Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Mathematics, Modelling, Simulation and Algorithms (MMSA 2018)

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Arrival and Departure Flights Sequencing Optimization Based on Flight Classification Model

Xiong Li, Xiaoqing Chen, Dongbin Li, Dongxuan Wei
Delicacy flight classification and calculation of delay cost is very important for improving airport operation efficiency and reducing airline operation cost, when it is applied to manage the sequence of take-off and landing flights. The four different factors were considered, and the transitive closure...
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The Study of the Influence of Port Scale on Tugboat Configuration Based on System Simulation

Wenyuan Wang, Tianqi Zheng, Yun Peng
In the case of satisfactory waterway condition, the scale of the port area affects the tonnage and size of the vessels operated in the port directly, which leads to a higher demand on the tugboat configuration in the port. In this article, a simulation model of the operation system of ships entering...
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Rigid-flexible Coupling Simulation for a Three-chamber Hydraulic Cylinder of a Rocket Launcher

Tong Xu, Lijun Cao
The elevation-balancing machine is used to give the elevation angle of the landing parts of the rocket launcher, and the three-chamber hydraulic cylinder is the power device in the system. In order to obtain the dynamic characteristics of cylinder reasonably and scientifically, considering the flexible...
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Research on the Algorithm for Solving the Indoor Vision Positioning Model of Mobile Robot

Guangbing Zhou, Baosheng Shen, Jie Yan
In the analysis of the features and properties of camera based on the data, constructs the projection model and error model positioning calculation model, expanded beam method traditional adjustment model is only for image observations are optimized, constructed model with two or three dimensional positioning...
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Research on Visualization of Three-Dimensional Vectorization of Flow Field

Yulu Pan, Shenhua Yang, Yongfeng Suo, Guoquan Chen
In order to support the comprehensive analysis of virtual simulation and scientific visualization of navigation environment in marine simulator, this paper carried out the visualization analysis of three-dimensional vector field data of flow field according to the space-time characteristics of river...
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Design and Simulation Analysis of an Energy-Saving Type of Overrunning Clutch Life Testing Device

Lihua Zhong, Shiyou Zhang, Chao Xie, Jin Yao
A new type of energy-saving life testing device used for overrunning clutch, with simple structure, symmetrical layout and low energy consumption, is proposed to simplify the testing system and solve the problems of complexity, bulkiness and high cost, which exist in the traditional comprehensive testing...
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Constructive CAD Variants of Toroidal LPG Fuel Tanks Used in Automotive Industry

Ştefan Ţălu, Mihai Ţălu
This study addresses to CAD modeling of toroidal LPG fuel tanks used in automotive industry, whom section is described by imposed algebraic plane curves. The CAD modeling of toroidal LPG fuel tanks can help to better understand the dynamic movement of fuel within the tank during vehicle maneuvering.
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Research on Simulation Playback System of Vehicle Trajectory

Shuang Shi, Yanmei Wang, Fei Peng, Daqi Zhang
In order to facilitate learning, increase reliability, we take advantage of the video playback system in the subjects second and third of driving exam. Vehicle trajectory can be replayed with small amount of data transferred or stored up. The system is composed of four parts: the Beidou navigation system,...
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Modeling and Simulation of an Improved Impact Force Model for Mechanical System

Xupeng Wang, Xiaomin Ji, Lu Wang, Dingjun Wang, Bimeng Han
Impact is universal phenomenon in mechanical system with clearance. In order to accurately describe the effect of impact between journal and bearing in clearance joint, an improved contact force model is presented in this work, which assumes the coefficient of restitution during impact is varied, and...
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Bifurcation Analysis of a Time- and Space-Discrete Predator-Prey Model with Holling II Function Response

Tianjiao Zhang, Yan Meng, Yongan Ye
In this paper, a space- and time-discrete predator-prey model with Holling type II function response is investigated. The mortality of predator is variable, which is related to the population density. The model is given by a coupled map lattice framework, it takes a nonlinear relationship between predator-prey...
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Periodic Solution for A Stochastic Non-autonomous Predator-prey Model with Crowley-Martin Function Response

Hongliang Chen, Xiaoping Li
In this paper, we investigate a stochastic non-autonomous Crowley-Martin predator-prey model. For the model, we first prove the existence and uniqueness of the global positive solution. For the periodic model, we prove that the existence of a positive periodic solution by using Khasminskii’s method and...
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Research on Support Vector Machines Method Modeling for Rice Potassium Nutrition Diagnosis

Qiong Zhou, Hongyun Yang, Jun Yang, Yuting Sun, Aizhen Sun, Wenji Yang
A machine learning method was used to establish a diagnostic model of potassium nutrition for rice obtained from image processing techniques. In this study, super hybrid rice "Liangyoupeijiu" was used as experimental object to set up four kinds of rice cultivation experiments at different potassium fertilization...
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Establishment and Analysis of Face Recognition Model Based on Least Square Method

