Proceedings of 2016 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies and Applications (MSOTA2016)

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3D 9+- Model Representing Topological Relation between 3D Bodies with Holes

Yunfei Shi, Shuang Di, Lingling Zhang, Ting Mi
Three-dimensional topological relation is the basis of spatial analysis, spatial reasoning, and other applications in 3D GIS. Based on 9-intersection model, the proposed 3D 9-intersection uses 5 values {0, 1, 2, 3, 4} to replace two values {0, 1} of original model, which not only can distinguish whether...
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Impact Dynamic Analysis of Multibody System Based on Impulse Momentum Method

Yuechen Duan, Tingting Wang, Xia Li
The impact dynamics of flexible multibody systems is analyzed based on the impulse momentum method (IMM). According to the rigid-flexible coupling dynamic theory of flexible multibody system, the continuous dynamic equations of the system are established by the recursive Lagrange method. By using IMM,...
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Modeling of Complex Apron Conflict Control Based on Petri Net Model

Weijun Pan, Lei Yang, Xinping Zhu, Qinghai Zuo, Rundong Wang, Chuyang Yang, Jie Luo, Youjun Ye
This paper uses discrete events modeling to apron surface activity control problem. Through dispersing runway taxiway and apron, discrete element map to Petri net basic element, build surface activity model based on Petri net. The paper build model of apron activity by Petri net theory, use Cpntools...
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Research and Simulation of Task Scheduling Strategy in Cloud Computing

Tao Lin, Qianqian Xuan, Qingguo Xu, Mengxian Wu
How to make full use of resources in the cloud to efficiently schedule tasks is an important issue in the field of cloud computing. This paper proposes a cloud computing task scheduling algorithm based on optimized Differential Evolution Algorithm(DE), which introduces the initial population model based...
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Modeling and Simulation of Certain Type Turret Based on Finite Element Method

Jinzhong Zhang, Xiaofeng Liu, Fuquan Zhao, Yuchen Yue
The turret is subjected to a huge impact load during the firing of the gun. Therefore, the stiffness of the structure of the turret body in the launching state is the key problem to be considered in the design. In this paper, based on the turret model of a certain infantry combat vehicle, the modal analysis...
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Prediction of Breast Tissue and Plastic Reconstruction in Different Positions by Finite Element Method

Dongwei Dong, Tingchun Shi, Jie Luan, Xiuyan Yue
Breast augmentation surgery is a way to improve the beauty of female body shapes. Based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images of patient's breast providing real simulation data for breast augmentation surgery, this study investigated the effects of two different shapes of implants with the same...
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Inversion Study on Initial Field of PM2.5 Transport Model with the Adjoint Method

Youli Shen, Shaofeng Zhang, Ning Li, Chunhua Zhang
According to the transport characteristics of PM2.5 and adjoint assimilation scheme, a PM2.5 adjoint assimilation model was constructed. Two ideal distributions of PM2.5 initial field were prescribed by the pollution condition of Chinese mainland. Experiment results indicated that mean absolute errors...
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A Novel Procedure to Model and Forecast Mobile Communication Traffic by ARIMA/GARCH Combination Models

Quang Thanh Tran, Li Hao, Quang Khai Trinh
Mobile traffic modeling and forecasting are the key techniques in terms of network optimization and management because better network management can be achieved through improving the forecasting accuracy. While mobile traffic has been studied extensively and proved to be effectively modeled with ARIMA...
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Simulating PLC Control System Based on Multisim14

Ju Han, Xinxi Zhang, Jun Xu
Multisim especially Multisim14's characteristics are summarized in the paper. And Holding Tank control system is an example. Simulating PLC control system in the Multisim is an efficiency method, not only it can save lab cost, but also it afford an convenient approach for learners and designer.
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The Simulation of Slepian' s Problem in Network Information

Jie Shen, Ou Wang, Geng Zhang, Yang Wang
The paper analysis three theories in network information, respectively they are: source coding with side information; Slepian's joint source coding problem; source coding with helper or two helpers. We present detail proof of the three theories, and their application in wireless communication. The first...
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Research on Real-Time Testing Modeling Based on RTCM Approach

