Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Mechanical, Electronic, Control and Automation Engineering (MECAE 2017)

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Analysis on Complex Target Electromagnetic Scattering Features based on Improved Finite Element Boundary Integral Method

An Xu
Computational electromagnetic has been more and more mature after development for dozens of years. Domestic and foreign scholars have proposed many methods especially when it is used for solving 3D complex target numerical value questions. Traditional methods include moment method, finite element method,...
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Topography Optimization of Automobile Seat Belt Bracket

Fei Zhao, Hongyu Jiao
A finite element model of automobile seat belt bracket was built by Hyper Works. Through computer-aided analysis, it carried out that the original model maximum stress was 347MPa, which was more than the material yield strength 340Mpa. The original model needed to be optimized. The best distribution...
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Alliance Formation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle based on Holon

Bowen Han, Peiyang Yao
The assignment problem of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) cluster to target group is analyzed based on the Holon theory. The formation process of the air fleet Holon alliance is the process of the unordered UAV cluster form into columns satisfying the tasks demand. The total task of the target group...
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Pavement Inertial Point Existence Analysis under Load Diversity

Shanqiang Li, Feng Liu, Hao Li
Based on the original theory of the inertial point, this paper analyzed the existence of the inertial point to the rigid concrete pavement on the Winkler foundation under the pulse load and the moving load. First, according to the actual mechanical characteristics of the pavement structure, establish...
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The Measurement of Reliability based on the Heterogeneity of the Network

Kai Li, Yongfeng He
The reliability of complex network is an important content in the research of complex networks. In order to evaluate the reliability of the complex network, the standard deviation of the degree values to characterize the heterogeneity of the network, considering the difference of the degree distribution,...
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A Generalization-Based POI Query Privacy Preserving Scheme

Yunxia Feng, Xu Li
Point of interest (POI) is a special kind of point location that combines some information that people may find useful or interesting. Thus, POI query may disclose directly people's sensitive information. Current location anonymity schemes do not pay close attention to information added to locations,...
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Reconstructing Gene Regulation Network based on Conditional Mutual Information

Bei Yang, Yaohui Xu
The purpose of gene regulatory network construction is to deduce the potential relationship between genes in gene expression data. In this paper, the algorithm CMICRAT is used to construct the gene-directed undirected graphs based on the mutual information and Conditional mutual information by the gene...
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Fast Compressive Tracking based on Adaptively Learning Scheme

Ling Gan, Jian Ding
In this paper, we proposed a fast compressive tracking algorithm based on adaptively learning scheme (FCTAL). First, we designed a special nonlinear model for updating the learning parameter of na‹ve Bayes classifier. Second, we improved the target position decision strategy from FCT for getting it refrain...
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Anti-Collision Warning Algorithm based on Visual Perception in Front of Vehicle

Pengheng Ding, Jindong Zhang, Yanghao Zhou, Hongliang Liu, Xiao Wang
The vehicles' driving safety plays an important role in the transportation safety's development, and it's a necessary requirement in intelligent transportation and intelligent vehicle. The point that is suggested in this paper is that vehicles' collision warning system which is based on computer vision,...
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Evidential based Expectation Maximization for Image Segmentation

Yin Chen, Siyu Hu, Armin Cremers
In statistics, expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm is an iterative method which finds the maximum likelihood or maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimates of parameters in statistical models depending on unobserved latent variables. In image segmentation, EM is widely used to determine the unknown parameters...
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Preprocessing of DAG Tasks based on Optimal Frequency Determination Method

Yuxiang Ge, Youlin Ruan
With the application of multi-core processor, the data processing ability has been improved. More and more scholars pay more attention to the processing optimization of the task with the constraint of each other. Marco E.T. Gerards et al. have given the way to choose the optimal clock frequencies that...
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Vehicle Automatic Vertical & Horizontal Parking Trajectory Prediction and Fuzzy Control

