Proceedings of the International Conference on Improving Tropical Animal Production for Food Security (ITAPS 2021)

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Livestock Integrated Farming in Rural Area of Pakistan

Muhammad Riaz
Agriculture in Pakistan has been realized as indispensable for food security, employment, and poverty alleviation at the rural level. About 70% of the population here in Pakistan depends upon agriculture for their livelihoods. Plants contribute 84% calories and 66% protein consumption of total human...
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Egg Production Characteristic and the Study of Follicle-stimulating Hormone Receptor Gene on Various of Sentul Chicken

Ismoyowati Ismoyowati, DM Saleh, I Suswoyo
The study was conducted to compare differences in the characteristics of egg production and quality, as well as the identification of FSHR gene polymorphisms in various sentul chickens. The research was conducted by experimental methods using a completely randomized design. The research material used...
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The Shift of Livestock Industry and Its Impact on People’s Social-economic Status

James Hellyward, Fuad Madarisa
A literature review has been conducted to describe the anticipated effects of social-economic status transformation among farmers due to livestock biotechnology and industry shifting. In particular, it focused more on Indonesia, where lay the Indo-pacific region as a biogeographic area connecting tropical...
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Observations of Bali Cattle Carcass Size Based on Different Body Condition Scores at Kendari Slaughter House

Harapin Hafid
This study aims to assess the influence of the score on the body condition of Bali cattle that shall be slaughtered at Kendari city especially on a linear measure of the body and the percentage of the carcass. The study is done in four months from January to April 2021 at the slaughterhouse Kendari city...
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Addition of Trehalose of Duck Egg Yolk-Tris as an Extender Medium on Buffalo Frozen Semen

Tinda Afriani, Yolanda Marta Pela, Jaswandi, Elly Roza, Adisti Rastosari, Anna Farhana
This study aimed to determine the effect of adding trehalose of duck egg yolk-tris extender medium on the quality of frozen semen at buffalo. The design used was experimental a Randomized Block Design (RBD) method with 4 treatments and 4 replications as a group. The addition of trehalose (T) with several...
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Outer Membrane Protein (OMP) Profiles of Brucella abortus Local Isolate by SDS-PAGE Procedure

Tri Handayani, Dadang Priyoatmojo, Afi Candra Trinugraha
Brucella abortus is a Gram-negative, facultative intracellular bacteria of the genus Brucella that common cause of brucellosis in cattle. The Outer Membrane Protein (OMP) is an essential organelle of Gram-negative bacteria to fulfil several some many tasks and is crucial as a protective antigen. Sodium...
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Effect of Protein Supplementation from Spirulina platensis on Javanese Thin-tailed Sheep Weight Gain

Endang Baliarti, Yosef Tubagus Raka, Lies Mira Yusiati, I Gede Suparta Budisatria, Muhsin Al Anas
The study aims to assess the average daily gain (ADG) of Javanese thin-tailed (JTT) sheep with protein supplementation from Spirulina platensis. This study used ten female JTT sheep (5-months-old and average body weight of 13.66 ± 2.31 kg) and divided them into two groups. The first group (control) was...
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Broiler Performance on Different Housing Condition

A Case Study on Integration Company – Farm Broiler Farming in Kebumen Regency

Setianto Novie Andri, Ismoyowati Ismoyowati, Widiyanti Rahayu, Wakhidati Yusmi Nur, Armelia Vony
This study aimed to examine the production performance of broiler farming in two different housing conditions. The study was conducted in company-farmer integration farming. Respondents were selected using the census method to all 92 broiler farmers with a minimum experience of one year in a company-farmers...
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Improvement of Breeding Management towards Productivity of Alabio Duck in Swamp Land, South Kalimantan

Ahmad Subhan, Akhmad Hamdan, Fiqy Hilmawan, Retna Qomariah, Muhammad Amin, Eni Siti Rohaeni
Alabio duck is a local duck and germplasm from South Kalimantan that lives and breeds in swamp agroecosystems. The necessity of Alabio duck breeds or day old duck (DOD) and duckling as a potential broodstock increases every year. The necessity of Alabio duck breed hasn’t been fulfilled properly because...
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Morphology and Morphometric of Frozen-thawed Pasundan Cattle Sperm Incubated in Extreme pH Media

Rini Widyastuti, Diah Nugrahani Pristihadi, Noer Muhammad Dliyaul Haq, Sigit Prastowo, Hera Maheshwari, Cece Sumantri, Arief Boediono
An evaluation of sperm morphology and morphometry is useful to predict sperm quality and in the diagnosis of fertile animals. The purpose of this study is to assess the morphology and morphometry of frozen-thawed Pasundan Cattle sperm, as well as the correlation between the two parameters. The sample...
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The Analysis of Morphometric Index of Four Buffaloes Populations in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Muh. Rusdin, La Ode Nafiu, Takdir Saili, Achmad Selamet Aku, Rahman, Rusli Badaruddin
The objective of this study is to analyze the morphometric index of four buffalo populations in Southeast Sulawesi. Swamp buffaloes samples in this study were 271 head, from Bombana Island, Bombana Mainland, Kolaka, and Konawe populations. The observed morphometric index variables included height slope,...
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An Analysis of Egg Screening

Effect of Frequency on Hatchability, Hatch Weight, and Embryo Mortality of Quail (Coturnix-coturnix Japonica)

Amiluddin Indi, Rahim Aka, Achmat Selamet Aku, Hasria
This study aims to identify and to provide information about the effect of the best egg turning frequency of the best eggs on hatching, hatching weight, and mortality of quail embryos. This research was carried out at Poultry Laboratory, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Halu Oleo University in Kendari. It...
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The Potential of Broiler Chicken Development: A Case Study of Broiler Breeders in Kambu District, Kendari City

Amiluddin Indi, Deki Zulkarnain, Yamin Yaddi, Asriamin Mursadat
This study aims to determine the carrying capacity of broiler chicken development in Kambu District, Kendari City. Purposive sampling technique with four farmers who maintain broiler chickens in Kambu District. This study uses descriptive analysis to formulate and interpret existing data to provide a...
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Body Condition Score Data of Holstein Dairy Cattle: Reproducibility and Trend across Measurements

