Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Innovative Management and Economics (ISIME 2021)

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Analysis of Corporate Competition Strategies and Marketing Strategies in English Training Market in China

Taking New Oriental Education and Wall Street English as Examples

Peng Wei
Due to thirty years of reform and opening up, the market dividends have promoted the rapid rise of English education industry in China. Nowadays, with the global economic integration and the accelerated development of the knowledge economy, the industry will face new market challenges and opportunities....
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Research on Zombie Enterprise

Zijiong Chen
With the decreasing marginal effect of macro-policy, the structural problems accumulated in the process of rapid development of China’s economy since the reform and opening-up 40-odd years ago have begun to emerge, such as high debt, overcapacity of enterprises, declining return on investment, operational...
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Analysis on DingTalk’s Marketing Strategy

Yingtong Zhang
In 2020, the epidemic spread all around the world. When people stayed at home to isolate themselves, the workplace apps played an essential role for businesses and schools. DingTalk is one of the workplace apps which help people to work or study online. The theme of this paper is about DingTalk’s marketing...
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The Transaction Characteristics of Forest Right Mortgage Loan and the Selection of Transaction Model

Li Li, Heliang Huang
Based on the theory of transaction cost economics, this paper analyzes the transaction characteristics of forest right mortgage loans. It is found that the forest right mortgage loan transactions of small-scale rural households have the characteristics such as high asset specificity, strong uncertainty...
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A Study of Problems Facing University Library Management and Service Innovation in the Information Age

Hui Wang
Nowadays, in China, the university library has become a standard configuration for every university and a venue for teachers and students to read and study. With the advent of the information age, network information technology grows rapidly, and some university libraries meet some management problems....
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Analysis on the Wealth Structure of Chinese Traditional Society from the Perspective of Social Class in Ming Dynasty

Yan Huang
Since the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the market commodity economy was active, private wealth accumulated rapidly, and the relationship between social production and life had undergone profound changes. However, the rigid centralized system and the corrupt system of government officials promoted the...
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Research on Tax Planning of E-commerce Enterprises Against the Background of Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction

Taking HXZ (Hua Xian Zi) Company as an Example

Xueli Sun
At present, the international and domestic economy is facing tremendous downward pressure, and the development of enterprises is facing severe challenges. In order to further stimulate market vitality, China has successively introduced a number of tax reduction and fee reduction measures to boost the...
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Thailand’s Epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Recovery Policies

Zhiyuan Ren, Tao Jiang
Thailand, which was hit hard by the Covid-19 epidemic, has employed various economic policies in various stages to stabilize and revive its economy. When the epidemic was severe in the early stage, the Thai government, on the one hand, took strict epidemic prevention measures to prevent its spread, and...
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The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Short-term and Long-term of Chinese Infrastructure Industry

Zhao Chen, Yuxin Zhou
In today’s world, many countries are suffering from the epidemic caused by the coronavirus. In this case, China’s construction projects will be delayed, which is caused by a series of factors, such as the characteristics of the industry itself and the quarantine policies. In order to further investigate...
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Long Neglected Facts and the Vicious Circular Mechanism Behind the Middle-income Trap: An Explanation from the Debt Crisis Perspective

Xiangru Zhou
The “middle-income trap” refers to the phenomenon that an economy stagnates for a long time after its income per capita achieves the middle level of the world, which frequently occurs in developing countries. Taking Latin America as an example, the author establishes a unified framework that includes...
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The Development and Prospect of Operational Risk Measurement in China’s Commercial Banks

Kailin Feng
With the development of various businesses of commercial banks in China, operational risk has become one of the main risks faced by commercial banks. Meanwhile, the international management methods for operational risk of commercial banks include Basic Indicator Approach, Standardized Approach, Advanced...
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Research on Legal Issues of Chinese Equity Holding

Hanyu Tang, Debin Hou
Equity holds its upward and positive side on behalf of investors, which hides it behind the scenes, expands its funding channels for the company, and rejuvenates the market. However, Chinese equity holdings also have their downsides and negative aspects, such as vague legal nature, incomplete legal provisions,...
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Research on Task Switching of Multi-skilled Employees Based on NIRS Technology