Jinqing Li, Jindong Zhang, Weikai Wang, Chengliang Liu, Hongyan Guo, Kuo Zhang
Automatic parking system is a non-accurate modeling system, and the fuzzy algorithm is an excellent choice for the non-accurate modeling. Based on the vehicle kinematics modeling and the experience of artificial parking, we establish the horizontal and vertical models of the vehicle automatic trajectory...
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Production Rate Regression Model of Railway Construction Project based on Grid

Wenrui Ren, Renkui Liu, Futian Wang, Mengyi Sun
Project schedule has been regarded as the core work of the project management. Scheduling and using the project schedule scientifically and reasonably is the key to ensure the organization work of construction project orderly. In this paper, the time-location-based division method of influencing factors...
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Design and Implementation of Judge System for Old Man Fall Down

Chao Sun, Jindong Zhang, Jiajia Lin, Rui Song, Xuan Zang, Xiaohan Liu
This paper taking into account the universal use of Android phones, designs and implements judgments and notices the old man falling cell phone App. By calling the phones accelerometer, gyroscope collection campaigns after processing according to human body dynamics model to determine the specific state...
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Design of Tractor Resistance Sensor based on Magnetostriction Effect

Mingsheng Li, Jingyi Gong, Jin Ye, Jian Liu
This paper designed the Pin-axis Resistance sensor based on the principle of Magnetostriction. The mathematic model of the sensor was established and simulated in Matlab / Simulink. In this paper , load experiment results of resistance sensor showed that resistance sensor's linearity decision coefficient...
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Neural Network Prediction Method of Chaotic FH Code Sequence

Xiang Shen
The frequency hopping communication implements the communication in the process of continuous and irregular jumping frequency, widely used in military communications and civilian communications. At present, the research on the modeling and prediction of frequency hopping codes by using chaos analysis...
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Generating Perturbations with Hilbert Curves and Differential Privacy for Location Privacy

Na Wang, Haiyang Yu
Location privacy protection method of Location-based Services (LBS) system mostly depends on the trusted third party anonymity server. When the attacker has sufficient background knowledge, it is proved that Location privacy can't be adequately protected by k-anonymity based on location obfuscation enforced...
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Abnormal Traffic Classification based on Feature Entropy Vector

Lulu Chen, Wenpu Guo, Hao He
Existing anomaly detection technology is mainly concerned with the detection of anomalous flow, and it is not enough to study anomaly type. Therefore, a method based on information entropy and k-means clustering is proposed to construct the anomalous traffic entropy feature vector to achieve fast and...
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Research on Vehicle Detection Method based On LIDAR in UGV Leader-Follower Systems

Ziyong Jia, Guoquan Ren, Dongwei Li
Aiming at the practical problem of target vehicle detection and tracking in the UGV Leader-follower Systems, a method of detecting and tracking vehicle by using LIDAR is proposed. As an active sensor, LIDAR can obtain the distance and angle information of the object in real time, and has high resolution...
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Research on AMR Sensors' Anti-interference Circuit

Qi Zhang, Yingtang Zhang, Zhining Li
Aiming at the problems of the decline of both accuracy and sensitivity of the anisotropic magneto resistive (AMR) sensors caused by outside interference, this paper puts forward the applied set or reset pulse to generate strong magnetic field to restore and solve the problem, and takes 3-axis AMR sensor...
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A Robust Zero Watermarking Algorithm based on NSCT_DCT

Zhihua Yuan, Bailong Yang, Wenqiang Zhao, Yu Liu
A new watermarking algorithm based on NSCT_DCT is proposed to improve the robustness of digital watermarking. This algorithm performs L-level NSCT transformation on the image which requires to be embedded watermark, and DCT transforms the low frequency band. The DCT coefficients are chosen as the feature...
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Several Issues on the Development of Mongolian Whole Media Fusion News Production Practice Teaching Platform

Huiru Deng, Liping Zhu
In order to cater to the Internet education and the current industry news media trend, developed minority language news gathering and editing website. Mongolian whole media fusion news production practice teaching platform is a teaching site aimed at Mongolian students, on which students can search and...
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Single Image Defogging Method based on Deep Learning