Ling Li, Ji Wu, Chao Liu, Haiyan Yang
Test case is used for a particular destination and prepared in a set of test inputs, conditions and expected results in order to test whether a feature is to meet a specific demand [1]. In industrial applications, the description of the test cases is usually in the form of documents, these documents...
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A LDA Based Model for Topic Evolution: Evidence from Information Science Journals

Maoran Zhu, Xiaopeng Zhang, Hongwei Wang
Mining evolution of topic from papers plays an important role in learning about the trend and monitoring the hot topic of research. The paper proposes a model based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) for the purpose of mining evolution of topic. Firstly, we deal with the collection of all the papers...
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Fuzzy Hierarchical Selection Model of Tourism Development of Uninhabited Island of South China

Wei Huang, Yanping Dai, Ruwen Liang, Yuanjun Huang, Qiuhua Cheng, Daobo Wang
Not only great tourism development value, but also huge risk for developing of uninhabited island. Scientific and reasonable planning and especially the choice of major tourism projects is one of the key factors of its success or not. Based on Qinzhou, the fuzzy selection model and clearing evaluation...
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Landscape Ecological Security Construction and Evaluation Research Based on GIS and MCR Model

Wensheng Deng, Cuizhao Zhao, Guiying Sun
Ecological safety is not only the primary require for human preservation and development, but also the key part of country safety. Protecting the regional ecological safety is the main job of the construction of ecological civilization in our country. Firstly, Land use temporal and spatial analysis model...
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Monetizing Evaluation Model for Highway Transportation Rules Based on CA

Yiling Liu, Jin Xiong, Xingyue Han, Hong Duan
Most of the traffic rules are originated in some historical reasons; it is difficult to say which is better than others. This paper proposed a monetizing evaluation model for highway transportation, which is based on the cellular automation (CA), more specifically, the NaSch model. We evaluated the Keep-Right...
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Hardware Overhead Analysis between Embryonics System and N Modular Redundancy System

Yafeng Meng, Sai Zhu, Chunhui Han
Embryonics system is a new hardware with self-repair ability. Based on the analysis of Embryonics system and N modular redundancy system, the hardware overhead model has been built. The hardware overhead of Embryonics system has been analyzed with this model. From the analysis result of the target circuit...
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Persistence of Global Well-Posedness for Fractional Dissipation Boussinesq System

Xing Su, Yuming Qin
The goal of this paper is to address the global existence and the uniqueness of solution to the 2D fractional dissipation Boussinesq system. And further prove the persitence in the space H1+s(R2) X H1+s(R2), s ∈ (0,1).
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NSD Total Choosability of Planar Graphs with Girth at Least Four

Xue Han, Jihui Wang, Baojian Qiu
A proper total k-coloring of a graph G is a mapping from V (G) E(G) to {1, k} such that no adjacent or incident elements in V (G) E(G) receive the same color. Let (u)denote the sum of the colors on the edges incident with the vertex u and the color on u. A proper total k-coloring of G is called neighbor...
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Study on the Cutter Suction Dredgers Productivity Model and Its Optimal Control

Minghong Yao, Yanling Wang, Jing Shang, Jianyong Zhang
This Controlling the yield of cutter suction dredger is a hot spot for researchers at home and abroad, however, there is few strict mathematical models proving the existing research results, and most of the results are qualitative. In order to optimize the value of dredgers main control variables, this...
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Object Model of Quality of Medical Instrument Traceability System Based on Finite State Machine

Liquan Han, Zhengchao Xu, Xiaobo Wang
With the continuous improvement of medical level, the demand for medical Instrument is increasing year by year, it is necessary to trace on the quality and safety of medical Instrument. Establish the traceability of the medical instrument can not only reduce the medical incidents and suppress the spreed...
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A Component-Based Simulation Model

Weigong Lv, Fanchao Meng, Ce Zhang, Zhipeng Chen, Chang Yuan, Kun Wan, Yiran Zhao, Jianan Jiang
The implementation of simulation system requires the support of effective simulation models. In this paper a new simulation model based on the low granularity is proposed. Starting from the quadruple parts composing the component, the component can be divided as the static component, non-trigger type...
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Simulation and Optimization of Pressure-Swing Distillation System for High Purity Acetonitrile

