Proceedings of the  III International Scientific Congress Society of Ambient Intelligence 2020 (ISC-SAI 2020)

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Strategies and Tactics of Evaluative Discourse

Ganna Prihodko, Oleksandra Prykhodchenko, Marina Zaluzhna, Galina Moroshkina
The investigation involves the analysis and description of communicative strategies and tactics within evaluative discourse. Evaluative discourse is understood as a complex communicative phenomenon that includes, in addition to linguistic, extralinguistic factors (knowledge about the world, sociocultural...
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Designing an ERP Module for Assessing the Economic Status of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises Based on Operating Leverage

Serhii Hushko, Ganna Purij, Kateryna Slyusarenko, José Manuel M. Botelho, Abdukhakim Mamanazarov, Volodymyr Kulishov
Demand fluctuation and increased competition in iron ore mining accompanied by increased total cost affect the economic status of mining and metallurgical enterprises. This can lead to either a significant increase or decrease of fixed costs in the total cost structure, which is characterized by operating...
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Dynamics of Oncological Morbidity in Kryvyi Rih Environment

Daria Shiyan, Olena Lakomova, Sergiy Sonko
The article examines environmentally-spatial specifics of morbidity spread in Kryvyi Rih region (Kryvbas). Different approaches to the identification of medical geographic areas are analysed. The paper proposes a typology of diseases, according to which environmental and geopathogenic areas are defined....
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The Usage of Technology of the AB-Costing and the Balanced Scorecard in Enterprise’s Business-Process Management

Yurii Kuzminskyi, Iryna Kryshtopa, Maryna Voronova, Bohdan Kuzminskyi, Serhii Hushko, Andrii Shaikan
The development of the digital economy has intensified competition in world markets and necessitated the need for search for new approaches to information support for enterprise activity management. The way of solving this problem is to organize the system of management accounting by business processes...
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Theoretical Preconditions for Business Processes Management of Energy Efficiency in Mining Enterprises

Anatoly Temchenko, Oleksandr Temchenko, Stanislav Stovpnyk, Nataliia Shevchuk, Viktoriia Vapnichna, Rostislav Tulchinskiy
The article justifies the need for further development of the scientific approach to evaluation and selection of energy-saving technologies for the open-cast mining of iron ore deposits, which is important for the mining industry of Ukraine. A structural diagram of the theory of energy saving is proposed....
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Internal Audit of Conflicts in Enterprise’s Accounting with the Help of Artificial Intellect’s Instruments

Tetiana Bondarenko, Ruslan Dutchak, Olha Kondratiuk, Olena Rudenko, Andrii Shaikan, Elizaveta Shubenko
The article is devoted to the research of the enterprise’s conflicts in the accounting and to the progressive methods of their solvation. The causal-aftereffective connections of the conflict in the accounting at all the stages of its development process are revealed. The internal audit’s optimality...
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Legal Policy: The Latest Dimensions of Development

Iryna Mima, Vladyslav Yamkovyi, Ivan Kopaygora, Nina Ivaniuk
The relationship between such legal categories as “policy” and “law”, which gives rise to such a legal phenomenon as “legal policy”, is analysed. The general theoretical description of the concept of “legal policy”, its features, principles of functioning are given. The essence of the legal policy is...
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Business and Human Rights: Dialectics of Interaction

Orlova Olena, Kuchuk Andrii, Ivanii Olena
Adoption of the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises indicates gradual change in human rights theory. However the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms is the most universal international treaty and the...
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Developing Business Communication Skills Through Interdisciplinary Approach to Study English

Kira Vyshnevska, Olga Bratanych, Sergii Skydan, Olena Hushko, Iryna Lopatynska, Oksana Balanaeva
The present-day fast-developing knowledge society calls for an interdisciplinary approach to studying a foreign language in non-linguistic Universities. To meet contemporary requirements, teaching a foreign language for specific domains demands a new syllabus approach meant to enhance students’ motivation...
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Plurilingual Approach to Teaching a Second Foreign Language to Students of Non-Linguistic Specialties

Oksana Romanenko, Larysa Dzevytska, Olha Chyzhykova, Iryna Zabolotska, Olena Zotova-Sadylo, Iryna Bazarenko
The article deals with the problems of second foreign language teaching to non-linguistic-majoring students based on plurilingual approach. The concept of plurilingualism is defined in the article. The principles of second foreign language learning are revealed, comparative characteristics of English,...
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Report on Labour in Human Resources Management System

Liudmyla Lovinska, Yevheniia Kaliuha, Iryna Kryshtopa, Liliia Korytnik, Anna Umerova
Statistical reporting is a source of information support, comprehensive assessment, monitoring of social and labour activity for operational and strategic management of an enterprise, region, industry, state for obtaining reliable and complete information on organization, use of labour, social and labour...
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Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce: Legal Aspects

