitudes towards mobile learning are crucial, but there are currently...
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Discussion on the Application of Information Technology and Big Data in College English Teaching

Xiaoying Zhang
In the era of information development, college English teaching has undergone some changes and faced many difficulties in the learning process. The continuous development of information technology and big data has strengthened the role of students in the teaching process. Taking the interactive mode...
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Evaluation of Teaching Reform Quality of Animal Medicine Course Based on AHP

Lihua Yang
In order to know whether the evaluation method of teaching reform quality of animal medicine course is effective, a research method of teaching reform quality evaluation of animal medicine course based on AHP is put forward. Firstly, this paper takes the examination papers of animal parasitology course...
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Teaching Design and Implementation of Ideological and Political Education in the Course of Signal Analysis and Processing

Yuedong Xie, Rui Wang, Hui Li, Jiangtao Sun, Xiaolei Qu, Dezhi Zheng
For the ideological and political education of the course “Signal Analysis and Processing”, the implementation method suffers from indoctrination teaching and lack of student interest, etc. Starting from the learning habits and interests of contemporary college students, we intend to implement the ideological...
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Domestic Health Care Big Data Research Hotspots and Frontiers Based on CiteSpace Visualization Analysis

Haifeng Xu, Xinwen Chen, Min Peng
Health care big data reflects the development trend of medical science. It represents the developing direction of medical treatment. We use CiteSpace to mine the big data of health care in CNKI (2013–2022). The trend of publication, keywords emergence and clustering are analyzed in knowledge map visualization....
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Blended and Integrated Teaching of Theory, Simulation and Practice of Measurement and Control Circuit Course

Guozhong Liu, Shaohua Chen, Fucheng Li
To bridge the gap between theory teaching, simulation teaching and practice teaching of measurement and control circuit course, the knowledge system of “signal and system theory, circuit principle and circuit practice” was constructed, and the teaching concept of dialectical unity of theory, simulation...
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Design and Application of Teaching Quality Platform in Normal Undergraduate Universities

Shuwu Li, Guihua Mo, Yanmei Dai
Guangxi Science and Technology Normal University was founded in 2015, and will be conducted the first undergraduate qualification evaluation since 2023. Among them, the level of teaching quality monitoring and evaluation is of great significance to the evaluation of undergraduate qualification. At present,...
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Research on Culture Construction and Management Under Computer-Based Model

Haoran Ji, Mohd. Noor Abdul Hamid
The new round of information technology revolution and industrial revolution has been promoted in recent years, and a new generation of information technology such as big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing has achieved vigorous development, comprehensive integration, rapid transformation...
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Research on ERP Curriculum Reform Based on Engineering Certification

Jiaju Wang
ERP is a discipline that closely combines application and practice, and is also a necessary knowledge system for enterprise informatization. Information engineer engineering certification based on enterprise informatization is a powerful means to ensure the demand for enterprise informatization talents....
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Research and Analysis of Smart Teaching Model in the Context of Engineering Education

Jingdong Wang, Chao Zong
Smart teaching is the main direction of education and teaching mode change in the new era. This paper takes the research literature on wisdom teaching mode in the context of engineering education in the past ten years as a sample, adopts bibliometric method and visual analysis to examine the research...
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Visual Analysis of Big Data Related Job Recruitment Information Based on 51job

Jingjing Shen, Shuyan Yu
In such an era of big data, the accumulation of data leads to a sharp increase in the demand for big data-related positions, and a large number of recruitment information is published on recruitment websites. The mining and analysis of these recruitment information will help those engaged in related...
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Exploration and Practice of Process Assessment of University Courses Based on Rain Classroom and Lark—Take Career Planning for College Students as an Example

Lin Jin
Based on Rain Classroom and Lark, this paper applies information technology tools to the course “Career Planning for College Students” and designs and implements a new process assessment method, which enhances the plurality, transparency, objectivity and fairness of process assessment and reduces the...
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AI Enable Efficient Learning: An Edge Intelligence Driven Monocular Lecture Video Recording System

