Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Management Science and Management Innovation

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Game Analysis of the Internal Control Information Disclosure of Listed Companies Based on Incomplete Information

Xiu-Qing Zang, Ting-Ting Han, Juan Lv
The laws and regulations issued by our government, to a certain extent, ensure the authenticity and completeness of the internal control information of listed companies. And promote the listed companies developing and implementing a sound and effective internal control system, thus avoiding the occurrence...
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Zambia’s Zeal for Gemstones: A Review of Historical Development

Radhe Krishna, Mutale W. Chanda, Ahmed H. Ahmed
The occurrences of gemstones was first recorded in Zambia (Luanshya) in 1928 about 85 years ago. Gemstone is naturally formed minerals (rocks) namely, emerald, diamond, pearl, tanzanite, and many more, numbering over 250. These are highly priced due to their beautiful colours and their use in jewellery,...
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Thoughts on the Teaching Mode Reform of Prepress Processing Principle and Technology

Bo Gao
The prepress processing principle and technology is the core course of printing engineering. In recent years, the objects of the prepress processing get more fields, and it turns from the traditional book binding to a broader field of packaging development, also the processing quality requirements gets...
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Innovative Capability and its Dynamics: Evidence from the Life Insurance Industry in Taiwan

Hong-An Li, Hui-Chen Fang
Drawing on RBV, dynamic capability and innovation theory, we suggest innovative capabilities may evolve within a hierarchy. Therefore, the effect of different orders of innovative capabilities on market performance should be discussed separately. Using a novel panel TAR (Threshold Auto-Regression Model)...
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Experiences of Military Nurse Manager: Implication to Clinical Leadership

Maria Monica D. Espinosa
This study aimed to identify the characteristics of an effective leader in a Military hospital institution from the perspectives of military nurse-managers. The researcher extracted the different facets of leadership from the stories of six nurse- managers from a military hospital. The stories which...
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The Market-agents’ Model of the Prices Variation Mechanism

Wen Zheng, Shi Zheng, Kong-Wang Wang
Market prices were affected by the market-agents. The market-agents behaved as many factors, such as the behaviors of the market players, the hot money etc., which cause the variation of the market prices. Based on the behaviors of the intermediate merchants of the market, the paper applies the complex...
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An Analysis Framework of the Relationship between R&D Resources and Innovation Performance

Yin-Sheng Li, Hong-Yong Guo, Yong-Chuan Nie
This paper argues that it is a complex systematic process from the R&D resource to realize the innovation performance. The relationship between the R&D resources and innovation performance is closely linked with this complex process. It proposed the theory analysis framework about the relationship from...
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Courses and Employability Skills: The Voice of Students

Li Gao, Xia Wang, Ya-Ping Cui
Graduate employability has become a growing concern for many countries. Curricula are playing a critical role in fostering graduate employability. This paper explores the student perceptions of their programs and its relevance wtih their employability skills. 1809 senior students of ten higher education...
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Reflections on our Computer Software Intellectual Property Protection

Shan Wu
The computer software is an important support of modern science and technology, and also, is an important symbol of a country's technological level and core competitiveness, computer software produced to make people more and more attention to its value, but also aware of the need provide legal protection...
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Several Reflections on Postgraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Yang-Xia Ou, Si Wu
With the dramatic increase in the number of postgraduate, employment of postgraduate is also facing unprecedented pressure. The fundamental way to solve the employment is innovation and entrepreneurship. The current situation and problems of innovation and entrepreneurship education for postgraduates...
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New service design of medical cloud service: A perspective of Activity Theory

Chen-Tong Chang, Wen-Hong Chiu, Hui-Ru Chi, Sheng-Tsai Liu
This study explores the new service design (NSD) of medical cloud service (MCS) based on the perspective of activity theory. The activity theory consists of six elements concerning object, tool, subject, rule, community, and division of labor. This study adopts the method of case study. The secondary...
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Application-oriented Outstanding Engineers Training Based on Regional Economy

Sheng-Gui Chen, Shou-Yan Zhong, Zhen-Zhong Sun, Nan Li
Actively in response to and participating in the Education Ministry’s deployment of “Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers (PETOE)”, we are take Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Its Automation specialty as the first batch of pilot. In this paper, with the “3+1” mode, we re-adjust...
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Strategy Analysis for Waste Household Appliance Recycling of Tianjin Community Residents by a Survey