Jie Lv, Tianpeng Lu
In enterprise production, task similarity and switching frequency have significant effects on employees’ brain cognitive load and job performance under dynamic multi task processing. In this paper, Lego car model was used to simulate the manual assembly operation, and a two factor task switching experiment...
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Research on SMEs’ Financing Against the Background of Internet Finance — Based on Block Chain Technology

Yuyan Zhou, Yana Zhou
As an important part of China’s national economy, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in promoting China’s economic growth, expanding jobs and increasing national tax revenue. However, due to the small scale of SMEs, low level of credit, lack of collateral, they are often...
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Research on the Coordinated Evaluation System of Economic Development and Social Governance in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Dan Wu, Xiaoqian Xiang
Through a comprehensive comparison and evaluation of the differences in economic development and social governance of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in different periods, this article analyzes the main factors affecting the economic development and social governance of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, which...
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Research on Regional Technology — Economy — Ecology Coordination Evaluation System in China

Dan Wu
Taking the eastern, central, western and north-eastern regions of China as the research objects, this paper quantitatively screens the evaluation indicators of regional scientific and technological innovation, economic development and ecological environment construction in China with the principal component...
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Analysis on the Recovery of MNEs from the Financial Crisis: A Case Study of Unilever

Sai Zou
This paper mainly aims to explore the potential methods for recovering from the financial crisis, and the potential strategic actions to enhance a firm’s financial performance based on perspectives of corporate governance and strategic management. This paper takes Unilever as a case study analysis to...
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Research on the Internal Mechanism of Economic Factor Coupling and High-quality Development: Empirical Evidence from the Greater Bay

Shizhong Xiong, Xiaofang Xiong
The economic transformation in the new era has broken the inherent order of factors such as economic mode, power, structure, and efficiency, highlighting the dynamics of high-quality development. Can factor coupling become a new driving force for high-quality economic transformation? Based on this, this...
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Motivations and Paths of Sustainability Business Model Innovation for MCN Organizations

Hui Wang, Shi-yi Wang
After an explosive growth phase, MCNs (MCN means Multi-Channel Network) are in urgent need of sustainable business model innovation. The motivation can be divided into two parts: endogenous factors are the agencies’ initiatives for business model innovation due to their own technology and capital accumulation,...
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A Brief Discussion on the Impediment and Resolution of Individual Income Tax

Wenxuan Yao
Since the new adjustment in 2018, the personal income tax threshold is still hotly discussed. This paper believes that there are few deductions items, low deductions amount, frequent adjustments to the threshold, and the growth rate of taxpayers’ personal income tax is higher than the GDP growth rate...
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Identification and Evaluation of a Market Opportunity of Elderly Caring Service

Jialan Xu
This paper identifies a market opportunity for elderly caring service in China, and illustrates the entrepreneurial idea from the aspects of value proposition, customer segment, key resources and profit model using Timmons model of entrepreneurship. Then this paper evaluates the feasibility of this startup...
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Search Cost and Obfuscation Equilibrium: An Empirical Investigation

Yiyu Chen
Easy price search makes demand tremendously price-sensitive. However, merchants’ obfuscation strategy can hinder consumers from searching, thus greatly reducing their price sensitivity to other products. This paper presents an empirical examination of how obfuscation strategy affects consumers’ purchasing...
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A Promising Application Prospect of Blockchain in Banking Industry from the Perspective of Stakeholder Theory

Ya Gao
Due to the information asymmetry between the bank and the customers, the customers are faced with the information security risk of personal information disclosure. Meanwhile, the bank is also being challenged with the credit risk that may appear at any time. Thus, it would lead to increased operation...
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Research on Coordination Evaluation of Water Resources Utilization and Economic Development in Beijing

Dan Wu, Yue Li, Renxing Yang, Yanlai Jin
The coordination degree evaluation method is used to evaluate the coordination degree of industrial water utilization structure and industrial structure in Beijing. On this basis, it is suggested to design the evaluation index system for the coordination of water resources utilization and economic development...
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Study on the Correlation Analysis of Energy Consumption in Economic Industries and Evaluation of Carbon Emission Decoupling in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Dan Wu, Chenhui Ji
A deep exploration of the correlation analysis of energy consumption in economic industries and evaluation of carbon emission decoupling in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region can provide important reference for its government departments in decision-making to accelerate the formulation and improvement of energy...
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Impact of Climate Change on Chinese Economy

