Proceedings of the International Science and Technology Conference "FarEastСon" (ISCFEC 2019)

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The Innovative Activity of Russian Business in the Conditions of Macroeconomic Instability

A.M. Koroleva, M.M. Makhmudova
The article identifies the role of innovations in the economic development of a state and a region during innovative development transformation. Regional and industry differentiation by companies' innovative activity level is analysed. Priority areas of innovative activity development in pioneer businesses...
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Multi-Criteria Mechanism for Selecting Projects by Fintech Accelerators

T.G. Bondarenko, O.A. Zhdanova, N. Klimova
The fintech industry is currently actively gaining its positions. Fintech accelerators are a new infrastructure institution for the Russian market of the fintech ecosystem, which is currently in the stage of its active formation. As the specialized accelerators and as the element of the infrastructure...
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The Econometric Model of the Social and Economic Regional Development Impact on Demographic Processes

E.D. Emtseva, E.V. Krasova, L.S. Mazelis
The article proposes the econometric model of a social and economic regional development impact on demographic processes that largely determine the level of the regional human capital, which in turn is one of the most important factors for sustainable regional development. Using the created database...
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Problems of Attracting Investments for the Acquisition and Construction of Real Estate

E.A. Vidishcheva, V.A. Nikiforova, A.A. Kovchun
We have analyzed Russian and global experience of investing in housing. We reviewed the fundraising models existing in the Russian real-estate market: mortgage and equity construction. The paper analyzes some statistics relating to the state-of-the-art in housing construction in the Siberian Federal...
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About the Modern Stage of Technological Development of Branches of the Russian Economy

E.G. Molodykh-Nagaeva
The paper presents theories on economic cycles and changing the economy’s technological paradigm. We herein analyze the dynamics of the current technological developpment of the national economy. We describe the sector-by-sector discrepancy regarding how efficiently businesses use their resources. We...
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Managing the Investment Portfolio Structure in Response to a Lower CBR Key Rate

A.V. Koren, A.A. Pustovarov
This paper discusses the methods for managing the investment portfolio structure in response to lower inflation and CBR key rate. The reduced attractiveness of fixed-yield instruments primarily results in a gradual increase in investments in the shares of companies offering high dividends and stable...
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Scientific Communication of Russia in the Information Landscape of the Modern World

G.V. Petruk, M.A. Sachko, S.K. Peteraitis
Formation of a new economy is directly linked to the creation and use of scientific knowledge. Such knowledge represents an inexhaustible economic resource, a driver of economic growth, and the foundation of the economy of knowledge. Scientific knowledge is first of all generated by the research institutes...
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Development and Effective Activity of Innovative Enterprises in the Russian Federation

D.S. Demidenko, Yu.A. Dubolazova
The development of innovative activities of the enterprises in the Russian Federation is the main direction of successful economic development of the country and raising the living standard of the population. Innovative enterprises are at the center of all the changes needed to create, implement innovative...
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The Management of Financial Stability in the Conditions of Overcoming the Crisis at Agricultural Enterprises

L. Salova
The article is devoted to the development of the approach and adaptation of the existing general methods of financial stability management to the activity of an agricultural enterprise in the conditions of its financial crisis. The peculiarity of the research is to try to consider approaches to making...
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A Life Preservation Technology Model within the System of Professional Training of Humanities Majors

E.V. Kozlova, V.V. Savchuk, O.I. Khrusch
The professionalism of modern teacher is not only the ability of achieving of good pedagogical result, but the ability of saving and strengthening pupil’s health. During preparing teachers, one of the priority directions is attitude to health of teachers and pupils. The article presents the model of...
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Contemporary Tendencies of Development of Consumer Models in Russian Society

G. Prokofeva, A. Prokofev
The article shows how the development of communication technologies, transmission, processing of information and methods of advertising over the last two decades have changed the consumer attitudes of Russian society. The process of "soft" (mental) compulsion of people to aspiration of match the environment...
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Experience in Preparing an Online-Course for the National Platform for Open Education

V. Gribov, N. Kazantseva, G. Tkachuk
In the article presented an interactive training system, which was developed for the online course "Fundamentals of Metrology, Standardization and Conformity Assessment" on the National Platform for Open Education. The principal scheme of interaction in the interactive training system and variants of...
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The Current Issues of the Sustainable Development of the Health Care System