Baoping Yuan, Yong Yang, Baofu Zhang
Single image defogging is a challenging ill-posed problem. Current image defogging methods usually get defogging solutions based on various priors or assumption, which is hardly satisfied in practice. In this paper, a single image defogging method based on deep learning is proposed, in which the priors...
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Cross-Dataset Facial Expression Recognition based on Arousal-Valence Emotion Model and Transfer Learning Method

Yong Yang, Chuan Liu, Qingshan Wu
Traditional facial expression recognition methods assume that facial expression in the training and testing sets are collected under the same condition such that they are independent and identically distributed. However, the assumption is not satisfied in many real applications. This problem is referred...
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The Research of Forest Fire Alarm System based on Video Monitoring

Hongyun Guan, Chuming Gong
In order to improve the real-time and accuracy of forest fire detection, this article has researched to the imaging characteristics of flame and smoke under visible light. According to the forest environment with complex space and various interference, this article puts forward a fire detection algorithm...
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Encrypted Image Steganographic Scheme based on Pixel Valued Differencing

Yu Liu, Bailong Yang, Wenqiang Zhao, Zhihua Yuan
Aiming at the problem of low hidden capacity and poor imperceptibility of the existing image information hiding algorithm in encrypted domain, an improved encrypted domain information hiding algorithm based on PVD (Pixel Valued Differencing) is proposed. The algorithm combines PVD algorithm, the logistic...
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Research on Web Application Vulnerability Scanning System based on Fingerprint Feature

Hao He, Lulu Chen, Wenpu Guo
In view of the existing network vulnerability scanning system does not distinguish between the characteristics of web applications, but in accordance with a single strategy to scan, resulting in scanning efficiency and accuracy is low, the scan results are not comprehensive and so on. In this paper,...
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A New Distributed Histogram Equalization Processing Remote Sensing Images based on MapReduce Framework

Lipeng Jia, Xiaohui Hu
With the development of 3S technology and information technology, the remote sensing data is growing dramatically. A new distributed histogram equalization for processing remote sensing images based on MapReduce framework is proposed in this paper. Through distributed histogram equalization method, significant...
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Fast Implementation of Privacy Amplification in Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution

Jinpeng He, Xiangyu Wang, Song Yu
By partition matrix method, we improve the speed of privacy amplification, the key phase of the post-processing in continuous-variable quantum key distribution system. The computational complexity of privacy amplification could be decreased by the partition matrix method. The optimal speed of the privacy...
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An Improved On-Board Post-Transform Image Compression Algorithm

Lei Shi, Weina Liu
The shortcomings of sparse representation of remote sensing images and the on-board post -transform-based image compression algorithm are analyzed. In this paper, an improved post-transform based compression algorithm is proposed. The algorithm is improved in terms of computational complexity, optimal...
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A Collaborative Filtering Algorithm based on Improved Similarity

Yan Zhou
The collaborative filtering recommendation implements recommendation by using his neighbor user's preference. And the similarity calculation is the key. The traditional similarity calculation neglects the impact of co-rating item number and user average rating on similarity calculation. This causes the...
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A Method of XML Twig Query Processing based on XML Document Schema

Yi Yu
The uncertainty caused by the Ancestor-Descendant relations and wildcard could affect query efficiency in the query of Twig query. For this problem this paper proposes a query method of the Twig query processing based on document schema. Firstly, it matches the Twig query to the schema tree, so as to...
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Study and Design of Intelligent Building Management System

Huikui Zhou, Liyong Wan
To meet the need of intelligent building construction, from the five subsystems of the intelligent building, the modern intelligent building management system has been designed by using the RFID radio frequency identification and wireless sensor network technology, and the overall system architecture...
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A Survey of Image-based 3D Reconstruction

Xinfang Fu, Yueqiang Li
Image-based 3D Reconstruction is the inverse process of geometric drawing, however, the lack of information makes it difficult to reconstruct the 3D image. The methods of 3D reconstruction using object contour information contain manual interactive operation, stereo vision, motion image, photometric...
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A novel medical image fusion approach based on fractional wavelets transform