Fan Yang, Xuewen Tan
Face recognition technology is studied to realize the reconstructed image after many years. The principal component analysis of local facial feature extraction using MATLAB images, two value curve, corrosion and boundary contour extraction, vertical and horizontal projection contour extraction after...
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Development of the Simulation & Experiment System for Martian Atmosphere Simulation Environment Box

Lei Zhang, Gaotong Liu, Wei Leng
Study on the characteristics of the Martian atmosphere, selecting the appropriate calculation method, combined with FLUENT fluid finite element calculation software, a simulation of the multiple steady internal flow field of environment box in the Mars atmospheric environment conditions were analyzed....
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Two-Stage Optimization Model for Smart House Daily Scheduling Considering User Perceived Benefits

Changhong Deng, Sijie Zhang, Wei Yang, Weiwei Yao, Jin Tan, Zhengyi Liu
Smart house scheduling is the grid terminal demand response based on the reference signal, the electricity market price. In this paper, the user consumption perceived benefits and the system running cost were considered. In the intelligent house system with energy storage device, the load control model...
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Study on Simulation Experiment of the Force of Floating Dock during Off-loading Based on ANSYS

Guan Guan, Xiaole Yang, Qu Yang, Changwei Peng
In order to know the structure stress and deformation of floating dock during off-loading, the study on simulation experiment of the force of floating dock during off-loading based on ANSYS is carried out. The simulation experiment with ANSYS can be used to research the distribution of the structure...
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A Computational Modeling Account of Preference Reversal in Multi-attribute Decision Making

Feng Gao
In multi-attribute decision making, attribute conflict and indetermination preference of the decision maker often give rise to preference reversal, which is a marked discrepancy between the preferences derived from choice and from matching judgments, thus violating traditional decision theories. To account...
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Noise Model Analysis of MEMS Gyroscope Circuit Control System

Yuxian Liu, Ting Chen, Chunhua He
The detection signal of MEMS resonant gyroscope is very weak, and it is sensitively affected by the mechanical structure and the noise of the detection circuit. Noise is an important parameter which affecting gyroscope resolution, angle random walk coefficient and zero partial stability. In this paper,...
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Modeling and Evaluation for Effectiveness of Remote Sensing Satellite Based on ADC Model

Xinlin De, Jian Jiao, Yipeng Zhu
With the development of space technology, remote sensing satellite is playing an increasingly important role in many fields. An effectiveness model of remote sensing satellite was proposed based on ADC model to provide a scientific basis for the design, development and actual use of remote sensing satellite....
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Trademark Value Evaluation Based on Language Operator - Fuzzy Real Option Simulation Pricing Model

Peimin Ren, Shuran Zhao, Miao Zhang
This study applies language operators, trapezoidal fuzzy number, and real option to construct the trademark value evaluation model. Because of the uncertainty of future revenue and investment of the trademark utilization, compared with the traditional method, the Parameter estimation will complies with...
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Overall Circuit Design and Simulation of UHVDC Current Transformer Calibration Current Source

Hao Pan, Ke Wang, Xuejiao Chen, Fangrong Zhou
In order to study the modular, easy-to-assemble DC calibration current source for DC current transformer. In this paper, the technical indicators and design requirements are analyzed theoretically. Based on the structural design of various technical solutions and the applicable power range, the theoretical...
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Research on Automotive Outside Airbag System Based on Pyroelectric Infrared Detector

Yanhui Fan, Lingyun Xiao, Wenhao Hu, Haiyun Sun, Rui Cheng
A new automotive outside airbag system based on operating characteristics of pyroelectric infrared detector is designed. Then, the working principle of airbag system is analyzed, and its effectiveness is verified by PC-CRASH simulation software. The new automotive outside airbag system can make it possible...
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A Queueing Analysis of a Security-Check System with Two Types of Inspection Channels

Chia-Hung Wang
This paper studies a security-check system at the high-speed railway stations with two types of inspection channels, including Normal channels and Green channels. Here, general passengers go through the strict inspections in the Normal channels with unlimited waiting space, whereas special passengers...
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Analysis on Contact Stress of Disk Insulator

Xinyu Li, Yongzhi Zhang, Zhuo Li
Disc insulator is one of the most widely used basic components of transmission and distribution system. It is necessary to carry out the stress analysis of its structure. In this paper, ANSYS finite element software is used to simplify the insulator model into an axisymmetric model. The contact stress...
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Research on Wide-band Vibration energy Harvester Based on Piezoelectric Effect