Jun Wang, Qiao-Lun Gu
In recent years, China's emphasis on community construction increased significantly, Tianjin is also actively promoting the work about community building like health community services, convenient business services and environmental community services. To improve the recycling efficiency of waste household...
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The Application Research of Game Theory in the Administrative Power and the Academic Power

Jiao LI
Based on the analysis of the game between the administrative power and the academic power, Using game analysis tree configuratates the college administration reasonably. And based on this, the modes of the fusions, checks and balances are given between the administrative power and the academic power.
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E-commerce in Sudan: The Reality and Prospects

Eslam-Hassan Mohamed, Ping Wang, Osman-Abdalla Elhadi
This study aims to determine the reality of e-commerce in Sudan, and identified the fundamental constraints that limited the role of e-commerce in Sudan which need to be addressed and resolved in order to enable Sudan to enter the digital global economy. Although Sudan is a very advanced country in telecommunications...
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The Study of Human Resource Withdrawal Based on the Internal Control

Chen Chen, Ji-Xue Yuan
This study focuses on comprehension of the Human Resource Withdrawal (HRW) behaviors of the employees during the organizations’ modern Human Resources Management (HRM) process, especially in general trend of internal control. Firstly, we give a self-made definition and classification of the HRW creativity,...
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Relationship Risk Analysis in Project Governance

Xing-Zhi Liu, Rong-Kun Liu
Project governance theory is increasingly wide attention of theoretical and practical circles. The research emphasize the governance relationships between project stakeholders is critical to the success of the project, the relationship risk control as the core of project governance. However, existing...
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The Role of Palmer Cultural Linguistics in Translation

Hong-Li Gao, Xian-Feng Feng
Palmer Cultural Linguistics, a linguistic cultural theory which makes imagery as its core, develops from the combination of Boasian linguistics, ethnosemantics (ethnoscience) and ethnography of speaking, making great contribution in many fields relating to 1anguage. Therefore, this paper expounds and...
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Word Polarity Analysis Method Based on Topic Model

Xiao-Nan Fan, Shi-Min Wang
Along with the proliferation of new media, the user generated content becomes irreplaceable and providing main channel of daily information for people. By get rid of the shackle of the poor information, information technology has entered a big data era. Faced with the data overload, words polarity analysis...
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Customer Requirements for a Vitreoretinal Robot

Xu Han, Yang Yang
Several vitreoretinal surgical robots have been developed for specific tasks. However, there is no complete methodology for analysing customer requirements in the initial design. This paper focused on customer requirements for a vitreoretinal surgical robot and analysed the degree of importance for each...
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Theoretical Model on Effects of the Flower Enterprises Networks to the Technical Innovative Performance

Dao-Wen Ren, Fei Wen, Yan-Ji Duan
Combining existing related literatures, the paper analyzes and puts forward the concept models that the industry clusters’ network affects enterprises’ performance and raises some relevant research assumptions, by following the analytic logic of “structure—behaviors—performance”, the theoretical frame...
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Empirical Study on Differences of Effects of Flower Industry Cluster Networks to Various Enterprises’ Technical Innovative Performance------Taking Guangdong as an Example

Dao-Wen Ren, Fei Wen, Yan-Ji Duan
The paper analyzed and compared whether and how flower enterprises’ network structure and entities’ behaviors influence different enterprises’ technical innovation performance according to ‘network structure-entity behavior-technical innovative performance’ theory model. The conclusions are: there is...
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An Empirical Formula to Calculate Deferred Taxes in Balance Sheet Consolidation

Peng Zhao, Ying Ru
In the process of balance sheet combination, to confirm the amount of deferred income taxes offset entries quickly at any given time may need a concise method. An empirical formula was given on the basis of some relative principles. Three numerical examples about the internal inventories, fixed assets...
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Research on Incubation of Characteristic Industry in Nationalities University

Li Zuo, Kai-Jie You, Shuang Liu
Incubation of characteristic industry in Nationality University, the theme discussed in this paper, is to prove the feasibility of national characteristic industry’s incubation in Nationality University and discussed different kinds of support to national characteristic industry’s incubation in Nationality...
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The Study on Innovation-driven Factors and Growth Path of Constructing Innovative City of Tianjin

Yan-Hua Zhao, Jie Zhang
The construction of innovative city is a dynamic innovative system. The internal elements of the system have the characteristics of divergent, nonlinear, delay. It's difficult to analyze with one-sided cognition and experience. The thesis is based on the analysis of the city’s driving factors, combined...
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Graduation Project and Learning Ability Cultivation of Undergraduates-examples of Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials Major

