Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Modelling, Simulation and Applied Mathematics (MSAM 2018)

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Reliability Modeling of Complex Electronic System Based on Weibull Distribution

Linying Wei, Weilu Wu, Jun Xu
The failure law is not clear in operation of complex electronic system. The failure data can not be effectively used. And it is difficult to assess the current state of the system. This paper proposed a fitting method of failure data based on triple Weibull distribution model for complex repairable long-life-cycle...
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CFD Modeling of a Headbox with Injecting Dilution Water at Different Step Diffusion Tube

Darong Tang, Jinsong Zeng
The headbox is heart of the paper machine in paper industry. In the paper, the flow dynamics of the dilution water that adjusts the consistency of the fluid in a hydrodynamic headbox was studied by performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations. A standard k-ε turbulence model was used in...
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A Simplified Model of Quadratic Polynomials RSM And Its Design of Experiment

Jinwen Wei
Considering the inefficiency of classical DOE (Design Of Experiment) based polynomials RSM (Response Surface Method), this paper proposes a simplified experimental modeling method to approximate a quadratic polynomials RSM model (called Archetype in this paper). This simplified model contains the same...
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A Birth and Death Process Model with Blocking Growth and its Numerical Simulation Research

Peng Yang, Hua Liu, Yumei Wei, Ming Ma, Jianhua Ye
In this paper, we established a model of the birth and death process with blocking growth. Based on the theory of stochastic process and the classical model of birth and death process, we calculated the expectation and variance of population. We also showed the influence of blocked items on the population...
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Simulation of Debris Flow Disaster Evacuation of Hillside Community Using the AnyLogic Software- Simulation of debris flow disaster evacuation

Szu-Hsien PENG
The more obvious global warming in past years has resulted in climate changes. Located in circum-Pacific earthquake zone, lots of earthquakes often result in landslides. Moreover, the island climate, greenhouse effect, and climate abnormality cause frequent heavy rainfall and rainstorm for disasters...
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The Mathematical Modeling and Proof of the Goldbach Conjecture

Yu Wang
The Goldbach conjecture declares that any even number 2m=2n+2>4 can be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers. The mathematical modeling of the conjecture is: any even number 2m=2n+2 greater than 4 can be expressed as 2n+2=a+b, 2≤a≤n+1, n+1≤b≤2n. With the modeling, let c be a composite number in 2~2n,...
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Establishing Random Aggregate Model of Recycled Concrete by MATLAB

Guangxu Lu, Lingqiang Yang, Baoku Jiang
Random aggregate model of recycled concrete is set up based on the understanding of recycled concrete mesostructure. First of all, the number of particles of all kinds of aggregate size was obtained on the 2 d and 3 d level by fuller grading theory and navarre gradation formula, then, Using carlo method...
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Modeling of Radiated Noise Passing Characteristic for Ship in Different Marine Environments

Liang Zhang, Chunxia Meng
The ship radiated noise is used as information sources of passive detection and classification, at the same time, the realistic simulation of ship radiated noise signals is an effective way to deceive the passive acoustic detection equipment. In this paper, we analyze a large amount of near field radiation...
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A Study on FEM Modeling of High-speed Cutting Auto Panel Dies

Jingkui Ruan, Xueliang Zhou, Peiyao Wang
Finite element method (FEM) is an effective method to study high-speed cutting mechanism. To set up the FEM models of high-speed cutting auto panel dies, large deformation theory and virtual work principle were applied to study high-speed machining process. The finite element governing equation adapted...
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Model of Spare Parts Optimization Based on GA for Equipment

Guangze Pan, Qin Luo, Xiaobing Li, Yuanhang Wang, Chuangmian Huang
Combined with the engineering requirements for the optimal allocation of the current ammunition equipment spare parts, a spare part optimization model based on genetic algorithm was established. With the combination of good readiness and cost of ammunition equipment, the use of genetic algorithm had...
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Anylogic Simulation-based Research on Emergency Organization of Mass Passenger Flow in Subway Station after Events