Feini Huang, Shu Zheng, Yuxuan Chen, Mengxiang Zhou, Xiaofang Sun
According to the feature that composition of the azeotrope could be changed with the change of pressure, the method of pressure-swing distillation was applied to separate the azeotrope of acetonitrile-water and obtain high purity acetonitrile. A simulation model of pressure-swing distillation system...
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Speed Control System of the Generator with the Radial Magnetic Coupling Using Second Order Model

Soontorn Odngam, Jiraphon Srisertpol
The Radial Magnetic Coupling (RMC) is the connected device of the automatic transmission by controlling the power of magnetic coil in order to adjust round speed as needed. The Radial Magnetic Coupling system is non-linear model that make it difficult to design the control system. This paper proposed...
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The Line-Type Optimization of Horizontal Arch-Ring for Floating Arch Cofferdam

Zhen Wang, Zhibin Liu
The study proposes the optimized line-type of a reusable floating arch cofferdam creating the dry area to reinforce the dangerous dam. The water is discharged from the cavity of the arch cofferdam which automatically rises in the water, and then pulls to the next construction site. So the line-type of...
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Behavior of Curved Concrete-Filled Circular Stainless Steel Tubular Struts under Compression

Lianqiong Zheng, Min Chen, Yongqian Zheng
A finite element analysis ( FEA ) model for curved concrete-filled stainless steel tubular members under compression was developed by the universal FEA software ABAQUS. The failure modes of curved concrete-filled stainless steel tubular struts were compared with that of empty curved stainless steel tubes...
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The Study on the Change Rules of Drive Motor Load Based on the Vehicle Vibration Model

Yuqing Cui, Xiaobo Qiu, Chen Zhang
This article give the rules of changing torque which produced in drive system during the movement by modeling and simulating the vibration of vehicle, and try to have a meaningful guiding significance for the motor selection and control. First, the article analyzes the reason that vibration affect motor...
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The Application of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation in the Evaluation of Competitive Intelligence Competence of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Guiquan Xi, Xiaodong Li, Hong Fu
Based on defining the concept of enterprise competitive intelligence, the fuzzy mathematics theory is used to evaluate the competitive intelligence competence of small and medium sized enterprises. According to the evaluation factor for Small and Medium Sized enterprise competitive intelligence competence,...
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Simulation and Analysis on Signal Acquisition of BDS Receiver with The Aid of INS

Shulei Chen, Xiaqing Tang, Xuwei Cheng, Junqiang Gao, Zepeng Sun
Improving the dynamic performances of BDS receiver with INS-aided is the hotspot of the current navigation research, and the key problem is how to improve the performance of signal acquisition. This paper has some research and analyses about the theory and mathematic model of signal acquisition. Though...
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Simulation and Study on Plate-Type Total Pressure Distortion Simulators

Zhipeng Li, Guowang Zhang, Chao Lu
In China, plate-type total pressure distortion simulators are widely used for carrying on inlet total pressure test of compressing systems of aeroengine. In this article modeling and simulating were imposed on this type of simulators. According to the simulation results, details of distortion field configuration...
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Simulation and Experiment Study on Six-degrees-of-freedom Active Micro-vibration Isolation Platform

Gongyu Pan, Dong Li, Yunqiang Xiao
A six-degrees-of-freedom active micro-vibration isolation control system has been proposed and studied. The system consists of passive air springs and symmetrically placed electro-magnetic actuators. A mathematical model of the micro-vibration isolation platform is established, and H∞ control algorithm...
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Hybrid ARQ Scheme Using Complementary Punctured Turbo (CPT) Codes

Yang Zhang, Fan Yang, Zhongtao Huang, Weitong Zhao, Keyu Long
We propose a hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) scheme by using complementary punctured turbo (CPT) codes. The information bit sequence is encoded by a rate-1/3 convolutional turbo code, and then punctured by different sets of coded bits using complementary perforation patterns, which is used for...
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Research on the Construction of the Quality Evaluation Model of Graduate Thesis Based on Evidence Theory