I.A. Gareeva
The article deals with risk analysis and the influence of the risks on the sustainable development of the health care system, the ways of solving the problem are under consideration. The problems of one of the most important part of human life -the sphere of health care are in the focus of attention....
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Structuring of Industrial Organization Reserves on the Basis of the Golden Section Theory

Т.А. Kulagovskaya, А.А. Ter-Grigor’yants, I.V. Solovyova
Major task of the research is to develop models and methods of management of material flows taking into account analysis of economic agent’s financial resources transferred into stock. Methodological framework of the research includes scientific and specific cognitive methods. Search of solutions to...
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Scientifically Grounded Determination of Physics Course Content for Technical Universities

A.F. An
The article suggests an approach to designing a physics course content meant for technical universities ensuring objectification of educational subject syllabus structure which is aimed at obtaining final educational results in a specific field of study. Logical matrix method and expert opinion survey...
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Development of Quality Control System for Construction of Residential Real Estate on the Basis of a Process Approach

S. Beliakov
The article considers the general rule of the influence of quality management processes in the planning and implementation of investment projects for the construction of residential real estate on the indicators of their effectiveness. The formation and ap-plication of a quality management system based...
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Development of System Thinking of Students During the Course of Cognitive Modeling of Socio-economic Systems

T.N. Ledashcheva, V.E. Pinaev, V.I. Gorelov, O.L. Karelova
The article is dedicated to development of systems thinking among the students of different specialties. Systems thinking, in modern time, becomes crucial for specialists in the fields of technic and technology, economics, environmental management, management etc. Authors propose to use cognitive modelling...
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On the Issue of Sociocultural Adaptation and Integration of Youth in Modern Russia

R.K. Malhozova, E.G. Barannikova, N.V. Kuzmenko
The features of sociocultural adaptation and integration of youth in modern Russia are considered in this article. The need to create conditions for successful person socialization is underlined. The rapid growth of the role of education in the formation of the person's life position, personal views,...
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Modeling of the Process of the Branch Personnel Training

V.S. Parshina, T.B. Maruschak
personnel management training; competence approach; coordination of interests of the parties in the formation of the personnel of the branch university; Markov,s processes; modeling of the process of management training.
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Aims and Perspectives of Insurance Company Investments

O.N. Kozlova, E.A. Kalacheva, I.V. Kalacheva
The article examines the perspectives and aims of Russian insurance companies’ investment activities. Investment is not the principal activity for such companies, yet it plays an important role by allowing them to acquire additional income and affecting financial markets. Investment activity is limited...
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Evaluation and Improvement of Zonal Sugar Product Specialization of Regions

S.I. Viktorovna, O.N. Nikolaevna, P.E. Mikhailovna
The article is devoted to the improvement of zonal sugar specialization of the regions. The authors of the article consider the territorial specialization of regional clusters on the distribution of sugar production in the natural and economic space of Russia; analyze the state and trends of beet development,...
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Evaluation of the Active Employment Programs in Astrakhan Region

E.P. Fedorova, E.I. Glinchevskiy
The article deals with theoretical approach and methodology of the evaluation the effectiveness of the active programs in the labor market. The current state of the labor market in Russia is analyzed. Special attention is paid to regional labor market. Factors influencing the effectiveness of programs...
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Digital Technologies as a Basis for the Development of a Modern Enterprise

S. Zhura
The current period of society’s development is highly influenced by digital technologies which penetrate all spheres of human activity. Russia is currently entering a new level of development, like many developed countries. This development is based on the use of IT-technologies, caused by the Fourth...
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The Mechanism of Formation of the Resource Poten-tial of a Functioning Enterprise Taking into Account the Risk

N.V. Voronina, S.Yu. Steksova
The article presents a comprehensive study of the mechanisms for the formation, implementation and effectiveness evaluation of the resource potential use. The evaluation is based on a multilevel system of indicators taking into account the specified charac-teristics of the corresponding resources. While...
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The Actualization of the Linguistic Sign Charm Offensive in Contemporary English Language Newspapers

