Proceedings of the International Conference on Improving Tropical Animal Production for Food Security (ITAPS 2021)

Many ideas and connections emerged from The 3rd ITAPS conference as the first step toward realizing an increase in tropical livestock productivity to achieve food security, especially livestock-based food. These different concepts may be invested in relevant and realistic outputs for use by parties involved in efforts to increase livestock productivity.

In the midst of a pandemic, the world order shifts abruptly and attempts to reach a new balance point. Similarly, the livestock industry as a whole, strives to strike an equilibrium point as quickly as possible. The 3rd ITAPS conference, with the theme Tropical Livestock Development for Sustainable Food Security Security in the Global Changes, summarized the contributions of expert and livestock industry actors.

Experts in their fields explained topics such as efficient and effective livestock management, breakthroughs in the provision of the latest nutrition and feed, post-harvest technology that prioritizes the issue of halal and animal welfare, the socio-economic development of the livestock industry and several related sciences.

Some parties participated in the conference were the government, academics, livestock business actors, scientists and certain scientific experts. All of these things produced several formulas that are useful for current and future livestock development.

There 3rd ITAPS received 98 scientific papers from Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, and Japan. The submitted articles went through a blind review process performed by scientific committee coming from different institutions of Indonesia, Japan, England, and Australia. The accepted papers are published in the online proceeding of Atlantis Press Proceeding Series.

Best of Wishes,
Widhi Kurniawan