Rui Wang, Zesen Zou, Yang Gao
Currently, smart classrooms in universities generally record live teaching videos based on multiple traditional cameras, which is resource-wasteful and inefficient. To address this problem, this paper presents an edge intelligence driven monocular lecture video recording system based on pan-tilt-zoom...
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A Qualitative Study on the Model of Competence for University Major Course Teachers in Curriculum-Based Ideological and Political Education Under the Background of “Internet+”

Xin Lv
The competency of major course teachers in ideological and political education largely determines the quality of talent training in universities. This article selects some major course teachers as interview subjects, applies the grounded theory for qualitative research, and constructs an iceberg model...
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A New Teaching Method: Using Games in Chinese Primary School English Teaching

Tian Fang
As China increasingly integrates into the world, the importance of English learning has become prominent. English, as a second language in China, is a major subject from primary school to university. However, when it comes to English Teaching in primary school, there may be a lot of problems. Some researches...
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Deep Learning-Based University-Assisted Management Solution for Public Health Emergencies

Jingshu Liu, Lei Zhang, Cuilu Wang
Once a public health event spreads in schools, it will affect the stability of families, schools and even society. Therefore, timely adjustment of student management strategies in colleges and universities is important for students’ physical and mental health, teaching activities and epidemic control....
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Design and Development of EDA Online Experimental Platform Based on FPGA

Liandong Lin, Huanan Yu, He Zhu, Xueqiang Xu, Bin Chen
Due to the development of science and technology, the support of the government, the intelligent construction of universities and the frequent outbreak of various infectious diseases in recent years, online learning mode has become the mainstream learning mode in recent years. At present, domestic research...
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The Cultivation of Students’ Autonomous Learning Ability and the Construction of Evaluation System in Biochemistry Teaching

Lihong Han, Huancheng Su, Zhipeng Wu, Yibin Ke, Libin Lin, Jingxia Zhang
Biochemistry is a basic medical course that medical students find very difficult to learn. Based on the teaching experience of clinical pharmacy and other specialties in preclinical medical college in recent, the author thinks that students should be guided to self-study in biochemistry teaching, the...
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The Application of Practice-Learn-Think-Expand Model of Competence Training in Secondary Vocational Schools

Lu Wang, Tian Zhang
Traditional teaching methods no longer meet the learning needs of students in secondary vocational schools, which can lead to poor interest and ineffective teaching. In order to explore new teaching methods to effectively improve students’ interest in learning and the quality of teaching, a semester...
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Implementation and Application of GUI Model-Driven Low-Code Platform in Energy Industry

Jun Zhu, Xinyang Pan, Zhihua Zhong, Wenbin Mao, Likui He
Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, the business requirements of the internal digital platform of enterprises are becoming more and more diverse, so it needs to provide more and more functional points. As the complexity of functions increases, the operation and maintenance...
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Development of Information Service Platform for the Transfer and Transformation of Agricultural Special Scientific and Technological Achievements Based on PHP

Zhe Zhang, Youwen Zhang, Liling Xu, Jian Fang
The transfer and transformation of agricultural special scientific and technological achievements, as the core link of overall agricultural scientific and technological innovation, plays an important role in solving the “three rural issues” and accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural...
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Construction of Financial Platform Model Based on Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology

Yiwen Shi
With the rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, their financing needs are also continuously increasing. However, the traditional centralized supply chain finance system cannot truly and effectively solve the financing problems of small, medium-sized, and micro enterprises due...
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Design of Evaluation and Apply System for International Catering Personnel Training

Yongming Huang
With the improvement of people’s living standards, the catering industry has also been developing rapidly. The catering industry accounts for an increasing proportion in the national economy, and China has also put forward a new round of reform and transformation requirements for the catering industry....
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How to Improve the Employment Competitiveness of College Students Under the Environment of Artificial Intelligence

Lin Wang, Xuehui Tao
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, college students are facing new opportunities and challenges in employment. In the future, there will be disruptive changes in what people work, how they work and the skills they need. The job market will definitely have substitution and...
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Comparative Research on Machine Translation and Human Translation of Examples in Dictionary from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

Runjia Tan, Xiang Long, Oluwatoba O. Bamigbade
With the increase of economic, political and cultural exchanges among countries, bilingual dictionaries are indispensable for both translators and language learners. While examples, as the flesh and blood, are essential to dictionary translation because they offer detailed explanations and descriptions...
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Exploration of Potential Changes in Occipital Cortex