Yan Xing, Shuang Liu, Huiwen Wang
The sudden mass passenger after social events can make huge impact on the normal operation of rail transit station. This paper mainly studies on the influence of mass passenger flow after special events on the passenger organization of the station nearby. Based on the investigation of station facilities...
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Research on Driving Behavior Simulation Based on Adaptive Agent

Qianjiao Wu, Rong Lan, Wei Zhou
Papers use adaptive thinking[4] and Boid model and Couzin et al.[6][7][8] mathematical description Boid model method, described the vehicle as the driver based on the current state of environment and adapt to the individual behavior, the driver's driving process is a process of adapted to the environment...
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Simulation of Mechanics Technology Training Course Based on VIRTOOLS

Yang Yang, Bo Yang, Yiqiong He, Bin Shen
Mechanics technology training course, it can comprehensively use mechanics technology and other related theories and practical knowledge of completed courses. It can carry out systematic design and training for students. It can further consolidate, deepen and expand these knowledge. In practical training,...
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A Study of Agile Methodology – Scrum for Cockpit Simulation

Zheng Liu, Fei Li, Chunze Wu, Hongtao Liu, Jingjin Zhang
A project management method for the simulation work has been introduced, including agile methodology, scrum framework, and cockpit simulation projects. Agile development takes the evolution of user’s needs as the core, and adopts step-by-step to develop software iteratively. In the agile development,...
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Numerical Simulation of Two-dimensional Chloride Diffusion Meso of Recycled Concrete

Guangxu Lu, Lingqiang Yang, Baoku Jiang
It establishes the numerical simulation method of Cl- concentration distribution by using differential equation of similarity of two-dimensional heat conduction theory and two-dimensional Cl- diffusion theory. Random aggregate model of Recycled concrete mesostructure is set up in the first place, then,...
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Research on Simulation of Electric Energy Substitution Policy

Peng Wu, Yu Zhang, Baoguo Shan, Houqi Dong, Mo Shi, Peng Zheng
Proper incentive policy guidance is the key to the successful implementation of electric energy substitution strategy. At present, there is a lack of evaluation method for the effect of electric energy substitution policy. Quantitative policy simulation analysis method is needed to provide support for...
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Numerical Simulation of Powder Ceramics with SiC Susceptor on Hybrid Microwave Sintering

Mengyou Xie, Jianjun Shi, Guoping Chen
Under high-temperature conditions, the microwave sintering process is exceedingly sensitive in terms of material properties. Accordingly, the accurate measurement of temperature is infeasible when a microwave oven is utilized as the main apparatus. Therefore, a three-dimensional model built through the...
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Forecasting the Use of Institutional Elder Care in China: A System Dynamic Simulation

Rong Peng, Cathy Gong
With the rapid population aging in China, the older adults who needs for long-term care (LTC) increased dramatically in the past decades. To forecasting the use of institutional elder care in China, this study constructed a system dynamic model for LTC use to capture the decision-making process of living...
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A Study of Cockpit HMI Simulation Design Based on the Concept of MVC Design Pattern

Zheng Liu, Fei Li, Hongtao Liu, Chunze Wu, Jingjin Zhang
A human-machine interaction (HMI) simulation design method for the aircraft flight deck has been introduced, including modular user interface design, logical dependency between display unit and control panel, and general aircraft model. Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern is a classic software...
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The Local Asymptotic Stability of a Water Resource Competition Model with Diffusion of Poisonous Weeds and Allee Effect

Hua Liu, Lei Shi, Yumei Wei, Ming Ma, Jianhua Ye
Sufficient conditions are obtained for the local asymptotic stability of a water resource competition model with diffusion of poisonous weeds and Allee effect. It is shown that diffusion and Allee effect can increase the possibility of species renewal.
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Computer Simulation on Global Atmospheric Transport of Mercury by GEOS-Chem/GCAP