Jinghan Zheng
After experienced all sorts of extreme weather, people start to pay more attention to the impact of climate change on the economy, not just narrowing on the effects on the people’s health. The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of climate on the economy and the feasible measures to reduce...
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The Influence of Debt Management on Corporate Value

A Case Study of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

Yu Wu, Bailin Yang, Liangchen Zhang
At present, there are some problems in the biomedical industry such as poor financing channels, capital governance structure and business risk and etc. Debt management has certain impacts on financing channels, capital structures, business risks and corporate value. On this base, this paper empirically...
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Research on Anti-monopoly Regulations of Internet Platforms in China and Comments on the “Anti-Monopoly Guidelines on the Platform Economy Field”

Rui Gao, Fan Zhang
Alibaba was subject to administrative penalties for implementing the “either-or” monopoly. The anti-monopoly regulation of the Internet platform once again attracted people’s attention and heated discussions. To understand the anti-monopoly regulatory goals of the Internet platform, it is necessary to...
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Study on Timing and Selectivity of China’s Hybrid Mutual Funds

An Empirical Study

Yu Wu, Liangchen Zhang, Bailin Yang
With the development of China’s financial market, hybrid mutual funds have been favoured by the market because of their features of diversified investment objects, moderate risk and objective return rate of fund assets. This paper aims to analyze the management ability of China’s hybrid mutual funds,...
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Analysis of Risks and Strategies of Investment in Global Sports Industry

Yuhao Wang
Nowadays, people all over the world are paying more attention to sports, like NBA’s games broadcasting to the media platforms in various countries. There are some phenomena, such as the quantities of people who participate in sports games, and the cost for sport increases dramatically, with both individuals...
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The Research on Corporate Financial Based on Block-chain Technology

A Case Study of Ant Financial Services Group

Yu Wu
Narrow loan scopes and difficulties in investigating consumer credit information are two of the main existing problems in the function and transaction pattern of block-chain in financial service area. As one of the first enterprises applying block-chain technology, Ant Financial Services Group innovates...
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Research on Personal Financial Management Methods and Investment Strategies Based on the Concept of Quantitative Thinking

Xuemei Shen
Quantitative thinking is a typical wealth thinking, a kind of thinking and behavior habits of outstanding people. Individual investors can use the concept of quantitative thinking in the process of investment and financial management to make decision-making reliable, so that investors have solutions...
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Research on Performance Commitment Agreement of Continuous M&A of Advertising Media Enterprises in China

A Case Study of Continuous M&A of Lianjian Optoelectronics

Liangchen Zhang, Yu Wu, Chao Chen
Due to the rapid development of advertising media industry, traditional media enterprises have to adopt M&A (mergers and acquisitions) to keep up with the speed of industry development. However, M&A, especially in a short period of time, is often accompanied by uncertain risks such as information...
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Driving Benefit Based on the Zero-base Budget Under the 3G (Garantia) Capital Model

A Case Study of Budweiser InBev

Liangchen Zhang, Yu Wu, Kangtai Huang
According to a Bain report, the zero-base budget has been ranked first in many management tools in recent years, but the implementation rate is very low. Therefore, this paper takes Budweiser InBev under 3G capital holding as an example to study how 3G capital effectively implements zero-base budget....
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Analysis on the Development of Green Bonds in China

Yuchen Wang
Green bonds have broad prospects in the Chinese market, occupying an important position in the development of green finance, and have an important impact on China’s transition to a low-carbon economy. This article discusses the development of China’s green bond market from the issuance of green bonds...
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Analysis on the Current State of the Disney Economy and Sentiment Text Analysis on Customer Reviews

Siping Ren
The first part of this paper is a data analysis of Disney’s economic situation, starting with an analysis of the company’s overall assets, followed by an analysis of the economic direction of the four areas under Disney, and finally an investor’s perspective on Disney’s development trends. The specific...
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Research on the Motivation and Effect of Ningbo Bank’s Convertible Bond Financing

