Proceedings of the 8th International Nursing Conference on Education, Practice and Research Development in Nursing (INC 2017)

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Analysis of Factors Related to Self Management Behavior (SMB) in Hypertensive Patients

Ilkafah Ilkafah, Titi Iswanti Afelia, Nurul Anugrah Ridwan
Abstract- Hypertension is kind of chronic and risk disease cause the disease complications, to avoid the complications required the ability to self-management behavior such as lifestyle changes including blood pressure control, diet modification and physical activity. This research aimed to determine...
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The Effect of HIV-Related Knowledge on The Willingnes to Participate in Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) Among Nursing Students

Ni Putu Wulan Purnama Sari, Anselmus Aristo Parut
Youth aged 15-24 years old have the high vulnerability to HIV infection. Students who lack parental supervision have more opportunity to try new things including sexual matter. Nursing students frequently provide care for several patients who unaware of their HIV status. These increases the students'...
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Wudu Improving Sleep Quality In Elderly With Insomnia

Hamdan Hariawan, Joni Haryanto, Elida Ulfiana
Changes in sleep quality on elderly can lead to sleep disturbances such as insomnia. It needs proper interventions, one of them is to get wudu before going to sleep. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of wudu in improving sleep quality in elderly with insomnia. Method: This study was...
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Yoga Pranayama Increase Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) in Patient with Asthma

Made Mahaguna Putra, Sriyono Sriyono, Deni Yasmara
Patients with asthma will experience a decrease in pulmonary function due to airway obstruction. Yoga Pranayama is a practice of meditation, self-hypnosis with positive suggestions and breathing exercise for patients with asthma that can cause optimal ventilation. This study was to explain the effect...
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Empowerment of Health Volunteer through the Training using Module of Health Volunteer Guidance: Children under Five Years Health Problem during Disaster

Suprajitno Suprajitno, Sri Mugianti
Balita (children under five years) susceptible to health problems during the evacuation at disaster. Health professional personnel have more duties and responsibilities during a disaster; so that health volunteer can be empowered to identify children under five years old health problems. The goal was...
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Effectiveness of Mirror Therapy for Muscle Strength in Ischemic Stroke Patients with Hemiparesis

Yudisa Diaz Lutfi Sandi, Dedi Irawandi, Sandi Alfa, Muhammad Abd. Sayuti
Stroke is clinical symptoms which disturbances in blood circulation to the brain caused either local or global malfunctioning that occurs suddenly and rapidly progressive that usually caused hemiparesis in stroke patients. Late and inappropriate exercises management may cause permanent disability. The...
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Husband's Support is Needed to Prevent Postpartum Depression

Ni Ketut Alit Armini, Rr Dian Tristiana, Agnes Ose Tokan
Husband's support was a factor which helps women in postpartum depression. Husband's support is facing a problem with local culture where the husband cannot give a proper support for his wife. This study aimed to analyze the relationship between Husband's support and postpartum depression. Research design...
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Relation of Family Support with Emotional Response of Post Stroke's Patient in Polyclinic of Neurological at RSUD Koja North Jakarta

Supriyadi Supriyadi
Stroke is a clinical syndrome with symptoms of disturbance cerebral function in global or vocal scale. That case could cause death or disorder which would happen more than 24 hours without any causes. Post stroke's patient would suffer emotional disturbance due to the change of physical. Family support...
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The Effect of Mental Workload To The Nurse's Burnout Level In The Private Hospitals

Yesiana Dwi Wahyu Werdani
Nurse is a part of professional health care that provides nursing care to patient and family. Nurses must do their job quickly, precisely, and without mistakes. The high demand of nurse's job can lead mental workload. Mental workload that not managed properly will lead to burnout condition. This study...
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Physical Activity And Meditation To Reduce Primary Dysmenorrhea In Adolescent

Komang Agus Jerry Widyanata, I Gede Yudiana Putra, Putu Intan Daryaswanti, Ni Putu Eka Febianingsih
Primary dysmenorrhea is menstrual pain occurring in the absence of pelvic pathology. It was caused by the production of neurotransmitter: prostaglandins. Psychological factors or stress can also cause dysmenorrhea. Physical activity and meditation are non-pharmacological treatments for this problem because...
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Factors affecting Pediculosis capitis prevention at Islamic boarding school in Indonesia