Xiaobo Zhu
Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system which is a common method for scientific analysis. A model is required here to represent the key characteristics, behaviors and functions of the selected physical or abstract system or process. The global 3-D atmospheric model...
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Numerical Simulation of Gas-Solid Two-Phase Jet in a Non-pressure-accumulated and Handheld Fire Extinguisher

Yidan Wu, Hongwei Zhuang, Pengfei Yu
The ultra-fine dry powder injection process in non-pressure-accumulated and handheld fire extinguishers involves gas-phase and solid-phase two-phase movement. The fire-extinguishing effect is closely related to its jet form. In order to study the jet form accurately, this paper selects the discrete particle...
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Numerical Simulation of Spill Oil Diffusion in Offshore Oil Pipeline

Lin Yang, Yongqiang Chu, Peng Liu, Lixin Wei, Dehui Guan
Accompanied by the rapid development of offshore oil exploitation and utilization, what’s more, the oil spilled in deep sea will cause much larger pollution of water body than that occurred in the sea surface. The diffusion range can provide timely information for the handling of the oil spill accidents....
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Option Pricing under the CEV Model in a Composite-diffusive Regime

Zhidong Guo, Yunliang Zhang
Constant elasticity of variance model for option pricing in a composite-diffusive regime is established. We obtain the Black-Scholes differential equation and the corresponding Black-Scholes formula for the prices of European call option. Furthermore, we discuss an asymptotic expansion of the European...
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Analysis of the Fluctuation of Chinese Crude Oil Futures- Based on GARCH-type Model

Hongguo Sun, Wenhui Li
On March 26, 2018, Chinese crude oil futures start online trading in Shanghai futures exchange, a subsidiary of Shanghai international energy trading center. Chinese crude oil futures are expected to balance the current benchmark prices of WTI and brent .This study aims at analyzing the Chinese high...
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Application of Fully Coupled Activated Sludge Model No. 3 in Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant

Zhifei Ding, Juqing Lou, Minghao Zhou
At present, operating most wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in China typically relies on experiences of managers, that is, fuzzy control. However, sewage water quality fluctuates and is frequently unstable given the intensified modernization. Fuzzy control cannot satisfy the requirements of microbial...
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Research on Envelope Energy-Saving Reconstruction of Existing Residential Building- A case study of a residence for the winter Olympian in Chongli

Yibing Xue, Bing Tang, Hong Zhang, Jie Li
Design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings (75% energy-saving) " DB13 (J) 63 and “Design standard for energy efficiency of passive low-energy residential buildings” DB13 (J)/T177 of Hebei province were issued in 2015. Both provides theoretical support for energy-saving design and...
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Compressible Hot Fluid Injection into an Isothermal Pervious/Adiabatic Impervious Half Space

John C.-C. Lu, Feng-Tsai Lin
The study is concentrated on the isotropic elastic responses of a homogeneous isothermal pervious surface or adiabatic impervious surface due to injection of compressible hot fluid. Based on the theory of thermal elasticity of porous media, the analytical models are developed for the ground deformation...
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Hermite-hadamard Type Inequalities for Harmonic-arithmetically Extended s-ε-Convex Functions

Ying Zheng
In the paper, the authors introduce a new concept of harmonic-arithmetically extended s-ε-convex functions and establish some inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard type for this class of functions.
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Association Rule Classification and Regression Algorithm Based on Frequent Itemset Tree

Ling Wang, Hui Zhu, Ruixia Huang
The categorization association rules based on the Apriori algorithm can’t deal with the numerical data directly. When mass rules are generated, classifying the new data enjoys matching so many rules one by one as to decrease the efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, the association rules can’t be used to...
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Research on Performance Quality Prediction Method of Missile Based on Grey Theory and SVM