Yan Li
Objective and fair evaluation of graduate students' theses is a key link in the cultivation of graduate students. The evaluation work of the dissertation is actually a multi attribute group decision making problem. This paper constructs a new model for the quality evaluation of postgraduate degree thesis....
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Study On the Airflow Characteristic of the Airfoil Ventilation Fan Based on Coanda Effect

Yaling Ye, Xiaoyong Peng, Yuan Zhang, Hu Wei
The airfoil ventilation fan based on Coanda effect was studied, which was simulated by Fluent software. The inducing velocity was considered as an important influence factor on the characteristic of the flow field. The paper reports the results of the velocity distribution in the flow field and the induction...
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Development of BSP under WinCE and Its Application in Inkjet Printer

Hongwen Wang, Panyun Lei, Ning Le, Zhangliang Guo
Based on the powerful data processing capability of S3C2440 core board and the good performance of WinCE operating system in the capability that the system can be transplanted, cut and has a good real-time performance, a control system of high resolution inkjet printer has been designed. With analyzing...
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Research on Civil Aviation Emergency Decision-making Based on System Dynamics

Weijun Pan, Chuyang Yang, Heping Shi
This paper is different with those paper which combined with the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and grey prediction model to construct the accident emergency response plan (ERP), but used a system dynamic theory to analysis the key parameters in the evolution of civil aircraft accident and we put forward...
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Service Quality Decision in Service Supply Chain Considering Supervision Behavior Based on Quantum Game

Peng Xing, Cuihua Zhang, Shui Yu
Service quality decisions of both members in service supply chain consisting of one service integrator and one service provider with stochastic demand are investigated, wherein service integrator supervises the service quality of service provider. By considering service quality and supervision level,...
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Analysis of Nonlinear Vibration Response of Bolt Fixed Cantilever Beam under Harmonic Excitation

Yaobin Li, Huadong Yu, Qianglong Wang, Yang Song, Zhenyu Liu
The local nonlinearity introduced by the bolt assembly are one of the major reasons for the complex dynamics response characteristics of the photoelectric measurement and control equipment. The single-bolt fixed cantilever beam model is adopted to analyze the super harmonic nonlinear response of structure...
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The Analysis on the Sensitivity of Geogrid Reinforcement Factors in Mine-Tailing Slopes

Xiaolin Lei, Chunming Qi, Chunlong Nie, Fan Yang
In order to find out the sensitivity of reinforcement factors that influences the geogrid reinforcement on slope stability of mine tailings, this paper designs the test according to orthogonal method. By choosing laying length (L), laying distance (D), laying angle (θ), tensile strength (T) and geogrid...
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A Restrain Method of Polarization Effect in GaN/AlGaN RTD

Haipeng Zhang, Xiliang Hao, Mi Lin, Xiang Ning, Bin Wang, Jian He, Biao Han
Polarization effects and polarization charges on the interfaces between GaN and AlGaN in GaN/AlGaN RTD on cplane GaN substrate destroy its RT conditions. To pave the way for electron transportation through GaN/AlGaN RTD in the mode of resonant tunneling, the influence from polarization effects was analyzed...
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Simulation of Magnetic Field Penetration of Cylindrical Cavity with Wound Solenoid

Baoquan Mao, Tu Lan, Wei Deng
In order to generate a magnetic field with adjustable magnetic field intensity and high uniformity, a magnetic field simulation model of the cylindrical cavity of wound solenoid was established by Ansoft Maxwell 3D, by changing the external magnetic field excitation source frequency, the steady-state...
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Geant4 Simulations of the Responses of the GdI3:Ce Scintillator Detector to Thermal Neutrons and Gamma-rays

Zhongqing Wang, Yuefeng Huang, Yongping Li
A simulation model based on the Geant4 packages was developed for the GdI3:Ce scintillator detector in order to investigate its responses to thermal neutrons and gamma-rays, and explore the appreciate parameters to improve its performance for thermal neutron detection. The characteristic gamma-ray and...
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Simulation Analysis of Fault Feature Extraction and Fusion for Analog Circuits Based on Information Fusion