Kristiawati Kristiawati, Praba Diyan Rachmawati, Rum Setyowati
Boarding school is a place where students gather to learn and stay in a dormitory. It makes boarding school become a place where diseases transmit easily, one of which is Pediculosis capitis. Various problems occur from this disease such as lack of confidence, negative social stigma, lack of sleep quality,...
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Factors associated with the habit of drinking jamu in Madurese postpartum mothers

Esti Yunitasari, Aria Aulia Nastiti, Devin Jessica Jessica Sari
Jamu is a traditional medicine made from local herbs which have been well-known in Madurese society, Indonesia. Postpartum mothers in the society have been drinking jamu since a long time ago due to its benefits. Unfortunately, there is no sufficient information regarding the factors associated with...
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The Effectiveness of A Health Promotion Model on The Father's Self Efficacy in Stimulating The Growth And Development of Toddler

Ririn Probowati, Monika Sawitri Prihatini, Heri Wibowo, Praba Diyan Rachmawati
The growth and development of toddler is not only influenced the mother, but also the father. Lack of belief in the father's ability in providing stimulation of growth and development will have an impact on the achievement of the optimal toddlers' growth and development. The purpose of this study was...
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The Effectiveness Of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) And Internet Cognitive Behavior Therapy (ICBT) As Non-Pharmacological Interventions On Patients With Anxiety: A Systematic Review

Nurul Arifah, Rustafariningsih Rustafariningsih, Nansy Delia Pangandaheng, Ira Ayu Maryuti
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is one of the non-pharmacology interventions that can be used to treat anxiety in patients. The objective was to know the effectiveness of CBT and Internet Cognitive Behavior Therapy (ICBT) to reduce anxiety. The key words used were CBT and anxiety. Journal articles search...
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The Influence of Pursed Lip Breathing on Dyspnea, Oxygen Saturation and Activity Tolerance on COPD Patient:Systematic Review

Rudi Hariyono, Shelfi Dwi Retnani Putri Santoso, Putu Sintya Arlinda Arsa, Fahrur Rozi
Systematic review has the purpose to know the influence of pursed lip breathing on dyspnea, oxygen saturation and activity tolerance on COPD patients taken from 15 journals. Methodology: information related to this research was found on some databases such as MEDLINE journals, PubMed, CINAHL, Ebsco,...
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Effectiveness Of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Cbt) For Chronic Low Back Pain (Clbp): A Systematic Review

Nur Melizza, Ulum Mabruroh
Nonspecific chronic low back pain (CLBP) is a main cause of activity limitations, absenteeism, and high health care expenses. The prevalence of CLBP is estimated at approximately 23%, and activity limitation due to low back pain had been found in 11% to 12% of the population. Low back pain is consistently...
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The Effect of Rubber Band Resistance Exercise on Blood Glucose Level of Patient With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Ni Luh Putu Inca Buntari Agustini, I Gusti Ayu Puja Astuti Dewi
There is compelling evidence that type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is more likely to develop in individuals who are insufficiently active. Resistance exercise (RE) has received high recognition as a cornerstone in the management of T2DM. There are several advanced research about RE. However, those do...
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Sangkal Putung; As It Perceived By People With Musculoskeletal Fracture

Ira Suarilah, Candra Panji Asmoro, Andri Setya Wahyudi, Deni Yasmara
In Indonesia, traditional healing, as it is known as Sangkal Putung (SP) has been an alternative for fracture treatment. People with fracture at any age, anywhere and any case went to SP even there was a general hospital with surgery service. SP, where was the study taken is located in rural area where...
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Modified Early Warning System (Mews), Indicator Of Changes In Patient's Condition In The General Wards: A Sistematic Review

Zaenal Abidin, Nissa Aruming Sila, Alwan Revai, Gusti Pandi Liputo
Changes in patient condition into critical condition characterized by hemodynamic changes in several indicators. Early recognition to such changes becomes nurse's responsibility, it requires a special clue or instrument to assess the changes in patient's condition. Modified Early Warning System (MEWS)...
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Evaluation The Effect of Gardening Intervention On nutritious foods Consumption of Children and adolescent : A systematic Review