Agus Susanto, Datta Dewi Purwantini, Setya Agus Santosa, Dewi Puspita Candrasari
Body condition score (BCS) data is generally scored by more than rater and the data is recorded several times after calving. The objective of the study was to quantify the reproducibility measurements among raters and its trend across time of measurements. The body condition score data of Holstein Cows...
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Estimation of Bali Cattle Population Dynamics in the South Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi

Ahmat Endang Two Sulfiar, Alek Ibrahim, Bayu Andri Atmoko, Budi Guntoro, I Gede Suparta Budisatria
The central government determined South Konawe Regency as a national beef cattle development area and a source area for national Bali cattle breeds. This study aims to estimate the population dynamics of Bali cattle in South Konawe Regency in the coming year. This research was conducted in July-August...
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The Digestive Tract of Lohman Chicken

Effects of Given Drinking Uronic Acid Extraction from Sargassum crassifolium

Veybe G. Kereh, Ivonne M. Untu, Cherly Y. Pontoh
The use of antibiotic in poultry is not allowed due to its potential of bacterial resistance and its potential of residue in the poultry products. Brown seaweed (Sargassum crassifolium) contains sugar, sulphate, and uronic vitriol which display antibacterial and antiviral activities. This research aims...
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The Relative Weight Accessory Organ of Lohman Chicken Given Uronic Acid Addition in Drinking Water

J.W.H. Rembang, V.G. Kereh, C.L.K. Sarayar, T.F.D. Lumi
The goal of this study was to see how uronic acid isolated from Sargassum crassifolium affected the accessory organs of Lohman hens. Sargassum crassifolium is a non-starch polysaccharide source that contains various crude fibres and bioactive substances that impact the accessory organ process in laying...
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Pre-Weaning Growth Performance and Body Condition Score of Ongole Crossbreed (PO) Cattle Based on Cows Parity

La Ode Nafiu, Takdir Saili, Muhammad Amrullah Pagala, Musram Abadi, Widhi Kurniawan, Rusli Badaruddin
This study aims to determine the growth performance of pre-weaning and Body Condition Score (BCS) of PO calves based on cows parity. This study was conducted 10 months in transmigration settlements, East Kolaka Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province. A total of 38 PO calves from 38 cows were observed for...
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Protein Protection to Increase Ruminant Feed Protein Efficiency in Vitro

Wahidin Teguh Sasongko, Firsoni, Teguh Wahyono
This study aimed to determine the effect of protein protection to increase ruminant feed protein efficiency in vitro. The benefit of making this protected protein is that it can provide information to farmers that the provision of protein can be more efficient. The material used as protein protection...
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Feed Intake and Milk Production Performance of Local Sultra Ettawa Crossbreed Goats Fed Ration Containing Soybean Oil Calcium Soap

Ali Bain, Nur Santy Asminaya, Ita Nur Safitri
This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of using soybean oil calcium soap (CaS-soy) in the ration on the Ettawa crossbreed feed consumption performance. This study used 4 lactating Ettawa crossbreed goats from Southeast Sulawesi with weight ranging from 24-33 kg. The experimental design used was...
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Effect of the Addition of Egg Yolk to Skim Milk Extender and Storage Time on the Motility and Fertility of Kampung Rooster Spermatozoa

Dadang Mulyadi Saleh, Mas Yedi Sumaryadi, Aras Prasetiyo Nugroho, Chomsiatun Nurul Hidayah
The aim of this study was to evaluate the egg yolk addition and storage time on the motility and fertility of Kampung rooster spermatozoa. A completely randomized design with a 3x2 factorial pattern was used in this study. E factor is the addition of egg yolk into skim milk. (E1 = skim milk + egg yolk...
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Effect of Feeding Methods on Feed Intake, Milk Production and Milk Quality of Holstein-Friesian Cows

Henny Leondro, Heri Supriyadi
This study aimed to determine the effect of different feeding methods on feed intake, milk production, and milk quality of lactating Holstein-Friesian (HF) cows. The materials used in this study were 16 lactating cows (2nd–3rd) with the bodyweight of 550-650 kg, which were divided into 2 treatments based...
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A Review and Current Research on Biomaterials Supporting Artificial Insemination Technology Advancement

Enike Dwi Kusumawati, I Wayan Karyasa
The development of artificial insemination (AI) technology today plays an important role in the animal husbandry industry. The technology involves the enhancement of AI processes as well as improvement related to supporting biomaterials. A brief systematic literature review was aimed at proposed research...
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Phenotypic Correlation between Body Weight and Body Part Size of Native Chickens in Moramo District, South Konawe Regency, Indonesia

Muh. Akramullah, Rusli Badaruddin, Agus Adrianto, Ning Ayu Dwi Tiya, Yelsi Lestiana Dewi
The purpose of this study was to determine the close relationship between body weight and body size of native chicken in Moramo District, South Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The relationship between body weight and body size is used as a consideration in selecting the body weight...
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Correlation Between Body Weight and Body Size of Crossbred Chickens Aged 1-5 Weeks

Rusli Badaruddin, Muh. Akramullah, Syamsuddin, Rahim Aka
This research was conducted from November 2019 until January 2020, on the Haji Lamuse road, Lorong Semeru, Lepo Lepo Village, Baruga sub-district, Kendari City. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of body weight and body measurements of chickens from Bangkok laying male and female...
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Utilization of Pineapple Waste as a Roughage Source Diets for Ruminant: A Review

Rahma Wulan Idayanti, Mukh Arifin, Endang Purbowati, Agung Purnomoadi
An important sector that can contribute sources of animal protein is ruminant livestock. Growth performance and meat quality were reported to be improved with high-fiber feeds. Pineapple waste as a feed ingredient has the potential to reduce dependence on grains and fodder crops during the dry season....
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Models of the Relationships between Egg Dimension and Egg Quality of Alabio Duck

