Proceedings of the International Science and Technology Conference "FarEastСon" (ISCFEC 2019)

Welcome to the International Scientific Conference “FarEastCon” (ISCFEC 2019). The conference will be held in Vladivostok, Russian Federation on October 1-4, 2019.

The international science and technology conference "FarEastСon" is dedicated to the discussion of today’s achievements and farsighted researches in the area of intellectual technology use for solving of real, applied tasks in various areas of industries and energy policies of nations. The conference is organized for the purpose of support of interdisciplinary discussion and publication of scientific-research results that summarizes researches in the technical sphere of knowledge at higher educational institutions, research institutes, major industrial enterprises, science and production unions of the Russian Federation, authors from foreign countries, and results of researches conducted with the initiative of authors.

Please click here for the conference website. (Conference website no longer available.)