Denis Kolodin, Oksana Telychko, Viktor Rekun, Maxym Tkalych, Vladyslav Yamkovyi
Nowadays, the massive transition of retail to the Internet and the replacement of such salespeople with artificial intelligence, and the use of artificial intelligence to process large databases of potential buyers, along with engaging chatbots to communicate with buyers of goods, creates many possible...
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Innovative Forms of Management for Companies Under Rehabilitation

Hanna Matukova, Valentyna Khrapkina, Daria Matukova-Yaryha, Alla Maksimova, Natalia Bahashova
The article deals with problems of anti-crisis management of enterprises and ways of settling the problem of transforming crises and re-establishing solvency of bankrupt enterprises and creating the system of rehabilitation during crises. The authors substantiated a complex of effective managerial, economic...
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Experimental Studies of the Process of Crushing Coal Charge on Hammer Mill with the View of Introducing Technologies and Products 4.0 at the Industrial Enterprises

Popolov Dmitry, Zaitsev Gennady, Zaselskiy Igor, Velitchenko Vladimir, Konovalenko Vadim, Kormer Marina
In conditions of fierce competition in the market of mining and metallurgical products the need to reduce its cost, which is achievable through optimization power consumption. One way to solve this problem, in conditions transformation of industrial clusters and technology development 4.0, is energy...
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Collaborationism and War Crimes as Phenomena in the Information Society

Valentina Shaikan, Kateryna Datsko, Nina Ivaniuk, Alim Batiuk
The article deals with the importance for Ukraine, in the context of the hybrid war, of the implementation of international and humanitarian law in the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The authors argue the problem of war crimes and collaboration in the modern information society and its resolution is important...
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The Terminological Tolerance Concept for Economic Media Discourse: The Ukrainian Words vs Borrowed Words

Larysa Kozlovska, Svitlana Tereshchenko, Lesya Malevych, Maiia Dziuba, Nataliia Krasnopolska, Olena Tkachenko
The study presents an analysis of the economic segment of contemporary media discourse, which not only reproduces professional information in various genres, but also actively influences the formation of new linguistic trends. One of the most foreground phenomena in the Ukrainian media is to find a permanent...
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Cyber-Criminality: Protection’s Aspects of Modern Information Space

Sergiy Tkalichenko, Valentyna Khotskina, Zhanna Tsymbal
The actual problem of the modern society – cyber-criminality –is examined in the article. The classification of the “cyber-crime” notion is realized in the process of study of the cyber-crimes and the mechanisms of protection from the information security’s threats. The list of the hardest cyber-crimes...
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Ways to Activate Sludge Thickening for the Purpose of Implementing 4.0 Technologies in Industrial Enterprises

Viktoriia Hryhorieva, Viktor Batareyev, Hanna Andrushchenko, Ruslan Shaida, Andrii Sorokin, Volodymyr Tyshchuk
Based on the analysis of the circumstances of formation, collection and transportation of significant sludge volumes to the place of their storage, the possibility of a significant reduction in the tailings areas as well as infiltration of sludge deep into the soils and their pollution with inorganic...
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Characteristics of Speech Competence in Pedagogical and Psychological Aspects and Methods for Its Improvement

Zulfizar Karimova
This article highlights questions about the concept of “speech competence”, as well as gives the main characteristics of this concept. The list of modern requirements for improvement of speech competency in the field of specialization is provided in the paper. This work considers the present stage of...
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The Problems of Forming the Economic Policy Methodological Paradigm in the Global Transformations and Industry 4.0 Process

Yurii Zaitsev, Oleksandra Moskalenko, Olga Shkurupii, Tetiana Deyneka
The article addresses the problems of concord of objectively existing processes occurring in the modes of manufacture of the modern globalised society and subjective perceptions of scientists, politics, state regarding uses of their results in the interest of the business, the person and the humanity....
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Problems of Receiving Services in the Digitalization Mode in the Field of Medicine Circulation

Kuzmenko Oksana, Chorna Viktoriia, Oleg Padalka, Mansur Mamanazarov
This scientific article is devoted to the urgent problems of obtaining services in the digitalization mode in the field of medicines circulation. The main directions of the digitalization process implementation in the field of circulation of medicines in Ukraine are disclosed, attention is focused on...
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The E-Government’s Influence on the Country’s Economy (At the Example of Ukraine and Estonia)

Andrii Kotenok, Iryna Kulaga, Vsevolod Klivak, Olena Tkachenko
Computer technology plays a very important role for the development of institutions of modern society. The study is dedicated to finding the best way to measure the impact of electronic control on macroeconomic indicators. The methodology used is similar to the methodology for constructing the Cobb-Douglas...
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Social and Legal Mechanisms for Prevention and Counteraction to Bullying in Youth Environment