Lilis Hartati, Nurul Muawanah, Muhammad Riyadhi, Danang Biyatmoko, Abrani Sulaiman, Gamaliel Simanungkalit
This research aimed to establish the relationship models between the length and width of Alabio duck (Anas platyrhynchos Borneo) eggs and the weight of eggshells, albumen, and yolk. Data were collected from 500 eggs and were further examined using Pearson’s correlation and regression analysis. The results...
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The Effect of Probiotic Streptococcus thermophilus and Bacillus cereus on Body Weight, Weekly Body Gain, and Carcass Weight of Magelang Duck

Mikael Sihite, Pradipta Bayuaji Pramono
This study was aimed to observe the effect of the mixture of probiotics of Streptococcus thermophilus and Bacillus cereus in water on body weight, weekly body gain, and carcass weight of male Magelang Duck aged 50 days from DOD. This study used a combination of the various percentage of probiotic Streptococcus...
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The Longevity of Sexed Sperm after Sexing with Several Combination of Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) Concentration

Nurcholidah Solihati, Siti Darodjah Rasad, Nena Hilmia
The aim of the research was to evaluate the longevity of sexed sperm of local ram after sexing with different combination of Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) concentration in chilled and post thawed sexed sperm. The object of the research was 10 ejaculated semen from 3 years old local ram. The method was a...
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The Appearance of Male Sapera Goat Production Based on Indigofera sp. as a Commercial Concentrate Substitute

Mia Rahmawati, Agustinah Setyaningrum
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of Indigofera sp. fresh and hay on the growth of chest circumference, chest width, and body length in male Sapera goats. The study was conducted in vivo on male Sapera goats with P0 treatment, namely basal rations consisting of native grass (NG) and...
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The Estimate Heritability Value of Eggs Quality Traits from Tegal Male and Magelang Female Crossed Duck (Gallang)

Dattadewi Purwantini, R. Singgih Sugeng Santosa, Setya Agus Santosa, Agus Susanto, Dewi Puspita Candrasari
This study aimed to estimate the heritability value of egg quality traits from Tegal male and Magelang female crossed duck, hereafter referred to as Gallang duck. One hundred female ducks consisted of 50 Magelang (F0), and 50 Gallang (F1) were used in this study. Heritability value (h2) was estimated...
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Determining the Polymorphism of V397I SNP of Growth Differentiation Factor 9 (GDF9) gene in Indonesian Saanen Goats

Janet Mamutse, Dattadewi Purwantini, Agus Susanto, Akhmad Sodiq
Reproduction is an economically important trait. It is key to the profitability and sustainability of the goat industry. The Goat industry plays a major role in the Indonesian livestock industry, thus genetic improvement of reproductive traits of goats in Indonesia may be of great benefit to the industry....
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Comparison of the Reproductive Performance of Gayo and Thoroughbred Derivatives Horses in Gayo Lues Regency

Mohd Agus Nashri Abdullah, Mustafa Ismail, Eka Muetia Sari
Analysis of the reproductive performance of Gayo horses and Thoroughbred derivatives breeds in the Gayo highlands is important to determine the strategy for developing Gayo horses in the future. The objective of this research was to compare the reproductive performance of Gayo and Thoroughbred horses...
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Body Condition Score (BCS), Body Fat Percentage, and Feed Consumption of Male Sapera Goats on Indigofera sp. Based Feeding

Denis Agita Meliana, Agustinah Setyaningrum, Pambudi Yuwono
The study “Body Condition Score (BCS), Body Fat Percentage, and Feed Consumption of Male Sapera Goats on Indigofera sp. Based Feeding” was carried out from May 5, 2021 to July 11, 2021 at the Experimental Farm, Faculty of Animal Science, Jenderal Soedirman University, Purwokerto. The study aimed to examine...
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Soy Protein Isolate (SPI) Based Delivery System as Promising Mastitis Vaccine Carrier Candidate

Dadang Priyoatmojo, Tri Handayani, Afi Candra Trinugraha, Teguh Wahyono, Nina Herlina
An orally administered vaccine application is a part of strategies on veterinary vaccine development. Soy protein isolate (SPI) has been scientifically tested in various studies as a potent drug carrier. Mastitis is one of the livestock diseases mainly caused by Streptococcus agalactiae, which can be...
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Reproductive Performances of Bali Cows Kept by Smallholder Farmers in Bima and Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara

Muhammad Andika Prasetya, Bayu Andri Atmoko, Alek Ibrahim, I Gede Suparta Budisatria, Panjono, Endang Baliarti
Bima and Dompu regencies on Sumbawa Island become the development centers and the highest population of Bali cattle with extensive production systems in West Nusa Tenggara Province. The high population of Bali Cattle in Bima and Dompu Regencies, is a great potential to be developed as a center for Bali...
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Methane (CH4) Emission Produced from Utilization of Trichocompost Bio Urine and Bio Slurry on Sweet Corn (Zea mays L. Sacharata) Field

Sri Arnita Abu Tani, Faisal Fadli, Suhessy Syarief, Abdul Latief
The increase in greenhouse gases emissions (CH4) in the atmosphere will contribute to an increase in global warming. The increase in methane gas (CH4) is related to the solid and liquid waste of beef cattle which is not used optimally by some farmers, so it tends to contribute to the increase in methane...
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The Effect of Fish, Shrimp Head, and Crab Shell Meal in Different Proportions on Carcass, Liver, and Abdominal Fat Percentage of Super Native Chicken

Muhammad Amrullah Pagala, Friska Royani Saragih, La Ode Nafiu, Wa Laili Salido, Purnaning Dhian Isnaeni, Astriana Napirah
Fish meal, shrimp head, and crab shell were known as a fishery-by product with enough nutritional value as poultry feed. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of fish, shrimp head, and crab shell meal in different proportions on carcass, liver, and abdominal fat percentage of super native chicken....
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Motility of Bali Sexed Sperm Following Equilibration and Cryopreservation in Different Concentrations of Ethylene Glycol

