Proceedings of the 2nd International Seminar on Business, Economics, Social Science and Technology (ISBEST 2019)

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The Analysis of Leadership Style and Motivation Toward Performance of Employees

Andre Suandi Simbolon, Anton Robiansyah, Kadek Masakazu, Nining Suryani
The aim of this study to determine the effect of leadership style and motivation on employee performance in PT. Propan Raya Samarinda (PT. RCS). The population and sample in this study consisted of 42 employees. Methods of data collection using questionnaires, observations, and interviews. Data analysis...
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Study of Envy-Friendly Small-Medium Industries in Green Industry Context in the Manufacturing Industry Sector in Bangka Belitung Island Province

Angga Sucitra, Christianingrum Christianingrum, Yusuf Yusuf, Anggraeni Yunita
The purpose of this study is to identify the manufacturing industries sector in the Province of Bangka Belitung Islands that has met the criteria for environmentally friendly Small and Medium Industries, identify the constraints faced by the manufacturing industries sector in the Province of Bangka Belitung...
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The Influences of Business Strategy to Earnings Management: Moderated by Market Competition

Anton Robiansyah, Eddy Suranta, Pratana Puspa Midiastuty, Repan Saputra
This study aims to examine the effect of cost leadership strategies on earnings management, differentiation strategies on earnings management, market competition negatively moderate the effect of cost leadership strategies on earnings management and market competition to positively moderate the effect...
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The Government Spending on Education and Health Care in Indonesia’s Economic Growth

Diah Astuti, Etty Puji Lestari
There are pros and cons in examining the relationship between education and health budgets and economic growth. The results of the study show a variety of research findings. This study wants to examine the relationship between government spending in the education and health sectors and economic growth...
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The Effect of Leadership and Organizational Justice in Predicting Positive Emotion of Indonesian Civil Servants

Hendrian Hendrian, Shine Pintor Siolemba Patiro
This study aims to explore the influence of leadership styles (transactional and transformational) on organizational justice (distributive justice and procedural justice) and their impact on the positive emotions of Government civil servants which is located in the City of South Tangerang, Palu, and...
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Analysis of Knowledge About Capital Market Activities in Indonesia

Herry Novrianda, Debby Arisandi, Aan Shar
The purpose of this article is to examine the knowledge of the Indonesian people about the capital market and the activities which occur therein. The methodology used to analyze the level of knowledge of Indonesian people about capital market activities is the purposive and convenience non-probability...
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The Influence of Education Level and Understanding of Tax Payment Mechanism on the Taxpayer Compliance in the MSME of the South Jakarta – DKI Jakarta

Hery Susanto, Nining Suryani, Rini Septiowati
This study aims to examine the effect of Education Level and Understanding on Tax Payment Mechanism on Taxpayer Compliance of Small and Medium Enterpreneurs. This research is a kind of quantitative research using primary data. The population of this study was small and medium enterprises registered at...
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Effect of Entrepreneurship Learning Courses with Entrepreneurship Career Options on Students of UT

Irmawaty Irmawaty, Faridah Iriani
Unemployment is a strategic problem in Indonesia. The number of unemployed in Indonesia reached 7:24 million (CBS, 2014), therefore we need a national movement to improve the entrepreneurial spirit of the society. The government launched the National Entrepreneurship Movement on February 2, 2011 in Jakarta....
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Social Responsibility in ISO 26000 and Social Innovation

Nadhira Hardiana
This study aims to determine whether CSR and social innovation activities of Danamon already meet existing principles. The approach used in this research is qualitative. The methods of this research are literature study, analysis and evaluation, and interview methods. The results show that implementation...
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Cost of Equity: Disclosure, Size, and Political Connection

Nindya Farah Dwi Puspitasari, Ika Pratiwi Simbolon, Nindhita Nisrina Sari
Every businesses are looking for high return. The cost of equity is important to determine the return on investment. This research aims to examine the relationship between disclosure and political connection towards cost of equity. Cost of equity in this research is using Capital Asset Pricing Model...
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Analyzing Calculation of Monitoring and Evaluation Reports on Distribution of Procurement Packages Using the Level 4 Capability Maturity Model at the Unit of Procurement Services of Universitas Terbuka

Noorina Hartati, Adrian Sutawijaya, Ratna Marta Dhewi, Antares Firman
This study is aimed at analyzing the Calculation of Monitoring & evaluation reports on distribution of procurement packages using the Level 4 Capability Maturity Model (CMM) at the Unit of Procurement Services (ULP) of Universitas Terbuka in 2017-2018. This study found that the level of maturity...
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Transformational Leadership, Trust, and Motivation (Study of Government’s Human Resource Agencies in Indonesia)

