Proceedings of 2016 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies and Applications (MSOTA2016)

This year on December 18-19, the International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies and Applications (MSOTA 2016) will be held in Xiamen, China. Though it is the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the coastal city Xiamen still welcomes all the participants and visitors with its warmth.

One of the main topics in this conference is Modeling. It refers to conceptual model, physical model, scale model and scientific model, etc. At the same time, it has a close relation to Mathematics, Science and Engineering. The application of Modeling permeates in almost every aspect of research and productive activities. We are glad to see that there are so many researchers and scholars working in this field and promoting the technology painstakingly. However, in the field of Modeling, Simulation or Optimization, there are limitations when it comes to practice in production. It is believed that two minds are better than one. Since the advantages of presenting and sharing are that one can learn from each other and think about the issues from different perspectives, this conference aims at providing an exchange platform for all the researchers and scholars to study mutually, by which means we hope that all our participants could gain what they expected and promote the progress of research on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization accordingly.

Before the conference, the conference details are available through the official website and other online academic forums. It is exciting that by the end of the submission deadline, we have received great many contributions than we expected. Our authors come from different regions and different affiliations with same interests. We hope that by gathering excellent people in this field, new technology and methods from them can be spread and potential cooperation can be found for their future research.

It is a great honor to me that we have received so much support and by the end of the submission 393 contributions were collected. And a reviewing team has been formed. All the reviewers ware selected and assigned by the chairs. They came from more than 20 countries with different academic backgrounds and rich working experiences. During the reviewing process, to ensure the high quality of the book, each paper was reviewed by at least two peer experts in this field. Only when both the reviewers identified the paper, it could be accepted in these conference proceedings. By rigorous reviewing and professional discussion, 109 papers were selected. All of them were included in this book. According to the main idea of the paper, the book is divided into 3 parts:

Chapter 1: Systems Modelling and Simulation Technologies;
Chapter 2: Applied Mathematics and Statistical Analysis;
Chapter 3: Computer Vision and Recognition Technologies.

In the end, I must give my appreciation to the organizer for planning and carrying out this conference. Secondly, many thanks to the devoted reviewers for giving professional and earnest advice. Thirdly, I am grateful to the contributors who have given us support and boosted our morale. I sincerely hope that we can cooperate again in the future.

K. Weller
Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong, China