Rui Huang, Xiaofang Liu, Xiang Zheng
Accurately grasping the performance quality status of the missile is a prerequisite for ensuring the completion of the operational task. At present,in a real missile launch exercise,in order to ensure the success of the launch,the method of fist passing the test and then launching is usually adopted.This...
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Solution for a Kind of Dynamic Optimization Based on Improved Krill Herd Algorithm

Xingjun Yuan, Yulei Ge, Hao Lu
Considering a kind of dynamic optimization, an improved krill herd (KH) algorithm which is called GSA-KH is proposed in this paper. The improvements consist of three parts: 1) a good point set is constructed to obtain the initial krill population which can promote the representativeness of the initial...
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Capacity Optimization of High-speed Railway Train in Established Schedule Plan Based on Improved ACO Algorithm

Hao Li, Xiaowei Liu, Kun Yang
In order to improve the transporting ability of high-speed trains, Gave the definition of the minimizing departure interval between trains, and the definition of the drawing compact diagram without considering overtaking conditions. After considering the matching coefficient of train operation, an 0-1...
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Online Test Paper Composition Based on Genetic Algorithm

Wanli Song
The application of online examination is used more and more widely. Test paper composition is the core function in this application. Online examination system requires that the test paper should be quick and flexible, and the composition of questions should be reasonable and random. Test paper should...
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Practical Simplified Computing Method of Natural Vibration Frequency of Cable-stayed Bridge during Construction Stage

Xingnai Wang
In this paper, the vibration analysis model of the cable-stayed bridge is established by using double-mass method, and the formula for calculating its natural frequency during construction is deduced. On this basis, the formula is simplified to obtain the estimation formula of the natural vibration frequencies...
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Numerical Characteristics of Vehicle Collision Speed and Acceleration Peak

Ying Lu, Zhenyu Chen, Zhuang Zhou
In order to improve road safety, the probability distribution of vehicle collision speeds and acceleration peaks were investigated in this paper. First, based on statistical data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the U.S., the probability density function of vehicle collision...
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Research on the Enumerating Equation of Rectilinear Embedding- Counting Rooted Spherical Near Quadrangulations

Liyan Pan, Yanpei Liu
This paper provides quartic functional equations satisfied by the enumerating functions of rooted planar near-quadrangulations with the size, the valency of the root-face and the number of non-rooted vertices. Rooted two edge-connected planar near-quadrangulations are also counted. The quartic and the...
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Research on Adaptive UKF Algorithm in Integrated Navigation System

Jianjun Li, Junshan Li, Jianye Yang
According to the characteristics of the combined navigation system and the adaptive UKF filtering algorithm, the navigation accuracy of the integrated navigation system is improved. Firstly, the algorithm of the UKF filtering algorithm is analyzed and the characteristics of the UKF algorithm are summarized,...
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The Erroneous Application and Countermeasures of Return Analysis in Sports Research

Xiuying Han
On the basis of widely reading papers published in the 13 core Chinese journals recently and with methods of literature review, expert interview and questionnaire, this paper points out the problem concerning regression in sports research, such as the model examination, the content of the case study,...
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Approximate Solution of LR Fuzzy Matrix System

Dequan Shang, Xingmin Wei, Xiaobin Guo
In this paper we proposed a general model for solving the fuzzy matrix equation AX=B in which is a crisp matrix and B is an arbitrary LR fuzzy numbers matrix. The original fuzzy equation is converted to a system of linear matrix equations by the embedding approach. The fuzzy solution is derived from...
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Effectiveness Evaluation of Kill Chain Based on PCA, AHP and Entropy Weight Method

Xulong Li, Jiayu Lu, Zhanbao Gao, Yuxuan Yang
The Kill Chain is of great significance in forming systemic combat capabilities and improving combat effectiveness. Aiming at the evaluation of Kill Chain operational effectiveness, an evaluation indicator system is constructed. Principal components analysis is used to filtrate the original evaluation...
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Moving Ship Detection Algorithm Based on Gaussian Mixture Model