Shine Pintor Siolemba Patiro, Wijanarko Wijanarko, Stevi Stevi
This study aims to investigate the Transformational Leadership Behavior (TLB) theory to explain and predict the trust and motivation of employee who worked at Human Resource Development Board Province (HRDBP) in Indonesia. This study uses purposive sampling and the survey method to generate sampling...
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Impact of Jabal Kelor Development as a Tourism Attraction

Steviani Batti, Dhimas Setyo Nugroho, Andi Lopa Ginting, Herry Novrianda
Jabal Kelor tourism development has triggered a positive impact on the residents of the Dadap Kulon hamlet. The purpose of this study is to present an analysis of the impact of community-based tourism development in Jabal Kelor. In this study, semi-structured interviews were conducted with key informants...
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Implementation of Ecotourism in the Management of Candirejo Herbal Kampung Surabaya

Sucipto Sucipto
Ecotourism is a tourism activity that balances between utilization and saving (conservation). And one of the goals of the principle of ecotourism is to improve the economy of local communities. Candirejo Herbal Kampung Surabaya is one of the villages in Surabaya that promotes “green and clean” in developing...
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The Influence of Human Development Index, Economic Growth and Allocation of Operational Expenditures to the Capital Expenditures in the Province of Banten

Suhartono Suhartono, M. Fuad Hadziq, R. Tri Kurniawai
This article is aimed to find out the influence of the human development index (HDI), economic growth and the operating expenditure to the amount of capital expenditure in the province of Banten. The data used are IPM, economic growth, operational expenditure and capital expenditure in the last ten years....
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Predicting Intention of Halal Product Usage Among Food Seller Using Theory of Planned Behavior

Yosi Mardoni, Fuad Hadziq, Ares Albirru Amsal
This study aims to determine the effect of attitudes, subjective norms, and behavioural control (Theory of Planned Behavior/TPB) on the intentions of food seller to use halal products. The final sample consisted of 130 respondents who run the daily business activities of a restaurant in Padang, Indonesia....
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Transformational Leadership, Creative Leadership, and Creative Performance

Yun Iswanto, Heriyanni Mashithoh, Zainur Hidayah
The research is aimed to get an empirical support on the Influence of transformational leadership and creative leadership toward creative performance. This is an explanatory research by conducting surveys and interviews to all of respondents. The sample respondents were 350 staffs of Universitas Terbuka...
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Social Media Marketing: Empirical Investigation of Academic Information Needs

Yusuf Yusuf
An Instagram account with the username @utpangkalpinang is an Instagram that was built by UT Pangkalpinang. Its function is to provide information related to student activities, academic information and UT academic learning for UT Pangkalpinang students who are Instagram followers. UT Pangkalpinang assumed...
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The Influence of BPJS Health Payment and Service Method for Satisfaction of BPJS Health Members in South Tangerang

Nining Suryani, Muhammad Sopiyana
The research aims to find out: Does the payment method set by BPJS in South Tangerang attract public interest in paying BPSJ compulsory health contributions. Does maximum service at South Tangerang BPJS Health affect the satisfaction of BPJS Health members. Do the right payment methods and services together...
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The Effect of Online Experience on Revisit Intention Mediated with Offline Experience and Brand Equity

Ramdhan Kurniawan
The purpose of this research was analyzed the effect of offline experience on brand equity, the effect of online experience on brand equity, the effect of online experience on offline experience, the effect of offline experience on revisit intention, and the effect of brand equity on revisit intention....
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Analysis of Performance and Importance Matrix to Determine the Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility

Wise Rogate Silalahi
One of the tasks of Higher Education is to carry out Community Service, in addition to other tasks namely education and teaching, and research. Community service is a form of university Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the community, to apply knowledge in solving problems in society. Indonesia...
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Effect on the Performance of Supply Chain Integration

Moh. Mukhsin, Najmudin Najmudin
This study Aimed to analyze the effect of integration to improve supply chain performance. This research examine the influence supplier integration, the performance of the supply chain, integration of internal influence on the performance of the supply chain, customer integration influence on the performance...
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Determinants of Millenial Consumer Purchasing Decisions in Bukalapak