Jiansheng Cui, Hongcheng Yin, Sikun Heng, Yunfeng Qiu, Nengpeng Wang, Yuansheng Chen
Vibration energy is a kind of energy form which is ubiquitous in living environment. By using the piezoelectric principle of piezoelectric ceramics, it can design a kind of vibration energy recovery device which can effectively transform the vibration energy in the environment. Because the fluctuation...
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Simulation Study on Dynamic Characteristic of Marine Elevator

Ji’ai Xue, Weiping Ouyang, Yannan Du, Huiqing Ouyang
Marine passenger elevator is as a new type of special equipment, which has been extensively used in all kinds of marine and marine engineering development equipment. The accelerations between the simulation and test of each working conditions is different, but the trend of change is basically consistent....
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Performance Analysis and Comparison of three Kinds of Electrode Structure for Micro-atomizer

Honghua Liao, Binbin Zhou, Man Liu, Yi Lv, Hailing Yuan
In order to develop the flat-plate micro-atomizer, the flat-plate micro-atomizer based on Ansys software was simulated. In this paper, the primary research work is to discuss three types of electrode configurations. It includes plate-plate, multineedle-plate and screen mesh. They have effect on the characteristic...
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Approximating Method and Experimental Determinating Coefficients for an Electric-magnetic Drive System Model

Yan Zhang, Xiangyu Cheng, Wenge Chen
We’ve developed a newer method to calculate the repulsive force between current-carrying coil and nearby metal plate. But it feels the final solution formula is complex. There are some unknown coefficients have not measured and an integral in the formula seems difficult to deal with. In the paper, we...
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Human Motion Modeling from Complementary Skeleton Joints of Multiple Kinects

Ningping Sun, Shunsuke Murakami
Human motion modeling with the proposed algorithm of complementary skeleton joints can help us to solve the problem of visual blind spot when the motion are captured by Kinects. The shooting model can be remodeled and reconstructed with the recombination and complementation of the skeleton joints by...
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Evaluation of Zhoushan Maritime Search and Rescue Capability Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Liang Liu, Zhiliang Li, Hu Liu
So as to quantitatively analyze the Zhoushan maritime search and rescue(SAR) capabilities, evaluation model was set up by the theory of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, combination with analyze of the process of maritime SAR and summarization of the factors influencing the SAR capabilities. The results...
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Study on Wind-Induced Fatigue of UHV Transmission Tower-Line Coupled System in Hilly Terrain Wind Field

Chuntao Zhang, Junjie Wang
Given the characteristics of hilly terrain wind field is radically distinct from flat terrain wind field due to the interference of hills, the existing calculation methods of flat terrain wind field cannot be adopted directly to conduct a study on the wind-induced response of ultra-high voltage (UHV)...
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Effect of Corrosion-Fatigue Coupled Damage on Mechanical Properties of Q345 Angle Steel

Junjie Wang, Chuntao Zhang, Ruheng Wang
Atmospheric environmental corrosion and wind-induced fatigue achieve a long-term synergistic effect, mutual coupling and promotion with each other. Under this circumstance, the speed of structural performance degradation accelerates and the ability of the structure to resist accidental loading decreases....
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The Influence of the Distance between the Strike Location and the Drain on 90nm Dual-Well Bulk CMOS

Qiqi Wen, Wanting Zhou
Based on the 3D TACD simulation, by building and simulating 90nm dual-well CMOS device under heavy ion radiation with different distance between strike position and the drain, researching the influence to NMOS, PMOS, SRAM threshold LET and the critical charge. For NMOS, with the increase of the distance,...
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Evaluation Method of Communication Network Based on Reliability Index

Mingjun Zhao, Limin Cui, Mengyao Wang
The communication network is becoming more sophisticated. To effectively evaluate the reliability of the communication network was a difficult task in the research of smart grid. In this paper, we propose an index model consisting of three indexes responding to communication network reliability. We can...
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Precast Concrete SMART Factory

Andrey Ostroukh, Nataliya Surkova
The article proposes the concept of a Precast Concrete SMART Factory for the concrete block production. Automated Process Control System includes a set of technological equipment, information, and software for control the objects of the production line of concrete block and tile. The system is scalable...
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Optimization Control Based on Improved Traffic Signal Genetic Algorithm

Daming Li
To the optimization control problem of traffic signal timing of single intersection, an optimization method based on the Clustering Genetic Algorithm(CGA) was put forward. In a cycle, we take the total number of queue vehicles of corresponding release lane at the end of each phase as the performance...
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Tourism Route Plan Algorithm Based on Sight Spot Buffer Motive Iteration

Xiao Zhou, Kuiliang Gao, Yingcai Lun, Jiang Zhu, Zhenning Yang, Qi Tong
Currently, tourism plan cannot fully consider tourists’ individual interests. And routes planned cannot meet tourists’ best motive benefits. As to the problems, this paper brings forward tourism route plan algorithm basing on sight spot buffer motive iteration. Firstly, sight spot buffer model is set...
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Pattern Recognition Algorithm Based on Closeness Degree of Triangle Fuzzy Number