L. Toropova
The paper deals with investigating the peculiarities of lexico-semantic content of the linguistic sign charm offensive through its contextual actualization in modern English (British-American) media newspaper discourse (2000-2018). The author aims at revealing the conceptual mechanism of the linguistic...
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Institutional Features of the Russian Intellectual Property Market

K. Kazantsev
While the demand of Russian industry for advanced developments has significantly increased, formation, formalization and implementation of the results of intellectual activity (RIA) into the production processes have become especially critical. Institu-tional features of the Russian intellectual property...
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Professional Objectives of Future STEM Specialists

P. Kislyakov, E. Shmeleva, N. Belyakova
The results of the research of professional objectives of future STEM specialists are presented. The initial stage of professional identification of students mastering STEM programs is considered. Factors of choice of STEM profession, strategy of increase of competitiveness, features of professional...
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Risk Management in a Crisis in the Financial Markets

A.N. Suyetin, V.V. Matveev
This article is devoted to modern methods of risk management in a crisis in the financial markets. The global financial crisis of 2008 created new and aggravated existing risks in the economy: unexpected movements of the markets began to appear on a global scale. This makes it increasingly difficult...
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Modern Paradigm of Ensuring Food Security Risk Resistance in Russia

A. Badalova, V. Larionov
Food security is an important component of economic and national security. Therefore, increasing resilience to food security risks and threats is required. This problem is very actual in modern Russia. The purpose of the study is to generate the new paradigm of ensuring food security. This paradigm is...
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Convergence of Regional Information Spaces as a Factor of Global Digital Economy

S.A. Dyatlov, O.S. Lobanov
The article reveals the peculiarities of convergence of regional information spaces in the global digital neural network economy. Introduced into scientific circulation the concept of "neural network information space" (NNIC) and the characteristic of its main elements. Principles of allocation subsystem...
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Identification of Tourism Clusters in the Russian Far East

N.Y. Titova, M.A. Pervukhin, V.E. Zyglina
Around the world, tourism is one of the most dynamically developing spheres in international trade in services, and the Russian Federation is no exception. But in Russia tourism industry potential is still used very poor. To a large extent, the realization of the development potential of regional tourism...
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Problems of Unification of Professional Standards in the Field of Customs: National and International Component

K.V. Trubitsyn, Y.N. Gorbunova, O.Yu. Kalmykova
Establishing general objectives and functions of customs bodies, the Customs Code of the EAEU determines that rights and duties of customs bodies are established by legislations of State Members of the EAEU (art. 351 of the Customs Code of the EAEU). Thus, each State Member establishes independently...
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The Image of the Territory as a Factor of Regional Tourism Development

O.A. Brel, P.Ju. Kayzer
The problem discussed in the article is positioning the Kemerovo region on external and internal tourist market through the promotion of the tourist image. The regional strategy for tourism development, given the increasing economic significance of this sector in the region, as well as the communication...
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The Mutual Influence Of The Intellectual Capital Of Universities And Regions And Their Location

A. Maltseva, I. Veselov
The article contain results of a comprehensive study aimed at revealing the role and importance of universities’ intellectual capital in the formation of integrated regional indicators of intellectual capital. The theoretical foundations of the intellectual capital of territories and universities were...
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Organization of Training for Small and Medium Business Entrepreneurs in an Industrial City

E.M. Zarubina, O.A. Nikitina, T.M. Slobodyanik
The purpose of experimental research by the authors is to identify and experimentally test a set of conditions that ensure the effective formation of economic knowledge of entrepreneurs. Tasks - the organization of the most effective forms of assistance to small and medium-sized businesses. The urgency...
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Corruption in a Public Health Service as a Social and Legal Phenomenon: the Current State and Ways of Solutions

E.S. Vologdina, O.A. Kuzmina, A.V. Matyuschko
The paper considers one of the most important problems of our time – corruption in a healthcare sphere. To reveal the essence of a corruption process in public health care, the issues of the concept corruption are analyzed, also some marks of corruption as a negative social and legal phenomenon are formulated,...
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Criminological Policy in the Field of Ensuring Business Security