Lili Zhou, Yinfu Du, Qi Liu, Tongjun Liu
This paper aims to explore the potential changes of the steady-state visual input to the occipital cortex potential in the population. To this end, we established an experimental platform and conducted the relevant cognitive experimental process and trained the classification model. Experimental results...
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Research of Enterprise Online Learning and Training Platform

Zhe Zhang, Xiaoxi Liu, Qinghua Yin, Guangpeng Liu, Guangling Gao
Enterprise online learning and training platform is a group-level online learning platform established by enterprises for the purpose of talent development and employees’ professional ability growth. It is an important window for enterprises to publicize party and national policies, laws, regulations,...
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A Novel Hybrid STL-Based Model for Egg Price Forecasting

Liyun Mo, Minlan Jiang, Xiaosheng Fang, Xiaowei Shi
The egg industry is a significant contributor to the economy and requires a stable egg price for its sustainable growth. Accurate egg price prediction is crucial to monitor the market, provide reference for decision-making, and achieve early warning. This study presents a novel egg price forecasting...
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Metaverse Technology Enabled Figure Skating Industry Upgrade

Shuqi Zhang
With the prevalence of ice and snow sports, figure skating is gaining more and more attention, and how to develop and promote this sport has become a key issue now. This paper attempts to combine meta-universe technology with figure skating to explore the feasibility of technical transformation of figure...
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Brief Introduction the Idea of Laboratory Workflow Intelligent

Fan Zhang, Huayu Lei, Ying Lei, Chuxiong Lei, Zicong Lei
Intelligent trend is now inevitable, catch the opportunities can make a preemptive advance in the future compete, laboratory testing is an industry which have to do a lot of data processing in daily work, make all work flow from system to data-processing be intelligent can bring positive influence to...
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Research on Security Risk Assessment and Management of Information System Based on AHP-DEA

Qingqing Cao, Lanye Wang
The openness of the network poses a challenge to the security of the information system. The risk assessment of the security of the information system can find out the weaknesses of the information system and improve the security of the information system in a timely manner. By using delphi method to...
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Application of Online Teaching Platforms for Postgraduate Course—Taking Advanced Statistics as an Example

Meilian Liu, Feng Zhang, Jijun Xiao
Postgraduate course teaching plays an important role in postgraduate training, and the online teaching platform promotes the provision of more abundant teaching resources for it. How to make use of online teaching platforms to improve teaching effectiveness remains an urgent problem to be solved in the...
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Design and Development of User-Centered Virtual Reality Teaching Information System

Junming Chang, Kun Luo, Qiong Ren, Lu Xu
User-centered design is a key part of the design and development of VR teaching information systems. The practical reasons why virtual reality teaching system is difficult to promote and popularize in practical teaching were discussed; the conditions for effective learning activities to occur were summarized;...
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Construction of Web-Based Entrepreneurship and Innovation Simulation Training Platform for College Students

Mei Guo, Bingzhan Liu
At present, colleges and universities will focus on the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education and build a dual-innovation education mechanism oriented to cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents. In this regard, based on the problems existing in the current teaching system of...
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Convergence of Consumers’ Views in Decentralized E-Commerce Based on HK Model

Lixia Wu, Xiaodong Qian
In order to study the evolution process and influencing factors of consumers’ views in decentralized e-commerce, Based on the traditional view of evolving HK model, this paper puts forward some improvements: Starting from the individual heterogeneity of consumers, This paper studies the game process...
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The Research on Patient Information Sharing System Based on Internet of Things

Ziyu Liao, Huiting Hu, Jia Qiu
As information technology develops in leaps and bounds, the Internet of Things (IoT) has gradually been applied into various fields and thus become one of the major determinants for the new round of economic development. The patient information sharing system based on IoT has effectively increased the...
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Application of Virtual Reality and Human Computer Interaction in Strategies for Improving English Reading Ability of High School Students