Yu-e Bao, Erdun Bai
In this paper, for determining recognition target class problem in inaccurate or imprecise environments, we designed triangular fuzzy number pattern recognition algorithm based on closeness degree. Firstly, the attribute values of each standard test set and the sample set are converted into triangular...
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Study on Mechanical Concurrent Fault Diagnosis Method Based on PSO-MRLSSVM

Hongtao Wang, Lin Ye, Chun Yan, Hao Pan
In view of those characteristics such as nonlinearity and high dimensional features for mechanical concurrent faults and any conventional classifier being not able to fit multi-output needs, a concurrent fault classification method based on PSO-MRLSSVM was put forward, where the simple and fast searching...
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Flow Field Optimization of SCR Reactor in Cement Plant

Zixiong Cao, Jian Li
In this paper the optimization for the flow field of a preliminary design of SCR device was studied of a cement plant production line with Fluent, which mainly aims to solve the problem of uneven distribution of velocity field by designing the gate leafs’ and rectifiers’ layout. To solve the problem...
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Prediction of Temperature Fields induced by Natural Convention in a Cylindrical Enclosure using Fuzzy LS-SVM

Shiyu Zhou, Zhengbin Cao, Guangyue Du, Xiaoping Liu, Yucheng Zhou
Support Vector Machines (SVM) is a machine learning algorithm basing on the statistical learning theory. In this study, SVM is used for the prediction of temperature field induced by natural convection in a cylindrical enclosure. Because of the large amount of computing and poor real-time characteristics...
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Solving the Problem of Multi-objective Flexible Job Shop Based on Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization

Xiabao Huang
A teaching-learning-based hybrid genetic-particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed for multi-objective flexible job shop scheduling problem. It includes three modules: genetic algorithm (GA), bi-memory learning (BL) and particle swarm optimization (PSO). Firstly, in the BL module, a learning...
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Research on Hot Words Mining Algorithm of University Network Public Sentiment

Liang Hu, Hongmei Yu
Hot words are the topic of concern of the netizens, which can help the management department to monitor the public opinion of the network. Due to the large degree of freedom, irregular syntax and immediacy of data, it is difficult for data engine to grasp text hotspots accurately through traditional...
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Research on Logistics Route Algorithm for Police Equipment Depot

Liang Hu, Aichun Ding
Distribution is a link which is directly connected with the consumer in the logistics activities. The distribution cost accounts for a fairly high proportion in the logistics cost of the enterprise. Whether the distribution line arrangement is reasonable or not has great influence on the distribution...
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Replica Selection Algorithm for Streaming Media

Ge Yang, Zhipeng Liu
Replica selection algorithm for streaming media in Cloud-P2P (C2P2RSA2) is proposed in this paper. In replica selection model based on ant colony, a replica select metrics (replica node network bandwidth, network delay, etc.) is mapped by ant colony pheromone. The replica pheromone probability formula...
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Key Algorithm of 3D Streaming Storage in Cloud

Ge Yang, Yang Ding
According to the cloud-p2p storage system model, cloud environment 3D streaming media storage algorithm is proposed. It includes 3DVSCP (3D video storage based on cloud-p2p algorithm) and UDCP (user on demand based on the cloud-p2p algorithm).3DVSCP algorithm to add video to reduce the load of the server,...
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Minimizing the Maximum Flow Time for Flexible Job Shop Problem with Parallel Machines Considering Release Time

Xi Xiang, Changchun Liu, Lixin Miao
This paper studies a flexible job shop problem with parallel machines considering release time. The objective aims to minimize the maximum flow time. A property which can reduce the dimension of solution space is proposed. A branch-and-bound algorithm is proposed to solve the problem. Through numerical...
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Research on Fault Prediction Model and Algorithm of Communication System Based on HMM

Xiaotao Xu, Yichen Song, Yonghong Gao
The hidden model is a typical state prediction model, which has been widely used in the field of industrial production state monitoring in recent years. This paper analyzes the basic principle of HMM, puts forward three basic algorithms for fault prediction of communication system, analyzes the structural...
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Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm for User Interest and Relationship Based on Score Matrix

Kejia Xue, Junyi Wang
An improved collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm is proposed to solve the problem of sparse and low recommendation accuracy of traditional collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm. User preferences and user trust relationships are used to calculate the user's preferences for the project,...
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An Automated Hydraulic Optimization Approach for RCP Impeller Using MOGA

Xide Lai, Daoxing Ye, Xiang Zhang, Qiuqin Gou, Xiaoming Chen
This paper presents an automated hydraulic optimization approach for impeller of a reactor coolant pump (RCP) combining a blade geometric modeller and parametric generator with automatic CFD solution procedure and multi-objective genetic algorithm. The approach depends on the cooperation between a genetic...
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Two-level Indoor Navigation using WiFi and MEMS Sensors

