Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Modelling, Simulation and Applied Mathematics (MSAM 2018)

Dedicated to establish a professional and meaningful academic exchange platform, the 2018 3rd International Conference on Modelling, Simulation and Applied Mathematics (MSAM2018) will be held from July 22 to 23, 2018 in Shanghai, China. During this two-day event, the experts, scholars, professors, technical developers and practitioners from across the world will gather together for discussion and communication on related fields.

As the co-sponsor, the Advanced Science and Industry Research Center, Hong Kong has been working hard to ensure the smooth convening of MSAM2018. Due to the strong support of many attendees, the previous two sessions have made big success. The First MSAM was successfully held in Phuket, Thailand on August 23-24, 2015. And the proceedings of MSAM2015 have been published and successfully indexed by CPCI-S. Similarly, the Second MSAM has been held during March 26-27, 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. The proceedings of MSAM2017 have been published and successfully indexed by CPCI-S.

Based on the successful experience of the previous sessions, the MSAM2018 will continue to focus on the future development and research trend in the field of Modelling, Simulation and Applied Mathematics. It has intention of spreading the scientific and technological knowledge, expanding the academic influence and providing opportunities to its participants to convey their own point of views and share personal research achievements to other peers during the session. Before the submission deadline, we had called for relevant papers from all over the world. In order to ensure the quality of the conference, we also had invited experts in the related fields to review all the submissions. In the process of reviewing, each paper will be assigned to 2 or 3 experts at least. Submissions will be removed the author’s information before reviewing for fairness. And the expert will grade the paper according to some criterions, including originality, relevance, quality of figures and format, practicability, technicality and so on. Thanks to the experts’ contribution, our reviewing work was carried out effectively.

After careful reviewing, we have received 246 submissions in total. Among these submissions, 72 papers have been accepted for publication. The acceptance rate is 29.3%. And this book which includes all the accepted papers have been divided into 3 chapters in terms of the topics:

Chapter 1: System Modelling and Simulation Technologies
Chapter 2: Applied Mathematics and Optimization Algorithm
Chapter 3: Intelligent Systems and Pattern Recognition

Finally, we are particularly grateful to all the organizers and individuals’ dedication to the conference, including the cosponsor, the Atlantis Press, the technical program committee members and the contributors. We are looking forward to the participators’ coming and wish the MSAM2018 will be a great success!

MSAM2018 International Committees