Juan Yu
As a key technology of virtual reality, human-computer interaction is the key to promoting the popularization of virtual reality and improving users’ English reading experience. With the improvement of readability and other hardware technologies, people’s interaction in virtual reality has made significant...
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Application of Computer Virtual Simulation Technology in Experimental Teaching of Journalism—Take the First-Class Course Fusion Report as an Example

Jieyi Zhang
Computer virtual simulation is a technology that uses computer to create and simulate real activities. Virtual simulation experiment teaching is a system platform which uses computer hardware and software to create various virtual reality to simulate the real environment, so that students can operate,...
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Construction of Remote Training System for Rural Revitalization Talents Under the Background of Internet + Open Education

Yanxia Zhang
With the deepening of rural revitalization strategy, it is realistic to explore the training and education system of rural revitalization talents and improve the efficiency of talent training, which is also the bottleneck of rural development in the new period. In this regard, based on the problems existing...
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Application Status and Development Countermeasures of Hainan OER System

Yidong Feng, Junfeng Diao, Youhua Chen, Yizhen Zhou, Junyu Zhang
Open educational resource (OER) plays a significant role in promoting the innovation of teaching mode and realizing the equity of education, as well as a prerequisite for realizing the digital transformation of education. At present, large number of provinces in China have established provincial OER...
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Design and Implementation of Online Education SaaS System Based on Microservice Architecture

Zhuhui Tao, Hong Wang
In the process of digital transformation of education, online education system plays a key role in promoting the digital development of education. In response to the current problem that the traditional monolithic architecture is too tight and cannot meet the usage requirements in terms of performance,...
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Innovative Analysis of Multimedia Language Laboratory Management Service Model in the Context of Big Data

Haiyan Lu
In recent years, along with the rapid development of computer technology and Internet technology, multimedia application to the classroom teaching is increasingly extensive and it has quickly turned into one of the important teaching means. As one of the typical representatives, multimedia language laboratory...
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Teaching Reform of Automotive Electrical and Electronic Technology Course Under the Background of Intelligence Education

Zhimei Gan, Wei Gao
Automotive electrical and electronic technology is a professional core course for automotive majors in colleges and universities, it plays an important role in the achievement of the training goals of automotive majors. In response to the problems of poor integration of theoretical teaching and practical...
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A Study on the Improvement of the z-index Evaluation by Scholars from the Perspective of Co-authorship

Xiaoqing He, Xiaoyu Huang
The aim of this article is to propose an improved z-index based on the contribution of co-authors, in order to evaluate scholars' academic influence more accurately and precisely, as the z-index has a flaw in ignoring co-authorship. In this study, 20 representative scholars in the field of muscular...
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Design and Application of Web-Based University Budget Internal Control Performance Integration System

Kai Liu
This paper takes the performance management of internal control of university budget as the research object, builds an university budget internal control performance integration system based on Web technology and computer application technology in Java language environment. The whole system adopts B/S...
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Discussion on Case Teaching of Management Science

Siqi Huang, Chenglin Ma
Management is a professional discipline based on natural science, psychology and sociology. This subject is difficult to teach and it is not easy for students to master. Case teaching method is an open and participatory teaching method, which can fully mobilize students’ learning enthusiasm and initiative...
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Research on the Training Mode of Management Graduate Students in the Background of Digital Economy

Jijun Xiao, Shu Ou, Meilian Liu, Yuxian Zhang, Zhuangkuo Li
With the continuous development of the digital economy, the training mode of management graduate students urgently needs to be reformed. How to construct a management graduate training model that adapts to the development of the digital economy is an important issue facing the current field of higher...
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Research on Digital Exhibition Design of Local Museums Based on Augmented Reality Technology

Yuyan Shen, Yinning Tang, Xinyuan Liu, Wenjia Hu
With the development and popularization of technologies such as computers and augmented reality, the digitalization of museums has become the mainstream development trend of museums. However, limited by objective conditions such as funds and technology, the exhibition design of local museums has defects...
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The Exploration and Practice of the Mixed Teaching Model of Multiple Integration

Limin Wang
With the development of the strategic action of education digitalization, the application of online and offline mixed teaching has become more and more extensive, and the deep integration of online and offline teaching has become the focus of educators’ research. Combining the concepts of connectionism,...
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Virtual Experiment Teaching Innovation and Talent Training Mode of Electronic Technology of Measurement and Control Instrument

