Proceedings of the Third International Economic Symposium (IES 2018)

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New trends in financial inclusion policies: role of digital technologies and digital inclusion

Victor Dostov, Pavel Shust, Anna Khorkova
By comparing the situation with financial inclusion in developing and developed countries we look at the notion of ‘new financially excluded’. There seems to be a growing evidence that the implementation of new technologies that was seen as a universal cure for financial exclusion backfires for some...
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The conduction of comparative analysis of the Arctic population’s major categories’ quality of life

Angelina Vashchuk, Viktor Titov, Iurii Guzov, Evgenii Abakumov
The authors of the present study provide a comparative analysis of the quality of life within the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. The analysis of the people’s quality of life was based on the study of cultural, social and economic indicators and was held in accordance with the specifics of the...
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Comparative advantages in Russia's bilateral merchandise trade with South Africa

Zoia Podoba, Maria Smirnova
Russia and South Africa are important regional powers and members of BRICS and G-20. Collaboration between the two countries contributes to the creation of the multipolar world order and strengthens Russia’s position in global governance. However, Russia’s trade partnership with South Africa is far below...
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Latin American experience in the WTO dispute settlement: recommendations for Russia and the EAEU states

Alexandra G. Koval, Sergey F. Sutyrin, Olga Y. Trofimenko
The article analyses the experience of Latin American and Caribbean countries (LAC) with regards to their participation in the WTO dispute settlement mechanisms. On the basis of this analysis the authors make some recommendations for the Russian Federation as a relatively new member of the organization...
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Chinese transport initiatives and eastern Baltic ports expectations

Elena Efimova, Natalia Kuznetsova, Rimantas Stasys
World economic crises, anti-Russian sanctions and counter sanctions destabilized handled cargo volumes in the Eastern Baltic ports. Seeking new cargo resources became an important problem for the port authorities. Asian direction, Chinese in particular, attract an attention of official institutes and...
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World nuclear energy development trends and Russia’s competitiveness at the global nuclear market

Artem Goremyshev, Vadim Kapustkin
The paper is dealing with the world nuclear energy development trends and Russia's competitiveness at the global nuclear market. The problems of energy supply and energy security are among the most urgent in the modern world economy. The modern nuclear market consists of the natural uranium market, uranium...
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FDI motivation and entry strategies of Russian companies in the Chinese market

Gleb Borisov, Liudmila Popova
Russia maintains a strategic partnership with China, which became its largest trading partner. Bilateral relations have become even stronger because of Russia's “Pivot to the East” policy. China continues to provide ample opportunities for foreign investors in its market, gradually liberalizing the investment...
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Economic development of Russia under the influence of migration processes

Elena Yakovleva, Oleg Drozdov, Viktoria Bazzhina
This paper describes the problem of the labor migrant’s employment economic efficiency impact on the Russian national economy. The purpose of this study is to identify the contradiction between the micro and macro levels in an economy using migrants’ labor, whose qualification is lower than the local...
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Some macroeconomic features of Russia as an external environment for activities of companies

Sergey Shanygin, Ekaterina Zuga
The industry and regional features of the Russian Federation are considered from the point of view of strategic management of companies operating on its territory. Relationships between the macroeconomic indicators presented in wide access were statistically analyzed; models of the relationship between...
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Assessing the impact of international labour migration on Russia social development

Dzhovid Ikromov, Magomed Aliev
The purpose of this research is to assess the impact of international labor migration from the CIS countries on Russia's social development. By social indicators, we are assessing the impact (contribution) of international migration on: i) the scale of attracting international labor migrants; ii) its...
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The intergenerational transmission of educational attainment in Russia

Gleb Borisov
We use panel data over 1994-2013 to estimate the determinants of educational attainment of Russian children aged of 30-65. We found that children’s educational achievements are strongly affected by fathers’ educational attainment. The pattern of the intergenerational education mobility depends on gender...
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History of accounting research in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) after World War II

Viatcheslav Sokolov, Svetlana Karelskaia
This paper reviews the structure of scientific research in Accounting in the USSR in the post war period. The analysis is performed on the basis of materials of the Leningrad Club of Accountants (1946-1991). All results of all scientific research done in Saint Petersburg happened to be concentrated in...
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Standard costing: first steps in the USSR (1930-1934)

Marina Sidorova, Dmitry Nazarov, Ekaterina Listopad
Standard costing is considered as well-known technique of management accounting today. But the story about first steps of standard costing in USSR is not so widely known. In the 1930s, active industrialization of the economy in the USSR was impossible without using modern management techniques and accounting...
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Goals of commercial education and their attainment: discussions at the end of nineteenth – beginning of twentieth centuries