Mumuh Mulyana, Mashadi Mashadi, Astri Winda Syahputri
Internet usage is growing rapidly. The internet has become an important part in business transactions. Millennial consumers, who have since been born “familiar” with the internet, have made ecommerce their favorite activity. Bukalapak as one of the ecommerce has many consumers from this millennial generation....
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South Sulawesi Halal Tourism a Strategic Approach

Nurul Huda, Muslikh Muslikh, Nova Rini, Slamet Hidayat
Tourists visiting South Sulawesi are predominantly Muslim as much as 75% of the total tourists. This shows the potential for halal tourism in South Sulawesi is very large, but until now there has been no research on halal tourism in South Sulawesi with a strategic approach. The purpose of this study...
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Islamic University Accountability Model: In Islamic Values Perspective

Ari Dewi Cahyati, Nurma Risa, Nizarul Alim, Prasetyono Prasetyono
The purpose of this study is to formulate the accountability model of Islamic Universities especially 45 Islamic University (Unisma) in Bekasi. This research is a continuation of previous research which has formulated draft model of 45 Islamic University accountability in the Islamic perspective. The...
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Strengthening Partnership Strategy for Digital Development in Water Tourism

Sri Sarjana, Joko Rizkie Widokarti
Digital tourism is carried out through the use of information and communication technology in an effort to increase potential of tourism destinations in order to provide tourism services and provide tourism marketing more accessible. Digital tourism causes the movement of consumption patterns in the...
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Enhancing Competitiveness of Creative Industry Strategy with Resource-Based Marketing Mix

Sri Harini, Erni Yuningsih, Dwi Gemina
Creative industries contribute to the creation of skilled employment and improvement of the Indonesian economy. This study aims to determine the marketing mix strategy and its effect on the success of creative industry businesses. The object of research of creative industry practitioners in Bogor is...
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Dynamic Panel Data Analysis of Poverty in Indonesia

Heffi Christya Rahayu, Julianus Johnny Sarungu, Lukman Hakim, Albertus Maqnus Soesilo, Etty Puji Lestari, Diah Astuti, Tri Kuniawati Retnaningsih
Poverty is one of the main problems in most developing countries including Indonesia. Indonesia has five large islands consisting of Sumatra, Java and Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua - Maluku - Nusa Tenggara. This study aims to analyze the determinants of poverty in villages by focusing on geography,...
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The Knowledge and Students’ Interest to Investing in Investment Gallery

Lukman Hidayat, Nusa Muktiadji, Yoyon Supriadi
The Higher Education Investment Gallery was established to increase the number of investors from students. Empirical study showed that investment knowledge has a significant effect on investment intentions of individual investors. This study aims to analyze the influence of Capital Market Knowledge,...
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Analysis of Co-Branding Strategy to Improve Company’s Competitive Power (Case Study on Walls Selection Oreo)

Saefudin Zuhdi, Bambang Hengky Rainanto, Dewi Apriyani
The Co-Branding Strategy has been a choice since the 1980s. Co-Branding is a strategy chosen by at least 2 companies or 2 products to increase sales by combining 2 brands or more that were previously known by consumers. The purpose of this study is to find the effect of co-branding strategies that have...
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The Influence of Asset Management on Financial Performance, with Panel Data Analysis

Jan Horas Veryady Purba, Denny Bimantara
One of the main concerns of the company is the effort to achieve the desired level of profit. That goal can be achieved through good asset management. Good asset management reflects that the company is able to control its financial performance efficiently and effectively. The purpose of this study is...
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Customer Base Brand of Open Distance Learning

Dodik Dirbaya Sakti, Deni Surapto
Priority Brand equity is very important especially in the college service business. Continuity of the life cycle Brand equity must be continually improved so that the effectiveness of the brand’s existence and brand recognition continues to form a positive image for customers and prospective customers....
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The Impact of Brand Trust, Brand Loyalty, Brand Image on Service Quality

Deni Surapto
The value of customer loyalty for the institution has the effect of decision making involving alternative available brands. More value in loyalty can minimize costs in marketing, leverage, attract new customers, be responsive in responding to threats, opportunities, opportunities, strengths from competitors....
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Co-Creation Experience-Based Modeling in E-Commerce Business: Entrepreneur Survival Strategy

Ginta Ginting
The development of e-commerce has posed challenges and opportunities to women entrepreneurs who deal with e-commerce business, especially those in Small Medium Scale companies. It is important to drive women entrepreneurs for economic development because it improves competitiveness, increases the number...
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Strengthening Public Value Through Reinforcing Entrepreneurial Orientation and Organization: Preliminary Step Toward Entrepreneurial Universities