Li Zhang
Experimental practice teaching is an important part of training engineering and technical talents who meet the requirements of “engineering education certification” under the background of “new engineering”. For measurement and control instrument of electronic technology problems such as lack of comprehensive...
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Development and Application of an Intelligent Moot Court Trial Platform Based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Technology

Jia Wang, Xingyu Yuan, Yuqing Zhang, Pinxiao Guan, Hui Zeng, Zeyu Wang
The continuous penetration of AI technology into the legal industry has changed the structure of the demand for legal talents, and the demand for complex legal talents in the context of AI has been further expanded, but the combination of legal education and new technology is not close enough today....
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A Study on the Application of the Smart Classroom in English Majors’ Reading Teaching

Yanmei Wei
This study carried out an English reading teaching experiment of English majors’ in author’s college based on the smart classroom teaching model, trying to explore the application value of smart classroom teaching mode in English majors’ reading teaching under the Teaching Guide for undergraduate English...
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Impact of 5G Industry Development on China’s Electricity Demand During the 14th Five-Year Plan Period

Chao Han, Dan Xu, Lei Zhu, Yanbo Wang
Digital technology plays an important role in helping the global response to climate change, and emerging technologies represented by 5G are also an important guarantee for achieving the “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goals. As the focus of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the development of 5G and...
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An Empirical Study on the Core Literacy of English Language Competence in the Writing Corpus of Chinese Junior High School Students

Qianying Yu, Jixian Wang, Jiajing Zheng, Jiedie Shi, Bin Yu, Huiye Yu
In 2022, the Ministry of Education of China published English Curriculum Standards for Compulsory Education, which pointed out that the four core qualities refer to language ability, cultural awareness, critical thinking, and learning ability. Language ability is the basic element of core literacy; cultural...
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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Practical Teaching of Printing Machines

Chuan Zhang, Enyin Fang, Shengwei Yang, Pengfei Cheng
The integration of virtual reality (VR) technology into education has always been a focal point of researchers. This study explores the integration of VR technology into teaching electrophotographic printing machine operation. Utilizing VR device and Unity3D software, a VR simulation software was developed...
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Research and Analysis on the Evaluation of the Application Level of Intelligent Medical Technology Based on the Background of Big Data Meta-Universe

Lingxiao Li
Digital smart medical care combining metadata and smart medical care is an important means to improve medical services, but the evaluation system of the level of smart medical construction in the context of metadata has not yet been established, and there is a certain blindness in the development. This...
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Research on Evaluation Method of Radar Health Management System Based on Variable Weights

Zhijian Sun, Taiyong Fei, Zhiguo Qu, Chaohua Liang, Feng Xu
The evaluation index system of radar equipment PHM system is the foundation of the construction of radar equipment health management system. Building a scientific and reasonable index system helps to improve the quality of the construction of health management system. This article takes radar equipment...
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Study on the Construction of the Architecture System of Wise Information Technology of Med

Meiru Li, Jia Qiu
With the development of the times, digital technology in China has been rapidly developed. These technologies provide reliable technical guarantee for the medical industry in China, and the integration of digital and medical industry is particularly prominent. This paper mainly studies the construction...
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Research on the Key Technology of “Multiple Measurements in One” Information Platform for Natural Resources

Junyi Zhao, Litao Zhang, Ziyin Zhao, Qiqi Zhu
“Multiple measurements in one” is an important initiative of the natural resources department to deepen the reform of “management and service” and optimize the business environment, and the multi-measurement information platform system is a platform to promote multi-measurement merging and result-sharing....
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Design of Three-Dimensional Model of Trans-regional Water Transport Device for Water Conservancy Projects Based on Cloud

Zhi-jing Xu
In order to understand the application of hydraulic engineering in three-dimensional model design, a cloud-based three-dimensional model design of cross-regional water transport device for hydraulic engineering is proposed. In this paper, firstly, the application of three-dimensional model design method...
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Construction of Rural Revitalization Tourism Planning and Design and Management Information System Based on WebGIS Technology