Yue Hu, Nan-Chun Chen, Meng-Ying Li
According to the tracking investigation on topic selection of graduation project, practice process and oral defense situations of students in recent years, we find that there is a lack of thought and concept in the graduation project. Beneficial analysis and discusses on how to develop the function of...
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Research on Development Strategy of Professional Courses of Vocational Software Technology based on Working Process

Guo-Cai Zuo, Lei Wang
The working process based on curriculum development is the direction of curriculum reform of occupation education software technology professional. The relevance of the occupation education curriculum based on working process is not strong that caused the courses loosing. Combined with the actual situation...
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Study on the Effect of Wine Culture Capital on Business Performance

Xue-Dong Bao, Yong-Zhong Yang
Cultural industries have been flourishing with the growing demand of people for cultural consumption, and cultural capital has become one of the important forms of capital in the business development and affected the business activities both from internal and external system. This paper is based on the...
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Research into the Interaction between Investor Attention and Stock Prices

Yong-Jun Zhong, Lu Lu
We use the number of posts of sample stocks in CSI 300 Index dated from 2009 to 2013 in the Oriental Fortune Forum to measure investor attention in Chinese stock markets and analyze the interaction between this attention and stock prices. We find that (1) stocks are held by optimistic investors in Chinese...
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Service Innovation and TQM: A Conceptual Framework of Customer Satisfaction

Judicael Paterne Raoul Tokognon, Owusu Ackah, Andy Ohemeng Asare, Yun-Fei Shao
Customer service plays an essential role in firm performance. In this perspective, customer service process should be constantly improved to meet the expectations of customers. Despite the essence of customer satisfaction and its relations to organizational performance firms still fails to satisfy its...
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Practice Collaborative Innovation and Promote Interdisciplinary Integration

Hai-Bo Yang, Xu-Xia Wang, Ting-Ting Liu, Chao Zhang, Dong-Bai Sun
Colleges and universities shoulder the responsibility for providing talents guarantee and intellectual support to socialist modernization construction, and carry out collaborative innovation and cross discipline are the important ways for universities to promote innovation ability and cultivate innovative...
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Research on the Influence of Forced Submissiveness on the Behavior and Attitude

Guang Xu, Yu-Chao Wang, Xue Zhang
The study of attitude and behavior has always been a very important issue on social psychology. Based on Theory of cognitive dissonance, Theory of Reasoned Action and The theory of planned behavior, study the relationship between the submissiveness, behavior attitude and Conformity under the influence...
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The Prediction Model of Residential Housing-Price Tolerability Based on Fuzzy Matrix Analysis Theory

Feng-Guang Jiang, Li-Wen Chen
With the soaring property prices, research on the residential housing-price tolerability is of great practical significance to manage national economy order and control the national macro-economy policies. A prediction model of residential housing-price tolerability based on fuzzy matrix analysis theory...
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Effect of Alternative-set Information on Sequential Observation and Selection Behaviors

Qing-Shun Liu, Lin Liu, Xiao Qin, Wen Wei
Based on the completely rational decision-maker, it implies that no influence of alternative-set information on search behavior for the optimal search model of sequential observation and selection. However, in the real life the search number would be regular verify because of the uncertainty perception...
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On the Improvement of the Citizens' Legal Security

Quan-Yi Li, Yuan Xin
Based on sociology professor Xueyi Lu of the theory which citizens is divided into ten classes, based on the questionnaire investigation, visiting survey from all walks of life, the present situation of different class people's legal consciousness, basic on living habits and tendencies of law propaganda...
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Current Situation and Management Innovation of Legal Consciousness in the Countryside

Yuan Xin, Quan-Yi Li
We use questionnaires, field surveys, interviews and other ways to inspection the Current situation of Legal Consciousness in the Countryside, and, we found the following questions: All kinds of the franco-prussian work launched hotly, however, Legal consciousness did not come up to standards in the...
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On Perfection of Punitive Damages System in China—from the Perspective of Promoting Social Harmony Governance

Zhi-Wei-Lin Xu
Punitive damages system is designed to response to the damages caused by the malicious torts due to the defects of traditional compensatory damages system in the tort relief. Nowadays in China, the social unfairness and disharmony resulted from the lots of torts caused by the advantaged to the disadvantaged...
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Analysis of Carbon Emissions of Logistics Industry in Tianjin Based on Environmental Kuznets Model

Li-Yi Zhang, Yang Li, Ying Wang
The logistics industry is one of the major industries involving carbon emissions. It is significant for energy-conservation and emissions-reduction to study the relationship between development of logistics and carbon emissions. This paper estimates the statistics of carbon emissions about logistics...
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Research on Performance Evaluation Methodology in Human Resource