Shi Bao, Jun Xu
In the fault diagnosis of analog circuit, the fault feature extraction is a very important link, and the results of the extraction directly impact on the accuracy of the final fault diagnosis. Because of the limitation of single fault feature extraction method, We used wavelet packet analysis and principal...
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Mechanism Modeling and Parameters Identification of Pneumatic Booster Mass Flow

Xiaohuan Pei, Qunli Shang, Kaibin Wang, Pengfei Li
Pneumatic amplifier is not only the commonly used independent electrical attachment but also one of key components of the valve positioner. In this paper, a mass flow mechanism model of the typical pneumatic amplifier is established, and the method of parameter identification is proposed. Firstly, according...
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Research on Regulation Technology of Voltage Quality in the Distribution Network Connected with Distributed PV System

Dufeng Cao, Ying Zhang, Yong Zhao, Yibo Wang, Honghua Xu
The point of common coupling (PCC) voltage fluctuation and waveform distortion will arise due to high penetration of distributed PV system connected to the distribution network. This paper analyzes the principle of voltage fluctuation and distortion in the PCC, points out shortcomings of the existing...
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The Numerical Simulation of the Green Residential Environment

Yangluxi Li
This paper is based on the research of the wind environment in a residential area. Comprehensive analysis of the residential building group's outdoor wind environment with two different layouts was made by using the establishment of the physical and mathematical models of the outdoor wind environments,...
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Research And Application for The Numerical Analysis Method of PV Arrays Operating Characteristics

Haoyi Wang, Zilong Yang, Yibo Wang, Rui Cao
In this paper, based on the PV module performance parameters, five performance points of PV module are obtained by calculation. Based on five points, the curve of performance is generated by shape-preserving interpolation on the computer. The algorithm better describes the electrical characteristics...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Space Energy Distribution of Incinerator

Chenglin Du, E Liu, Fangfang Jian
In view of the cracking furnace in the wastes tires, both inside and outside the study of the energy produced by induction coil. Electromagnetic induction coil and the cracking furnace finite element model is established.Using the software of ansys simulation of induction coil into the current work.The...
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Parametric Admissible Control for Descriptor Linear Systems via State-Derivative Feedback

Haihua Yu
Based on the general solution to the proposed generalized Sylvester matrix equation, very simple and complete parametric solutions to the admissible control problem for linear descriptor systems via derivative feedback are established in two cases. With several simple requirements on the design parameters...
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The Design of the Best Penetration Maneuvers Parameter of Variable Trajectory Maneuvers of Target Missiles

Kaibo Bi, Yifei Zhang, Xianhui Sui
To solve the design problem of variable trajectory maneuver of target missiles, an integrated design model of variable trajectory maneuver is presented. By closely cooperating between the control signals of displacements and the control signals of overloads, this integrated design model can make target...
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Multi-parameter Analysis of Influences of Air Conditioning Systems on Electric Vehicle

Hao Pan, Liangfei Xu, Jianqiu Li, Minggao Ouyang
Due to significant impact of energy consumption of air conditioning system on driving range of electric vehicles, study on air conditioning system of electric vehicles is of great importance. However, the research existing is not comprehensive enough, which is limited to the performance and experimental...
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Parameter Optimization of Surface Textures of Oil-lubricated Journal Bearings

Yongfang Zhang, Jingqun Zhao, Liangjun Xiao, Xianwei Li, Yanjun Lu
The effects of sphere dimples on the tribological performances of the journal bearing were investigated. The oil film rupture and reformation positions were obtained using a mass-conservation JFO(Jakobsson, Floberg, Olsson)boundary condition. The influences of the sphere dimples with various distribution...
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A Function Projective Synchronization Control for Complex Networks with Proportional Delays

Xiuliang Qiu, Honghua Bin, Licai Chu
In this paper, we investigate function projective synchronization for general complex networks with proportional delays. With the existence of proportional delays, we design an effective error feedback control to attain function projective synchronization of networks. Numerical example is provided to...
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Weibull Distribution Based Multi-class Stochastic User Equilibrium Model