Yuliang Huang, Yongbo Zhang, Yi Cui, Zhihua Wang, Huimin Fu
In this paper, the indoor pedestrian location algorithm is investigated, in which we proposes a novel WiFi/MEMS integration structure for indoor navigation to fuse the information from WiFi and MEMS sensors. In WiFi part, aiming at the problem of large amount of calculation in the algorithm, a partition...
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Research on Parameters’ Determination and Imaging of CT System

Nan Qiao, Jiu Xiong, Qi Huang
In this paper, to determine parameters of the CT system and reconstruct images, the geometric model of the template is used to calculate its parameters, and the image is reconstructed based on the Filtered back projection algorithm, which contains the RADON inverse transform and the usage of calibrated...
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Design of Two-dimentional Code Anti-distortion on Conical Surface Based on Pre-stretching

Fucheng You, Yue Cao, Hechen Gong, Chenwei Zhang, Liqiang Peng
Two-dimensional code has shown its impressive performance on mobile payment and advertising marketing. To ensure that the two-dimensional code is correctly identified by recognition devices, the traditional two-dimensional code must be attached to the surface of the plane of the object. However, if attached...
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An Automatic SAR Image Segmentation Framework by Multi-objective Clustering and Artificial Immune Learning

Dongdong Yang, Xiaowei Zhang, Lintao Lv, Wenzhun Huang
Though several algorithms inspired by theoretical immunology have been applied to the domain of pattern classification, little focus has been placed on the issues that simultaneously optimize more than one objective-functions. Here, an efficient multi-objective automatic segmentation framework (MASF)...
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Similarity Evaluation of 3D Gray Rock Image Using Pattern Density Classification Function

Xiaohai He, Zhengji Li, Qizhi Teng, Linbo Qing, Xiaohong Wu
Aiming at the problem that the existing 3D core similarity evaluation methods cannot effectively evaluate gray core images, we proposed a similarity evaluation algorithm based on Pattern Density Classification Function (PDCF). First of all, the 3D template is used to extract the texture patterns of 3D...
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Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Novel Binary Particle Swarm with Mutation Mechanism for Band Selection

Lishuan Hu, Qun Wang, Tingyan Xing
Hyperspectral remote sensing sensors can capture hundreds of narrow contiguous bands and provide plenty of valuable information. Duo to the high-dimension characteristics of hyperspectral data, band selection plays an important role in the field of Hyperspectral Image (HSI) classification. In this paper,...
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A Performance Comparison of Systematic Polar Codes and Non-systematic Polar Codes

Ming Ye, Hui Li
Polar coding is a code construction method that can achieve the capacity of symmetric binary-input discrete memoryless channels (B-DMC). Polar codes in standard form are non-systematic polar codes (NSPCs). The codes are susceptible to error propagation under successive cancellation (SC) decoding while...
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A Detection Scheme for DGA Domain Names Based on SVM

Zhen Wang, Zhongtian Jia, Bo Zhang
Most of network security configurations allow the DNS data to pass through. Therefore, the crackers often embed malware commands in DNS data to avoid the security detection by the Internet facilities. Especially, some malwares, such as the botnet, generate a large number of spare domain names using a...
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Operational Effectiveness Evaluation of Warship Integrated Communication System

Jiang Zhang
This paper issued how to evaluate the operational effectiveness of warship integrated communication System. At first , it constructed the indicator system with evaluation factors mainly related to operational ability. And then based on the grey relational projection model, it calculated the grey relational...
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Cooperative Tracking for Ground and Airborne Passive Sensors in the Presence of Main Lobe Jamming

Qing Sun, Qiliang Zhang, Qian Gao
Target detection in the presence of mainlobe jamming is a traditional problem for radar signal processing. To solve this problem, methods based on a single array or distributed auxiliary arrays were considered recently. However, the performance is limited by mainlobe resolution or side lobe level, which...
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A Tetra-hex Hybrid Mesh Generation Method Based on Delaunay Triangulation

Pengfei Zhan, Xianhai Meng, Zhongxiang Duan, Qin Yang
This paper presents an automatic method to generate a hex-dominant hybrid mesh with the input being a Delaunay tetrahedral mesh. In this method, we replace the interior tetrahedra in the original mesh with regular hexahedra, and fill the cavity between the boundary tetrahedral and the interior structured...
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Numerical Analysis for Water-Exit Trajectory of Submarine-launched UUV

Yonghu Wang, Tianlong Lin, Hao Jiang
In order to completely perform the mission, It is significant to study the trajectory of projectiles, e.g. Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) in the process of submarine launch. Three dimensional numerical model is established based on the volume of fluid (VOF) method in combination with the realizable...
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An Improved Method of Numerical Simulation of Resin Transfer Molding for Resin-Based Composite Materials Based on Unstructured Grid

