Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Seminar and Conference on Global Issues (ISCoGI 2017)

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The Role of State in Nationalization of Indonesia Alumunium Corporation

Alim Bathoro, Meidi Kosandi
This article explains the extent of the state’s role in the nationalization of Inalum Corporation, two levels i.e central government and local government levels. Data and information was gathered by qualitative research. In-depth interviews was conducted with officials at the central and local governments,...
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Organizational Culture Sharing Characteristic Transformation, Organizational Climate, and Empowerment on Motivation to Realize Society Participation in the Organization (A case study of Ciapus Village in Banjaran District)

Cultural shift gives impact on human source development problems in the organization as well as in the village in accordance to face global competition, thus human resources with good quality and local-based professionals in Indonesia are required. Organizational culture sharing characteristic transformation,...
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Domestic Violence in Garut District

Rostiena Pasciana
Domestic violence cases always target the women as its victims. Based on obtained data, reported domestic violence cases in women and children protection (PPA) unit, Garut District Police, Garut regent reached up to 17 cases in 2015 and increased to 19 cases in 2016. The increasing cases become a challenge...
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Concept of Silih Asih, Silih Asah, Silih Asuh In The Acculturation In Bandung

Santi Susanti, Iwan Koswara
This study aims to reveal the meaning of silih asih, silih asah, silih asih in the mixing of Chinese culture and Sundanese culture in the city of Bandung. Silih asih, silih asah and silih asuh is the life guidance of the Sundanese in communicating, which aims to create harmony with the surrounding environment...
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Becoming a Perpetual Learner in Globalization Era

A Ilyas Ismail
This title is important due to two things, first, internally, there is a tendency within the community where people put a high regard on academic titles, diploma, and not on the knowledge or competencies of those academic titles. Second, externally, there is a digital revolution that creates global competition,...
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The Implementation of Justice Collaborator at The Investigation Stage in East Java Regional Police

A Djoko Sumaryanto
Some criminal cases thas have been accured lately in the jurisdiction of east java which relate to Criminal Act. Especially narkoba, ranmor, are interesting to study more deeply regard to the determination of assisted the investigator or justice collaborator, by using empirical legal research or by interviewer...
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Global Maritime Fulcrum and the New Eurasia: Opportunity and Challenge for Indonesia

Sugiarto Pramono, Liu Changming
Huge of economy growth push China expands energy and market, technically China revival new Silk Path through the One Belt One Road Policy (OBOR) initiative. With OBOR China drives the Rise of New Eurasia and make this region become alternatives for US-Europe trade relations. On other hand Indonesia with...
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Reorientade Polri Role Including Resolution Political Conflict

Mechanism of ideal law straightening in solving political conflict between Parpol supporter in principle consider integrity of POLRI role and orientation of law straightening which with Restorative Justice. Police include people into just cell, not less important Police able to shut-out people into cell...
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Attempts on Deradicalisation of Religious Generation of Millenials Through the Utilization of Institutional Website or Social Media Account

Sari Hernawati
Research results from Nielsen Company July 2017 mentions that Generation Millenials, aged 20-34 years prefer internet and cinema media to get content. Thus, at least millenials in the campus environment have the potential to experience radicalization in religious thought. The purpose of this study to...
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Contribution of Guidance and Counseling in Formal Education

Anas Rohman, Gadis Herningtyasari
School is a formal educational institution has an important role in developing all the potentials of students both cognitive, affective, and phycomotor aspects. In other words, schools are established not only to produce people who have academic knowledge, but also to produce human beings who can have...
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Globalization and Economics Discrepancy of Northern-Southern Countries

Adi Joko Purwanto
This article will be decribe the economic differences between countries in the northern and southern parts of the world due to the effects of globalization Globalization with all sorts of devices has been able to change the human way of life. Globalization is becoming a way of life. In study of globalization...
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Prof. TM Hasbi Ash-Shiddiqi and His Views on Nasikh and Mansukh A Review of God's Absolutism and Human Aspects (Study of Interpretation of Surah Al-Baqarah : 106)