Liangchen Zhang, Xiaobing Fang
In recent years, due to the slowdown in market economic growth, the strengthening of capital flow supervision, and the rise in credit risk, China commercial banks have seen a downward trend in asset quality and capital adequacy ratios. Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements have also made capital...
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Analysis on the Impact of Shopping Online on the Real Economy

Siyuan Fan
Shopping online is a new convenient shopping way. Shopping apps like amazon, farfetch, and Taobao attract more and more consumers. The main reasons for consumers choosing online-shopping are as follows: Consumers have more choices of products. In addition, they can shop at any time and any place and...
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The Investigation and Correction of the Mainstream Macroeconomics Theory in China’s Economic Practice

Thinking Based on “China Miracle”

Jing Cang, Fang Liu
Revealing the causes and mechanism of economic growth has always been a hot and core issue concerned and studied by economists and governments all over the world. To analyze the causes of “miracle of economic growth” in China’s 40 years of reform and opening up has gone beyond the scope of the determinism...
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A Study on the Non-performing Loans Market in China

Yue Zhong
In 2008, the subprime mortgage market in the US collapsed as a result of falling housing prices, and kicked start a global financial crisis. Growing at a fast rate, the subprime mortgage market had accumulated a high level of risks before its collapse. In the post-global crisis period, the non-performing...
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Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Stock Market Performance in USA

Xiqian Wang
Stock markets play a critical role in the economy, more so enhancing the economic growth and increasing prosperity of the citizens. The performance of the stock market is influenced by many factors, with foreign direct investment being one of them. Over between 2015 and 2020, FDI (foreign direct investments)...
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Control of the Transaction Cost of the Business Purchase Based on the Block Chain

Zhihong Li
The fierce competition in the market makes the enterprise enter into the times of the meager profit. Strict control of the cost in the production & operation becomes an inevitable trend. Usually, the cost of the enterprise consists of material purchase, processing and personnel management, etc. Of...
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Comparative Study on Performance Appraisal System in American and Chinese Enterprises

Shuyu Zhou
The performance management is important in corporate governance, and performance appraisal is the major element in performance management. By learning the prevailing key performance indicators method and balanced score card appraisal method in American enterprises, and exploring the development of Chinese...
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Analysis on the Challenges Faced by Australian Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery

Xinyue Zhao
The Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery (ETBF) is an important part of the regional coastal economy and plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the ecological environment. This paper comprehensively discusses the challenges faced by ETBF from a wider range, including ocean current displacement...
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Research on the Marketing Strategy of Airline Industry Influenced by COVID-19

Zhen Fan
The main purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of strategies which are adopted by the airline firms to overcome the crisis in marketing perspective after understanding the impact of the pandemic on key transportation mode (i.e., airline). Based on the analysis of the market situation...
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A Case Study of Pinduoduo Strategy Based on SWOT Analysis

Minyi Li, Chengchung Tsai, Lobel Trong Thuy Tran
In less than five years, Pinduoduo, listed on National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) in the United States, created a remarkable business legend. Within just two years, corporate Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) broke through RMB 100 billion and Pinduoduo announced its...
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Measurement Research on Commodity Market Segmentation in the Pearl River Delta

Longfang Chen
This article uses the relative price method to calculate the commodity market segmentation index of the Pearl River Delta cities from 2000 to 2017, revealing the evolution trend of the Pearl River Delta regional market segmentation. The results show that the commodity market segmentation index of the...
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Social Research and Implementation Path Analysis of Safety Helmets Wearing by E-bicycle Riders

Siyi Jiang, Qi Liu
The paper aims to explore the effective implementation path of the policy that electric bicycle riders need to wear helmets. Local laws and regulations issued by the provinces, especially Jiangsu Province, and the overall implementation status since the introduction of the policy were collected in the...
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Scope Management of International Investment Exhibition Projects

Taking Xiamen GW Import and Export Trading Company as an Example

Xiaoyan Huang, Honghua Wang, Xiaoling Ding, Ruping Chen
The international investment exhibition is the main way for import and export trading companies to develop their business. Adequate pre-planning of the exhibition will help companies better achieve the goals of the exhibition and save resources. This article takes Xiamen GW Import and Export Trading...
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“Polar Silk Road” Strategy in Jilin Province Based on SWOT-AHP Methodology Against the Background of Arctic Navigation