Kateryna Levchenko, Mykola Legenkyi, Olha Shved, Maryna Legenka, Olga Dunebabina
The scale of bullying in Ukraine and in the world in general is confirmed by statistical data and by the research data, and this scale calls for measures to secure a proper response to it. The bullying problem is international, and deployment of measures to prevent and curtail it requires an innovative...
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Environmental Taxation and Its Impact on Stimulating the Development of Smart Industry

Maryna Sadovenko, Iryna Vasylchuk, Kateryna Slyusarenko
The article presents the results of the research based on the analysis of theoretical concepts for the development of the environmental tax, assessment of the current climate situation in the world and in Ukraine in particular. The article also presents an analysis of qualitative and quantitative indicators...
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Actual Aspects of Circular Economy Development

Olga Sosnovska, Olena Shtepa
The rapid pace of expansion of industrial production over several decades led to an improvement in the economic well-being of society and provoked aggravation of global problems in terms of environmental degradation, depletion of natural resources and the emergence of a global environmental crisis. In...
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Current Problems of Inland Waterway Transport Legal Regulation in Ukraine

Oleh Stets, Roman Sheludiakov, Merabi Gabriadze, Anton Busakevych
The article analyzes the legislation gaps related to the issue of inland waterway transport in Ukraine. In particular, the authors define and characterize the process of implementation of European legislation in the field of inland waterway transport and investigate the influence of European standards...
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Sustainable Development Indicators Under Analysis of European Union Member States and Ukraine

Kateryna Holikova, Iryna Maksymova, Svitlana Matsyura, Viktoriia Radko, Nina Rudenko, Daryna Zhukova
Recently, the sustainable development concept became a crucial issue for every country of the world. Ukraine isn’t exception. The main idea of sustainable development is to find a model that would balance the economic development, social sustainability and environmental challenges. In this study, we...
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Implementing Communicative Approach in ESP Training as a Pedagogical Aspect at Uzbekistan Universities

Elena Adronova
The article states the main idea of communicative approach in ESP training, depicting a brief description of communicative approach implementation and on its basis ESP approach development as well as ESP methods and its assessmentways. Additionally, the article describes the use of ESP approach at the...
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University Brand Development Under Conditions of Social Demographic Changes

Iluta Arbidane, Alena Bahdanava, Alena Kolesava, Irina Tetereva
The substantiation of recommendations for developing directions for the development of a university brand is an integral part of the development of an intellectual society, as well as the foundation for an advantage in a competitive environment in the context of socio-demographic changes. The development...
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The Management of Business-Processes Strategic Sectors of Economy on Digital Transformation Conditions

Liliana Horal, Svitlana Korol, Mykola Havrylenko, Inesa Khvostina, Vira Shyiko
This paper investigates the issues of the management improvement of business-processes on conditions of digital transformation. Based on studies of domestic and foreign scientists, it was established that the intensive process of digitization of the economy generates the emergence of new digital technologies...
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Cryptocurrency Market: Problems and Development Prospects in Ukraine

Svitlana Yermak, Margaryta Satanievska
The article investigated the history of the emergence and development of cryptocurrency, its main features, technology of use and types are considered. The bitcoin exchange rate against the US dollar has been studied in dynamics over the past 5 years and at a specific date (February 9, 2020). A rating...
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Customer Transaction Costs Simulation in E-Commerce

Oleg Pursky, Oleksandr Kharchenko, Tetiana Dubovyk, Iryna Buchatska, Iryna Gamova, Pavlo Demidov
The present study reports the results of simulating the customer transaction costs in e-commerce. In this investigation, we have focused our attention to influence of introduction of the collective product delivery routes and the level of consumer conversion rate on the customer transaction costs in...
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Integrated Monitoring of the Spring Water Quality in the Mostyska District of Lviv Region

Nataliia Hoivanovych, Svitlana Voloshanska, Svitlana Monastyrska, Halyna Kovalchuk, Yaroslav Lesyk, Anzelika Ivasivka
Rural population of Ukraine mainly consume water from wells and individual wells, which (in the vast majority) are in unsatisfactory technical and sanitary condition. For the estimation of the quality of the spring waters in some settlements of Mostyska district, the seasonal samples of were taken in...
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Efficiency of Business and Intercultural Communication: Multilingual Advertising Discourse

Tetyana Kozlova
The research considers advertising as a type of discourse in the context of intercultural communication. A multilingual advertisement is treated as a product of globalisation which accelerated a shift from the product-oriented perspective to the customer-centered approach in publicity. The paper provides...
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Recurrence Analysis of the Economic Behavior of Agents of the Frequency of Online Exchange Rate in the Information Environment