Meng Zhai, Yong Qi
In the final analysis, the competition between enterprises is the competition of the human resources. Human resource is the decisive element of the enterprises to achieve business objectives and an important force in the social economic development and human progress. Scientific and reasonable performance...
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The Eulogy of Goodness and the Pursuit of Humanity--Analysis of the Ethics in Little Women

Xiao-Di Qi, Xiao-Bing Qi
Little Women was one representative of the American writer Louisa May Alcott. This masterpiece based on reality shows us a world filled with love. In the past, many scholars always exploring the female consciousness reflected in the work from the perspective of feminist, while this paper intends to use...
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The Design of the Monitoring and Evaluation System of the Reservoir Resettlement Later-period Supportive Policy’s Implementation Effect

Xin Xu, Xiao-Yi Wang, Yu-Ting Bai, Ying-Qiang Wang, Ji-Ping Xu
According to the characteristics of the monitoring and evaluation of the reservoir resettlement later-period supportive policy’s implementation effect, the comprehensive evaluation method based on AHP was proposed. The framework and modules of the monitoring and evaluation system were designed and the...
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Installment Joint Life Insurance Actuarial Models with the Stochastic Interest Rate

Nian-Nian Jia, Yue Li, Dong-Hui Wang
Actuarial theory in a stochastic interest rate environment is an active research area in life insurance. Installment joint life insurance actuarial theories are one of the key contents in actuarial theory. In this study, an interest force accumulation function model with a Wiener process and a Poisson...
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A Study of the Evaluation of Dynamic Capability Based on Tacit Knowledge Sharing

Jin-Shan Zhang, Jun-Mo Cheng, Qi-Qi Wang
Based on Tacit knowledge sharing view, this study focused on dynamic capabilities. Through reviewing the concept and nature of Tacit knowledge sharing, interpreting the existing dynamic capabilities definition, explored the relationship of tacit knowledge sharing and dynamic capability, analyzed the...
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Research on the Status quo of Anti-cancer Pharmaceutical Patents in China: Based on the Patent Analysis

Jie-Jing Yao, Hui Peng
Patent documents contain a large number of economic, technical and legal information, which is an important information source for technological innovation. The paper explored the patent information of pharmaceutical R&D based on data of anti-cancer pharmaceutical patents in China from 1986 to 2012,...
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The Effect of VAT on Total Factor Productivity in China-Based on the One-step Estimation Method

Yan-Feng Jiang, Yan-Fang Jiang
This paper empirically test how the change of the proportion of the value added tax impacts on each part of China’s productivity based on the one step estimation method,. The results show, the higher the proportion of the value added tax, the more conducive to the improvement of production efficiency....
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University General Education and Music Appreciation

Yi-Jing Xu, Zhe Zhang, Jian-Hua Zhang
This paper first talked about the importance of music education in china. However, in recent years, because of various objective factors, which affected the musical education in primary school and secondary school. Early to enter university learning, the students lacked of different levels of the base...
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A Fuzzy Approach for the Evaluation of Accounting Information Quality under Big Data Environmental——Case Study from China

Xiao-Juan Wang, Ying-Hong Wan, Lan-Lan Dong, Hong-Jun Lv
The evaluation of accounting information quality is very important to the development of enterprise, especially, under the large data environmental. This paper based on the previous studies, combination the characteristics of big data to build an accounting information quality evaluation index system...
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The Analysis of Chinese Enterprises’ Innovation System under Environment Perspective

Xiang-Xiang Wang
China as an important part of the global system, it will inevitably face the impact of global climate change on various aspects of the ecosystem, industry, and society. Low level of technology and resource endowments determines the characteristics of Chinese enterprises in the low-end position of global...
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A Brief Analysis of Imitation and Innovation in Academic Field

Qing-Feng Shen, Ying Zheng
The academic field has four main characters and one of them is about the innovation that “is decided by the need of scientific development”. Nowadays, there is a kind of repetition even plagiarism without wrenching one’s brains and those people, for various reasons, write this kind of paper maybe just...
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On the Energy Field of Ideological and Political Education

Shan-Dong Zhou
Based on the field theory in physics and in order to improve the effectiveness of ideological and political education, this paper analyzes the energy field of ideological and political education. Energy field of ideological and political education belongs to the education field. It overlaps moral field...
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The Dynamics of Social Media Metrics and Intensity of Customer Relationship—An Empirical Investigation of the IT Industry