Muhammad Syaifudin
This paper is intended to reveal the attitude of Prof. TM Hasbi Ash-Shiddiqi's thoughts on the problems of Nasikh and Mansukh in the Qur'an. With an analytical descriptive method, the writer traces Prof Hasbi's attitude through his interpretation of QS Al-Baqarah: 106. Although with full consciousness...
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Legal Potection For Creditors In Fidusia Agreements In Indonesia

Achmad Busro, Dewi Sulistianingsih, Muhammad Shidqon Prabowo
The development of business unit needs will increase the business capital cause fiduciary plays an important role in the provision of credit banks or financing institutions. The Fiduciary Guarantee Institution with the legal foundation of Law No.42 of 1999, is present to meet the legal needs that can...
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Science Sets – Based Teaching Material Development For Character Building Reinforcement

Ummu Jauharin Farda
This research is aimed to develop a science SETS – visionary teaching material fulfilling the valid criteria for character building reinforcement. The research method used in this study was the Research and Development (R&D) which from four stages was simplified into three, consisting of (1) defining,...
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Intellectual Property Rights in The Field of Copyright in Indonesia Towards The Globalization Era

Tri Handayani
The rights for intellectual property in Indonesia nowadays have become highly necessary. It is grounded upon the notion that globalization is at the edge and Indonesia has agreed to sign the deal of the intellectual property right protection.If there is no specific rules to control the creation and utilization,...
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Da`wah Politics of Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah: Coastal and Inland Islamic Society

Adib Fathoni
Javanese coastal and inland Islam is essentially a typical Javanese Islam. It is not Islam that has Arabic traditions purified by the influence of the Wahabiyah movement, but it is also not syncretic Islam as Geertz's perspective influenced by the Islamic great traditions and small traditions. Coastal...
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Sacred Values Of Cows In Kudus Society’s View

Ubbadul Adzkiya’, Anas Rohman
Thispaper elaborates the tradition of Kudus society, a traditition sourced from the saying of Sunan Kudus, one of nine friends of God (wali) who spread Islam in Java island. At the time, Sunan Kudus prohibited Kudus society to slaughter cows as an act of tolerant and respect to Hinduism. His fatwa (Islamic...
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The Implementation Strategy of State Defense in Schools as Part of National Security

Kholfan Zubair Taqo Sidqi
The community generally perceives that state defence is related to bearing a weapon, wearing boots and uniform, and standing in a guardhouse. So defending the country seems military and stiff. Another perception is that the state condition is safe and secure. There is no deed to state defence. After...
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Management Model Development of Education and Training Class Action Research-Based Islamic Religious Education Teacher for Moderate Islam in Semarang High School

Nur Cholid, Masrukhi
This research aimed to produce an invention, that is a management model of classroom action research course and training based moderat Islam for Islamic education teachers. The results of this study will be packaged in the form of a guide book of educational management and research-based training of...
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Applicating Hermeneutica on Women Islamic Law (Study on Khaled Abou el Fadl Thought on Women Fiqh in CRLO Fatwa)

Iman Fadhilah
The debateble issues of fiqh which is still considered an unfinished reading, are the questions about "female jurisprudence". So far, fiqh products on women issues are considered discriminatory, disrespectful of women's rights even seem to harass women. In this sense, sharia is always regarded as the...
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Relationship of Family Characteristics with Mental Health of Elderly in Slum Area of Bagan Deli Sub-District of Medan Belawan District

Asfriyati, Tukiman
Families have a role to improve the quality of the elderly including their health in the slums. The diverse characteristics of elderly families will show the difference in giving the elderly a role. The purpose of this study is to familiarize the characteristic relationship of the family with the mental...
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The Role of Advocate Profession in The Enforcement of Justice System in Indonesia

Ahmad Saiful Aziz
Advocate is a law enforcer; a free, independent and responsible profession in enforcing law guaranteed by law. It means that lawyers have rights, obligations and responsibilities in accordance with the rules and law of advocates. Law No.18 Year 2003 concerning Advocates insists that Advocate is a person...
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Enrichment Book of Writing Narration Based on CLIL and Character Building

Ersila Devy Rinjani
The lack of enrichment books as a hand book that focuses on how to write narrative texts causes learners difficult to understand the material. One of many obstacles experienced by the learners is their difficulty in determining ideas and create them into a complete story. The enrichment book of writing...
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Educational Messages in Shalawat Gus Dur