Nurul Muchlisah Basyarah, La Ode Nafiu, Takdir Saili
Freezing of bovine sperm has a critical point at the time of equilibration and freezing. Therefore, the equilibration duration and concentration of cryoprotectants that can maintain sperm during freezing and storage become determining factors for the success of bovine sperm freezing. This study aims...
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Blood Glucose and Blood Urea Levels from Castrated, Non-Castrated Male, and Female Domestic Goats that were Fed Complete Feed

Paulus Klau Tahuk, Gerson F. Bira
The productivity of local goats is strongly influenced by various factors including the nutritional content and availability of feed and internal factors (livestock) such as gender and management are also very decisive. Theoretically, differences in livestock sex and castration treatment can contribute...
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Production System of Bali Cattle on Smallscale Farms in Muna Regency

Case Study on People’s Livestock in Muna Regency

Achmad Selamet Aku, Harapin Hafid, Takdir Saili, La Ode Nafiu, Muh. Amrullah Pagala, Ali Bain, Deki Zulkarnain, Andi Murlina Tasse, Muh. Rusdin, Yamin Yaddi, Denvi Meidian Daoed, Restu Libriany
Bali cattle are one of the local germplasm of beef cattle and are spread in almost all parts of Indonesia. Bali cattle are one of the local germplasm of beef cattle and are spread in almost all parts of Indonesia. In Southeast Sulawesi Province, Muna Regency has a population of 56,596 beef cattle and...
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Selections and Egg Characteristics of Village Chicken Crossing with Pelung-Crossed Chickens

Takdir Saili, La Ode Nafiu, Rusli Badaruddin, Syamsuddin
Improving the productivity of village chickens (KP) can be done by crossbreeding using chicken that has high productivity, such as pelung chicken or pelung-crossed chicken (PS). In this study, three mating systems were applied, namely the mating between PS hens and PS roosters, KP hens and PS roosters,...
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Sperm Quality of Hybrid Chicken Affected by Propolis, Honey, or Royal Jelly as Organic Diluent Materials and Storage Periods during Sperm Preservation

M. Aman Yaman, Muhammad Aulia Reza, Agus Nashri Abdullah, Yunasri Usman, Hendra Koesmara
The increasing population programs of cross-breeding chickens (hybrid chickens) need to be supported by breeding strategies that depends on artificial insemination programs (AIP). Sperm diluent is one of the important factors that support the survival of spermatozoa during the implementation of AIP....
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Typology and Characterization of Siompu Goat Production Systems in Siompu Island, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Syam Rahadi, Kuswati, Nurul Isnaini, Lukman Hakim, Gatot Ciptadi, Trinil Susilawati, Veronica Margareta Ani Nurgiartiningsih
Siompu goat is one of local breeds that are bred and kept well in Siompu Island, Southeast Sulawesi. Siompu goat farming has contributed to the local economic and social development. This study aimed to explore the typology and production characteristics of Siompu goat farms. The study was conducted...
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Performance of Local Lambs Fed Total Mixed Rations Based on Forages with Different Sorghum Cultivars

Teguh Wahyono, Dewi Apri Astuti, Anuraga Jayanegara, Komang Gede Wiryawan, Irawan Sugoro, Widhi Kurniawan, Wijaya Murti Indriatama
Total mixed rations (TMR) containing conventional forage sorghum (Pahat), brown mid rib (BMR) forage sorghum (G5), or green midrib (GMR) forage sorghum (G8) were fed to local lambs to determine the effect on digestibility, performance and ruminal fermentation. Fifteen ewe lambs (aged < 1 year) with...
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Leguminous Tree Bauhinia purpurea L. Leaf as Feed Alternative on Sheep Performance

Andi Murlina Tasse, Aminuddin Parakkasi
Sheep needs nutrient supply to optimize their performance. Ration nutrients especially energy and protein are the major factors affecting the productivity of sheep. One of the plants that has the potential to be used as a protein source for sheep is Bauhinia purpurea L. Previous study showed 15% (BpLM)...
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The Effect of Mycorrhizal Provision and Watering Frequency on the Nutrient and Prussic Acid Content of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

Yustus Serani No Mbeong, Nafiatul Umami, Chusnul Hanim, Andriyani Astuti, Muhlisin, Eka Rizky Vury Rahayu
Sorghum is a cereal plant that has the potential to be developed as animal feed due to its resistance to drought stress and regrowth ability after harvest. This study aimed to determine the response of sorghum plants given mycorrhizae with different watering frequencies to the nutrient and prussic acid...
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Diversity of Forage Species in Oil Palm Plantation Area in Kolaka Regency

Natsir Sandiah, Syamsuddin, Rahim Aka, La Ode Muh. Munadi
The diversity of greenery species in oil palm plantations is a source of animal feed. The research aims to identify the type of forage as a source of animal feed in the area of oil palm plantations in Watubangga Subdistrict Kolaka Regency, conducted in April to June 2021 using survey methods and direct...
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Digestibility of Calliandra, Indigofera sp. and the Mixture in the Ration as a Substitute for the Concentrate Given to the Tup Garut

Syifa Nurjannah, Rahman, Rantan Krisnan
This research aims at figuring out the digestibility value of the weaning tup Garut with rations Calliandra calothyrsus, Indigofera sp., and mixture as a concentrate substitution (in vivo). Six treatment of experimental rations were tested consisting of P0 (70% P. purpureum cv. Mott + 30% Concentrate),...
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Effect of Grass Growth Pennisetum purpereum Cv. Mott Uses Cattle Manure

Syamsuddin Syamsuddin, Natsir Sandiah, La Ode Muh. Munadi, Muhammad Ulaasa
The study aims to determine the effect of cow manure feeding at different levels on the growth of grass Pennisetum purpereum cv. Mott as fodder. The study used a randomized group design method (GDM) with 4 treatments and 5 replays which were then maintained for 60 days. The treatment applied, namely...
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Physical Quality of Laying Hen Eggs Given Manihot esculenta Leaf Extract

