Proceedings of the 2nd International Seminar on Business, Economics, Social Science and Technology (ISBEST 2019)

Inflation Persistence in East Nusa Tenggara

Lindi Yana Mauk, Aldarine Molidya, Rolland E. Fanggidae, Oktovianus Nawa Pau
Corresponding Author
Lindi Yana Mauk
Available Online 25 May 2020.
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BAMA group, MAJADI group, PERUM group, SAND group, KES group, PENDIDI group, TRANS group, inflation
The research entitled Persistence of Inflation in East Nusa Tenggara aims to explain the influence and relationship of commodities or groups of goods and services which consists of seven groups, namely the food ingredients group (BAMA), processed food, cigarettes and tobacco groups (MAJADI), housing groups, water, electricity, and fuel (PERUM), clothing group (SAND), groups health (KES), education, recreation and sports group (PENDIDI), and the transportation, communication and financial services (TRANS) group for inflation in NTT. This study uses a multiple linear regression analysis methods secondary data collection in the form of data from publications of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) East Nusa Tenggara. The results of this study indicate that the commodity or group of goods/services has a positive and significant effect on inflation in NTT. That is if there is an increase in prices on commodities or groups of goods/services then inflation in NTT will also increase. This happens because when there is a shock like decrease in fuel prices. Decreasing fuel prices will have an impact on commodity prices others due to increased production costs and can cause a rise in levels of inflation. Based on the results of statistical calculations carried out by the researcher then the BAMA and TRANS groups have the largest coefficient values of 0.266828 and0.185637, followed by SAND, KES, PENDIDI, MAJADI and PERUM groups with coefficients of 0.185568, 0.181975, 0.093424, 0.074034, and 0.041901. That is if the government can maintain commodity prices, especially the material group food by developing regional superior commodities with commodities which has high inflation, the government can control or anticipate high inflation.
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