Na Zhang, Peiguang Wang, Haili Huang, Xiaoping Zong
Multi-modal image fusion is a process of integrating complementary information from multiple images of different scene. A novel medical image fusion algorithm based on the fractional wavelets transform (FRWT) is proposed in this paper. The method is implemented to fractional wavelets transform to get...
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The Channel Quantization Alternating Algorithm in the Secret Key Generation System

Fuxing Guo, Dapeng Yu, Gang Xin
In order to solve the problem that the high bit inconsistent rate between the two parties in the legal communication affects the key length , an improved CQA algorithm that calculating the log likelihood ratio that each bit is '0' or '1' after quantization sample value is proposed. Suppose both parties...
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Automatic Power Adjustment in MROF System

Jianchun Zhu, Zhixiong Huang
Due to the traditional mobile communication technology cannot meet the development requirement of fiber communication particularly in remote districts, this paper introduces a new kind of multi-channel optical wireless communication system. In order to emphasize the importance of automatic power adjustment,...
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Study and Application for Data Access Control in IoT based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Xiaoyang Chen, Lingyun Jiang, Bowei Liu, Lei Wang
With the increasing scale of Internet of Things, the problem of congestion is brought about in the process of data access and control, and the important data cannot be updated in time. In view of the above problems, the paper proposes the model of device attribute priority based on analytic hierarchy...
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An Improved Time Division Multiple Access Protocol in UWSN

Yi Liang, Pingping Wen, Haoxian Wang, Zhanfeng Zhao
The development of underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSN) is attracting more and more attentions. The MAC layer protocols which are the important part of the network, dominate the method of each node sharing the channel, thus affect the performance of throughput, latency, energy consumption and other...
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Modified Indoor Navigation Mapping based on VSLAM

Zhilin Lin, Guoliang Zhang, Erliang Yao, Xiao Jia, Hui Xu
Since the 2D maps built by traditional method are limited to describe single environment plane, the VSLAM-based indoor 2D map building method is proposed. The nonlinear optimization problem about camera poses is constructed based on VSLAM, and this problem is solved by Gauss-Newton method. Subsequently,...
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The Current Problem of Traffic Congestion on Highways

Yilin Jiang
In this paper, we try to designing a new toll plaza and the goal is to maximize the throughput, minimize the cost and accident times. Taking highways in New Jersey of the United States for example, the Queuing theory and Analytic Hierarchy Process are used to analyze the model.
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Research on the Small Deformation of Thin Arched Plates in Fluids

Junxi Bi, Bin Liu
This paper applied the theory of thin elastic shell and fundamental equation of fluid mechanics, combined with united Lagrange-Euler method, to establish the kinematic equation and dynamic equation of contact surfaces between fluid and solid. The linear equations of plate's normal displacement coefficients...
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Modeling of Sandia Piloted Flame D and F using Flamelet-Generated Manifolds

Jun Tang, Wenyan Song
For purpose of studying the application of Flamelet Generated Manifolds (FGM) model in numerical simulation of combustion, the combustion field of Sandia piloted flame D and F were studied using FGM model. The laminar flamelet database was generated using the laminar 1D freely propagating flame module...
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Flue Gas Measurement Experiments and Effect Analysis of FRP Flue on the Removal of Pollutants

Gaojun Liu, Jian Hao, Hailong Liu, Xiangdong Cai, Long Jiang, Qing Li
In order to reduce the emission concentration of solid particle, the 1# unit of Guohua Sanhe power plant has carried out ultra-low transformation: low-temperature economizer transformation, high frequency power supply, the demister of desulfurization absorption tower and the installation of fiber reinforced...
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The Effects of Magnetic Field on Flow Characteristics of High Temperature Conductive Gas in a Cylinder

Mengchun Zhong, Xiaogang Li, Baoquan Mao, Cheng Li
Considering the conductive properties of the propellant gas and the application potential of the plasma flow control, a magneto hydrodynamic model of the barrel is built and the magneto hydrodynamic control equations are solved by magnetic induction method. The effects of different magnetic fields on...
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PTEE Material Life Modeling based on Compound Poisson Process of Fatigue Crack