Joko Rizkie Widokarti, Ginta Ginting
Higher education institutions as public sectors are considered by some to be unable to provide optimal impact in meeting the needs of industries and businesses. This condition raises demands to operate entrepreneurially, leading to commercialization of research result to encourage the acceleration of...
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Interrelation Between Tourist Risk Perception and Destination Image and Revisit Intention East Lombok Post Earthquake

Ni Wayan Marsha Satyarini, Tamjuddin Tamjuddin, Ramdhan Kurniawan
This research developed of tourist risk perception and destination image and revisit intention. The research also focused how tourists are influenced by natural disasters and provides empirical evidence to predict the hypothesis models. The results of a study of 230 of local and international tourists...
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Community-Based Action Model Through Customer Engagement to Reinforce Value Co-Creation: Behavioral Approach (Case: Entrepreneurship in Organic Food)

Radeswandri Radeswandri, Ginta Ginting
Building community engagement involving consumers, business actors, farmers and others stakeholders as part of marketing strategy for creating value co-creation has become a phenomenon for increasing sustainable consumption. In order to address the issue, this paper proposes a community-based action...
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Behavior Aspect of Public Sector Planning and Budgeting (A Literature Review)

Rakhmini Juwita, Galuh Tresna Murti
The debate about the factors that influence human behavior in determining planning and budgeting in the public sector makes researchers interested in conducting studies. The method used in this research is the study of literature, by analyzing a number of studies that have been carried out and published...
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The Effect of Human Resources Quality and Technology Adoption on the Quality of Financial Reporting (Evidence from MSMEs in Bogor)

Muhammad Soleh, Sutarti Sutarti, Siti Ita Rosita
The role of MSMEs in developing countries such as Indonesia is vital. The large potential of small and medium micro businesses (MSMEs) is often constrained by capital problems to develop the business. The reason for the low capital distribution is because investors do not get adequate information related...
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User’s Attitude Toward Website as a Form of CSR Information

Muhammad Muhammad, Dwi Narullia, Fitri Purnamasari, Rahmatullah Attaufiqi, Rizal Ardyatama, Rheza Wahyu Utomo
CSR becomes an important part of a company, because it represents an entity’s efforts to preserve social and environmental sustainability to maintain sustainable development. The disclosure of company information has grown by utilizing website pages, not only through financial statements. This study...
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Planning, Implementation, and Control of Management Accounting in the Public Sector

Eti Kusmiati, Marti Dewi Ungkari, Acep Abdul Basit
Based on the results of examinations conducted by Badan Pengawas Keuangan (BPK), the problem of the public sector in Indonesia lies in the application of public sector management accounting, which is located on the weaknesses of the Internal Control System and the budgeting system. This study aims to...
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Analysis of Fraudulent Financial Reporting Through the Fraud Pentagon Theory

Sulvia Maulidiana, Triandi Triandi
This research was carried out because there were several cases of financial statement manipulation that were only detected after the fraud resulted in considerable losses. Fraud pentagon theory which has five elements of fraud is considered to influence the occurrence of fraudulent financial reporting....
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The Effect of Tax Planning and Use of Assets on Profitability with Good Corporate Governance as a Moderating Variable

Iriyadi Iriyadi, Nilda Tartilla, Rini Gusdiani
The purpose of this study is to analyze and test the effect of tax planning and asset use on profitability moderated by managerial ownership as a measure of moderating variables of good corporate governance in companies listed in Indonesia. This research was conducted at the manufacturing companies in...
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Implementing INTACS Dynamics Enterprise Resources Planning System for Financial Statements

Lukas Murdihardjo, Yayuk Nurjanah, Rendy Rendy
Accounting Information System is an accounting information system that can adjust to what kind of business that exists in Indonesia and is very important in providing corporate financial information quickly and accurate. The purpose of this study is to provide information to the businesses, especially...
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The Effect of Workplace Spirituality and Employee Performance (Perspective of Islamic Work Ethics Case Study on BTPN Syariah, Kupang)

Rolland Epafras Fanggidae, Merlyn Kurniawati, Hawyah Bahweres
One important element in an organization is human resources, where the organization will be effective and efficient if it has qualified human resources. The effectiveness and efficiency of an organization is determined by the performance produced by members of the organization as a representation of...
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Analysis of Bank Rating with RGEC Method Case Study at PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk for the Period 2013–2017