Irina Lvova, Mikhail Osipov
The article is devoted to the history of Russian business education during its reforming at the end of nineteenth – beginning of twentieth centuries. The object of research is the discussion on accountancy training at commercial schools. The subject of research is a set of approaches that combine guidance...
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The secret of double-entry bookkeeping: personification of accounts

Alexander Kuznetsov
Investigation is done on the personification of accounts and its use in the first printed works on double-entry bookkeeping. Examples of accounting entries, given in these books, are considered. Special attention is paid to medieval terminology and its relationship with the modern conceptual apparatus...
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The reconstruction of the head office account in the general ledger of Giovanni Farolfi’s company (1299–1300)

Mikhail Kuter, Marina Gurskaya
The paper aims to reproduce the procedure of the preparation of one of the main indicators on missing folio 114 in the General Ledger of the company of Giovanni Farolfi in Salon, which is the account of the head office. The methodological framework of the research is presented by the method of logical...
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The cash accounting in the first entreprise of Francesco Datini in Pisa

Mikhail Kuter, Marina Gurskaya
The paper considers the medieval practice of cash accounting in the First Enterprise of Francesco Datini in Pisa, which dates back to 1383. The research is based on the data of the preserved cash registers, which is Entrata e Uscita. The authors carried out the analysis of the transactions on the cash...
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The owners’ accounts in the early Datini companies

Dmitriy Aleynikov, Mikhail Kuter, Artem Musaelyan
The research is devoted to the early accounts of the owners of Francesco Datini's companies. It is claimed that the accounts of the owners (partners) of the medieval companies represented the ordinary personal accounts, which did not differ much from the personal accounts of the third parties. It is...
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Non-financial reporting: quantitative and qualitative aspects

Tatiana Solovey, Natalia Spiridonova, Tatiana Sudova
The number of reports on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is growing all over the world due to the active position of stakeholders and investors. The purpose of the study is to identify trends and approaches to the standards of non-financial reporting (NFR) for both Western and domestic enterprises....
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Standardization on non-financial reporting and new competitive advantages

Helena Peltonen-Gassmann, Mikhail Piatov, Tatiana Solovey
The article discusses trends and patterns in the area of standardization of the practice of corporate non-financial reporting in the EU and Russia. This article analyzes the impact of different approaches to standardization of non-financial reporting on the change of its quality. Also, the article predicts...
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Problematic aspects of application of international public sector accounting standards in Russian universities

Lidiya Kulikova, Anna Goshunova
This paper considered the practical application of international public sector accounting standards (IPSAS) in Russia. The authors analyzed consolidated financial statements of nine Russian universities participating in the 5-100 project. The results of work point out main problems in the application...
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Accounting in modern economics: influence of neoclassical tradition

Valery V. Kovalev, Vitaly V. Kovalev
Recently, the development trends of the world economy have a significant impact on the formats for reporting data and on the accounting procedure itself. Accounting, especially in developing economies, is faced with new challenges, to which it, in a certain sense, tries to adapt or transform them into...
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Model of cross-entity management accounting system in agribusiness entities

Liudmila Khoruzhiy, Yuriy Katkov
This paper reveals a model of cross-entity management accounting, which is new to the Russian economy. It discusses the peculiarities of cross-entity accounting implementation by the agribusiness sector entities. It proposes a mechanism and document tools of analytical information exchange among entities...
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Analysis of the application of international financial reporting standards for drawing up consolidated financial reporting in Russia

Svetlana Karelskaia, Ekaterina Zuga, Natalia Generalova
Purpose - The purpose of this research is to study the practice of dissemination of IFRS in Russia, and to disclose the quantitative characteristics of their use. Findings - The paper reveals the dynamics of the involvement of Russian largest companies by sales revenues for the period 2005-2017 in the...
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Bad synergy: critical analysis of a combined approach to subsequent goodwill impairment (amortization and impairment testing)

Aleksey Ivanov, Natalia Generalova, Natalia Sokolova, Ekaterina Popova, Eugeny Timoshenko
The study deals with the viability of replacement of the impairment only approach in goodwill accounting with the combination of amortization and testing for impairment, the idea of which is being proposed in recent years. It is hypothesized that the method of writing off goodwill acquired affects insignificantly...
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Digital technologies in accounting and taxation: some issues from Russian literature and experience

Iurii Guzov, Genrietta Soboleva, Diana Artemova
The article examines the prospects for the use of modern digital technologies, such as blockchain, in accounting, auditing and taxation. Also, the practice of applying digital technologies by Russian tax authorities analysed in the article as a possible basis for the introduction of blockchain in tax...
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Conceptual transformation of “de facto” control in preparing consolidated financial statements: the experience of Russian companies