Longbo Liu, Shuizhuang Miao
In order to study the life modeling problem of the PTEE material, this paper proposes a Compound Poisson process life modeling method for PTEE material, which performance degradation process is modeled by the PTEE material impact fatigue crack. In the impact work condition, the number of impact times...
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Stochastic Differential Game Analyses of Tailored Taxi Service Coordination by Cost Sharing Contract

Haifeng Zhao, Dan Chen
Cooperation of all the members in the tailored taxi service plays an important role in the development of this fast-developing service industry. The platform enterprise can encourage cooperation from special car drivers by sharing their cost during the service, which we assume can increase the sales...
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Using Design Compiler Topographical Technology for Modern Process

Qian Liang, Ligang Hou, Jinhui Wang
As the technology scales into deep submicron regime, accurate estimate of interconnect parasitics has become one of important factors on path delay calculation. Design Compiler Topographical technology leverages the Synopsys physical implementation solution to derive the "virtual layout" of the design,...
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A New Fault Detection Algorithm for EMUs based on Deep Learning

Zhi Liu, Yanru Sun
Health monitoring is an important task for high-speed railway EMUs. Traditional methods for detection have the problem of low detection rate or high false alarm. In this paper, a new fault detection algorithm is proposed based on deep learning. A region proposal network is applied and a network is trained...
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Research on Inventory and Distribution Collaborative Optimization of Building Materials Supply Chain

Shuai Ma, Xifu Wang, Yajun Liu, Ze Gao
In this paper, we discuss about the three logistics systems which consist of one manufacturer, one dealer and many customers. It is based on the particularity of the construction material consumption being slowly, we study the inventory and distribution coordination optimization problem based on the...
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The Application of Distributed Raptor Codes in Cooperative Transmission System

Wang Chao
In order to reduce computational complexity and transmission delay in the cooperative transmission system based on digital fountain codes , the paper proposes the cooperative communication scheme based on a distributed Raptor codes .The throughput is treated as the parametric analysis of the system complexity...
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Optimization Model and Application Research for Logistics Network Facilities within Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Luan Luan, Xifu Wang, Yang Lv, Ze Gao
In the context of integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, logistics integration has become an important matter for logistics industry and regional economics. While the infrastructures are getting completed, the cost is still high and the efficiency is relatively low. Under such circumstance, optimizing...
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Application of 3D Ray Tracer in WiMAX

Wang Chao
WiMAX is a promising technology for a higher spectral efficiency and reliable transmission. This paper compares the downlink throughput experienced by mobile users in a macro-cell in an interference limited scenario with a frequency reuse of one. Bit accurate link level simulations are performed for...
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A Satellite Network Based on Distributed SDN

Li Yang, Li Yu, Huaifeng Shi
According to the characteristics of satellite network and based on the idea of distributed SDN, a distributed software defined satellite network architecture is proposed in this paper. And the consistency of controller cluster is achieved based on the Raft algorithm. Theoretical analysis and simulation...
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The Design of Chicken House Electronic Intelligent Lighting Apparatus

Biqing Li, Zhao Li, Xiuru Tan
This page proposed an automatic henhouse light filling system which used microcomputer as main control unit. It can be achieved light up in the daytime through the photoconductive resistance induction light intensity is insufficient; illuminated lighting at night in a fixed time. The System to sense...
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Research on Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery of Vehicle Transmission

Tao Zhang, Huiyuan Xue
In this paper, the gearbox as the research object, under the conditions of strong interference signal acquisition and analysis, denoising, eigenvalue extraction, pattern recognition and fault prediction has very important practical significance. Aiming at the problem of end effect in Empirical Mode Decomposition...
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The Design of Hearing and hypnosis all-in-one Machine

Shiyong Zheng, Zhao Li, Biqing Li
This page proposed a hearing and hypnosis all-in-one machine which used CD4069 as the core, it can be achieved Hearing and hypnosis. This design is mainly use the six COS/MOS inverter circuits of CD4069 chip, converted the voice of the outside world which collected by MIC to electrical signals and amplifier,...
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Development and Improvement of Frequency Response Characteristic Test Tool for Broadband High Frequency Current Sensor