Yuan Xu, Jing Zhou, Chaoyu Huang, Ke Lu
This paper aims to develop a multi-class Weibull distribution based route choice model (MWM) to alleviate the drawback from conventional logit model meanwhile take multi-class users into consideration. Specially, this paper distinguishes the user categories according to different cognitive levels of...
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Padé Approximation Based on Orthogonal Polynomial

Bo Wu, Youhua Qian
For the sake of solving the problem of nonlinear approximation better, we mainly use the Padé approximation under the orthogonal basis function in this paper. Through figuring out the orthogonal basis function for a given product, we can obtain the [m,n] order Padé approximation of arbitrary rational...
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Optimization Method for Developmental Scheme to Ultra-low Permeability Reservoir

Gongquan Li, Yiliang Di
In view of problems existing in ultra-low permeability reservoir development process, Honghe 55 well block in Zhenjing oil-field is selected as the research target. Based on its geological characteristics, a geological model was established to simulate the key problems such as length and orientation...
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Experiment and Amount Optimization Analysis of Oil-Water Mixture Frying Machine Based on FLUENT

Xuejing Zhang, Zhenwei Yu, Khurram Yousaf, Kunjie Chen
This paper simulated oil-heating process of frying machine by FLUENT software, in order to improve high-energy consumption problem of oil-water mixture frying machine in the working process. It analyzed temperature variation of nine key points, and came to a conclusion that temperature of different layers...
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Topology Optimization of Structure with Asymmetry Cementitious Granular Material

Haipeng Jia, Qunying Men, Anil Misra, Congyi Liu
Topology optimization of structure of cementitious granular material with different tension and compression properties is one of challenging and important branches in engineering application for the complex stress and strain relationship of cohesive material. Applying evolutionary structure optimization...
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Study on Comprehensive Optimization Method in the Performance of a New Type of High-speed USV and Its Analysis

Zifan Wei, Songlin Yang, Shengping Jing, Man Liu
Taking the comprehensive performance of a new type of high-speed unmanned surface vehicle (USV) including its rapidity, maneuverability, seakeeping and overturning resistance into consideration, this paper establishes a mathematical model of the performance comprehensive optimization of high-speed USV....
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Population Iterative Annealing Algorithm with Improved Inver-over Operator for TSP

Zhi Yuan, Yuanping Zhang
For improving optimizing ability of Inver-over operator in solving TSP, we improved the Inver-over operator and employing annealing skill. First, adopted two strategies to improve Inver-Over operator, one is drawing more optimal edges into the population as earlier mainly through the "2e-switch-1p-shift-opt",...
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An Optimal Traffic Control Algorithm for 4G LTE Systems

Xinjian Cao, Rui Wang
The proper design of the 4G LTE network, in order to provide sufficient capacity of high-quality coverage and efficient terminal traffic management, is of utmost importance. Therefore, the joint LTE wireless communications network design problem is modeled in this paper as an optimization problem. The...
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Adaptive Optimization Method of Resource Structure in Uncertain Environment Based on Cloud Genetic Algorithm

Mengchen Liao, Peng Sun, Jieyong Zhang, Junsheng Wu
Aiming at the influence of uncertain factors that impact on tasks and platforms in battlefield environment,adaptive optimization method based on uncertain event is proposed. Taking the uncertainty of platform loss and task implementing time into consideration, established a resource structure optimizing...
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The Research and Improvement Based on FP-Growth Data Mining Algorithm

Quanzhu Yao, Xingxing Gao, Xueli Lei, Tong Zhang
In order to improve the availability in space domain and raise time efficiency of the algorithm, increasing more FP-array to decrease the traversing of FP-tree in this paper. It has put forward to applying the node switching strategy to generate more packed FP-tree. It has come up with increasing more...
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An Enhanced Q Algorithm Based on EPC-C1G2 RFID Protocol

Cunliang Niu, Hao Zhang, Tao Lin
For the low system efficiency of RFID anti-collision Q algorithm which was proposed by ECP-C1G2, we propose an enhanced Q algorithm that embeds BS(Binary Splitting) algorithm into Q algorithm. The collision tags will be identified by BS algorithm in the process of Q Algorithm. Simulation results show...
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A Computational Algorithm for the Inverse of a Sevendiagonal Matrix

