Proceedings of the  III International Scientific Congress Society of Ambient Intelligence 2020 (ISC-SAI 2020)

Mission of the III International Scientific Congress SOCIETY OF AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE 2020 – the organization of many-sided platform for the cooperation of the academic association and business with the purpose of generation of new knowledge and exchange of information and advanced experience, dealing with modern tendencies, key factors and peculiarities of development and technologies of the information society on conditions of the digital economy’s globalization. The consolidation of relevant studies in this publication was made possible thanks to the effective work of the program and technical committees. The Congress organizers and the program committee are grateful to the participants for the provided scientific research and to the entire Atlantis Press team for the work done.

Head of the Programme Committee - Prof. DSc Serhii Hushko
Technical committee - Assoc. Prof. PhD Viktoriya Solovieva
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