Lan-Lan Dong, Ying-Hong Wan, Xiao-Juan Wang
Based on the theory of customer lifecycle and prior literature, we classify the customers into segments, thus to examine the effects of social media on the relationship between the firm and its customer segments. The results derived from vector autoregressive models suggest that, generally, social media...
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Research on the Training System of Innovative Talents for Cost Engineering Professional

Qian Li
This paper discusses the innovative education reform of cost engineering professional: 1) transform education idea, update education concept, 2) explore the new personnel training mode, we will construct the innovative education system based on market demand-oriented, in order to widen specialty specification...
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Research in Quantitative Evaluating Armored Vehicle Basic Driving Action

Hui-Qi Zhang, Fan-Qi Meng, Yu-Kun Cao, Hui Liu
On the basis of analyzing the difficult of evaluating the basic driving factors, the evaluation index system of basic driving factors is established, while the weightiness values of the indexes are calculated out by AHP. The difficult of armored vehicles basic driving factors is quantitative evaluated...
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Modeling of Armored Equipment Training Support System Function and Process Based on IDEF

Fan-Qi Meng, Hui-Qi Zhang, Tao Teng, Jian Yao
In order to lucubrate in armored equipment training support, the IDEF0 function modeling method is used to construct the function model of armored equipment training support system based on the analysis of the main operation contents of armored equipment training support. The IDEF3 process modeling method...
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Does Monetary Policy Have Significant Impact on Housing Prices Evidence from Principal Component Analysis

Tian-Li Lei, Gang Wu, Dong-Ping Wei
We construct a housing price model based on supply and demand equilibrium, and use principal component analysis to avoid multicollinearity of independent variables. Empirical analysis of China’s 35 big-to-medium sized cities average data shows that housing price expectation is the key factor for housing...
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The Relationships of 90s College students' View on Love and Marriage, Cultivation Style and Social Support

Jie-Yi Wu, Ke-Ying Wu
The study adopts the research of undergraduates’ views on marriage and love, Egma Minnen av Bardndosnauppforstran (EMBU),Social science research solutions(SSRS) of 286"90s College student", discusses the 90s College students' view on love and marriage, Cultivation style, Social support and their relationship,...
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Research on the Relationship of Port Logistics Development and Chinese Agricultural Trade

Pei-Zhi Wang, Wen-Wen Liu
In recent years, port logistics has developed rapidly, and it provides the impetus for the development of agricultural product in certain extent. This paper establishes the error correction model by using port logistics development indicators and agricultural product trade indicators. The empirical results...
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A Stochastic Time-cost-quality Tradeoff Model for Discrete Project Scheduling Problem

Wei-Min Ma, Qing-Hai Liu, Hua Ke
In this paper, referred to the traditional discrete time-cost tradeoff problem, time-cost-quality balance combined with random environment is discussed. Moreover, in real projects, the uncertainty of the environment is considerable aspects for decision-makers. The goal of this paper is to reveal how...
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Game Equilibrium of the Same Products Price Competitive of Real Estate Based on Rank Dependent Utility Theory

Yong Xiang, Qin Fu, Shan Wu
The projects show the homogenization of the competition state with the steady development of the real estate development. Based on the rank dependent utility theory and the traditional homogeneous product price competition between developers, this paper builds price competition game model of the homogeneous...
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Research on the Evaluation Index for Construction Enterprise‘s Technological Innovation Using Analytical Network Process Method

Jing Teng, Qin Fu, Yao Chen, Wan-Ling Zou
This thesis builds a set of evaluation index system of construction enterprise technology innovation based on network analytic network process and by empowering each indicator and evaluates indicators combined with fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, the technology innovation levels of construction...
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Study on Sustainability of American Double Gaps and its External Debt

Shuo Feng, Xiao-Feng Hui
The changes of a nation’s external debt are the main external manifestations of economy, namely foreign trades and international capital flows. The sustainability of American external debt is, in a certain degree, determined by the continuous external imbalance in American economy. In essence, there...
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Understanding of the Information Economics Discipline

Lan Luan, Xu-Kun Wang
Emerging in the years of 60’s of 20 century, information economics started to be known in China in the years of 80s and led to a research upsurge and study trend, with dramatic growing numbers in information economics related documents (like essays and reports). Economic production, social lives and...
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Study on Waste Reduction Process Based on Hierarchical Analytical Method

