Proceedings of the International Conference on Law Studies (INCOLS 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the International Conference on Law Studies (INCOLS 2022)
Date: 22-23 April 2022
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (Online)

Praise and thanks giving: We pray to God Almighty because for the blessings of His grace and guidance, we were able to complete the task of this paper. The purpose of writing this paper is to fulfill the requirement of INCOLS 2022.

With regard to arranging this paper, the writer faces lots of challenges and obstructions, but with the help of many individuals, those obstructions could be overcome. The writer also realized there were still many mistakes in writing this paper. Hopefully, through the explanation in this paper, readers can gain insight into the Sustainable Development Goals. The cornerstone of this SDG’s targets and their interface with other SDGs are linked to the strengthening of society by promoting the rule of law, justice, democracy, human rights, and equality, also promote the rule of law at the national and international levels, and ensure equal access to justice for all. This issue impacts the huge number of differentials, which leads to a certain number of disagreements and conflicts that occur in societies. Disputes, conflicts, and a limited approach to justice are all examples of threats to long-term development goals. Moreover, a lack of access to justice is able to lead to certain conflicts remaining unresolved as a result of which peace and justice are not enforced. Equity, social justice, and inclusive rules of law are needed to achieve peaceful and inclusive societies in promoting sustainable living worldwide.

We also hope that this article is able to describe these issues precisely and clearly. If there are mistakes and shortcomings, we are ready to receive any suggestions and constructive criticism from the readers. The author hoped the contents of this paper would be useful in enriching the repertoire of knowledge. Hopefully, God replies to you all, helps, and blesses you all.