Ayudiah Uprianingsih, Winda Agustina, Uchira Uchira
Gardening Intervention is one of the interventions that have been widely used to increase the intake of nutrition in children and adolescents. We identified articles through databases searching: Sage, Proquest, Science Direct, Springerlink, and EbscoHost, published between (2006-2016). The fifteen articles...
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Service Quality is Related to Loyalty of Nursing Care Services Based on SERVQUAL Theory and the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)

Pratiwi Yuliansari, Nursalam Nursalam, Ahsan Ahsan
Nurses have an important role in the delivery of services that will always be remembered by the client. The competition this excellent service delivery has shifted the hospital functions as a social service into the social economy. This study aims to assess the relationship between the quality of service...
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The Analysis of Factors Related to Feeding Pattern on Child with Undernutrition and Malnutrition Based on Transcultural Nursing Theory

Firda Isnantri, Kristiawati Kristiawati, Retnayu Pradanie
The problem of children suffering from undernutrition and malnutrition are still found in Surabaya, especially at Puskesmas Sawah Pulo. It is caused by the unproper feeding pattern given by their mother. Transcultural nursing theory focuses on factors affecting the culture associated with feeding pattern....
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The Relationship Between Nurse Empowerment and Burnout Syndrome In Hospital

Rizeki Dwi Fibriansari, Nursalam Nursalam, Slamet Riyadi Yuwono
Empowerment is necessary for the era of competition and service because every organization needs employees who are fast, responsive and independent so they can be competitive through human resources and strengthen the capability and commitment of employees. The lack of empowerment of nurses in hospitals...
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The Comfort of Post Orthopedic Surgery's Client Given Murottal Al-Qur'an

Anggia Astuti, Nursalam Nursalam, Laily Hidayati
Introduction: Surgery form of orthopedic surgery is a stressor for those clients who can evoke a stress reaction both physiologically and psychologically. Physiological responses can be painful, while the response can be either psychological anxiety is a disorder in which both comfort. This study used...
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The Effectiveness of Affirmation Relaxation Therapy Towards Anxiety in Pregnant Mothers on Third Trimester in Facing Labor at Puskesmas Manyaran

Niken Sukesi
Labor is a physiological process in pregnant mothers occurring in the culmination period of pregnancy. A long process of pregnancy, which will eventually lead to the delivery of one or more newborn infants, can raise fear and worries triggering the feeling of anxiety to happen to pregnant mothers. Excessive...
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The Effect of Sleep Hygiene on The Sleep Quality in Elderly

Fitriana Kurniasari Solikhah, Nursalam Nursalam, Elida Ulfiana
Most elderly has decreasing quality of sleep. Sleep patterns of elderly are different from children and adults, the need of the elderly to sleep is 5-7 hours / day. Elderly often awakened in the middle of the night because of physical changes due to age and disease patterns, sleep quality significantly...
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The Effect of Fluids Intake Counseling with Poster Media to Interdialytic Weight Gain (IDWG)

Erna Dwi Wahyuni, Rizki Eko Wicaksono, Lailatun Ni'mah
The Increasing of interdialytic weight gain was found among chronic kidney disease patients, 32% patients still had IDWG amount above 3kgs in Hemodialysis Unit PHC Hospital. This study aimed to explain the effect of fluids intake counseling with poster media to interdialytic weight gain. The design of...
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Developing Format of Clinical Pathway Using Nursing Diagnosis Based on Indonesian Nursing Diagnosis Standart (Standar Diagnosis Keperawatan Indonesia: SDKI)

Sartika Wulandari, Nursalam Nursalam, Eka Mishbahatul M. Has
Clinical Pathway is an integrated service planning concept that summarizes each step are given to patients according to the standard of service, the standard of nursing care, and other health personnel service standards, based on evidence with results that can be measured and within a certain period...
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Participant Modeling Towards Mother's Knowledge and Skills About Multisensory Stimulation in Infant

Ilya Krisnana, Hidayat Arifin, Iqlima Dwi Kurnia
Participant modeling may be the optimal approach in health education with the rational, modeling, guided participation, and reinforcement. Multisensory stimulation is very important for the growth and development of the baby, so the mother's knowledge and skills are indispensable to maximize baby's multisensory...
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Family Coping Affects The Quality of Life Patients with Tuberculosis