Natalia Generalova, Ekaterina Gorlovaya
The paper serves as a continuation of a previously conducted research in the area of consolidated financial statements. The research focuses on two aspects: the concept of “control” and accountant’s judgement. The authors’ analysis focuses on the impact of the transition from the previous standard texts...
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Due diligence: estimation of revenues of audit companies from services rendered in the Russian federation

Nadezhda Antonova
The article draws attention to the fact that auditing companies (AC) are introducing new services to support M&A transaction (like due diligence (DD)). In Russia, very few studies have been carried out on DD, and all of them focused mainly on methodology and classification of the service within the system...
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Modern development of the national payment card system in Russia

Dmitry Kochergin, Alsu Yangirova
The establishment of the National Payment Card System (NSPK) in Russia is an important step on the way of the creation of a secure and effective system of cashless transactions in the country. This article analyzes the questions of the Russian NSPK development, which are relevant in the light of different...
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The implementation of performance management in Russia (the case of the Ministry of Economic Development)

Galina Menshikova, Svetlana Evstratchik
The article describes the technology of performance management as a special type of management, which is based on comparison between the achieved and planned indicators. The authors prove the necessity to implement this method into the practice of government agencies and their officials’ activities managing....
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Budget expenditures in Russia and Norway: comparative analysis

Sergey Kirsanov, Nickolay Polyakov, Sandra Ramirez
The article compares the dynamics of public spending in Russia with Norway. Having analyzed the expenditures of the federal budget of the Russian Federation, we should note their growth over the analyzed period. Most of the federal budget spending is on national defense, law enforcement and financial...
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Neocontinental model of financial development in the context of Eurasian integration

Nadezhda Lvova, Natalya Voronova, Natalia Pokrovskaia
In this paper, the authors focus on the financial direction of Eurasian integration. The research addresses systematizing the knowledge on the neocontinental model of financial development in the context of Eurasian integration with the use of conceptual visualization tools. Concept mapping of scientific...
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Financing national economy through credit and budget mechanisms

Viktor Ivanov
This article examines the impact of budget policy on the development of Russian economy. It reveals a contradictory nature in strategic development goals of two sectors of the economy: the real and the financial one. Current money-and-credit policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBRF)...
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Management of the added value of the enterprise on the basis of the balanced interest of enterprise activities

Svetlana Gorbushina, Svetlana Globa, Oleg Zotkov
At the present time, speaking about the measure of the financial efficiency of entrepreneurial activity, they mean only such an indicator as profit. It is a monetary expression of the funds left in the free disposal of the enterprise, which it can direct to improve its activities. However, an economic...
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Development of crowdfinancing environment in Belarus

Hanna Golikava, Aksana Tseliak
The article gives a description of crowdfunding, clarifies the definition of this concept, reveals its environment and business models. Authors present some indicators that characterize the development of crowdfunding worldwide and focus on current situation of crowdfinancing in the Republic of Belarus....
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Simulation-based forecasting of the real effective exchange rate of the ruble

Aleksei Vorontsovsky, Lyudmila Vyunenko
The real exchange rate of national currency is known to be one of the most important macroeconomic indicators. In this paper, we explore the opportunities of the Monte Carlo simulation technique combined with the polynomial residuals model for a medium-term forecasting the index of the real effective...
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Modelling of the optimal income tax schedule

Rostislav Smirnov
This article tackles the issue of choosing the optimal income tax schedule. The author discusses tax schedules’ approach based on two mathematical models. The first model is a game-theory model which helps to construct the average tax rates schedule. The second model is an optimization model used to...
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The analysis of water supply investment proposals

Maria Korosteleva
The paper is devoted to the analysis of investments in water resources at the county level. In this article, the problem of the residents of the county facing insufficient supply of water for agricultural and household use is investigated. Advantage of the municipal public investment project of water...
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Methods of analysis of the processes of competition and cooperation of higher educational institutions in the modern economic situation

Pavel Konyukhovskiy, Alexandra Olkhovik, Alexey Alipov
Growing marketization is one of the main tendencies of the modern sphere of education. Therefore the role of markets, competition, private initiative and cooperation in case of achieving economic and social goals is becoming more and more important. The paper focuses on game theory modeling of interaction...
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The relationship between motivation to make an occupational choice and entrepreneurship development

Valentina Kaisarova, Evguenii Zazdravnykh, Alexander Kaisarov
This study develops a simple model that explains the conditions which provide a choice by persons who have entrepreneurial talent self-employment instead of paid-employment. We assume that there are two factors determine this occupational choice: expected earnings and personal values. Our theoretical...
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Specifics of the tabular models for the operational data analysis of relational sources