Dan Liu, Zihao Zhang, Dayong Zhang, Xiaopei Ma
With the global warming, the Arctic sea ice is melting gradually. The overall navigation of the Arctic route is becoming possible, which has drawn widely concerned by all countries. In 2017, the “Polar Silk Road” has been proposed jointly by Russia and China. As one of the direct participants, it is...
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Analysis on the Emotional Labor Effect of Medical Staff in Chinese Public Tertiary Hospitals

Yichao Luan
Emotional labor in the research field of service industry has been valued by organizations, managers and service employees. As a high-frequency and high-intensity emotional labor group, the two emotional labor strategies adopted by medical staff, surface acting performance and deep acting performance,...
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The Impact of Government Policies on Small and Medium-sized Cross-border E-commerce Companies in Xiamen in the Post-epidemic Era

Shurong Weng, Hanyu Hao, Kaiyin Zhang, Xiaoqi Xiao, Jiachun Zhong
This article mainly studies the positive role of government policies on small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce companies when facing emergency epidemic and the importance of improving cross-border e-commerce policies in the future. It conducted by questionnaire surveys through the research on...
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The Measurement and Promotion Strategy of Provincial Tourism Efficiency in China Based on Three-stage DEA and Malmquist Index

Yan Zhang, Yeqin Fu
This paper uses three-stage DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) and Malmquist index model to measure and analyze the tourism economic efficiency of 31 provincial regions in China from 2014 to 2016. The results show that: after removing the interference of environment and random factors, the average comprehensive...
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Personal Information Security in the Context of the Epidemic Prevention and Control

Qipeng Hu
With the continuous application of new technologies and the rapid development of society, the meaning of personal information has surpassed the scope of privacy, and is continuously extended and expanded. The security of citizens’ personal information has also attracted more and more attention. Since...
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Product Portfolio Decision-making Method Based on Multiple Bottlenecks

Lipeng Wang, Chunqi Li
Determining the appropriate product mix solution is one of the important production system decisions for manufacturing companies. Based on the traditional method of identifying bottlenecks in the theory of constraints, this paper proposes a heuristic method that considers all constraints simultaneously...
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Decision Model and Calculation of Human-job Matching Considering Risk Attitude in Uncertain Preference Order

Huimin Qiang, Lipeng Wang, Min Huang
The satisfaction of both operators and posts is an important basis for person-post matching. A decision-making method of person-post matching with uncertain preference order information was proposed considering the risk attitude of both parties. Firstly, the problem of person-post matching with uncertain...
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High-speed Railway’s Opening and Commercial Development: A Test Perspective of Multi-period Difference-in-difference

Danqi Li, Ling Dai, Siying Gong
The high-speed railway’s opening will bring huge consumer groups for the commercial development of the city where the high-speed railway station is located. Based on the panel data of 233 prefecture-level cities in China from 2006-2017, this paper explores the impact of the high-speed railway’s opening...
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Extension Decision Under Conditions of Oligopoly

Huangfu Liu, Bo Liu
Following the extension theory, this paper investigates the decisions of oligopoly. The results of this paper show that the matter-element transformation is the effective tool by which the oligopolies construct the set of strategy, and the extension theory can be applied to the decision of oligopoly...
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Challenges and Countermeasures on Human Resources Management of Catering Industry in China During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Yuting Zheng
The appearance of the COVID-19 epidemic has contributed to considerable impact on the human resources management in the catering industry. This article analyzes the challenges and opportunities of COVID-19 epidemic on the human resources management of hospitality industry in China, and recommends countermeasures...
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Research on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of Technological Innovation Development of Private Enterprises in Zhuhai

Xue Cheng, Wei Chen
With the continuous progress of the times, innovation and development have almost become the driving force for all enterprises. In July 2020, General Secretary Xi emphasized at the symposium on entrepreneurs that private enterprises must grasp the key technology core, and the responsibility lies on their...
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“Blue Whale Project” — Solution to Community Waste Classification Service System Design

