Proceedings of the 8th International Nursing Conference on Education, Practice and Research Development in Nursing (INC 2017)

Mind-Body-Spiritual Nursing Care in Intensive Care Unit

Ninuk Dian Kurniawati, Suharto Suharto, Nursalam Nursalam
Corresponding Author
Ninuk Dian Kurniawati
Available Online April 2017.
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Mind-body-spiritual care, experience, ICU, coping, stressor
The fast-paced and high technology environment coupled with high acuity and life-threatening patient conditions in intensive care unit (ICU) have led the nurse focused on professional competence and technical skills to maintain a stable physiological condition. This may result in negligence of other aspects of caring i.e. psychological and spiritual aspects. This study aimed at revealing the nurses and patients' experience on mind-body and spiritual nursing care at ICUs. The study was conducted at two hospitals: a university hospital and a private hospital in Surabaya used a phenomenological approach. The population of the study was both patients and nurses in intensive care units who were selected using purposive sampling technique. Fourteen nurses and nine patients were recruited as participants. Data collection took place from September to December 2016 by In-depth interview. Data obtained were processed and analyzed using methods of Colaizzi. Seven themes were generated from the data: patients' and nurses' perception of nursing care, patient issues, hospital environment, family support, and how patients cope with the stressors. Mind-body-spiritual nursing care is important for the patient in critical care setting to cope with the stressors. In addition to the nursing care, the patient stressors, ICU environment, family support, and experience also affect patient coping. A further study is required to establish which stimulus is significant for patient coping and what model of mind-body-spiritual nursing care is best to meet the patient need in ICU.
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April 2017
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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