Pin-Chao Meng, Zhi-Xia Jiang, Yan-Zhong Li
With the rapid development of urbanization, the improvement of living standard and the conversion of lifestyle, municipal household garbage treatment is becoming a challenging issue. The hierarchical analytical method is used in the present paper to establish a classification model on the waste reduction,...
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Improving Teaching Quality to Cultivate Innovative Talents

Zhi-Xia Jiang, Pin-Chao Meng, San-Zhi Shi
From four aspects introduce the experience of improving the teaching quality to cultivate innovative talents in Changchun University of Science and Technology all the time. Specify student-centered to carry out the research-oriented teaching, teachers as a fundamental, teaching and research in parallel,...
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Study of a Combination of Complex Function Learning with Mathematical Modeling

Pin-Chao Meng, Zhi-Xia Jiang, San-Zhi Shi, Shi-Ming Liang
Complex function teaching essentially focuses on theoretical studying rather than practical application with respect to the properties of theoretical and abstract complex function course. This paper proposes a combination of mathematical modeling with complex function teaching, discusses a promising...
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A Study of Financial Distress Prediction based on Discernibility Matrix and ANN

Xin-Zhong Bao, Xiu-Zhuan Meng, Hong-Yu Fu
Financial distress prediction is a significant issue that concerns stakeholders of enterprises. Due to the limitation of the samples available, most studies of financial prediction generally catagorize the financial situations of companies by whether they are bankrupt or specially treated in the stock...
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A Research on Environmental Protection Public Service of Farming and Stockbreeding Areas in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Jia-Zhi Chen, Yue-Wen Gan
The paper invoked Public Service System Model which centers on “service triangle”. By taking common people and national civil servants in the farming and stockbreeding areas (FSA) in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as the research objects, with the major research methods of literature study and questionnaires,...
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Industrial Policy and Digital Convergence Development: An Analysis of Cross-country Comparisons

Rong-Ann Deng, Wen-Hong Chiu, Hui-Ru Chi, Chen-Tong Chang
Digital Convergence is the technology of integrating with the contents of communication, broadcast and information industries. This emerging industry has already caused changes in various industries, and it also brought the business opportunities which will improve the national competitive and advantage....
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Improving the Geomechanics Conditions for Effective Ground Control; A Case Study of Chibuluma South Mine, Zambia

Pardon Sinkala, Radhe Krishna
Statistical studies at Chibuluma South mine have indicated that 70% of the falls of ground were recorded in the decline, orebody drives, access crosscuts and longhole stopes from the year 2009 to 2013. This study was therefore carried out to propose a strategy that will improve the performance of ground...
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A Risk Management Analysis of Real Estate Loan Market in China

Mao-Hai Huang, Liu-Qing Yang
Since 2007 Chinese real estate market has been booming with soaring housing prices and overwhelming demands for real estate loans from developers. Chinese real estate loan market expands rapidly to meet the demands, which results in an increasing burden on commercial banks to manage real estate loan...
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A Study on the Job Satisfaction of Employees based on Social Network

Guo-Hao Zhao, Da-Wei Zhang, Yan Cheng, Wei Li
The correlation between the structural and positional factors of employees in the knowledge network and employees’ job satisfaction and their personality traits was studied in the paper, in which a manufacture enterprise in Xi'an City is taken as an example. We found that employees’ job satisfaction...
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Exploring the Transformation Strategies of Servitization: Cases of Large Manufacturing Firms in Taiwan

Hung-Chia Lin, Wen-Hong Chiu, Chien-Yu Lin, Shieh-Liang Chen
This study proposes value-added servitization strategies, differentiation servitization, expansion servitization, and integration servitization based on the depth and breadth of servitization. This study selects 58 domestic manufacturers among the top 100 Taiwanese manufacturers as subjects and collects...
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Research on Enterprise Financing Risk Assessment Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Ya-Qiong Pan, Xiao-Qin Zhang
With the continuous development of economy, the level and scale of enterprise financing has increased rapidly in China. Meanwhile, enterprises also face various financing risks. This paper discusses the common approaches of corporate financing, and other potential risks. The Analytic Hierarchy Process...
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Housing System Reform Based on Housing Properties

Yu-Kun Guo, Lu-Xi Luo, Jin-Ying Wang
Currently, various problems including excessive housing price, overburdened housing and serious speculation occur in the housing market of China, which are rooted in the commercial and market properties of housing that have been emphasized by the reform of housing system for many years, while this ignores...
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Quest for College English Classroom Teaching Mode under Multimedia and Network Environments

