Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Seminar and Conference on Global Issues (ISCoGI 2017)

Becoming a Perpetual Learner in Globalization Era

A Ilyas Ismail
Corresponding Author
A Ilyas Ismail
Available Online April 2019.
Learner, Learning, Competition, Globalization, Knowledge Development.
This title is important due to two things, first, internally, there is a tendency within the community where people put a high regard on academic titles, diploma, and not on the knowledge or competencies of those academic titles. Second, externally, there is a digital revolution that creates global competition, where every one of us is challenged to be a perpetual learner. Otherwise, we will be cast aside as human being, which according to Michael Fullan, is morally, socially, and economically unfit to live. Perpetual learner, as James R. Davis and Adelaide B. Davis, pointed out that refers to person who loves new things, new ideas, and new skill. Perpetual learner is not only learning to know but also to think and to solve the problem. Perpetual learner tries to learn and develop the learning not only through formal learning and through text books but also from experience and realities. Perpetual learner has five distinctive characters: first, has high curiosity that makes the person keen to learn. Second, loves to share knowledge and experience with others. Third, keen to develop the knowledge. Fourth, has contribution for the development of humanity and culture. Fifth, humble and opens toward input and others’ opinion. The new age, globalization age, requires new human, the perpetual learners.
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April 2019
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This is an open access article distributed under the CC BY-NC license.

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