G.P. Starinov, I.V. Tseveleva, E.Y. Pershina
The development of entrepreneurial activity underlies the welfare of any social structure. The level of economic development of the state is directly interconnected with the effectiveness of the level of all criminological policies aimed at ensuring, guaranteed protection of the rights of business entities....
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Formation the Innovative Drivers of Regional Eco-nomic Development

V.N. Nemtsev
The research focuses on the formation of regional diversified corporate structures with the participation of defense enterprises with high innovative potential. The aim of the research is to increase the innovative activity of the defense complex enterprises as drivers of regional development, based...
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The Emerging Market Economy: Business Resource

L. Votсhel, V. Vikulina
This article is devoted to the problem of reasoning of the individual entrepreneurial capacity. For the Russian socio-economic environment, when the problem of transition to an innovation -oriented economy is becoming an issue of the highest priority, this problem is quite relevant, since the level of...
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Financing of Education as a Process of Formation of Human Capital and an Instrument of Socially Oriented Policy of the State

E.N. Nidziy
The priority of science and education is a factor in the dynamic development of both a separate region and the state as a whole. The introduction of science-intensive technologies into production is a key task, the solution of which will help to take Russia's leading positions in the global economic...
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Application of the Value Engineering Method in a Construction Company

D.N. Silka
Technologies of value engineering are quite actively used at foreign enterprises. Russian enterprises that implement complex industrial facilities also confirm the relevance of engineering methods in solving various tasks for project management. The paper shows the principles of the value engineering...
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Resource Projects in Region Economy: Experience of Assessment

N. Lomakina, A. Faiman
Theoretical and methodical questions are investigated at identifying and quantifying systemic effects from execution resource projects. Given methodological principles are based on the key provisions of the resource economy, environmental economy, spatial economy, the theory of investment efficiency...
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The Effectiveness of Educational Services: an Approach to the Assessment of the Quality

V.I. Sarchenko, T.P. Kategorskay, A.S. Shchitnikov
Educational services, quality of educational services, quality assessment methodology.
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Influence of Regional Factors on the Risk Level of Mortgage Pools

S.A. Potomova
The article is devoted to determination of influence of regional factors on probability of default of borrowers of mortgage loans included in the structure of mortgage coverage. The established relationship demonstrates the necessity to take into account re-gional factors both in the process of granting...
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Diagnosis of Internet-dependent Human Behavior in the Information Aspect

S.G. Fadyushin, E.A. Vereshchagina, A.B. Kayak
The paper gives a substantiation of the diagnostic criterion and the methodology of the primary evaluation of Internet-dependent human behavior in the information aspect. As a diagnostic criterion, the entropy of key words and expressions used by a person when searching for information on the Internet...
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The Role of Education in the Process of Socialization of Youth

V.V. Yureva
The main historical stages of education development, its features at each stage and its role in youth’s socialization are considered. Within the framework of sociological knowledge, education is viewed as a social institution that performs economic, social and cultural functions in society. However,...
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A Potential of Import Substitution of Muslim Goods in Russia

S.A. Shovkhalov, A.T. Petrova
An analysis of current trends in the development of the russian economy allows to state the complication of economic ties in Russia and the world. It causes a need of more profound specialization of the industry markets, depending on various criteria signs. One of such is the confessional membership...
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Socio-Economic Benefits of a Development of Muslim Goods Market in Russia

S.A. Shovkhalov
The muslim goods market is becoming an important component in the retail trade of Russia. A share of this market doesn't exceed 5%, however it doesn't negate the fact that the country's population needs the offer of muslim goods, and the country's budget is replenished due to the development of this...
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State Intervention in Labor Legislation and Economic Development

J.V. Ivanchina
The article is devoted to establishing the dependence of state-imperative interference in the labor legal regulation and the effective development of the economy. The author bases on the historical analysis of the labor legal regulation, using the example of Russia, as well as statistical data on the...
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Computer-Based Educational Environment in NUST MISIS

V.A. Osadchy, S.M. Gorbatyuk, A.Y. Zarapin
The educational environment Dist is described, allowing to provide students with educational materials, to realize training on trajectories, knowledge control, attendance of classes, rhythm of work, calculation of the current rating. During testing, various types of questions are used, including tasks...