Fei Shi, Zhong Zhao, Xianghuai Dong
The authors have a lot researches about numerical simulation of resin transfer molding for resin-based composite materials based on unstructured grid in the past. In these researches the authors found while the grid is orthogonal, the simulation is agreed with facts. But the grid is non- orthogonal,...
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Numerical Method of Dynamic Buckling of Bar Impacted by a Rigid Body

Guangyuan Zhang, Zhijun Han, Guoyun Lu
The issues of dynamic buckling of elastic bar impacted by a rigid body before and after the stress wave reflection were studied by considering the stress wave effect. Based on the Hamiltonian principle, the dynamic buckling control equations and constraint conditions at the wavefront were derived in...
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Real-Time Rendering of Massive Geological Data

Zhijie Jia, Xianhai Meng, Zhongxiang Duan, Qin Yang
The visualization technique is an effective tool to extract useful information from the geological data. In this paper, we proposed an efficient visualization framework that can render large-scale geological truncated mesh in real-time. The geological models of different resolutions were generated by...
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Study of Solution of Energy for a Nonlocal Semilinear Parabolic Modelling

Zhongyang Qiao, Jibing Zhang, Yunzhu Gao
In this paper, author studies of solution the energy for a nonlocal semilinear parabolic modeling. This modeling of equation that describes some phenomena of biological sciences is given. The author solves some problems involved in the model. First, the definition of energy is introduced. Secondly, the...
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A 6th-order Alternating Group Iterative Scheme for Two Point Boundary Value Problem

Yumin Shi, Peiying Zhao
In this paper, a new sixth order alternating group iterative (AGI) scheme is derived based on the two point boundary value problem. The scheme is capable of parallel computation; sixth order accurate in space .The numerical examples show that this AGI scheme are more accurate than the fourth order alternating...
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A new Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequality

Xin Chen, Yaqi Chen, Xiang Gao
In this paper, a better estimate of the Hermite type inequality for the product of two convex functions is established, and the proof is given. Then the inferences and applications of the inequalities obtained are provided.
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Variational Iteration Method for Logistic Equation with Piecewise Constant Arguments

Qi Wang, Ziting Liu
In this paper, variational iteration method is applied for finding the analytic approximate solution of Logistic equation with piecewise constant arguments. A correction functional is constructed by a general Lagrange multiplier, which can be identified by variational theory. Moreover, the iteration...
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A New Relaxation Method for Binary Quadratic Programming: An Application to Densest k-subgraph

Chuanhao Guo, Liping Tang
Binary quadratic programming (BQP) problem was an NP-hard problem and had a large number of applications. In this paper, a new relaxation method, that was doubly nonnegative relaxation, was proposed for solving BQP problem. Moreover, we prove that the doubly nonnegative relaxation for BQP is equivalent...
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On the Oscillation of Impulsive Partial Fractional Differential Equations

Zhuo Qu, Siying Zhu, Meng Su, Anping Liu
In this paper, we investigate the oscillation properties of a class of impulsive partial fractional differential equations with several delays. Some sucient conditions for oscillation of the solutions are obtained by employing integral transformation technique and differential inequality method, and...
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Modulus-based Matirx Multi-splitting Multi-Parameter Methods for a Class of Weakly Nonlinear Complementarity Problem

Chenliang Li, Zhaohe Tian
The modulus-based matrix multi-splitting multi-parameter methods for solving a class of weakly nonlinear complementarity problem are presented. The weaker convergence conditions are analyzed. The numerical results show that the new methods are efficient.
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Hamilton Cycles in Intersection Graphs of Bases of Matroids

Yinghao Zhang, Hongmei Chi
The intersection graph of bases of a matroid M=(E, B) is a graph G with vertex set V(G) and edge set E(G) such that V(G)=B and E(G)=BB', where the same notation is used for the vertices of G and the bases of M, B and B' has no intersection. In this paper, we prove that for any given edge e of G, the...
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Research on the Parameters of HIFU Based on Near-field Cross-spectrum Method

Zhuohan Tang, Huifeng Zheng, Jiayu Gao, Linjing Wu, Yanchao Wang
This paper aims at the measurement problem of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). In order to measure the sound parameters of HIFU, we study the near-field cross-spectrum method. That is to say, the complex sound pressure of two adjacent planes can be measured in the near field, besides, the sound...
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Study on Ampacity Calculation of cable in the tunnel Based on Finite Element Method

Lili Gu, Xiong Chen, Shijing Zhu
Temperature and ampacity of cables are obtained by calculating the Standard model of IEC 60287 familiarly. However, It is difficult to calculate the ampacity of cable laying in tunnel precisely by using traditional computing model with complex structure, variable environment of cable tunnels. Thence,...
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Design Optimization Approach Based on Finite Element Analysis for Controller Control Cabinet of Explosion-proof Elevator