Yi Tang, Fan Huang
In recent years, more and more people pay attention to environmental problems. The correct classification of garbage directly affects environmental governance. Based on the community classification group in Shenzhen, China, this paper puts forward the community garbage classification method for the government...
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Evaluation of Red Tourism Development System Based on System Dynamics

Taking Hunan Province as an Example

Chao Zhang, Ping Huang, Rui Guo
In the context of culture and tourism integration, red tourism has been highly valued and has been listed in national policy documents for many times. China’s red tourism is in the ascendant. It is necessary to constantly promote the transformation of red cultural resources into tourism brands, and further...
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Customer Value Measurement Under the Background of E-commerce

Lanchun Li
Online shopping has become the mainstream of shopping in recent years. With the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping has basically entered a mature stage, and the customer base is basically stable. Improvement of the existing customer value has become the key to the development of e-commerce...
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Analysis of Brand Crossover Marketing Strategy

Taking M·A·C and Honor of Kings as an Example

Xiang Xiao
Crossover marketing is a cutting-edge marketing method. In the new era of increasingly fierce market competition, inter-industry penetration and integration make crossover marketing become an important means of brand development. This paper conducts a case study of crossover marketing between M·A·C and...
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Hidden Danger Behind Financial Crisis in Emerging Markets

Shiyuan Yang
Under the circumstance of financial integration, the spillover effect of financial crisis has gradually evolved from regions to worldwide. Plus, the outbreak of Covid-19 has accelerated the social and economic polarization. In general risk management research, countries with high debt defaulting risk...
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TikTok’s Business Model Innovation and Development - Porter’s Five Forces Model, Business Model Canvas and SWOT Analysis as Tools

Yuan Peng
With the development of Internet technology, information is spreading rapidly. Short videos have become a new medium for people to receive information, and TikTok occupies an essential position in the short video apps. This paper uses Porter’s Five Forces Model to analyze TikTok’s market competition...
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The Opportunities and Dilemmas of the Transformation of Traditional Agricultural Towns into Modernized Agriculture — Based on the Experience of Shilong Town

Yaping Jiang, Binyu Hu
Since the reform and opening up, Chinese grain has grown continuously and agricultural construction has made great achievements. However, with Chinese economic development and industrial structure upgrading and transformation, the traditional agricultural development model has been unable to keep up...
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Study on the Realization Path of County Industrial Prosperity Under Rural Revitalization Strategy

A Case Study of Hanyuan County, Sichuan Province

Binyu Hu, Yaping Jiang
The strategy of rural vitalization is a major historical task of Chinese society in the new development stage. Industrial prosperity is the key to the implementation of the strategy. As the basic unit of China’s social governance and economic development, the area plays an important role in the national...
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Perceived Over-qualification and Job Satisfaction of New Graduates: A Moderated Mediation Model

Linsheng Xiao, Ying Wang
In this paper, the relative deprivation theory is used as the basis to explore the mechanism and boundary conditions of the effect of over-qualification on the job satisfaction of new graduates. An empirical study based on 341 matching data in two stages found that: (1) Perceived over-qualification negatively...
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Summary and Prospects on Theoretical Models and Influencing Factors Research of Employee Creativity

Feng Guo
Employee creativity determines the level of innovation and performance of an enterprise organization. Chinese enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges at this stage. Competition in and out of China is becoming increasingly fierce. Each enterprise organization is faced with the severe challenge...
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Analysis of Domestic Labor Supply Under the “Universal Two-child” Policy

Ruixin Fang, Yu Chen
With the changes in the population structure, China’s population policy has been continuously adjusted since the 1980s. In early 2016, China began to implement the universal two-child policy, hoping to cope with the aging population, the declining birthrate, and the decline in labor supply. However,...
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Leader-member Exchange and Job Performance: Comparing the Influence of Actual and Perceived Cultural Similarity

Chang Liu
Building on similarity-attraction theory and social exchange theory, this study investigates the relationship between the actual and perceived cultural similarity, Leadership-Member Exchange (LMX) and job performance. Two fundamentally different approaches to conceptualizing cultural similarity are put...
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A Study on Quality-of-Life Perception of Informal Employment in Urban Tourism

