Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Arts and Humanities (IJCAH 2020)

International Joint Conference on Arts and Humanities (IJCAH) 2020 features three international conferences held by Universitas Negeri Surabaya (Unesa), Indonesia, they are International Conference on Education Innovation (ICEI), International Conference on Cultural Studies and Applied Linguistics (ICCSAL), and International Conference on Research and Academic Community Services (ICRACOS). The conference was held online on 4 October 2020. Organizing this event shows the commitment and acknowledgement of Unesa to research activities. It encourages dissemination of ideas in arts and humanities and provides a forum for intellectuals from all over the world to discuss and present their research findings on the research areas, as well as to build network with others. In addition, this conference certainly helps improve scientific publication of researchers.

This conference has attracted much attention from scientific community. There are 611 review and research-based papers submitted in the conference. The papers have a wide range of topics, namely education, arts, and social sciences. Out of the submitted papers, 249 papers were selected to be published by Atlantis Press. The authors vary from ten (10) different countries; they are Australia, Pakistan, Iraq, Malawi, China, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The selection was based on the results of the rigorous review of the papers by two referees for each paper who focused on the format, language use, and contents. Hopefully, the scientific papers can provide invaluable insights on those very important topics.