Ji’ai Xue, Weiping Ouyang, Yannan Du, Huiqing Ouyang
The influence of the size, structure and material of the frame on the explosion pressure is studied aiming at typical controller control cabinet. It is proved that the maximum stress value decreases with the increase of the thickness of the main chamber under blast pressure. The clearance value of the...
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Random Error Characteristics and Evaluation Method of Optical Voltage Sensor

Cong Lin, Min Cao, Bo Li, Qingchan Liu, Quancong Zhu, Lihui Wang
The random error characteristics of optical voltage sensors (OVS) directly affect the measurement accuracy. Sequence variance is a commonly used method to evaluate the characteristics of the OVS random error. However, sequence variance does not model the OVS noise itself and does not identify the noise...
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Evaluating Responses of Crop Water Use, Soil Water Storage and Infiltration to Precipitation Using Insentek Probes

Anzhen Qin, Dongfeng Ning, Zhandong Liu, Bin Sun, Ben Zhao, Junfu Xiao, Zugui Liu
Precipitation has been shown to increase soil water storage (SWS) and soil infiltration depth (SID) while significantly restrain crop water use (i.e., crop evapotraspiration, ETc) during rainy days. However, the reducing effects on ETc and increasing effects on SWS and SID has not been well quantified...
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Biomechanical Analysis of Uwan’s Serve Technology for Elite Tennis Athlete

Xiangping Ye, Jihe Zhou
In this paper, Using JVC model high-speed video camera for three-dimensional cameraˎ literatureˎ mathematical statistics and other research methods. Correcting the ITF Youth Masters women's single runner Uwan gets on biomechanical research. Using 3D Signal Tec analysis system for the shooting video recorded...
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Kinematic Analysis on the Serving Technique of Tennis Athlete Roushwali

Yu Gu, Jihe Zhou
This report is to analyze the serve technique of elite tennis athlete Roushwali, the champion of 2017 ITF Junior Masters. The report discussed this topic in virtue of three-dimensional video analytic method. According to the purpose and need for this study and combined with the actual technical movements,...
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Vehicle Routing Problem for perishable food in Cold Chain with Fuzzy Time Windows

Yanlun Tang, Guanwei Huang
In this paper, a cold chain vehicle routing problem with fuzzy time windows (CVRPFTW) is proposed and solved. This paper applies fuzzy membership functions to characterize the customer’s satisfaction level issues associated with time window violation in a vehicle routing problem and proposes CVRPFTW....
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A Hesitant Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making Method Based on Complementary Judgment Matrix

Jibin Lan, Wenqian Kang, Mingming Hu
Hesitant fuzzy set allow an element in the domain with a set of membership degree between 0 and 1, which is a powerful tool to express the uncertainty alternative assessment value of decision makers. A hesitant fuzzy multiple attribute decision making method is proposed based on additive consistency...
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On Processing Methods and Skills of Trapezoidal Thread by Means of CNC Lathe

Zengmei Song, Weizhang Wang
Big size of both pitch and thread form of trapezoidal thread and high accuracy tend to cause serious tool tip wear, and even breaking edge and tipping due to deep penetration, fast feeding and large hogging. High-efficient trapezoidal thread turning by the CNC remains a mechanical problem for the time...
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Research on Measurement Technology of Length and Area Based on COMPASS Positioning

Xinliang Cao, Hongxia Yang
This paper studies the Compass Positioning and WI-FI positioning etc. for single point positioning and measurement of distance between two points in the error range. As a reference, GPS measurement data with accurate positioning is shown else. On this basis, calculation rules of the area measurement...
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Blurred Image Restoration at Low Resolution

Lidong Huang, Xuewen Tan, Xiaozhou Chen, Yanfang Zhao
This paper through the use of super- resolution image reconstruction technology, it is using multiple low resolution images of the same scene, the relative movement between the information they are integrated into a single frame in the high resolution image, and the initial high-resolution images of...
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A New Method for Judging the Relevance of Combat Capabilities of Weapon System

Xinhua He, Weichao Zhang, Hao Cheng, Qiang Qu
The evaluation and analysis of the combat capability of the weapon and equipment system is one of the hot issues to be studied in the contemporary military development process. Since it is a complex system, the correlation between the internal components has a greater impact on the assessment of combat...
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Dynamic Response of Different Types of Angle Steel Components under Explosion Loading

Baichun Zhong, Chuntao Zhang, Ruheng Wang
The failure mode and antiknock performance of equilateral angle steel component were investigated by explosion experiments on 9 equilateral Angle steel specimens. The blast pressure time curve, acceleration time curve and strain time curve of each part were obtained. The deformation characteristics of...
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A Practical Synchronization Approach for Memristive Hyperchaotic System