Lucky Ayu Stella, Ratih Puspitasari
Health of a bank has a great influence on the economy of a country, because if a bank into a group that is not healthy then the economy in a country will be disturbed, especially in the financial system. Therefore, banks are required to maintain and improve the level of health. This study aims to determine:...
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The Effect of Consumers Satisfaction on Repurchase Intention (Study on Pink Jaya Tofu Factory in Kupang City)

Henry Bramantio Lau, Markus Bunga, Wehelmina Ndoen
This study aims to determine the influence of consumers satisfaction (Attributes Related to The Product, Attributes Related to Service, and Attributes Related to Purchase) on Repurchase Intention in Pink Jaya Tofu Factory in Kupang City. The type of research is quantitative. The population in this study...
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Inflation Persistence in East Nusa Tenggara

Lindi Yana Mauk, Aldarine Molidya, Rolland E. Fanggidae, Oktovianus Nawa Pau
The research entitled Persistence of Inflation in East Nusa Tenggara aims to explain the influence and relationship of commodities or groups of goods and services which consists of seven groups, namely the food ingredients group (BAMA), processed food, cigarettes and tobacco groups (MAJADI), housing...
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The Effect of Social Media Marketing to Purchasing Interest of Fenomena Rakat Clothing (Retaseu Store)

Antonius Gurubay, Antonio E. L. Nyoko, Rolland E. Fanggidae
The internet and all its conveniences are now a phenomenon. Technological changes are increasingly rapidly encouraging innovation in the use of the internet. The internet, which is synonymous with means of communication and information exchange, is now starting to evolve into a business tool along with...
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Analysis Stock Returns of the Automotive Sector on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Azhar Wibawa Putra, Paulina Y. Amtiran, Marianus S. Neno
As is known the impact of the trade war caused investors to tend to reconsider the funds they invested in Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to look at the effect of price wars on stock returns in the automotive sector. The method used in this research is quantitative descriptive method that explains...
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Potential Development of Creative Tourism and Supporting Aspects

Sudirah Sudirah, Rini Febriani
In the development of tourism analysis, the potential of creative tourism is an interesting study. The essence of tourism development among others is the development that emphasizes local wisdom, and preservation of Cultural arts (batik). Development of batik creative tourism potential, it is appropriate...
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Co-Creation of Experience for Competitive Special Interest Tourism

Diaz Pranita, Ernie Tisnawati Sule, Umi Kaltum
This study is intended to examine the effect of niche marketing and co-creation of experience to the competitiveness of tourism destinations. The method used is explanatory survey to the population of 64 (sixty-four) special interest tourism destinations, sailing tourism destinations in Indonesia. Data...
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Assesment of Portfolio Return Performance in the Indonesian Capital Market

Renea Shinta Aminda
The selection of portfolios from many issuers is intended to reduce the risk borne and have optimal portfolio performance in the market. The research carried out aims to find out the magnitude of issuers and their constituents in the Indonesian capital market continued to assess the performance of the...
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Factors Affecting Bogor Botanical Garden Visitors’ Intention Before and After the One Way System Application

Sulistiono Sulistiono, Adil Fadillah, Della Eka Putrie
The Aims of this research is to determine the factors affecting Visitors’ Intention to visit The Bogor Botanical Garden before and after the implementation of a one-way system. The population of this study is Bogor Botanical Gardens’ Visitors with a sample of one hundred respondents. Nonprobability sampling...
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Analysis of Changes of Community Mind Patterns About Garbage Banks to Existence and Accounting Practices of Garbage Banks (Study at Al-Hidayah Garbage Bank in East Jakarta)

Rimi Gusliana Mais, Erni Nuraini
This study aims to analyze changes in the mindset of the public regarding the Waste Bank to the existence and practice of accounting in the Waste Bank. Viewing from the proof of transaction to the financial reporting. The object of this study was conducted at the Al-Hidayah Garbage Bank in East Jakarta....
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Determinants of Corporates Leverage in Indonesia

Aang Munawar
This paper examines the determinants of corporate leverage with the determining factors are bond yield, company size, and liquidity. The research samples include 22 companies that present a complete report with the determination of the sample through a purposive sampling method. The study uses the data...
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The Good Corporate Governance Mechanism Effects Toward Bank Pembangunan Daerah Performance in Indonesia with Ownership Structure as Moderation

Inneke Putri Widyani, Rini Dwiyani Hadiwidjaja
This study will examine the effect of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) on the performance of regional banks in Indonesia. This is based on the growth of Regional Development Banks throughout Indonesia which continue to commit to appearing as leaders in their respective regions. The research will also...