Jiajia Xu
In previous studies on the impact of tourism development on the quality of life of urban residents, it is difficult to reduce the interference of non-tourism factors and highlight the direct effect of tourism on the quality of life by treating urban residents as homogeneous groups. Taking five scenic...
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China-Myanmar Cross-border Agricultural Economic Cooperation — Views from Myanmar

Pei Mao, Yan Zhang, Lu Feng, Pau Sian Kam
Objective: Based on the Yunnan-Myanmar agricultural cooperation, this article explores coordinated policies to promote China-Myanmar cross-border agricultural economic cooperation. Method: Taking the official statistical data of Myanmar as evidence, this paper analyzes the Myanmar-China cross-border...
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Liability Analysis of Autonomous Vehicles Accidents

Cimo Xue
With the development of artificial intelligence, more and more autonomous vehicles have been put into production and will be on the roads within a couple of years, cutting congestion and delivering a big boost to road safety. But autonomous vehicles have already caused accidents and the innovation of...
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A Comparative Study on the Spa Sales Model of Uniqlo in the World

Jiayi Wang
After years of development and using the SPA model, Uniqlo has made great achievements in international operation and has a strong competitiveness in the world. The research topic of this paper is the impact of SPA model on Uniqlo’s marketing. This paper analyzes the SPA model of specific marketing methods...
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Analysis of the Relevance Between Water Resources Utilization and Industrial Development in Beijing

Dan Wu, Renxing Yang, Yue Li, Yanlai Jin
The authors analyze the evolution of Beijing’s water resources utilization based on changes in Beijing’s industrial water use, adjustment of water structure and changes in water efficiency. At the same time, combined with changes in Beijing’s economic and industrial development, the authors use the method...
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Research on the Tourist Behavior Characteristics of Folk Belief Cultural Tourism

Taking the Ancestor Temple of the Lords of the Three Mountains, Jiexi, as an Example

Yuanyuan Zhang, Huiwen Zhang
Through interviews and questionnaire surveys of cultural tourists in the Ancestor Temple of the Lords of the Three Mountains, Jiexi, this article analyzes the characteristics of tourist behavior characteristics of local folk belief cultural tourism from three aspects: tourist demographic characteristics,...
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Analysis of the Break-even and Load Index of Water Resources in Beijing

Dan Wu, Yanlai Jin, Yongkuan Wang, Hao Shen
The change of water resources quantity and water resources supply are elaborated in this paper to analyze water resources in Beijing. On this basis, the profit-loss amount and the profit-loss rate of water resources in Beijing are calculated by using break-even analysis. The water resource load index...
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Social Media and Brand Integration Marketing in China

Yaning Shan
Social media marketing is becoming more and more popular. These platforms are used not only for communication purposes but also for the promotion of business activities in society. China is one of the rapidly rising economies in the world that has embraced social media technology whereby business operations...
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Enlightenment of Information Consultation to Library User Service

Lishu Zhang, Dake Wang, Lili Zhao
Information consultation is a new growth point of library development and the main direction of library business development in this information age. Therefore, only by strengthening the information consultation service and giving full play to the educational and cultural communication function of the...
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Construction of Library Periodical Document Management Under Network Environment

Lili Zhao, Lishu Zhang, Dake Wang
Under the network environment, the traditional books management model of journal literatures have been unable to adapt to the needs of the development of The Times, therefore, the librarian need to make full use of network technology to optimize the management structure of library periodicals and literature,...
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Analysis of Successful Approaches of Classic Luxury Brand’s Marketing Strategies Before and After the Digital Era

Taking Tiffany&Co. as an Example

Tianxin Li
With the advent of the digital era, the dissemination of information, people’s consumption level and concept, as well as the luxury market, all have undergone great changes, and these changes require marketing strategies to make adjustment. Nowadays, some new luxury brands are eager to establish their...
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Analysis on the Utilization of Digital Resources in University Libraries

Dake Wang, Lili Zhao, Lishu Zhang
With the development and application of network technology, information technology and multimedia technology, colleges and universities at all levels pay more and more attention to the construction, development and utilization of library digital resources. This paper analyzes the significance of the...
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Impact of COVID-19 on Enterprises and Countermeasures