Zuohuan Chen, Jiaxuan Yang, Zhen Kang
In order to reduce the influence of moving objects clutter in the background on the ship objects detection from ship video surveillance and improve the reliability of ship targets detection, this paper presents a method of ship objects detection using Gaussian mixture model. A Gaussian mixture model...
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RGSA: A New Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm

Ruopeng Wang, Fang Su, Tongan Hao, Jilong Li
In this paper, an improved gravitational search algorithm, revolving gravitational search algorithm (RGSA) is proposed. RGSA optimizes the selection of kbest in GSA by importing revolving operator, lets agents not included in kbest have opportunity to influence other agents’ movement. RGSA could further...
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Local-loop Particle Filter Based on Artificial Fish Algorithm of Big Data

Jian Yu, Yu Yan
In the paper, we proposed big data novel filtering method – Local-loop Particle Filter Based on the Artificial Fish Algorithm (LPF-AF) for nonlinear dynamic systems. Particle filtering algorithm has been widely used in solving nonlinear/non Gaussian filtering problems. The proposal distribution is the...
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Application of Regularized Extreme Learning Machine Based on BIC Criterion and Genetic Algorithm in Iron Ore Price Forecasting

Futian Weng, Muzhou Hou, Tianle Zhang, Yunlei Yang, Zheng Wang, Hongli Sun, Hao Zhu, Jianshu Luo
Forecasting international iron ore is a well-known issue, BIC criterion is used to select the relevant variables of iron ore price. On the basis of the traditional extreme learning machine (ELM), the regular term is introduced to control the complexity of the model, and the genetic algorithm (GA) is...
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Research on Chaos Electromagnetic Mechanism Fusion Algorithm Based on Logistic Mapping

Xunlai He, Junhui Yin, Weizhao Zhang, Zhenqian Yang
For multi-component, strong nonlinear systems, especially when considering component elasticity and gaps, it is difficult to obtain high-order information such as required gradients through calculations. It will face problems such as fewer iterations and inconspicuous optimization results, and because...
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Calculation of Ship Collision Risk Index Based on Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Network

Chunze Li, Wei Li, Jun Ning
This paper combines adaptive fuzzy system and neural network to construct an adaptive fuzzy neural network. Using DCPA, TCPA raw data, speed (V), heading (C), angle (Q), distance (D) as the training input of the network, and comparing the learning results of BP neural network and adaptive fuzzy neural...
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The Convergence Analysis of an Improved Newton-type Method for the Regularization of Nonlinear Ill-Posed Problems

Gui Zhang, Xiqiang Liu, Yan Zhang, Bingyu Kou
An improved Newton-type iteration method for regularizing the abstract nonlinear ill-posed operator equation is presented and also certain stopping criterion to determine the iteration is proposed in this paper by using the Newton-Landber iteration and the linear Tikhonov regularization. Under the condition...
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Behavior of a Scale Factor for the Wiener Integral of a Stochastic Fourier Transform

Young Sik Kim
We investigate the behavior of a sacle factor for the Wiener integral of a stochastic Fourier transform of a measure on the abstract Wiener space.
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Generation and Dynamics Analysis of N-Scroll Existence via Four Different Functions in Translation Chaotic System

Yue Liu
In the three-dimensional ordinary differential equations, a systematic methodology for generating and designing N-scroll chaotic attractors have been proposed by Liu in 2016, which was named the translation chaotic system and the translation transformation principle, respectively. In this paper, generation...
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Optimizing for a Resource-constrained Multi-project Scheduling Problem with Planned Resource Unavailability

Jinwen Tian, Xingye Dong, Sheng Han
Based on a real producing scenario, we established a resource-constrained multi-project scheduling problem with planned resource unavailability model (RCMPSP-PRU) to minimize the makespan. Different from the traditional resource-constrained multi-project scheduling model, RCMPSP-PRU introduces some new...
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Mechanism Analysis on Rotating Fiber for Particles Removal