Deki Zulkarnain, Andi Murlina Tasse, Ali Bain, Nur Hasnawati, Nur Santy Asminaya, La Ode Muh. Munadi
The research aims to find out the physical quality of laying hen eggs given Manihot esculenta extract using ingredients consisting of laying hens numbering 32 heads with the age of 1 year and for 5 weeks. The study used a Complete Randomized Design (CRD) of 4 treatments and 4 replays with observed parameters...
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Nutritive Value and Fermentation Characteristics of Tithonia diversifolia and Moringa oleifera Evaluated by Gas Production Technique in vitro

Firsoni Firsoni, W Teguh Sasongko, Teguh Wahyono
Paitan (Tithonia diversifolia) and kelor (Moringa oleifera) leaves contain high crude protein, which can increase the protein content of the feed. This study aims to determine the role of pain leaf (Tithonia diversifolia) and kelor (Moringa oleifera) as a concentrate in vitro. Another feed ingredient...
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Nutrient Digestibility of Ration Containing Concentrate with Seed Flour and Fermented Peel Flour of Durio zibethinus in Dairy Cow

Endang Sulistyowati, Irma Badarina, Bintang Satria Mandala, Ahmad Fauzi
This research was conducted to compare the effect of feeding ration with concentrates containing Durio zibethinus seed flour and peel flour fermented by Pleurotus ostreatus on the digestibility of dry matter and organic matter as well as crude protein, crude fiber, and ether extract in lactating Fries...
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The Use of Calcium Hydroxide with Different Soaking Time on Cassava Peel for Reducing HCN, and Its Effect on Rumen Fermentation

Fauzia Agustin, Erpomen, Hanannisa Suryadi, Novirman Jamarun
The objective of this study is to determine the best dose of calcium hydroxide [Ca(OH)2] and soaking time for reducing hydrogen cyanide (HCN) level of cassava peel and its effect on rumen fermentation. This study consists of two stages. The first stage was the treatment of soaking cassava peels in Ca(OH)2...
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Evaluation Based Nutrient Content of Intercropping Indigofera zollingeriana with Pennisetum purpureum under Coconut Plantation

Malcky M Telleng, Veybe G Kereh, Wilhelmina B Kaunang
The purpose of this study is to determine the land equivalent ratio (LER) of Indigofera zollingeriana (Iz) and Pennisetum purpureum (Pp) in coconut plantations based on nutrient content. This experiment was performed by a fully randomized design (CRD), a combination of 6 treatments in the growing room,...
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The Effect of Various Types and Fertilizer Dosages on King Grass (Pennisetum purpuphoides): Growth, Production, and Carrying Capacity

Eko Hendarto, Nur Hidayat, Agustinah Setyaningrum, Harwanto Harwanto
Animal manure is a renewable natural resource as a biological fertilizer whose quality can be improved through various strategies. Research on fertilization strategies was carried out to get the best level of cow manure-manure compost enriched with various types and inorganic fertilizers doses on growth,...
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Substitution of Concentrate with Corn Waste on the Productivity of Layer Roosters

Tri Ida Wahyu Kustyorini, Aju Tjatur Nugroho Krisnaningsih, Waluyo Edi Susanto, Kristiani Muliati Selung
This study aims to determine the substitution of concentrate with corn waste for the productivity of roosters. The material used in this study was male chickens aged 30 days with an average body weight of ± 500 g. The research method used was a field experiment using a completely randomized design (CRD)....
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Consumption and Digestibility Value of Crude Fiber of Dairy Goat Feed with Supplementation Garlic Husk Flour and Organic Minerals (Cr, Se, and Zn-Lysinat)

Tri Puji Rahayu, Caribu Hadi Prayitno, Munasik Munasik
Supplementation of garlic husk flour and organic minerals (Cr, Se, and Zn-Lysinat) is an effort to manipulate the rumen microbial ecosystem to increase dairy goat feed’s consumption and digestibility value of crude fiber. This research was designed to investigate the effect of supplementation of garlic...
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Substitution of Native Grass with Jengkol (Archidendron jiringa) Peel on Rumen Fermentation Characteristic in Sheep

Nur Hidayah, Komang Gede Wiryawan, Sri Suharti, Wismalinda Rita, Nurhaita
Jengkol (Archidendron jiringa) peel is potential crude fiber source for ruminant feed. Jengkol peel had higher fiber content (33.07-35.28%) than Native grass (29.65%), Pennisetum purpureum (31.29%), Brachiaria decumbens (30.55%), Pennisetum purpupoides (32.23%), and almost similar with Brachiaria humidicola...
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Histomorphometrics and Small Intestinal Organ Weights in Native Chickens Fed with Maggots (Hermetia illucens L) at Various Levels in the Ration

Fuji Astuty Auza, Ali Bain, Yamin Yaddi, Hamdan Has, Purnaning Dhian Isnaeni, Syamsuddin
The development of the digestive tract organs, especially the intestines in utilizing nutrients correlates with body growth. This research aims to decide the effect of maggot flour on the histomorphometric and organ weight of the small intestine in eight-week-old native chickens. This study used a completely...
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Odot Grass (Pennisetum purpureum cv Mott) Productivity at Planting Distances and Different Defoliation Age

La Malesi, Takdir Saili, Ali Bain, Tresjia C Rakian
The research aimed to analyze the production of fresh and dry ingredients of odot (Pennisetum purpureum cv Mott) grass at different planting distances and defoliation ages. The research was conducted in two places, namely the Field Laboratory and the Laboratory of Nutrition and Feed Analysis of the Faculty...
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Effect of Micronutrient Supplementation to Reduce Heavy Metal Toxicity in Rations from Local Feed Ingredients in vitro using Rumen Fluid of Ettawa Crossbreeds

