Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Seminar and Conference on Global Issues (ISCoGI 2017)

Domestic Violence in Garut District

Rostiena Pasciana
Corresponding Author
Rostiena Pasciana
Available Online April 2019.
Violence; Policy; Service.
Domestic violence cases always target the women as its victims. Based on obtained data, reported domestic violence cases in women and children protection (PPA) unit, Garut District Police, Garut regent reached up to 17 cases in 2015 and increased to 19 cases in 2016. The increasing cases become a challenge that have to be faced by PPA Unit, Garut District Police to improve its service to be more responsive towards the public reports. Based on the explanation mentioned, the writer interested in conducting research about “Domestic Violence in Garut District”. The research method used qualitative supported by quantitative data. The research population is 19 peoples who are the domestic violence victims who report to PPA unit, Garut District Police. Sampling technique used on this research was census. The research findings showed that constitution number 23, 2004 regarding domestic violence eradication in optimizing the service of PPA Unit, Garut District Police was runs well generally. The condition can be seen from the availability of most factors as a term to implement the constitution. Besides that, the public feedback towards the given service was considered well. It indicates that service optimization has already been seen but it still needs to be improved. This research contribution is for the policy makers so that they can intensify the progressive implementation.
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April 2019
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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