Trisca Haprilianingtyas, Makhfudli Makhfudli, Ika Nur Pratiwi
Patients with Tuberculosis (Tb) often have high morbidity and low quality of life. Family coping was the essential part of patients' quality of life and may also give support to patients with Tb. Our study aimed to determine the correlation of family coping and quality of life in patients with Tuberculosis....
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Correlation of Peripheral Vascular Status With Quality Of Life Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patiens

Fahrun Nur Rosyid, Tomy Adi Prasetyo, Liana Safitri
One of the complications of Type 2 diabetes, which affects the peripheral nervous system, is the Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). It is often associated with reduced physical abilities and functional decline. This condition can lead to decreased quality of life (Health Related Quality Of Life). This...
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Efectivity Of The Combination Foot Excercises And Hydrotherapy To Peripheral Circulation In Patients Diabetes Mellitus

Rumentalia Sulistini, Azwaldi Azwaldi
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a disease characterized by the body can not regulate blood sugar levels automatically. In Indonesia obtained mortality ulcer/gangrene diabetes ranged between 17-32% while the amputation rate between 15-30%. Patients died post-amputation was 14.8%, increased to 37% over three...
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Experience Of High-Risk Pregnant Women Under The Implementation Of "Desa Siaga" (Alert Village) Program

Endah Suprihatin, Indriatie Indriatie
Through Desa Siaga (Alert Village) Program, Lumajang has been succeeded to decrease MMR. However, so far the researcher has not found any study which explored the implementation of Desa Siaga development in high-risk pregnancy care; therefore investigating the high-risk pregnant women's experience in...
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Individual, Organizational, and Work Characteristic Affect The Performance of Clinical Supervision in Hospital

Naya Ernawati, Suharto Suharto, Tri Johan Agus Yuswanto
Methods of Clinical Supervision (CS) can improve the quality and completeness of documentation of nursing care. CS has been described according to Proctor's model, which explains the relationship between the supervisor and supervisee in three domains: Normative, formative, and restorative. However, the...
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Health education using booklet media to mother's behavior in preventing and treating sibling rivalry for their children

Ilya Krisnana, Iqlima Dwi Kurnia, Ria Kusuma Dewi
Sibling rivalry often occurs in children age ranged 1-3 years and at the age of 3-5 years. Its occurrence will be a negative impact on the child if the mother does not have enough knowledge and cannot handle it. This study aims to determine the effect of health education booklets to the mother's behavior...
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Level of Independence Towards Self-Esteem in The Elderly

Elida Ulfiana, Mohammad Saelindra, Setho Hadi Suyatmana
The aging process can cause mental changes, both psychosocial and physical conditions can decrease the level of independence in activities daily living. One of the consequences is a deterioration in self-esteem that has the feeling useless and worthless. The purpose of this study was to analyze the correlation...
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Effect of Social Skills Training: Friendship Clients of Social Interaction Capabilities of Social Isolation

Hanik Endang Nihayati, Andri Septyas Pranu Junata, Rr Dian Tristiana, Ah Yusuf
Social isolation is the decreasing ability to the interaction that appears in social isolation clients. If left untreated, social isolation symptoms may worsen the patient's condition, which may lead to the emergence of hallucinations and even the risk of suicide. The purpose of this study was to explain...
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Factors Influencing a Public Health Centre Volunteers in Promoting Dengue Eradication Program

Lisa Elfiana Malik, Makhfudli Makhfudli, Setho Hadisuyatmana
Dengue eradication program in Surabaya was far from success. It is arguable that this is because the volunteers who are responsible for promoting the programs did not do their best. Anecdotally, they were lack of knowledge, attitude, and skills in empowering the community to support the program. The...
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Relationship of Initial Glascow Coma Scale Score and Treatment Duration with Independency Level of Patients with Head Injury in Emergency Room dr. R. Koesma tuban hospital

Moh. Ubaidillah Faqih, Hyan Oktodia Basuki
Head injury is the main cause of disability and mortality. Several factors that can lead to high disability are the initial GCS score and the treatment duration. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of initial GCS score and treatment duration to the independence level of patients...
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End of Life Care in Elderly: Family Experiences

Retno Indarwati, Rista Fauziningtyas, Sylvia Dwi Wahyuni, Elida Ulfiana
Mostly, death occurs due to aging, while the rest because of illness. In palliative care, Indonesian elderly with a chronic disease more likely to stay at home with their families until the death. These conditions give a unique experience to the family when taking care of elderly at the end of their...
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Emotional Intelligence and Caring Behavior Among Muslim Nurse: A Study in Religious-Based Hospital in Surabaya-Indonesia