Ni Xiao
Under the active promotion of the concept of rural revitalization, facing the unique rural tourism resources, how to fully tap and release the advantages of characteristic resources and realize accurate development and comprehensive planning and design is the main problem faced in the development of...
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Research on Education Management of Universities in the Context of Big Data

Cuilu Wang, Lei Zhang, Jingshu Liu
With the development of information technology, big data technology has been widely used in various fields of society, and the features and advantages of big data have largely changed people’s life style, learning style and working style, and fundamentally changed people’s management style. Big data...
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A Research on Pre-warning of Financial Risks of Water Enterprises Based on GWO-BP Neural Network

Xinyue Zhang, Liuliu Luo, Xumei Xiang, Yifan Meng, Shicun Zhang
BP neural network enjoys popularity in the field of pre-warning of financial risks, however, traditional BP network has problems like local minimum and slow convergence rate. Therefore, a new kind of BP network is in need. The GWO-BP network optimized by gray wolf algorithm becomes more popular and after...
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Research on Computer Music Teaching System Based on Ubuntu

Xiao Chen
In order to reduce the cost of establishing a computer music teaching system, this paper introduces the method of establishing a computer music teaching system based on the open source operating system Ubuntu and open source music software, and introduces the working principle and process of the system.
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Potential Information Mining with Heuristic Causal Inference for Longitudinal Education Research

Jianping Wu, Xinrui Shi, Yunjun Lu, Dezhi Li, Liang Guo, Wenlu Zhou
This paper reports on a study aimed at elucidating complex causal relationships between variables in an educational dataset (National Education Longitudinal Study: 1988, NELS: 88). A heuristic causal inference method is proposed, the core of which is to calculate the causal pathway contribution degree...
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Study on the Application of Big Data Digital Evaluation System in the Teaching of Stomatology Practice

Guangye Zhao, Yepo Hou, Meiyu Xu, Chan Xiao, Qun Shu, Chunfeng Wang
Stomatology requires not only solid basic medical knowledge but also professional and meticulous clinical practice experience. Traditional stomatology teaching often results in teaching effects due to the limitations of subjective and objective factors, which cannot be tailored to the individual. In...
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Research on the Satisfaction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Pan Liu, Yanmin Huan, Shurui Zhao
In recent years, the innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities is constantly promoting the development, and the attention and evaluation of the quality satisfaction of innovation and entrepreneurship education of college students has also developed, which has become an important...
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Computational Analysis of Lexical Features of Online and Offline Teaching Interactive Discourse

Jiaqi Liu
From the perspective of computational linguistics, this study establishes a corpus of online and offline interactive discourse, and studies the lexical features of interactive discourse in English teaching through computational methods, in order to improve the online education model and teaching interaction....
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Research on the Application of Multimedia Interactive Technology in the Design of Intelligent Exhibition Halls

Yi Fu, Yuzhuo Jiang
Today’s Internet technology continues to innovate with the development of the times, and as the coverage of the field of science and technology design increases year by year, it has prompted the exhibition hall design field to cover a large area with technology interactive multimedia equipment, from...
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Teaching Reform and Digital Governance Under the Application of ChatGPT

—On the Digital Transformation of Teaching Governance

Bowen Zhang, Jinru Mao
With the wide application of ChatGPT in teaching, digital teaching is ready to emerge, and puts forward new requirements and expectations for teaching reform and teaching governance transformation. The artificial intelligence technology represented by ChatGPT is gradually changing from the traditional...
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Blockchain-Based Student Information Management System

Huiling Le, Jinsong Xu, Yingying Ding, Xuechun Li, Yiwen Li, Xingning Chen
In colleges and universities, the current stage of information file management suffers many problems, such as easy tampering, data redundancy, low intelligence, and high maintenance costs. This article introduces blockchain technology to solve university information file management problems. Using its...
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Research on the Applicability of Makecode Arcade from the Perspective of Resource Allocation

Qingpeng Xu, Yingxin Liu
Programming is an important information technology skill in K-12 education and a necessary means to promote the development of core literacy in the new curriculum standard of information technology. However, the effective implementation of programming teaching highly relies on software and hardware configuration....
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Application of Blockchain in Student Information Management System