Ali Bain, Adawiah, Syam Rahadi
Poor environmental management including overexploitation of natural resources, use of pesticides, industrial waste and exhaust from motor vehicle combustion have caused high atomic weight and polyvalent (heavy metal) minerals to dissolve easily and their availability in and above the soil surface and...
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The Effect of Different Probiotics on the Broiler’s Offals Percentage

Astriana Napirah, Puspa Sari Ayu, Purnaning Dhian Isnaeni, Restu Libriani
Probiotic is known for its effect that could improve the health and production of poultry. This study aimed to evaluate the offals percentage of broiler chicken given different probiotics. One hundred day-old chickens of broiler were divided into 4 treatments and 5 replications based on a completely...
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Potential Development of Sorghum Plants (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) as Alternative Animal Feed in South Konawe Regency

Fanny Yulia Irawan, Wa Ode Al’Jumiati, Caturina Pasau, Nur Santy Asminaya, Nurlaha
Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) is a cereal crop that has potential to be cultivated and can be relied upon as a source of ruminant animal feed, especially in marginal and dry areas in Indonesia. This study aims to find out the potential of sorghum plants as alternative feed ruminant cattle in South...
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Different Composition of Indigofera zolingeriana and Corn Stover Mix on Silage Quality and Fermentation Characteristic

Widhi Kurniawan, Nina Ayu Lestari, Purnaning Dhian Isnaeni, Natsir Sandiah
Agricultural by-products utilization is one of the solutions for feed shortage problem. Agricultural by-products have high potential to be used for feed, but its utilization is limited by the low nutrient quality. Silage is a type of by-product utilization that can increase the nutrient quality. Adding...
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Availability and Potential of Forage Production for Dairy Cattle in Ambopi Village, North Tongauna District, Konawe Regency

Nur Santy Asminaya, Syamsuddin, Nurliana
The availability of forage feeds greatly determines the productivity of ruminants. This study aims to determine the availability and potential of forage production for dairy cows in Ambopi village North Tongauna District, Konawe District. The method used in this study was survey carried out by purposive...
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Growth Evaluation of Mutant Lines Sorghum as Forage with Different Fertilizer Levels on Podzolic Soil

Apdila Safitri, Taufan P. Daru, Teguh Wahyono, Sihono, Ardiansyah
Two mutant lines G5 and G8 are sorghum lines from mutation breeding techniques by gamma-ray irradiation, especially sorghum varieties for forage in Indonesia. The objective of this research is to evaluate the agronomic characteristics of sorghum mutant lines at different fertilizer levels on podzolic...
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Evaluation of Physicochemical Properties and Antioxidant Activity of Chicken Meatballs by Substitution of Tapioca Flour with Purple Sweet Potato

H Hajrawati, R Malaka, Fatma Fatma, M R Hakim, N Novita, S Suharyanto
Purple sweet potatoes are widely used as a source of antioxidants and natural dyes in food products. This study aimed to evaluate the physicochemical properties and antioxidant activity of substitution of tapioca flour with purple sweet potato flour. The treatments employed were the substitution of tapioca...
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Potential of Goat Whey Added with Soy Milk as Alternative Growth Media for Lactobacillus plantarum

Yurliasni Yurliasni, Zuraida Hanum, Lola Firtiana, Atikah Haura Sy
A study on the potential of goat whey as a growth medium for lactic acid bacteria has been carried out at the Laboratory of Science and Technology of Milk Processing, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Syiah Kuala Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to examine the performance of goat...
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Molecular Identification of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-15 (BMP-15) gene of Sumba Ongole cattle

Cynthia Dewi Gaina, Maxs U.E. Sanam, WMN Nalley, Imanuel Benu
This research aims to identify the BMP-15 gene in Sumba Ongole (SO) cattle (Bos indicus) which were reared extensively in Sumba Island. This gene has been known for its function in regulating reproductive performance in cows. The blood sample was collected from 161 SO cattle. The first step was DNA isolation...
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Evaluation of Coliform Bacterial Contamination in a Meat Grinding Machine at the Traditional Market Polewali Mandar

Nur Saidah Said, Deka Uli Fahrodi, Setiawan Putra Syah, Sulmiyati Sulmiyati
Meat is one of the livestock commodities that has complete nutritional content, especially protein, where meat protein contains complete amino acids so it is needed by the body. Meat has enormous benefits but meat is also an excellent medium for bacterial growth if handled incorrectly. A meat grinder...
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The Effect of Storage Time on the Internal Quality of Chicken Eggs in the Second Phase in PS. Mandalan Jaya, Malang Regency

Aju Tjatur Nugroho Krisnaningsih, Dimas Pratidina Puriastuti Hadiani, Tri Ida Wahyu Kustyorini, Hafiza Tunyanan
This study aimed to determine the effect of storage time on the internal quality of Hy-Line strain chicken eggs in the second phase of chicken production. The research method used was a field and laboratory experiment with a completely randomized design (CRD). The research treatments included egg storage...
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Antioxidant Activity of Fermented Goat’s Milk with the Use of Bifidobacterium longum

Zuraida Hanum, Yurliasni Yurliasni, Fadella Haqqi Seutia
Fermented goat’s milk with Bifidobacterium longum has the potential as a source of antioxidants to counteract free radicals. This study aims to determine the antioxidant activity of fermented goat’s milk using Bifidobacterium longum as a starter which is thought to have high antioxidant activity. The...
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Physical and Organoleptic Quality of Balinese Beef with Pineapple Juice (Ananas comosus L. Merr) Marination

Harapin Hafid, Fitrianingsih Fitrianingsih, Arbyin Pratiwi, Asma Bio Kimestri, Siti Hadrayanti Ananda
Pineapple produces bromelain enzyme, which could hydrolyze protein used to tenderize meat. This study aims to determine the physical and organoleptic properties of Balinese beef which had been marinated using pineapple juice (Ananas comosus L. Merr). The study used Balinese beef with pineapple juice...
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The Effect of Lactobacillus plantarum Addition on Cooking Loss and Water Holding Capacity of Beef with Different Temperatures and Storage Time