Ling Shi, Yufeng Chang, Hui Zhang
Fiber filtration is an important technology to control fine particulates emission and to protect human health. The rotating interception efficiency conception is given according to a geometric model. The single and composite mechanisms about isolate rotating fiber filtration are analyzed, that mainly...
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An Empirical Study of the Sustainable Growth of Listed Companies in Textile and Garment Industry in the Post-crisis Era

Zhengyan Shao
Financial crisis is profoundly impacting the development of China's textile and garment industry. This article analyzes the growth characteristics of China's listed companies in textile and garment industry in 2008-2011 using Wilcoxon signed-rank test. The results show that in the post-crisis era, the...
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Voice Quality Assessment Method Based on Contribution Degree Analysis

Zhangjian Xuan, Xiaoxia Cai
In objective assessment methods of speech quality, Mel cepstrum coefficients are usually used as speech feature parameters. However, the effect of the Mel cepstrum order and the component contribution were not involve in the previous research. After determining the optimal order, the contribution of...
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Asymptotic Expansion for Coupled Consolidation

John C.-C. Lu, Feng-Tsai Lin
The asymptotic expansion method is used to derive the solutions of a homogeneous isotropic strata subjected to uniform loading on the ground surface. The study develops a mathematical model for the excess pore fluid pressure and land deformation of the strata. Analytical solutions are derived through...
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Empirical Research on Poverty Reduction Effect Based on Factor Analysis

Ping Xiao
This paper quantitatively analyzes the poverty reduction effect in hunan province from three aspects of economic growth, financial support and industrial development. First, use of factor analysis on the independent variables for dimension reduction, extracting a factor for regional development level...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Total Factor Productivity on Manufacturing Performance

Hongbo Zhang, Jianyuan Wu, Nian Zhong
As the basic industry of national economy, manufacturing industry plays an important role in promoting China's economic development. In this paper, the total factor productivity of the manufacturing sector is calculated based on the statistics of 16 industrial sectors from 2002 to 2015. It is found that...
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Interdecadal Changes of Cyclone Activities in the North of East Asia during Boreal Spring

Xueyan Yang, Shiqi Xu, Li Zhang, Yulin Qin, Mengting Pan
Based on NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data from 1961 to 2016, an objective identification algorithm was applied to identify the cyclones in the north of East Asia. In addition, the climate characteristics of the cyclone activity was investigated. The results show that the active areas of cyclones in the north...
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The Upper Bound of Block Number for Group Divisible Nuclear Design with Block Size 4

Yufeng Gao
Nuclear design could be used for constructing packing and covering of a graph in combinatorial design theory. We generalize the nuclear design to group divisible nuclear design, and discuss the upper bound of block number for group divisible nuclear design with block size 4.
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Distribution of Tax Morale: Evidence from Behavioral Experiments

Jian Cao, Ya Zhou
As a personal factor of taxpayers, tax morale plays an important role in tax compliance experiments. The difference of taxpayers' moral consciousness is also one of the important reasons for the difference of tax compliance game experiments. In this paper, the taxpayer's tax morale can be represented...
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Holographic Microwave Induced Imaging System: A Numerical Study

Lulu Wang
This paper presents a holographic microwave induced (HMI) imaging method based on microwave imaging and ultrasound imaging techniques to detect breast lesion. A numerical system, including a breast model and an HMI measurement model, is developed to investigate the feasibility of breast tumor detection....
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Evaluation Research of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communication System Efficiency

Yichen Song, Xiaotao Xu, Zhiqiang Lin, Liangqin Yu
This article chooses the ADC methodology which most suitable for the evaluation of aerial vehicle communication system efficiency. According to the characteristic of UAV Communication system and predictable information communication requirement as well as ADC model, this article rearrange the element...
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Energy-saving Strategy of Building Skins System in Hot-summer and Cold-winter Zone

