Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Innovative Management and Economics (ISIME 2021)

The First International Symposium on Innovative Management and Economics (ISIME 2021) was hosted online in Moscow, Russia from June 02, 2021 to June 03, 2021. ISIME 2021 was organized by International Science and Culture Center for Academic Contacts (Russia) and Zhengzhou Yingchun Conference planning Co., Ltd. (China). It welcomed all the researchers, students, scholars and professionals in the related fields to participate in this academic feast for sharing and presenting related scientific payoffs.

ISIME 2021 was dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practice of Management and Economics. It looked forward to promoting collaborative excellence between academicians and professionals in Management and Economics majors, aiming to interconnect leading researchers and pioneers in the related subjects worldwide. Furthermore, ISIME 2021 provided an opportunity for academicians and professionals in various fields with cross-disciplinary interests to bridge the knowledge gap and promote researches and the evolution of Management and Economics.

The proceedings of The First International Symposium on Innovative Management and Economics (ISIME 2021) are the result of extensive and fruitful work of organizers and participants from China, Russia, Thailand, UK, Australia, The US, and Vietnam. 170 articles were submitted to the Conference, and 96 of them were accepted for publication after a thorough review by three reviewers.

Here, we would like to sincerely thank all the individuals and organizations who have made great efforts to organize this conference. It’s believed that the success of the ISIME 2021 cannot be achieved without the hard work of everyone, including the authors who submitted papers to us, the members of ISIME 2021 Committees who are responsible for the reviewing, and the Atlantis Press which will publish the papers of ISIME 2021.

The Organizing Committee of ISIME 2021