Meng Hui, Yincheng Zhang, Ning Han, Ni Luo
Chaotic synchronization has great potential applications in engineering, physics and mathematics. Memristive hyperchaotic system synchronization is a hot spot for synchronization study. A practical synchronization approach is used in this paper. Compared with previous synchronization methods, this approach...
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User Trust for Access Control in Software Defined Networking

Chanchan Zhao, Feng Liu
The proposition of increased innovation in network applications and reduced cost for network operators has won over the networking world to the vision of Software-Defined Networking (SDN). In this new architecture, the network resources at the data plane are shared and different tenants can have competing...
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A Bayesian Approach for Seismic Inversion at Roncott Research Area

Yaoting Lin, Wei Zhou, Wenyuan Liao
In this paper, we embedded the genetic algorithm (GA) into the inner loop of the simulated annealing (SA) with a special design. The new method will boost the tunability of the searching process by providing two scales of regulation in seismic inversion problem. Moreover, a quantified uncertainty of...
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An Investigation on a Pattern of Virtual Executive Stock Option Based on Multidimensional Performance Indices

Changzheng Zhang, Jiao Zhang
Based on the limitations in practice of the executive stock option (ESO) in China, the paper proposes “a pattern of virtual ESO based on multidimensional performance indices” by integrating the advantages of the standardized patterns of the ESO in the western countries. The new pattern adopts the refined...
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Cyclic Bayesian Network for Software Project Iterative Process

Guoping Jiang, Mingkui Ren
Aim at the Cyclic Bayesian Network, discusses the convergency of the ring’s probability distribution. Simplify a cycle to a Simple-Cycle via node elimination operation, probability convergency of the cycle is proved. Based on cycle’s probability convergency, probability propagation method is proposed.
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Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Mn and Cr Contents on Mechanical Properties of Deformed Steel Bar

Jincai Chang, Zhuo Wang, Tong Xiao, Xing Xin
China's steel industry is trapped both at home and abroad nowadays. Steel companies need to improve their competitiveness in terms of cost control and product effectiveness. Based on this background, the effect of chemical elements on the mechanical properties of steel bars is studied in this paper....
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Applicability and Correction of ERA - Interim Reanalysis Precipitation Dataset in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River

Xiaofan Zeng, Qifang He, Na Zhao, Yiran Bai, Ruoyu Zhang
Based on the reanalysis data of ERA-interim, combined with the precipitation data of the measured sites in the basin, the reanalysis data in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River is studied. Calculating watersheds as well as the station annual precipitation, multi-year average precipitation. Using the...
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A Method of Measuring and Analyzing the Regularity of Human Gait

Jing Gao, Yahui Cui, Xiaomin Ji, Xupeng Wang
There are differences between normal and abnormal gait performance. Gait analysis can help clinicians to evaluate the rehabilitation of disease. The aim of the paper is to establish a method of measuring gait features based on the optical motion capture device. This experiment was conducted on a young...
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The Probabilistic Analysis of the Possibilities to Keep “Organism Integrity” by Continuous Monitoring

Andrey Kostogryzov, Andrey Nistratov, George Nistratov, Oleg Atakishchev, Sergey Golovin, Leonid Grigoriev
The approach to estimate the effectiveness of continuous monitoring of organism conditions is proposed. The probabilities to keep “acceptable integrity” of an organism for the given period of time ”in future” are estimated in application of different life conditions. The results of the probabilistic...
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Vector Representation of Words for Detecting Topic Trends over Short Texts

Liyan He, Yajun Du, Lei Zhang
It is a critical task to infer discriminative and coherent topics from short texts. Furthermore, people not only want to know what kinds of topics can be extract from these short texts, but also desire to obtain the temporal dynamic evolution of these topics. In this paper, we present a novel model for...
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Research on Game Strategy between Node Enterprises in Thermal Coal Supply Network

Jikai Huang
The main purpose of this paper is to study the relationship between the costs and profits of coal enterprises and coal-fired power plants based on the game strategy under different factors. By analyzing the status quo of coal supply nodes, the article analyzes the game of coal supply enterprises in the...
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Spatial Variability and Relationship of Spectral Reflectance and Growth Status to Corn Canopy in the Different Growth Stage

Shuqiang Li
In order to finding a convenient way of acquiring chlorophyll spatial distribution in different growth stage, the canopy reflectance of corn seedling and the relationship between the spectral reflectance of corn seeding and growth were analyzed. The results indicated that the spatial variability of the...
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Analysis of Renewable Energy in Four States of USA

Bingjun Li, Yuan Wang, Yiteng Gao, Linke Zhu
Four states, California (CA), Arizona (AZ), new Mexico (NM) and Texas (Texas), have to use clean and renewable energy to form a new energy contract for the purpose of solving the energy challenge. Due to the complexity of the influencing factors, regression models may lead to deviations, so factor analysis...