Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Mathematics, Modelling, Simulation and Algorithms (MMSA 2018)

It's our honor to inform you that 2018 International Conference on Mathematics, Modelling, Simulation and Algorithms (MMSA 2018) is planned to be held in Chengdu, China from 25th to 26th March in 2018. The conference will be co-sponsored by The Advanced Science and Industry Research Center, Hong Kong. MMSA 2018 is an international conference devoted specifically to facilitate synergies in research and development in the fields of these above majors. And it must be a wonderful communication platform for those who are leading experts and scholars in these related aspects.

There will be over 20 reviewers to be arranged to do this important work of refereeing and approving manuscripts. Reviewers play important roles in paper publications. Double blind review can help validate research and establish a method, by which it can be evaluated and increase networking possibilities within research communities. We will adopt this reviewing method in MMSA 2018. Both the reviewers and the authors are anonymous. Author anonymity prevents any reviewer bias, for instance based on an author's nationality or previous controversial work. Articles written by prestigious or renowned authors should be considered on the basis of the content of their papers, rather than their reputation. It is undesirable that reviewers identify the author through their writing style, subject matter or self-citation.

In order to achieve the success of MMSA 2018, the editors will distribute all the submissions to relevant reviewers according to the topics of papers. And there will be at least 2-3 experts to review each paper. If both of the two reviewers agree to accept, then the paper will be accepted and be published by Atlantis Press on Advances in Intelligent Systems Research. However, if the reviewers hold different opinions about the paper, it will be passed on to the third reviewer to be reviewed till the final result comes out.

As we all know, with the high development of Mathematics, Modelling, Simulation and Algorithms, the requirements of researches in these related aspects have increased rapidly in recent years. So we firmly believe that this conference will give full play to the value of the researches in them. Therefore it is doomed to be worthwhile participating.

MMSA 2018 will invite excellent experts in Mathematics, Modelling, Simulation and Algorithms to attend, which is an effective way to guarantee the high-quality output of the book. MMSA2018 has received over 373 papers before submission deadline. After being reviewed carefully by peer reviewers, 111 papers among 373 will be included by MMSA2018. There are 4 chapters in this book:

Chapter 1: System Modelling and Simulation Technologies
Chapter 2: Algorithms and Optimization Methods
Chapter 3: Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics
Chapter 4: Statistics Analysis and Research

At last, we’re so grateful for the assistances of The Advanced Science and Industry Research Center, Hong Kong, Technical Program Committee of MMSA2018, Atlantis Press, all the peer reviewers and the contributors to the conference. We place great hopes to the further developments of Mathematics and Simulation, meanwhile we believe all the attendees will have a great future! Thanks sincerely again!

MMSA 2018 International Scientific Committees