Laily Hidayati, Fauzan Rifai, Lailatun Ni'mah
Caring is an important aspect of nursing care implementation. It is referred to an ability to show an attention and feel empathy for others, especially for patients. Faith or religion give a contribution on performing behavior, attitudes and emotions of nurses in doing their job. In addition, emotional...
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Improving Health Volunteers and Primary Caregivers Ability in Caring Elderly Wwth Frailty Syndrome by Using Training

Eka Mishbahatul Mar'ah Has, Elida Ulfiana, Joni Haryanto, Rista Fauziningtyas, Retno Indarwati
Elderly with frailty need help to do they daily activities. Training for health volunteers and primary caregiver was expected to increase their ability in providing care to the elderly with frailty. So the elderly's quality of life can be maintained, or even improved. The training was conducted at health...
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Anti-Stroke Exercise Decrease Blood Pressure in Elderly with Hypertension

Erna Dwi Wahyuni, Ika Nur Pratiwi, Kurnia Fidyastria
Hypertension is a serious health problem because the high number of morbidity and mortality. Generally, the treatments of hypertension throughout two ways, pharmacological and non-pharmacological. Anti-stroke exercise was the one of non-pharmacological therapy that is recommended for hypertension. The...
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Student's Assistance to Improve Pregnant Women Visit Coverage In Mataram

Irni Setyawati, Baiq Ricca Afrida, Mustini Mustini
Inadequacy antenatal care during pregnancy can caused complications to mother and her baby. Pregnant woman should do antenatal care at least four times (also known as K4) during pregnancy. Coverage of K4 in 2007 to 2015 in Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Barat remain under target (less than 95%), including...
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Men's Participation to Support Early Detection of Cervical Cancer in Indonesia: A Literature Review

Tiyas Kusumaningrum
The number of cervical cancer patients in Indonesia is increasing every year. It triggers the government organize cervical cancer early detection program. Many women have taken advantage of the program, but the number of the inspection Visual Inspection Acetate (VIA) and Pap-smear still very low nationwide....
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Correlation of Physical Activity and Menopause Symptoms

Retnayu Pradanie, Eka Misbahatul Mar'ah Has, Tutik Malichah
Menopausal women often experience a decrease in the production of Estrogen, progesterone and other sex hormones. The most common symptoms that occur during perimenopause period, for example; hot flashes, insomnia, irritability, and mood instability, thinning of vaginal mucosa with decreased lubrication....
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Interpersonal Interaction Between Nurse and Family to Improve The Performance of Health Center

Siti Nur Kholifah
Family support is a component to provide caring at home. Nurses who established interpersonal interaction with the family will assist in the implementation of nursing actions that have been planned. The purpose of this studied to identify the interpersonal interaction nurses with family to improving...
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Difference in Quality Foster CHildren Sleep in the Nursery (Day Care) and House in Mataram

Rias Pratiwi Safitri, Baiq Nurul Hidayati, Fitri Romadonika
The Child is a unique individual and has need by with their development stage, one of which is sleep. Sleep is one of the pleasures and great mercy value of the many pleasures given by God Almighty to man. Sleep disorders in children are quite often experienced by parents, but unfortunately, these conditions...
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Workload Relationship With The Attitude Of Nurse In Fulfill The Patient's Spiritual Needs In The Siti Khodijah Sepanjang Hospital

Mundakir Mundakir, Erna Purnamasari, Siti Aisyah
Introduction: Nurses as health professionals should be able to pay attention to the status of patients who are not only being the bio-psycho-socio-cultural but also spiritual. Many nurses who complain of high workload, so it can not meet the spiritual aspect. The results of the initial survey in Siti...
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The Role of Typical Angina with Risk Factors in Predicting Stenosis

Aang Kunaifi, Nursalam Nursalam, Mochamad Yusuf
One method for early detection of coronary stenosis that is Diagnostic Coronary Angiography (DCA). Diagnostic Coronary Angiography is a minimally invasive procedure using a diagnostic catheter and guide wire with the help of contrast. Catheterization in clients with complaints of chest pain are not all...
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Analysis of Psychology, Social, and Immunity in HIV/AIDS Patients Who Had Been Worked as Migrant Indonesia Worker in East Java