Chongjie Wang, Hong Zhang, Bing Tang, Jie Li
It is difficult to design the building skins because there are several intractable contradictions among different strategies. For instance, sun-shading design can reduce the impact of solar radiation in summer, but it can also impair the natural lighting, ventilation and winter sunlight absorption. Namely,...
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A Fast Method for Hyperspectral Target Detection with Matrix Inverse Updating and Downdating

Xin Wu, Mizhen Wang, Chen Yang
The unsupervised nonnegative constrained least squares (UNCLS) method is a well-known method for hyperspectral subpixel target detection. Depending on the complexity and dimensionality of the hyperspectral data, it may be computationally expensive for large matrix inversion with the UNCLS method. This...
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Connecting the Dots: Image Classification via Sparse Representation from a Constrained Subspace Perspective

Liang Liao, Stephen John Maybank, Haichang Ye, Xin Liu, Xinqiang Wang
We consider the problem of classifier design via sparse representation based on a constrained subspace model. We argue that the data points in the linear span of the training samples should be constrained in order to yield a more accurate approximation to the corresponding data manifold. For this purpose,...
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Image Scaling Based on the Catmull-Rom Spline Surfaces with Free Parameters

Juncheng Li, Lian Yang, Yuee Zhong
This paper presents a class of Catmull-Rom spline surfaces with free parameters, and gives the method for image scaling by using the proposed spline surfaces. The proposed spline surfaces satisfy C2 continuity and can be adjusted by the two free parameters even if the data points are kept unchanged....
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Rapid Identification and Characterization of Recovered Edible Oil, Based on Raman and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Yang Chen, Qingsong Luo, Jie Wang, Xiao Zheng
A variety of recovered-edible-oil identification models were established by using Raman combined with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR). Eight types of 156 edible vegetable oil samples were collected to acquire their Raman and NIR spectra. The spectral data were processed for modeling. The preprocessing...
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Research of Structure and Characteristics for Tribological Electrostatic Sensors

Ruochen Liu, Shaoyi Bei, Jing Zhou
A novel technique called electrostatic sensing method has been applied to condition monitoring on tribological system. Two basic types of electrostatic sensors are Wear-Site Sensor (WSS) and Oil-Line Sensor (OLS). According to the sensor structure (shape and size), different sensors have different features....
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Study on the Improvement of Traffic Congestion by Community Open

Qiongrui Zhu, Jianbin Zhang, Yunchao Wei
The paper establishes a road evaluation system based on congestion degree and vehicle buffering. By analyzing the density of road vehicles, we establish the vehicle traffic model of neighborhood road, and finally get the relationship between the area S of the open area and the suitable open level n.
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Study on Kinetics of Protein Forward Extraction from Quinoa by AOT/ Isooctane Reverse Micelles System

Xiaoyong Wu, Yanxia Sun, Yujie Shi, Yuan Tang, Jijun Tian, Gang Zhao
In this paper, the kinetic process of extracting total protein from quinoa by AOT/ isooctane reverse micelles was systematically studied. The effects of extraction time, extraction temperature, particle size and oscillation rate on quinoa protein forward extraction rate were investigated respectively....
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Disposition Effect and Induce Transaction in Future Market Based on Prospect Theory

Wenhui Li, Xing Yu, Hongguo Sun
Futures brokers’ income is mainly based on poundage, which easily lead to induce investors do unnecessary transactions. Disposition effect exist in future market commonly. We construct a prospect theory investment decision model with induce transaction, to explore the relationship between induce transactions...
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M&A, Institutional Investor and Executive Compensation

Qiwen Hu, Yongsheng Ge
The article try to explore the impact of M&A on executive compensation and further study the influence of institutional investors on the relationships between M&A and executive compensation. The study finds that the change in executive compensation has a significant positive correlation with M&A behavior,...