Kucherova Hanna, Dmytro Ocheretin, Vita Los, Olha Bilska
The behavior of the socio-economic agents of the foreign exchange market has always been characterized by insufficient predictability, therefore today researchers do not leave the search for new methods and indicators for their prediction. With the development of the information society and online technologies,...
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Monetary Relations Transformation in the Digital Economy

Anatoly Suprun, Olga Smyrna, Natalya Voloshanyuk, Tetiana Petrishina, Oleg Tereshchenko
The digital economy influences all socio-economic life components. Monetary relations are also changing rapidly due to introduction of digital technologies. There are many causes of these changes. Ones are uneven in different countries; ones are influenced by both the internal environment of the country...
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Lempel-Ziv Complexity and Crises of Cryptocurrency Market

Vladimir Soloviev, Serhiy Semerikov, Victoria Solovieva
The informational (Kolmogorov) measure of complexity in accordance with the Lempel-Ziv algorithm (LZC) is calculated for the logarithmic returns of daily Bitcoin/$ values. The calculations were carried out for a moving window with a variation in its size (50–250 days) in increments of one day in the...
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Health-Saving Competence of Future Primary School Teachers: Indicators of Development

Svitlana Palamar, Liudmyla Nezhyva, Halyna Vaskivska, Olena Vaschenko, Gennady Bondarenko, Maryna Naumenko
The research revealed an increasing interest of scientists to the problem of formation of health-saving competence of future primary school teachers. This tendency is due to the need for a social inquiry to modernize the training of future educators, to improve the individual areas. The authors of research...
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Intercultural Component in Teaching Foreign Students in Ukraine

Larysa Bondarchuk, Tamara Podgurska, Oksana Kovtunets
The main directions of adaptation of foreign students to study in Ukraine are analyzed, and the modern format of humanization of education of foreign students in economic universities is considered on the example of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman. Our experience shows that...
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Implementation of Smart Specialisation for Regional Industrial Development

Mykola Sychevskiy, Liudmyla Deineko, Oksana Kushnirenko, Olena Tsyplitska, Oleksandr Deineko
Smart specialisation is seen as a new opportunity for the European regions and the whole economies development. In Ukraine smart specialisation is only being mastered according to the results of Ukrainian industrial enterprises survey held in 2019 by authors. The purpose of the research is the identification...
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Issues of Future Parents Diagnostic Assessment as a Method of Autism Spectrum Disorders Prevention

Liliia Mykhailenko, Yelyzaveta Davoian
The main purpose of the article is to analyze the scientists’ theoretical achievements concerning the issues of parents’ personal characteristics influence upon a child’s autistic behavior; identification of the reasons increasing the number of children with autism spectrum disorders in Ukraine. The...
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South African English Impact on Cultural Identity Formation and Intercultural Communication

Olena Avramenko
The study deals with the issues of intercultural communication and is targeted to demonstrate the specificity of multicultural and multilingual environment in the Republic of South Africa. The findings prove that intercultural communication processes are very dynamic as they are encouraged by the polycomponent...
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Acmeological Approach to the Formation of Healthy Lifestyle Among University Students

Bahodir Mamurov, Abdukhakim Mamanazarov, Kobiljon Abdullaev, Ismoil Davronov, Nurzod Davronov, Kosimjon Kobiljonov
The article presents an analysis of the formation of a healthy lifestyle of students in the conditions of the reform of the higher education system, gives a pedagogical interpretation of a healthy lifestyle, and formulates the conditions for using the acmeological approach to the formation of a healthy...
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Modeling of Capital Investments Public Financing Volume Using Logistic Curves

Vitalii Kuzmenko, Svitlana Urvantseva, Serhii Khodakevich, Volodymyr Romanyshyn
The methodological justification of the threshold value of the public financing of capital investments as a point of reverse (LPI)is provided within the current research. The point of reverse means a share of public expenditures in the structure of GDP, excess of which will slow down economic growth....
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Social Works in Certain Areas of Donetsk аnd Lugansk Regions

Ganna Koval, Valentina Sanzharovets, Yulia Shatylo
Prevention of negative phenomena in the environment is compounded by the annual growth rate of crisis phenomena in society. They are closely linked to the political, socio-economic situation and instability in the Ukrainian society. There is acute discussion about military actions in some districts of...
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The Problem of Decentralization of Public Power in the Context of Territorial’s Independence

Valentyn Orlov, Obidjon Khamidov, Victoriia Poliakova, Valentyna Shylova
The development of modern forms of social organization on conditions of prosperity and deepening of influence on human life of the information society affects all the elements of the society mechanism, and especially the public administration’s subsystem, in the first turn. Acting as a subject of public...