Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Seminar and Conference on Global Issues (ISCoGI 2017)

Contribution of Guidance and Counseling in Formal Education

Anas Rohman, Gadis Herningtyasari
Corresponding Author
Anas Rohman
Available Online April 2019.
Guidance and Counseling, Formal Education
School is a formal educational institution has an important role in developing all the potentials of students both cognitive, affective, and phycomotor aspects. In other words, schools are established not only to produce people who have academic knowledge, but also to produce human beings who can have the ability to develop an optimal personality. The development of the personality of the learner ideally touches all aspects of the learner's life in the growing period. This means that the development of this personality must be based on all aspects of human development. Education is a process of change towards the better in the learners. Therefore, between education and guidance and counseling have a good relationship that is in the process of education there are conscious efforts to guide and direct the physical, mental, emotional, and moral growth of learners in order to run a life that is useful for himself and others. Guidance and Counseling is the process of providing assistance to individuals or learners with interview method according to individual problems faced to achieve prosperity in solving problems of life with its own ability so directed, continuous and systematic so that he can develop the potential possessed and able to develop themselves optimally with ways to understand yourself, understand the environment, overcome obstacles to determine future plans, and develop their potential optimally. So Guidance and counseling in formal education has a very important contribution to support the learning process.
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April 2019
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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