Mahlail Syakur
Shalawat Gus Duris “Sya'ir Tanpo Waton”which is also known as “Sya'ir Gus Dur”. The sya'ir (poem) is popular and sought after by society because of its moral message. This study is a literature study (library research) and the results are normative-descriptive and qualitative with content analysis. This...
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Political Education Based On Islamic Humanitarian Thinking

Asma'ul Husna
A diversity of social life is a big challenge in bringing harmony to the political values. Sometimes in social life, harmonious values that should be the foundation of building a peaceful social life foundation instead turn into a threat of social disintegration because it only promotes anti-humanist,...
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Implementation of Social Community Development in Indonesia and Malaysia Borders (Case Study in Kecamatan Sajingan Besar Sambas District West Kalimantan Province Kalimantan Barat)

Research on the implementation of social development of border communities in sub district sajingan Sambas District, West Kalimantan Province. The research is based on the phenomenon of the lack of successful development in fulfilling the basic rights of the people in the border areas between Indonesia...
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The Role of Regional Government of Riau Province in the Capacity Building of Local Institutions (Case Study in Riau Province Local Institute of Tamadun Melayu)

The phenomenon of weakening the capacity of local institutions or commonly called Malay civilization Riau Province can determine the social changes in Riau Province can lead to internal problems of institutions in the form of weakening the capacity of institutions whose mandate plays a role as a subsystem...
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Deradicalization of Religion in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Through Character Education

Linda Indiyarti Putri, Ali Imron
Character education position has a strategic position concerning with caunter to religious radicalism and various acts of violence happened in soceity. Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (Islamic Elementary School) as a means of formal education based Islamic value is expected to be a basic filter and efforts in suppressing...
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Globalization of Da’wa (Initiating a New Paradigm of Da’wa in Global Competition Era)

A Ilyas Ismail
Da’wa is the basic obligation in religion that should be done in every situation. In this new age, we need to develop a new paradigm of da’wa, so da’wa can respond to the people’s need and is compatible with the fast-changing world’s dynamic. The ideas on the new paradigm of da’wa itself, should include...
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Comparative Studies Between Islamic Criminal Law and Positive Law about Castration as Additional Punishment for A Pedophile

Sri Warjiyati
A castration punishment for a criminal offender of pedophilia is a surgical action given to the perpetrator for a crime committed against a child due to the perpetrator’s abnormal sexual development. In Indonesia, castration as additional punishment that has been passed into law by the government,yet...
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Minority in Singapore (Study of Islamic Development in Singapore)

Anna Yulia Hartati
This article describes the Minorities in Singapore by taking a focus on the study of Islamic development in Singapore. As a secular state Singapore does not prohibit any religion including Islam to carry out its religious activities. Proven in Singapore there are many mosques and the presence of madrassas...
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Stagnant of Epistemological Aspect In Islamic Education Studies: Critical Studies In Bayani, Burhani, And Irfani

Laila Ngindana Zulfa, Ulya Himawati
Humanis an intellective animal (hayawan al-Nathiq). The human progress is not because of their knowledge therefore the human always try to gain the truth. To gain the truth, we need a method to reveal the truth in objectively and universally. Further, there are two methods to get a truth; they are rationalism...
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Rohingnya and The Concept of Conflict Resolution

Fitria Martanti, Gadis Herningtyasari
Rohingnya conflict that occurred in prolonged due to things that are complex. Some of the problems that triggered this were sentiments to religion, ethnicity, social, economic and political issues. This paper will provide an overview of the concept of conflict resolution that can be given as a solution...
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Public Reception To Discourse of The Jakarta Muslim Governor

Wahyuni Choiriyati, Nuriyati Samatan
This research uses Social Construction of Reality Theory as the main analytical tool for reading research findings. The paradigm used in this research is constructivism with research strategy of reception study. There are six informants who give meaning related to the urgency of the Jakarta Muslim governor...
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Evidence of Greenhouse Effect : Commitment to Disclosure Gas Emissions

Fighting against global warming is a problem that is being fought in the world, because it can increase the surface temperature of the earth and affects the reduced ability to absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Currently the disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions has only been done voluntarily...
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The Effect of Non-Performing Financing on Sharia BPR Performance