Liping Zhu, Yunyun Fu
According to the transmission line theory, the theoretical model of the frequency response characteristic test tool for broadband high frequency current sensor is constructed. Then, SolidWorks and XFdtd is used to model and simulate the tool to find the optimal design parameters of the core coaxial tool...
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Study on Embedded CNC System for NURBS Curves Method of Interpolation Arithmetic

Wanjun Zhang, Shanping Gao, Xiyan Cheng, Feng Zhang
In order to reduce the calculation amount of NURBS curves, combined with NURBS curves mathematical properties. Firstly this paper introduce on the algorithm of the NURBS curves improvement, it is the in the interpolation cycle under the condition of certain interpolation increment only and interpolation...
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Design of Space Self-Organized Network Based on TDMA for Micro/Nano-Satellite Cluster Flying Tasks

Jianming Guo, Lei Yang, Chengguang Fan, Shuai Wu, Xin Song, Yong Zhao
Employing cluster flying satellites to carry out complicated space tasks is an important method in aerospace applications, and a reliable, efficient communication system is quite essential for cluster flying satellites to work collaboratively. In consideration of that, this paper proposes a lightweight...
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Modeling and Simulation of Space Self-organizing Network based on OPNET

Lei Yang, Shuai Wu, Chengguang Fan, Jianming Guo, Pengfei Liu, Xin Song
A scheme of space self-organizing network based on TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) is proposed for cooperative requirement in cluster flying micro-nano satellites. Network level, node level and process level models are created based on OPNET. Simulation experiments such as nodes autonomous networking,...
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Semantic Knowledge Acquisition based on Maximum Entropy

Maoyuan Zhang, Kai Xing, Jianping Zhu
It's necessary to acquire semantic knowledge in Natural Language Processing research. In this paper, we present an approach for acquiring Chinese semantic knowledge based on maximum entropy model. Semantic knowledge units are composed of central word and a group of feature words. Because the maximum...
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A Wireless Sensor Network based Indoor Localization System for Emergency Application Use

Jian Tang, Zhen Zhang, Shibing Feng, Ming Zhao, Zhiheng Xie, Hengchang Liu
Every year, tragedy of indoor emergency accidents lead to immeasurable loss to families, bringing the society great shocks. This is mainly due to the harsh environment of emergency accidents, like firefighting, as the on-fire buildings are usually full of smoke and danger. One of the most directional...
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Traf: A Camera based System for Traffic Flow Analysis

Shibing Feng, Jian Tang, Ming Zhao, Zhen Zhang, Hengchang Liu
As the traffic jam is becoming a serious issue of urban life, collecting traffic parameters for traffic distribution is important and critical. In this paper, we present a camera based system (Traf) to count automotive vehicles for traffic flow analysis use. The system employs the method of background...
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Office Automation Sub-Summary of the Work and the Project Management System

Biqing Li, Zhao Li
This paper uses the interview object thought to analyze some of the core technology, telling the office automation development process, operation process and system. This paper mainly research on the office automation system (OA) function as the foundation, uses current more popular B/S (Browser / server)...
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Improvement of Three B Spline Curve Interpolation Algorithm and Simulation

Wanjun Zhang, Shanping Gao, Xiyan Cheng, Feng Zhang
In order to reduce the calculation amount of Three B spline curve, combined with Three B spline curve mathematical properties. Firstly this paper introduce on the algorithm of the Three B spline curve improvement, it is the in the interpolation cycle under the condition of certain interpolation increment...
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Campus Network Security Defense Strategy

Shiyong Zheng, Zhao Li, Biqing Li
This paper analyzes the characteristics of campus network and focuses on the key issues of campus network security prevention. The prevention strategies are analyzed from intranet security monitoring, network operation and other aspects, and the structure of campus network security system is designed.
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Signal Analysis of Broken Wires Fault with Different Width

Guohua Gao, Lin Gao
To guarantee personal and property security, the operational status of wire ropes need to real time this study , the static magnetic field of wire rope with different broken wires width was analyzed and calculated using finite element method, and the software named Ansoft Maxwell is used...
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Topology Optimization of Compliant Mechanisms Using Guide-Weight Method

