Proceedings of the 2015 International Forum on Energy, Environment Science and Materials

1122 authors
Zhou, Yinjun
Observation of Sediments Transport in Three Georges Reservoir during Middle and Small Flood Operation
Zhu, Z.q.
A Cooling Station for a 10 kV HTS Power Substation
Zhu, Sixi
Environmental conditions of Jiaozhou Bay, 1981
Zhu, Sixi
Sources and source strengths of volatile phenol in Jiaozhou Bay 1983
Zhu, Yuntao
CCHP system operation strategy research in one of Shanghai International Tourism Resort
Zhu, Weiwei
Multifractal Description of Fractures in Tight Reservoir Based on Fracture Image
Zhu, Weiwei
A new evaluation model for fractured horizontal wells in tight reservoirs
Zhu, Mingqiao
Experimental study on bending bearing capacity of bamboo- reinforced concrete plate
Zhu, Changqian
Numerical Study for the Pressure Transient Behavior of Fractured Shale Gas Reservoirs Using a Dual-Mechanism Dual-Porosity Model
Zhu, Yaxiong
The Optimization for 2D-CD Nozzle Considering Both Aerodynamics and Geometry
Zhu, Xijuan
Development of Two-Dimensional Convergent-Divergent Nozzle Performance Rapidly Analysis Project
Zhu, Bo
Study the Static Adsorption/Desorption of Formaldehyde on Activated Carbons
Zhu, Dashun
Selection of tubing sizes to prevent erosion for natural gas underground storage well and application
Zhu, Ye
Research of ground stress test of 5 plate area in Zhaozhuang Coal Mine
Zhu, Ye
Technology research on safe and clean extraction and hole sealing of underground gas
Zhuang, Hong
Research on the Application Demonstration of Solar Power System for Remote Rural Residences
Zhuang, Zhikai
Research on Performance of Pineapple Leaf Fiber Healthy Underwear
Zou, Zhijun
The effect of gap of building on indoor flow field and thermal environment
Zuo, Changqing
Reflection Model for Soil Moisture Measurement Using Near-infrared Reflection Sensor
Zuo, Changqing
Study On the Thickness of Biological Soil Crusts in Different Desertification Ecosystem Areas
Zuo, Wei
Simulation optimization on sucking up dust particle by suction mouth in sanitation sweepers under the negative pressure
Zuo, Changqing
Prediction Equation Study of Road and Regolith Erosion in Production and Construction Projects