Proceedings of the  III International Scientific Congress Society of Ambient Intelligence 2020 (ISC-SAI 2020)

Implementation of Smart Specialisation for Regional Industrial Development

Mykola Sychevskiy, Liudmyla Deineko, Oksana Kushnirenko, Olena Tsyplitska, Oleksandr Deineko
Corresponding Author
Olena Tsyplitska
Available Online 23 March 2020.
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smart specialisation, industrial development, industrial policy, smart technologies, Ukraine
Smart specialisation is seen as a new opportunity for the European regions and the whole economies development. In Ukraine smart specialisation is only being mastered according to the results of Ukrainian industrial enterprises survey held in 2019 by authors. The purpose of the research is the identification of the role, opportunities and perspectives of smart specialisation implementation in regions for Ukrainian industrial growth with the help of the industry experts’ survey. The objectives of the research were: to consider the foreign experience in smart specialisation strategies implementation and its effects of industrial development; to analyze the findings of the survey of industry‘s experts; to make recommendations for smart specialization strategies implementation in Ukraine. The methodology included the questioning of 50 representatives of manufacturing (light, pharamceutical and food industries) and of related government bodies on the smart specialisation perspectives for the industrial potential development and its statistical analysis. The key finding of the research is that representatives of Ukrainian industry though perceive the importance of this tool face many obstacles in its implementation: difficult financial situation, lack of public support, lack of skilled personnel and of information about existing smart technologies. Considering research results the solutions of the identified problems were proposed which included the establishing an effective dialogue between central and local authorities, national producers and academic institutions; development of new areas of activity through targeted forms of interregional cooperation; development and implementation of the industrial and financial policy tools to stimulate R&D and S3 implementation on a regional level.
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Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research
Publication Date
23 March 2020
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Open Access
This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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