Proceedings of the Third International Economic Symposium (IES 2018)

‘St Petersburg University Economic Papers: To the Anniversary of Economic Science at the University’ introduce the proceedings of the Third International Economic Symposium – 2018 (IES 2018). The Symposium was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on April 19–21, 2018.

It was organized by the Faculty of Economics, St Petersburg University. IES 2018 united three scientific conferences: The Fifth International Conference ‘Sustainable Development: Society and Economy’; the Fifth International Conference – Sokolov Reading ‘Accounting: View from the Past into the Future’ and the Annual International Spring Conference of Young Economists ‘Development of Modern Russian Economy’.

The first conference on economics in St Petersburg University was held shortly after the WWII and was aimed to discuss the post-war world economy. Since 2004 such conferences were organized annually, but they mainly involved University‘s research. In 2014 the Faculty of Economics‘ conference ‘Sustainable Development: Society and Economy’ received an international status. It has been annually held during the last five years and included participants from the leading universities and think tanks around the world. The regular speaker of the conference is the Nobel Prize winner Christoforos Antoniou Pissarides. In 2015, it was decided to hold the conference ‘Sustainable Development: Society and Economy’ together with another one –Sokolov Reading conference that has been organized at St Petersburg University since 2011. Sokolov Reading Conference ‘Accounting: View from the Past into the Future’ was established in the memory of an outstanding scientist in the field of accounting history and theory, St Petersburg University‘s professor Yaroslav Sokolov (1938–2010). Sokolov Reading is the leading accounting conference in Russia involving researchers and professionals from the whole Europe. The last but not the least conference under the IES 2018 is the International Conference of Young Economists. It has been annually introduced since 1995. Over the past decades, it affirmed in status of the only regular Russian conference for young scholars in the field of economics. The conference is attended by students and researchers from various cities of Russia as well as the former USSR states, Eastern Europe and China.

IES 2018 proceedings represent the comprehensive studies on economics, statistics, finance and accounting. All submitted papers were peer-reviewed by two experts and selected on the basis of their theoretical and practical outputs for the conference. IES 2018 proceedings consist of 54 papers divided into eight chapters: Economic Theory and Policy: Russia and the World; Corporate Governance and Industrial Development; Mathematical Methods in Economics and Information Technology Systems; Financing the Economy; Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Auditing; History of Accounting; Russia and Statistical Studies; Contemporary Issues of International Economic Relations.

This year, we had 68 submissions. The comments the authors received were an expert, unbiased opinion based on the experience. The reviewers are high qualified experts who do their work on a voluntary basis and are not compensated in any way. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all IES organizers for their hard work, precious time and endeavor preparing for the Symposium.

The Organizing Committee of IES 2018