Misutarno Misutarno, Nursalam Nursalam, Tintin Sukartini
Based on a recent study done at five Indonesia workers which infected HIV and AIDS in District Tulungagung, shows each 40% respondent is in denying and anger phase, 80% respondent in anxious social response, and 80% respondent has some CD4 under 350/µl. Design of this research is analytic descriptive...
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Implementation of work safety permit as an effort to prevent accidents at PT petrokimia gresik

Amarin Yudhana
Implementation Safety permit to be used as a form of worker control in performing high-risk jobs to suppress the risk of workplace accidents. The manufacturing sector is one of the many business sectors are classified as very susceptible to accidents. The causes of workplace accidents in the manufacturing...
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Interpersonal Interaction Between Nurse and Family to Improve The Performance of Health Center Relationship Between Dietary Habit And Menstrual Pattern With Anemia Of Adolescent In Sman 1 Ngunut Tulungagung

Eva Agustina
This study aims to determine the relationship of dietary habits and menstrual of anemia in adolescent girls in SMA Negeri 1 Ngunut Tulungagung. This research used an analytic correlation with a case control study and a quantitative approach . The sample in this study are young women aged 15 to 17 years...
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Analysis of Patient Satisfaction and Interest of Patient on Doctor Servicing Health Care Provider in the Healthcare and Social Security Agency

Sandu Siyoto, Elya Irawan Putri
Health services as health facilities for health service of first strata who responsible to carries out individual health efforts and society health efforts still minim. Good quality service will give satisfaction and interest on patient. This reseach purposed to analyze of patient satisfaction and interest...
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Early Detection Of Existence Of Ova In Nail Of Primary School Children Viewed From Personal Hygiene State Elementary School Sentul 2 In The City Blitar

Yenny Puspitasari, Maulina Nurikasari 
The general purpose of this research is to know the correlation among personal hygiene and the ova on the nails of primary school students at State Elementary School Sentul 2 of Blitar. This research is kind of analytic observation by using cross sectional methods. The population of this research is...
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The Effect of Theory of Reasoned Action Implementation on Dietary and Physical Activity Adherence in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Kusnanto Kusnanto, Iqlima Dwi Kurnia, Jatmiko Jatmiko Andi Rama
Most of patients with type 2 diabetes failed to follow the dietary recommendation due to lack of motivation, memory and intention. Thus, level of obedience still low. Being physically active requires a combination of difficult tasks such huge expenditure of effort, and continued persistence (McAuley...
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Family Experience in Caring for HIV Positive-Indonesian Migrant Workers: A Phenomenological Study

Nursalam Nursalam, Ninuk Dian Kurniawati, Abu Abu Bakar, Tintin Sukartini
This study aimed to investigate the experience of family and relative of Indonesian migrant workers to take care of their family members who are HIV-infected. Method. This study employed a phenomenological hermeneutics methodology. Data were gathered from 9 respondents who were primary carers of HIV-infected...
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Optimizing of Family Support in Improving Resilience of Cervical Cancer Client Post Radikal Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo Oophorectomy Which is Getting Chemotherapy

Esti Yunitasari
Cervical cancer is now still being first ranked and highest cause of death among cancers in women in Indonesia with the highest incidence at 27 percent. Various side effects occur as a result of cervical cancer treatment. Effective coping for increasing the resilience of cervical cancer patients is necessary...
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Mind-Body-Spiritual Nursing Care in Intensive Care Unit

Ninuk Dian Kurniawati, Suharto Suharto, Nursalam Nursalam
The fast-paced and high technology environment coupled with high acuity and life-threatening patient conditions in intensive care unit (ICU) have led the nurse focused on professional competence and technical skills to maintain a stable physiological condition. This may result in negligence of other...
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Role Provider In Increasing Of Early Initiation Of Breastfeeding Covered To Mother Of Sectio Caesarea In Hospital

Sestu Retno Dwi Andayani, Nursalam Nursalam, Budi Budi Santoso
Early Initiation of Breastfeeding in the process of labor in Section Caesarean (SC) is rarely implemented because of pain from the surgical wound, the effect of anesthesia, discomfort mother, and yet the milk discharge after surgery. The purpose of the research was to create a model of comfort nursing...