Liping Wang, Huayang Xu, Liwen Guan
This paper introduces the Guide-Weight method into solving the topology optimization problems of compliant mechanisms. Guide-Weight method is a kind of Optimality Criteria methods, and it possesses the characteristics of clear physical meaning, high computational efficiency and great generality, which...
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Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Power Lithium-Ion Battery based on Artificial Neural Network Model

Enguang Hou, Xin Qiao, Guangmin Liu
In order to improve the security and reliability of the power lithium batteries, this paper introduced forecast and health management technology of its core content-remaining useful life, established a power lithium battery remaining useful life prediction method, by collecting current, batteries, battery...
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Preliminary Investigation on Rotary Ultrasonic Face Milling of Ceramic Matrix Composite C/Sic: Design of Experiments

Jianjian Wang, Qiaoli Zhang, Pingfa Feng
The feasibility of rotary ultrasonic face milling (RUFM) of ceramic matrix composites was evaluated experimentally in this study. Preliminary experimental results show that, comparing with conventional grinding (CG), RUFM can reduce cutting forces dramatically though with a little enlargement of surface...
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Numerical Study on Influence of Canard on Static Aeroelastic Characteristics of Forward-Swept Wing

Binlin Ma, Xinbing Su, Taorui Li, Ning Wang
The research on configuration of canard with forward-swept wing is of great significance in modern fighters' design. According to the influence of canard on static aeroelasticity of forward-swept wing, the longitudinal aerodynamic and elastic characteristics of canard with forward-swept wing configuration...
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Comparison of Detection Methods based on Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Wenjuan Jia, Yongyan Jiang
Invisible diseases inside human's body even will lead the end of life. Hence, scientists put forward many computer-aided methods to detect the abnormalities in the body, which are proved to be beneficial for both doctors and patients. Nevertheless, how to select an accurate and convenient approach is...
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Energy Saving Algorithm of Zigbee Network based on Whole Network Dormancy

Zhi Ren, Yanan Zhao, Hongwei Cao
Wireless sensor nodes are usually powered by batteries and then work for a long time after deployment, which means that the energy of nodes could become a bottleneck of network operation. To solve the problem of energy limitation of nodes in wireless sensor network, this paper proposes an energy saving...
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The Research on Key Techniques of Cross-Domain Data Services

Xinming Yin, Haiping Jiang, Haiye Huang, Junhao Bi, Zhiwei Cao
With the deepening development of Internet plus and cloud computing, big data technology constantly breakthrough in the field of application, cyber security becomes an important research field which can't be ignored in the information environment nowadays. Besides, with the development of the business,...
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Static Software Birthmark based on Multiple Attributes

Guangye Shi
Software birthmarks have been proposed as a method for enabling the detection of programs that may have been stolen by measuring the similarity between the two programs. A birthmark is created from each program by extracting its native characteristics. The birthmarks of the programs can then be compared....
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Lax Pair, Hirota Bilinear Form and Soliton Solutions of the Seventh-Order Kaup-Kupershmidt Equation in Plasma Physics

Yuping Zhang, Wenguang Zhang
In this paper, the seventh-order Kaup-Kupershmidt (KK) equation arising in fluids and plasmas is considered. The pseudopotentials of the equation are derived, based on the pseudopotentials, the Lax pair of the equation is get, which shows that the equation has the Lax integrability. It is a very important...
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Research on the Temperature Rise Characteristics of Elevator Driving Machine in Plateau Environment

Dingdong Zou, Xiao Lv, Ciren Luobu, Ting Yang, Zaxi Nima, Lixin Sun
In view of the running safety in elevator under plateau environment, the temperature rise of elevator driving machine is inspected as the breakthrough point for research. Based on Simplified formula theory, the heating condition of elevator in plateau environment is discussed. The correctness of theoretical...
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Fault Diagnosis of the Bearing with Low Speed and High Load