A Case Study of Haidilao Hotpot

Yu Wu
The burst of COVID-19 has seriously affected annual profitability and cash flow of enterprises. However, digital management and digital transformation can help enterprises overcome the difficulties. Taking Haidilao Hotpot as an example, this paper analyzes the adjustment and development of the business...
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Analysis of Citizenship for AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Heng Gao
Multiple people are aware of the importance of giving citizenship to artificial intelligence. Taking Dubai’s grant of citizenship to the intelligent robot Sophia as an opportunity, this article analyzes the relationship between artificial intelligence and citizenship, the definition of citizen and citizenship,...
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Analysis of Farmers’ Cognition, Purchase Intention and Agricultural Insurance Development Status — Taking Yunnan Province as an Example

Yu Song, Renbo Jiang, Xin Peng, Yerong Li
Agricultural insurance is a management method that effectively responds to agricultural risks and an effective way to protect agricultural production activities. At present, Yunnan Province has frequent natural disasters and severe economic losses, restricting the development of agriculture there. Farmers...
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Optimization of Student Service in College and University Against the Context of Internet Technology

Yongbin Cao
The Internet technology has been mature and widely used, and the new media communication mode has been accepted and sought after by more and more college students on campus. College and university in China are constantly promoting information construction: smart campus supported by new media technology...
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Study on the Spatial Structure of Dali Stadium Resources and Residents’ Sports Behavior from the Perspective of Healthy Living Destination

Xianqiong Ding, Hongming Xiong, Xiaoqin Wang, Xiaolong Lu, Tenjie Guo
Using GIS spatial analysis and questionnaire survey and other research methods, this paper studies the spatial structure of sports venues resources and residents’ sports activities in Dali, Yunnan, and understands the satisfaction degree of world residents and foreign residents with the hardware facilities...
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Empirical Analysis on the Multi-collaborative Teaching of Housing Architecture Course in Real Estate Economics Major During the Epidemic Period

Qin Guan
Based on the teaching requirement of learning at home during the epidemic period, on the basis of fully excavating the existing resources, this paper analyzes the demand characteristics of House Architecture course for real estate economics speciality, and constructs multiple teaching methods, such as...
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Reform of Accounting Talents Training Based on “Internet Plus”

Tiantian Gu
China has entered the Internet society and is moving towards the era of informationization, and the accounting industry in China has also undergone great changes. The traditional calculating type of accounting can no longer meet the demand, which objectively requires the innovation and transformation...
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Discussion on Accounting Practice Teaching Reform of Applied Universities Against the Background of Internet Plus

Wei Sun
Under the background of “Internet Plus”, the social economy and Internet technology have developed rapidly, and accounting work has undergone tremendous changes. The training of accounting talents in application-oriented colleges and universities has been insufficient to meet the actual needs of enterprises....
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Research on Teaching Reform of University Audit Against the Background of Internet Plus

Liyun Chen
Under the background of “Internet +”, audit teaching mainly has two problems. First, the audit teaching faculty to adapt to the changes of “Internet Plus” is relatively weak. Second, the audit teaching material system is relatively old. In order to promote the reform of audit teaching, colleges and universities...
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Analysis on the Development Path of Public Library Smart Service Under 5G Technology Environment

Jing Niu
With the rapid development of China’s economy and technology, the service mode of public libraries has also undergone earth-shaking changes. New 5G technology is gradually integrated into people’s lives. Through the dissection of the promotion and significance of 5G technology in public libraries, this...
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Research on the Guarantee Mechanism of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Local Applied Undergraduate Universities

Li Chen
Although local applied undergraduate universities have launched innovation and entrepreneurship education, there are some prominent problems in innovation and entrepreneurship education, such as, vague understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship education, incomplete curriculum system for innovation...
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Research on the Innovative Development of Interdisciplinary Talent Training for University Students in the Integration of Community Group Buying and New Rural Logistics

Jiali Zhu, Rouhua Wang
This paper is the stage result of a study on the innovative development of college students who are instructed by teachers to participate in interdisciplinary integration. In the area of interdisciplinary talent training for foreign language majors in higher education institutions, Changchun Institute...