Amhar Abubakar, Zuraida Hanum, Syalia Varadita
Meat is a food ingredient produced from livestock that is rich in nutritional content and is favored by some people because of its delicious taste. In general, people can buy beef in traditional markets. Traders in traditional markets sell fresh meat in large pieces. Beef is expected decent quality for...
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The Ability of Lactobacillus plantarum to Reduce the Growth of Bacteria in Beef Meat by the Differences in Temperature and Storage Time in Term of pH and Microbiological Tests

Amhar Abubakar, Cut Aida Fitri, Zulainni Zulaini, Allaily Allaily
Food safety is an effort made to prevent food from contamination or contamination of biological, chemical, and other objects that interfere and harm public health. Foodstuffs derived from livestock are one of the food ingredients that are not durable or easily damaged (perishable). One of the livestock...
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Effect of Skin Cow Immersion Time in Pineapples Peel Extract Solution on Yield, Viscosity, and Gelatin Color

R. Singgih Sugeng Santosa, Arif Prashadi Santosa
This research aims to study the effect of immersion time on yield, viscosity, and color of skin cow gelatines. Twenty-four thousand grams of skin cow, twelve thousand grams pineapples peel, and ten thousand two hundred millilitre an aquadest were used in this research. The Experiment method that used...
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The Effect of Different Kefir Grain Starter Concentration on pH, Alcohol Percentage, and Organoleptic Properties of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Milk Kefir

Fitrianingsih Fitrianingsih, Harapin Hafid, Asma Bio Kimestri, Andini Sulfitrana, Rachmita Dewi S. Toba
Kefir is a fermented milk product by lactic acid bacteria and yeast, rich in benefits for the human body. Kefir grains are a starter in making kefir. This research determines pH, alcohol percentage, and organoleptic properties using kefir grains with different concentrations. Ultra-high temperature (UHT)...
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Quality of Organic Fertilizer Due to Material Combination with Bio-activator

Allaily Allaily, Muhammad Aman Yaman, Zarra Putri Aprilia, Nur Santy Asminaya, Zulfan Zulfan
Litters or pine cage mats are very good at absorbing water and odours from broiler chicken manure. Pine-based litter takes a long time to decompose. Therefore, this study was conducted to find out how the waste was processed into compost using a combination of materials and levels of EM-4 bioactivator....
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Physical Quality Test of Ice Cream Sweetened Using Honey

Nur Santy Asminaya, Widhi Kurniawan, Apriansyah Apriansyah, Asma Bio Kimestri
Ice cream is usually made using sugar (sucrose) as a sweetener, but the use of too much sugar in food can cause obesity and increase blood sugar so it is not good for diabetics. This study aims to determine the effect of adding honey with different levels on the sensory test of ice cream. This research...
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Financial Feasibility of an Integrated Business Pattern for Laying Hens and Hybrid Corn on a Small Scale Business South Konawe Regency

Musram Abadi, La Ode Nafiu, La Ode Arsad Sani, Hairil Hadini, La Ode Muh. Munadi, La Ode Kasno Arief
This study aims to analyze the financial feasibility of an integrated business pattern for laying hens and hybrid corn on a smallscale business in South Konawe Regency. The research variables are (a) investment costs; (b) fixed costs; (c) variable costs; (d) acceptance; and (e) income. The research data...
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Animal Welfare during Eid al-Adha

How Pesantren and City Mosques Treat the Sacrificed Animal

Lis Safitri, Mochamad Socheh, Wahyudin Wahyudin, Afduha Nurus Syamsi, Krismiwati Muatip
This study compared the Islamic-animal welfare of sacrificial animals slaughtered in the pesantren and the city mosques in Banyumas Regency during Eid al-Adha 1442 H. There were five aspects of animal welfare has been observed: transportation, shelter aspects, preparation, slaughtering, and post-slaughter...
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Marketing Analysis of Cattle at Pagak Market

Ari Brihandhono, Waluyo Edi Susanto, Tentrem Prahmono
This study was designed to determine marketing channels, marketing margin, farmer share, and marketing efficiency levels of cattle marketing at the Pagak market, Malang district. The sample population is as many as 20 traders. This study uses a survey method. The results showed that there are 3 distribution...
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The Value of Quail Day Production, Income Over Feed Cost and Break Even Point of Mrs. Anami’s Quail Business During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dimas Pratidina Puriastuti Hadiani, Enike Dwi Kusumawati, Tri Ida Wahyu Kustyorini, J.R. Jibrilia Bella S
This study aims to determine the value of Quail Day Production (QDP), Income Over Feed Cost (IOFC), and Break-Even Point (BEP) of Mrs. Anami’s Quail Business During the Covid-19 Pandemic. The material used in this study was 2,800 female quails aged 4-14 months. The method used is a survey with data obtained...
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Buffalo Farmers’ Abilities in Accessing Information and Financial Supports in Pemalang Regency

Krismiwati Muatip, Rahayu Widiyanti, Yusmi Nur Wakhidati, Lis Safitri, Hermin Purwaningsih, Oentoeng Edy Djatmiko, Alief Einstein, Sri Mastuti, Nunung N Hidayat, Moch Sugiarto, Novie A Setianto
The purpose of the study is to determine the age, level of education, and length of being buffalo farmers with their ability to access the information and financial supports from the government and the banks. The study has been carried out in Pemalang Regency, with the total number of 184 respondents...
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Time Allocation of Family Worker for Bali Cattle Farming and Paddy Rice Farming In South Konawe Regency

La Ode Arsad Sani, Musram Abadi, La Ode Andi, La Ode Muh. Munadi
A working day is a unit of labor used in calculating farming analysis and generally amounts to 8 hours in a day which has been calculated with 1 hour of rest. This study aims to determine the time allocation of family labor for the Bali cattle business with lowland rice farming, carried out in August-September...
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The Effect of Cooperative Partnerships and Participation of Dairy Farmers on Performance of the Agroniaga Jabung Cooperation