Jiahua Han, Wen Yan, Jinhua Cao
As the core component of large-scale machine, the performance of low speed high load bearings directly affect the operation of the machine, the fault diagnosis methods of the bearings has been a hot issue. By list different types of fault problems, at the same time, there are many methods of such bearings...
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Research on Gear Decision Technology for Pure Electric Bus based on the Operating Routes

Yulong Lei, Bo Yan, Yao Fu, Wei Chen, Liguo Hou
In order to make full use of the pure electric bus fixed route characteristic, this paper analyzes the correction algorithm of dynamic vehicle location that based on self-adaptive Kaltman filter. A method of curve and ramp recognition based on vehicle driving position and line features is proposed and...
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A Novel Power Electronic Load Simulation Method

Pengxian Song, Wenyan Qi, Haoming Wang, Zhengzheng Meng, Xu Li, Mingzheng Zhu
In this paper, a novel power electronic load (PEL) simulation method is proposed. The simulation object is three-phase phase-controlled rectifier bridge load. About this content, there are few articles mentioned. Through the detailed analysis of three- phase phase-controlled rectifier bridge characteristics,...
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Investigation on the Performance of TiN Coatings by Reactive Plasma Spraying Crystallization

Wenyan Qi, Pengxian Song, Zhiyong Gan, Fang Ye, Siwei Fu, Tian Li, Xunda Zhang
TiN coatings were prepared by means of reactive plasma spraying (RPS) titanium powders, and characterized by SEM, XRD and other methods in the paper. In order to optimize spraying process parameters and get a satisfactory spraying effect, the microstructure, the hardness, the organizations and phases...
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The Internet Public Opinion Propagation Model in Uncertain Environment

Xin Gao, Lin Fu, Dan A. Ralescu
With the rapid development of the internet, the classical internet public opinion (IPO) problem as an important social issue has been studied for several years. However, few of models are out of the dimension of differential equations. In this paper, a novel mathematical model for IPO problem based on...
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Research on Performance Evaluation Criteria for IP Multicast

Ningwei Sun, Lu Wang, Yong Liu
Based on the power formula, this paper studies the performance standard of IP multicast performance evaluation. Firstly, the paper analyzes the performance target of IP multicast application. And then, two kinds of performance evaluation criteria were put forward, one of which is based on throughput...
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Hardware in the Loop Test-bed for Space Information Network

Chengguang Fan, Lei Yang, Yong Zhao, Shuai Wu, Jianming Guo
In this paper, in the light of the diversity of space-crafts in space information network and the fast switching characteristics of network nodes, a hardware in the loop (HITL) test-bed is designed and built for testing and evaluating the appointed space information network, which consists of the modeling...
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Constrained Optimization of Resource Allocation in Colleges

Mengdie Ye
In this thesis, the resource allocation model based on Immune Clone Algorithms, highly conforming to reality, brings various complicated factors in actual course arrangement into model computing. The solution shows that the model can effectively arrange courses in colleges and universities, which deserves...
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Research and Application of Device Fingerprint

Xinming Yin, Zhengliang Hu, Guoliang Chen, Haiye Huang, Zhiwei Cao
Because many acquisition equipments of video network are deployed in public areas, they face many security issues. It is very important to connect the video equipments to the video dedicated network safely and efficiently. In this paper, we propose a decision tree classification algorithm of device fingerprint...
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The Effect of Electrode Arrangements on Concrete Defect Test Using Electrical Resistance Tomography

Xiaojun Zhu, Lei Qin, Hongwei Ren, Biqin Dong, Xing Feng
Electrical resistance tomography (ERT) is an imaging modality in which the internal conductivity distribution of the target is reconstructed on the basis of surface voltage measurements. It is assumed that the spatial resolution of the reconstructed images with an electrical resistance tomography system...
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Research on Cloud Task Scheduling based on Multi-Objective Optimization

Xiaohong Hao, Yufang Han, Juan Cao, Yan Yan, Dongjiang Wang
The efficient task scheduling in cloud environment has become the main research topic recently, the execution time, execution cost and load balancing for optimization in a cloud environment is significant. The scheduling of execution time and cost is a NP-hard multi-objective optimization problem, however,...