Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Management Science and Management Innovation

Technical Program Committee

  • Mahmoud Arnold

    Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada

  • Carter Steve

    Westminster College, USA

  • Hamid Yaghoubi

    Director of Iran Maglev Technology (IMT), Iran

  • Luan Junyi

    Henan Institute of Engineering, China

  • Xu Ruiqing

    Nanjing Audit University, China

  • Yue Hongjian

    Nanchang Institute of Technology, China

  • Yu Yan

    Zhejiang Ocean University, China

  • Li Datao

    Nanjing College of Information Technology, China

  • Zhang Dongmei

    Chengdu University of Information Technology, China

  • Chen Dandan

    Hubei University of Education, China

  • Liu Shuang

    Xuchang University, China

  • Sun Xiaoxia

    Xinxiang University, China

  • Tang Zhenping

    Hubei University of Technology, China

  • Tan Hongjiang

    Changchun University Of Technology, China

  • Wang Yuxing

    Wuhan Institute of Technology, China

  • Xiu Letian

    Dongguan Polytechnic, China