Xuechun Li, Jinsong Xu, Huiling Le, Yingying Ding, Yiwen Li, Xingning Chen
Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, traceability, distributed storage, and non-tampering. It effectively solves the data security problem faced by the massive data of the information system, in order to effectively guarantee the information security of student records,...
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Innovative Research of Project Case in Software Engineering Teaching Mode

Wenping Chen, Jie Huang, Fanqing Meng
Aiming at the problems existing in the teaching process of Software Engineering, as well as the training orientation of application-oriented undergraduate talents and the needs of enterprise talents, this paper adopts the deep integration of modern information technology, practical projects and classroom...
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The Innovative Application and Research of Mixed-Halving Class Based on the Mobile Information Technology and WeChat Public Platform in Automotive Major Courses

Xiaoxuan Zhu, Dong Zhao, Yue Yang, Shengfeng Reng, Yantao An, Yihua Zhang, Hailong Liu
With the promulgation of the National Outline of Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Planning Development (2010–2020), the transformations of education and teaching are accelerating with the assistance of the development of information technology. In this study, the teaching mode of halving class...
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Garden Landscape Design Based on Panoramic Intelligent Image Processing Technology

Jingyi Zhou
Virtual Reality (short for VR) information and the Internet is a comprehensive information technology that appeared at the end of the twentieth century. It integrates the latest development achievements of modern information technology such as computer graphics, multimedia technology, artificial intelligence,...
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Research Hotspots on Tourism Teaching in Secondary Vocational Schools in China Based on CiteSpace

Zhongyu Hu, Gengying Jiao
With the rapid development of the tourism industry and the improvement of policy support for the vocational education industry, the tourism teaching and research work of secondary vocational schools plays an important role in adapting to the needs of the tourism market, consolidating the tourism professional...
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Application Research of Digital Twin and Deep Learning Technology in Intelligent Manufacturing of Machining Equipment

Baichen Liu
This study constructs a digital twin model of manufacturing and processing equipment, integrates large-scale production data, conducts in-depth analysis of production behavior, and carries out deep learning and production parameter optimization training. It utilizes the dynamic updating ability of artificial...
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Investigation on the Online-Offline Combined Instruction of Theoretical Mechanics

Xiaohong Wang
Mechanics is an ancient discipline which deals with the state of rest or motion of bodies that are subjected to the action of forces. The rapid development of Internet and information technology has made it possible for college lecturers and professors from various fields to take advantage of the merits...
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Digital Electronic Technology Teaching Reform Based on the Perspective of Course Ideology and Politics

Zhongliang Luo
In view of the widespread phenomenon of valuing theory more than practice, separating value from knowledge in digital electronic technology course teaching, we carried out teaching reform of digital electronic technology based on course ideological and political perspective under the background of new...
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Progress and Trends of Digital Literacy Education Research in China

CiteSpace-Based Visual Analysis

Yiming Tan, Xingjia Lu
In order to reveal the current situation and trend of digital literacy education research in China, this paper uses China Knowledge Network as the core database to sort out, count and analyze domestic digital literacy education research papers in terms of overall publication volume, research power, keyword...
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Teaching Design of Critical Thinking in Microelectronics Experimental Courses

Nan Li, Qinsi Liao, Hongqi Yu, Xi Wang, Jietao Diao
The application of critical thinking in education has a wide range of significance and value. In order to meet the changing market demand and technological environment, it is urgent to strengthen the cultivation of critical thinking for microelectronics talents. The article takes the microelectronics...
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Under the Background of “Internet+ Education” University Classroom Teaching Reality and Path

Rui Lin
Internet technology is infiltrating the square aspects of social life. As a core technology of education informatization, it makes the Internet closely connected with classroom teaching, injecting new vitality into the development of college education and classroom teaching. In the context of “Internet+...
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A Study on the Practice Education Strategy of Environmental Design Majors in Applied Undergraduate Programs in the Context of Human-Job Matching

Rongbing Mu, Min Li
Talent cultivation is the first of the four basic functions of universities. In the background of the current situation, the optimization and reform of talent cultivation mode is an important research basis facing the transformation of applied colleges and universities. Person-job matching is an important...