Yuri Bekarevich
The solution of analytical tasks on visual models, which are adequate for the structure of relational data sources, in the interactive mode with a convenient data view is of current interest for small and mid-size businesses with limited resources. When using MS Excel и Power Pivot tools, the relational...
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Post-crisis performance of Bulgarian machinery industry

Paskal Zhelev
The Global Recession influenced negatively the Bulgarian machine building, which is an industry with high export orientation largely dependent on foreign markets for selling its products. The aim of the paper is to review what changes have happened in the last 10 years in Bulgaria’s machinery branch...
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Formation of competitive supply in heat energy sector: Lithuanian case

Rusne Jegelaviciute, Valentinas Navickas, Mantas Svazas
The authors of the article have investigated the constituents of competitive supply and have presented the algorithm of its formation in the sector of thermal power. The investigations conducted by them indicate that in a given market the supply of goods and services must be presented in proportion to...
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How different types of innovation influence the competitiveness of engineering business

Nikolay Molchanov, Oksana Muraveva, Dmitry Evstafiev
This article addresses the ways to increase the competitiveness of the engineering business through the use of different types of innovation. The link between the competitiveness and innovations seems to be frequently mentioned among engineering companies. It is not surprising, since the engineering...
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Breakthrough positioning strategy for Russian enterprises of the pharmaceutical cluster

Elena Maslova, Natalia Pashkus, Nadegda Starobinskaya
The article deals with the development of regional pharmaceutical clusters. We study the development of the Russian pharmaceutical market. It has been highlighted areas where there are promising pharmaceutical companies engaged in innovative activities and using modern marketing strategies, including...
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Big Data as a success factor of AliExpress in the Russian market: advantages and opportunities as seen by the eyes of consumers

Tatiana Lukicheva, Natalia Semenovich
The purpose of this article is to identify opportunities of utilizing Big Data to retain and strengthen the market position of an online-retailer operating in the Russian market. AliExpress is used as an example. Key success factors appealing to Russian consumers of AliExpress are determined. Consumer...
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Sustainable development of Russian companies: specifics of interpretation and directions of activities

Alexander Kanaev, Olga Kanaeva, Konstantin Belousov
This article shows results of a research of Russian companies’ sustainable development practices. The aim of this study is to identify their specific approaches to the interpretation of the goals and content of company sustainable development, spheres and activities in the field of sustainable development....
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Features of charitable organizations' activities in Russia

Elena Davydenko
The paper analyzes features of charitable organizations activities in Russia. Based on the results of the in-depth interview, the priority areas for the activities of charitable organizations in Russia, the requirements that the state should establish in relation to charitable organizations, as well...
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Intellectual capital in competitiveness development: qualitative research of retail companies

Igor Arenkov, Iana Salikhova, Dinara Yaburova
The modern development of emerging markets makes organizations find the ways of enhancing their competitiveness. While the issues of sources of attaining competitive advantages and competitiveness assessment have been widely discussed by numerous researchers, there is a paucity of studies pertaining...
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Turn to new industrialization: the world economy and Russia

Viktor Ryazanov
The article analyzes the reasons for deindustrialization of the economy, that took place in the developed capitalist countries and in Russia, emerging under the influence of a hypothesis of ousting the industrial production by the service industry and, in the first place, its financial segment. The unfavourable...
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Problems of Russian and Soviet economy in B.D. Brutzkus's works

Leonid Shirokorad
One of the leading representatives of the liberal current in economics of the 1920s and 1930s, B.D. Brutskus gained wide recognition as a penetrating researcher into the Soviet economy. This article examines his assessment of the agrarian policies of the Bolsheviks in the first years of the Soviet state...
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Transfer pricing as a way of minimizing the tax burden: international experience of counteraction

Nadezda Pakhomova, Oksana Batistova
The article analyzes transfer pricing used by a number of TNCs and MNCs as a way of minimizing the tax burden, which is often accompanied by significant social losses, especially sensitive for developing countries. In this context, the article focuses on the following issues: 1) historical aspects of...
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The problem of justice in debt in emerging markets

Аleksander Dubyansky, Ivan Blagikh
The article examines the problems of equity and inequality in debt relations in developing economies. The author tries to explain the reason for the high tolerance for injustice of clients of microfinance organizations with the system of paternalistic relations, which are still typical for countries...
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The fundamental values of sustainable development: Lithuanian case

Jadvyga Ciburiene, Mykolas Navickas
Present scientific article evaluates the formation of sustainable development, its main features and goals. This theme aims to examine the evolution of sustainable development goals and its fundamental values. The objectives of this article are: to describe the dynamism of economic growth, to characterize...