Sheng-Hua Cao
With the rapid development of science and technology, modern information technology and Internet represented by computers have been widely used in every field of education. Information technology has become an indispensable part of college English classroom. College English classroom teaching under the...
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The Influence of Network Information Technology upon Management of China’s Tertiary Institutions

Xue-Li Du
Network information technology is transforming the management thought and style of China’s tertiary institutions in a revolutionary way, which not only has a positive impact, but also has a negative impact. Therefore, the in-depth study on its influence and a clear understanding of its strengths and...
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The Problem and Countermeasure of Team Construction of Double-certificate Teachers in Vocational Colleges

Chui-Jiu Liu
Since the proposal of establishing a teaching team excellent in teaching and morality, the amount of double-certificate teachers of vocational colleges has been increasingly enlarging. However, with the acceleration of urbanization and industrial modernization, the present double-certificate teachers’...
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Unascertained Rational Number's Model in the Evaluation of Student Teachers' Teaching Ability

Hai-Jun Chen, Li-Ying Li, Chun-Guang Zhao
The cultivation of teacher is connected with normal education. Building high-quality teaching force is the basic guarantee of the comprehensive implementation of quality education. In order to establish a scientific and rational evaluation of the teaching system, to evaluate teachers’ teaching objectively...
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Research on Taxation Policy to Promoting SMEs’ Technological Innovation

Kai Hu, Bo Cai, Sheng-Rong Zhang
Small and medium enterprises(SMEs) are the significance component of national technology innovation system. Government should encourage SMEs engaging in technological innovation through innovation policy. Taxation policy is one of the widely used policy instrument by most countries. Resources can be...
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Blackboard-Based Online Physical Education Curriculum Design

Gang Wang
Taking the constructivism and humanism as the theoretical guidance, adoption of Blackboard online curriculum tools to develop internet-based online physical education courses, completing the design, interaction and collaboration as well as learning assessments for the online physical education curriculum...
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Study on the Transmission Mechanism of Price of Cattle and Sheep in China

Jie Yu, Xiao Han, Zhong-Wei He, Fang Liu
In this paper, the vector auto regression mode (VAR) is used; Johansen test is conducted among independent variables which sheep and cattle industry chain involved. China's price transmission mechanism is analyzed of. Studies have shown that the presence of cattle and sheep industry chain have long-term...
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Analyses on the Credit Enhancement of BOT Project Finance

Zhi-Ying Zhang, Jing Teng, Qin Fu, Wan-Ling Zou
BOT project financing, as a way to introduce social capital to address the funding gap in the government infrastructure construction, has gained more attention from investors as the financing demands gradually increase. This paper will discuss credit enhancement of BOT project financing from two stages-project...
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An Innovative and Applied Study Based on Behavior for Accidents Statistical Indexes in China Construction Project

Da-Wei Chen, Zhe Li, Ding Li
The present accident statistical index for construction project only reflects the total number of accidents and fails to reflect the usual construction project safety and the weakness. Based on major accident cause of behavior and “4M”, the framework was established for the causes of construction accidents...
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Can Pay-as-you-go System Trigger Payment Crisis in China

Han Sun, Ning Ning, Wu-Jun Sun
China has implemented the part funded system of pension project management, but the personal part of pension account has been empty running since the reform, 1997. The problem cannot be solved in short term, and the old-age pension system still be supported by the pay-as-you-go (PAYG in short) system...
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Evaluation Research on Micro-blog Marketing Effect of 5A Scenic Spot in China

Jin-Ying Wang, Yu-Kun Guo, Yin Fang, Xin-Ye Zhang
In order to evaluate the micro-blog marketing effect of the 5A Scenic Spots in China scientifically and provide some constructive suggestions, the thesis establishes a kind of evaluation index system on the basis of the user coverage, micro-blog active degree, and the propagation force. With Sina micro-blog...
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From Employee Perceived HR Practices to Employee Engagement: The Influence of Psychological Empowerment and Intrinsic Motivation

Jie He
In this study, we developed and tested a theory of how employee perceived human resource (HR) practices affect employee psychological empowerment that facilitates intrinsic motivation and resultant employee engagement in the work. Based on self-determination theory, employee engagement was rooted in...
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The Research on Trade Credit Short-term Financing in a Capital-constrained Supply Chain

Yang Wang, Yue-Hong Shao, Jia-Quan Ou
In this paper we consider a supply chain consists of a single supplier and a single retailer which has the optimal order quantity. The supplier can offer the retailer short-term financing with a trade credit contract. The retailer has three payment choices: Full Payment; Full Credit; Partly Payment....
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Analysis and Prediction of Environmental Pollution Control of China's Investment Based on Grey Prediction and Multiple Regression