Maya Indriastuti, Luluk M. Ifada
This study aims to examine the effect of the risk level of non-performing financing (NPF) of mudharaba, musharaka, murabaha on BPRS performance in Central Java. The population in this study was 3-year data of financial statement i.e. from 2010 to 2012. The analysis method used in this research was multiple...
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Adoption of Readiness Assessment Scorecard in Improving Competitiveness of Creative Industry in Central Java

Winarsih, Hendar
Readiness Assessment Scorecard is offered to measure the extent to which the readiness of creative industries has a competitive advantage. A specific measurement model of competitive advantage will make it easier to develop the creative industry. The adoption of information technology (IT) can be studied...
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The First Payment Mechanism on Domestic Biogas in Indonesia (Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme)

Derry Wanta
This paper aims to provide information on renewable energy program in Indonesia a case of Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme (IDBP/BIRU), the actor, existing funding (credit) mechanism, the elements, types and information about the benefits of the program. BIRU is the first program on Renewable Energy...
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The Intention of Whistleblowing: The Effect of Professional Commitments, Organizational Commitments, Legal Protection, Reward, Level of Religiousity, and Moral Intensity of Internal Auditor(Case Study at Primary Tax Office in Semarang)

Khanifah, Atieq Amjadallah Alfie, Maeni
The purpose of this research is to analyze the influence of professional commitment, organizational commitment, legal protection, reward, level of religiosity, and moral intensity of internal auditor toward intention to conduct whistleblowing (study at pratama tax service office in Semarang city). The...
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Quality of Regional Financial Supervision (At the Inspectorate of Central Java Province)

Setyo Mahanani, Sri Retnoningsih
This study aims to strengthen objectivity, expertise, professional skills and compliance with the code of ethics on the quality of the inspectorate apparatus. A common problem in this studywas the continued increase in state losses caused by corruption and the like. The research sample was taken at the...
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Auditor Quality of Local Goverment Inspector In Central Java

Lisa Kartikasari, Puji Harto, Agung Juliarto
In an increasingly competitive environment, it seems important to understand the perceptions of both users and preparers as they relate to audit quality. Any differences may allow for auditor to deliver more satisfaction to both groups and simultaneously improve their own audit quality. Auditor local...
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Influence of Financial Performance, Value of Company, Corporate Governance Mechanism For Executive Compensation

Sri Retnoningsih, Setyo Mahanani
This study explains the effect of corporate performance, corporate values and corporate governance mechanisms on executive compensation. The sample is 16 firms listed in the manufacturing company for the period of 2010-2016 (112 research data). Results of F test show that the regression model used to...
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The Implementation Potential of Village Fund in Islamic Economic Perspective with The Instrument of Maqashid Syariah

Unggul Priyadi, Galuh Tri Pambekti
This study employs descriptive qualitative method with a case study. This research is conducted in Pojok Village, the Subdistrict of Campurdarat, Tulungagung. The study objectives are: (1) to analyze the allocation of the Village Fund in 2015 conducted by the village government, (2) to create alternative...
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NH Approach: Social Responsibility Performance Measurement Case of Mining Industries in Indonesia Stock Exchange

Nor Hadi, Khanifah
Thisresearch aims to measure the performance of social responsibility of companies in mining industries that are traded in Indonesia Stock Exchange by using NH Approach measurement model. NH Approach is a model of social responsibility performance that is compiled in an integrated manner so that various...
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The Effect of Religiosity on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (A Case Study on Teachers of Roudlotus Saidiyyah Foundation)

Yulekhah Ariyanti
Religiosity is closely associated with religious activities; not only performing rituals (worship) but also on other activities. Religiosity can predict how a person's work performance is. The purpose of this study is to analyze the level of religiosity of a person through five dimensions; ritual, ideological,...
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Instagram as Promotion Media for Indonesian Local Brand and Business

Edi Prihantoro, Siti Zulizilah
The use of new media technology provides various benefits, such as the use of account of istagram (Dagelan Account) as a medium promoting local Indonesian brands and businesses. One of these social media is not only used for socialite but it is able to give other function that is to market Indonesian...