Dimas Pratidina Puriastuti Hadiani, Muhammad Nur Ihsan, Puguh Surjowardojo, Bambang Ali Nugroho
Dairy cattle are one of the livestock commodities that have a promising opportunity to make a profit. In Indonesia, many dairy farmers join milk cooperatives to market their fresh milk products. The partnership between dairy farmers and dairy cooperatives is very helpful for farmers in the process of...
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Enteric Methane from Small Ruminants in Indonesia for Recent Years: Tier 2 Methods

Teguh Wahyono, Dadang Priyoatmojo, Tri Handayani, Afi Candra Trinugraha, Widhi Kurniawan, Tekad Urip Sujarnoko
Indonesia, as an agricultural country, has a large amount of small ruminant population, which contributes a significant amount to national enteric CH4 emission. This study aimed to calculate enteric CH4 emission from small ruminants (sheep and goat) in Indonesia using Intergovernmental Panel on Climate...
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The Nutrient Content in Liquid Organic Fertilizer (Bio-slurry) and Its Effect on Plankton Abundance and Total Bacteria in Traditional Pond

Yusnaini Yusnaini, Indriyani Nur, Baheri Baheri
This research aimed to determine the nutrient content and total bacteria in bio-slurry. In addition, the abundance of plankton, total bacteria and protein content of milkfish cultivated in ponds using bio-slurry were analyzed. The first stage was to make bio-slurry by testing two different main raw materials;...
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Gentamicin Resistance on Escherichia coli Isolated from Cats

Yamin Yaddi, Safika, Fachriyan Hasmi Pasaribu
Antibiotic resistance is currently an important problem in the field of animal and human health. The main triggering factor for the incidence of bacterial resistance is wisdom in the use of antibiotics. Handling cases of bacterial infections in cats still make antibiotics be the main choice. One of the...
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Comparison of Saponin Content on Three Species of Coffee Husk as Potential Feeding Originated From Southern Thailand and Jambi, Indonesia

Yudithia Maxiselly, Pisamai Anusornwanit, Pin Chanjula, Rawee Chiarawipa
Coffee husk is one of solid coffee waste that contains the amount of phytochemical composition, including saponin. Saponin is a valuable compound for human and animal health. This research analysed and compared the saponin value of three species of coffee husk that originated from southern Thailand and...
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The Characteristics of Maleo Bird (Macrocephalon Maleo) Eggs in the Wildlife Conservation Area, North Buton, Indonesia

Adam Santrio, Ani Mardiastuti, Dyah Perwitasari-Farajallah
Maleo bird (Macrocephalon Maleo) is a protected endemic animal species of Sulawesi Island due to being in an endangered condition. This bird is included in megapodes with blackish fur and small head shape. This animal is unique due to its monogamous characteristic and relatively giant egg size. Maleo...
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Optimization of Single Cell Protein (SCP) Production using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae by Response Surface Methodology (RSM) on Cell Biomass and Protein Percentage

Anis Usfah Prastujati, Mustofa Hilmi, Asmaul Khusna, Osfar Sjofjan, Muhammad Halim Natsir, Shabrina Ulfa Talitha
This study aims to determine the effect of using molasses, KH2PO4 and MgSO4 media with different concentrations and formulations on S. cerevisiae’s growth in manufacturing single-cell protein (SCP). The method used was the response surface methodology (RSM), consisting of 14 treatment formulations and...
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Growth Response of Several Varieties of Tomato Plants (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Fed Goat Manure in Polybag

Midranisiah, Krisna Delita, Esa Handayani, Harapin Hafid
A study aimed to determine the response of several varieties of tomato plants that were given goat manure and to determine the interaction of these two factors. The study used a 3x5 factorial randomized block design (RAK) with 3 replications. There were 2 factors studied, namely varieties (Tymoti, Servo...
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Diversity of Eel (Glass Eel) Based on Morphometric Measurements in the Konaweha River, Southeast Sulawesi

Utama Kurnia Pangerang, Sjamsu Alam Lawelle, Latifa Fekri, Muhammad Idris, Jumadi Lolon Marthen
Eel has economic value and nutritional content needed by the body. The demand for eel continues to increase both in fresh and processed forms. The activity of using eel in the waters of the Konaweha River is still very low; this is related to the low understanding of the community regarding the economic...
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Drying Methods Effect on Chemical Content of Pollen, Study of Oil Palm Pollen as Honeybee Feed

Sri Minarti, Mochammad Junus, Lilik Eka Radiati, Firman Jaya, Shafa Fa’izah, Fitriarisa Landa, Ida Handayani, Derah Musci Warasi, Muhammad Anang Fitriyono
Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) is a plant that is used as raw material for various food products, medicines, cosmetics and energy sources. Oil palm has a productive age of up to 25-26 years, harvested from the age of 3-4 years, and reaches peak production at the age of 9-14 years. As a fruit-producing...
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Prevalence of Endoparasites in Timor Deer In-Situ Breeding at Tinanggea Sub-District Using SAF (Sodium Acetic Formaldehyde) Method

Restu Libriani, Putu Nara Kusuma Prasanjaya, La Ode Agus Salim Mando, Dedem Sutopo, Andini Sulfitrana, Achmad Selamet Aku, Purnaning Dhian Isnaeni
Management of wildlife in captivity that must be considered is the use of feed additives and prevention of diseases caused by endoparasites. The digestive tract is one of the organs that are susceptible to helminthiasis. This study was aimed to determine the prevalence of endoparasite infection in Timor...
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The Preventive Effect of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) with Lime Acidification (Citrus aurantifolia) on Total Cholesterol Levels and Expression of Hepatic TGF-β on Hypercholesterolemic Rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Indah Amalia Amri, Falyudhanto Aryo Wibisono, Aulia Firmawati, Nurina Titisari, Dahliatul Qosimah
Hypercholesterolemia is an excessive level of blood cholesterol condition. Fat and high cholesterol overconsumption cause atherosclerosis, coronary heart diseases, and liver diseases e.g. fatty liver and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). One ingredient that can be used to prevent hypercholesterolemia...