Zhan-Hua Zhang, Xiao-Hong Liu, Chun-Yan Zhang
According to the future uncertainty of investment scale of pollution control in China, in order to predict the variable value, Grey prediction model is used to eliminate the noise pollution which is from the variable data of investment in environmental pollution control. Then through multiple regression...
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Disruption Risk Management in Reverse Supply Chain by Using System Dynamics

Qiao-Lun Gu, George Tagaras, Tie-Gang Gao
We examine reverse supply chains consisting of three members (collector, disassembly center, remanufacturer) and subject to four different types of supply disruption, each with distinct impact on the members of the chain. Using system dynamics methodology, we focus on the quantitative method of disruption...
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Management Optimization on Used Express Packages—from the Perspective of Energy and Emission Reduction

Xu Bao
With rapid expansion of the scale of China's online shopping and fast growth of the express industry comes out concurrently a problem how to handle those used express packages. From the perspective of energy and emission reduction, the management on those used express packages can be optimized by co-operations...
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Researches on Evaluation and Warning Index of Forest Resources Ecological Environment

Zhen-Cai Li
Forest resources have strategic significance for sustainable economic and social development. At present, China's forest ecological environment is faced with serious soil erosion, forest pest, acid rain and other problems. Using ecology and environmental sciences’ basic theory, this article will establish...
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The Household Registration System of Problem Analysis and Suggestions about Chengdu

Yin Fang, Chang Gou, Yu-Kun Guo, Hui Liu
By Chengdu’s household registration system reform background and main contents of research, found that the existence of economic development power and the contradiction between the capital, the reform of farmers living, quality problems to the household registration system reform under the urban and...
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A Deep Teaching Reform Scheme in Animation Course

Xiang-Ning Zhou
With the rapid development of digital media education, there are many deep-seated problems. Education workers must pay attention to the problems such as deletion between enterprises demand and students from college education and lack of their own ability. A deep teaching reform scheme in animation course...
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The Study on Industry Relevance—A Case of Electronic Enterprise

Jian-Qiang Guo, Yan-Yan Liang, Jin-Ling Fan
This paper study the future of industry drive and the contribution to the national economy of electronic communications on the background of region, from the perspective of the production and management and industry relationship of specific industries. The research shows that, the development of electronic...
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Strategic Research on Safety Evacuation of Clean Workshop

Hui Han, Xiao-Yong Liu, He-Fang Long, Si-Yu Gou, Si-Qi Gou
Due to high airproof of clean workshop and special requirement for environment during the technical process of production, it is more difficult for people to safely evacuate from clean workshop and also for the fire fighting and rescue job. So it is necessary to establish one suitable, simple, efficient...
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Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between HR Professionals’ Competency and Enterprise Performance

Hui Liu, Yong Fu, Xing Wang, Yin Fang
The research of competency is one of the hot issues in the area of HRM at present. On the basis of existing research, this study adopts the measuring scale of HR professionals’ competency in enterprises of China which was developed by Chen Wansi, Ren Wei and Yao Shengjuan to make a survey on HR professionals’...
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Reverse Logistics in Chongqing Construction Industry

Xiao-Yi Yuan
The process of urbanization in Chongqing has increased the generation of construction and demolition wastes, and many of them are not properly disposed, which triggered many environmental problems. With more and more national and regional regulatory means being brought out, construction firm pay more...
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Analysis of the Management of High-level Overseas Talents Working in the State-owned Enterprises

Liang-Yu Wang
This paper analyzes human resource planning, motivate system, achievement assessment, training program and so on to do a deep analysis of the management of high-level overseas talents working in the state-owned enterprises, and attempt to explore the optimization of the management of talents.
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Effects of Strategic Human Resource Management Model to Achieve Strategy

Ming-Ming Chen
With the strategic human resource management inherent mechanism analysis, we find that the strategic human resource not only has strategy attributes, manage properties and people of the property, but also has a longitudinal consistency and transverse dependence in each module. Through aggregation to...
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Problem-oriented Decision Support in Manufacturing Industry

Yu-Meng Ding, Yan-Zhong Dang
Decision-making in manufacturing organizations involves detecting and attacking problems continuously and hence requires very large volumes of problem-oriented knowledge. This paper firstly analyzes the features of problem knowledge and proposes a series of knowledge-based reasoning rules to yield knowledge...