Yanling Lin, Xiaolin Lin
In this article, we investigate the inverse of the sevendiagonal matrix. Under certain conditions, the efficient algorithm which is suitable for implementation using computer algebra systems, is proposed. Also, the inverse of an anti-sevendiagonal matrix is obtained based on the special relation between...
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An Intelligent Course Scheduling System of Military Academy Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

Yanming Yang, Weituan Wu, Yue Teng
Time tabling problem is a multi-objective combination optimization problem with constraints, and also has been proved to be a NP (Non-deterministic Polynomial) problem. The genetic algorithm is a highly parallel, random and adaptive global searching algorithm which is derived from the theory of natural...
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Surrogate-Based Support Vector Machine Method

Yueyang Teng, Yaxin Liu, Xuan Xie, Bin Lu, Yan Kang
Surrogate-based method (SBM) is used to train a support vector machine (SVM) for discriminating between the elements of two classes of input points. The key idea to develop the algorithm is to replace the minimization of the cost function at each iteration by the minimization of a surrogate function,...
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Construction of Cloud Library

Dongju Bu, Yueheng Cao
Cloud library is a new type of Digital Library based on the network platform. It is a collection of all kinds of digital library. Through the middleware technology and virtualization technology, the establishment of a strong academic digital resources literature service model, unified distribution, management,...
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Analysis of Cloud Workflow System

Hailan Pan, Cuihong Wu
With the rapid development of economy, science and technology, the computing environment and process become more and more complicated, and the computing scale becomes larger and bigger, The cloud workflow system can solve the automatic control and comprehensive management of transaction flow in big data...
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Research on Key Technologies of Multimedia Data Security Protection Based on Cloud Computing

Tingting Yang, Shuwen Jia
Cloud computing applications are more widely, with the development of breakthrough at the same time, we should also pay attention to data security, to improve the user's satisfaction. The paper analyzes the key technologies of multimedia data security protection from three aspects: transmission, storage...
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A Method for Inversion of Smooth Open Boundary Conditions

Haidong Pan, Zheng Guo, Xianqing Lv
A new method is developed as a solution for ill-posedness problem in inversion of open boundary conditions (OBCs). In this method, open boundary curves are parameterized by interpolating values at some selected independent points(IPs) with the Spline. Compared with the linear interpolation traditionally...
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A Larger Step-Size Line Search Self-adaptive Trust Region Method and Its Convergence

Lin Feng
In this paper, we give a trust region method for unconstrained optimization, in which its radius is automatically updated by the current information. And when the trial step is rejected, we apply a larger step-size line search to the method. The primary aim is to update the radius depending on the problem...
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Application of Cluster Analysis on Gaussian-Mixture Probability Hypothesis Density Filter for Multiple Extended Target Tracking

Zhuo Cao, Xinxi Feng, Yinglei Cheng, Hongyan Li
Based on the multiple Extended Target Gaussian-Mixture Probability Hypothesis Density (GM-PHD) filter, a new algorithm of extended target track initiation and observation partition in the clutter environment are proposed. Firstly the paper take clustering trend of observation into account when carrying...
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Micro-blog Query Expansion Based on Lexical Time Distribution

Zheng Xiao
This paper presents a method of query expansion based on lexical time distribution for micro-blog search. Similarity of distribution is used to measure the correlation between the extended words and the query words. A query model based on the time distribution of the words is established. The query expansion...
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Text Classification Method Based on Machine Learning and Domain Knowledge Ontology

Zhiyong Gao, Shuhan Qiao, Yongquan Liang
The use of machine learning method is discussed herein to produce a corpus by domain knowledge ontology and conduct text classification according to the ontology of professional knowledge domain. Nowadays, a large number of literature materials have been accumulated in each professional field, and it...
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Overview of Missile Control Method

Chen Li, Jingyu Yang, Qing Wang, Zhijie Zhang, Hailong Wang, Jiahe Sun, Tianfen Mo, Shiwei Sun
The classical guidance law and the modern guidance law in the missile control system are introduced comparatively comprehensive. Firstly, the classical guidance law is introduced; Then the guidance law based on modern control theory is introduced emphatically, and the advantages and disadvantages of...
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Realization of Full Acquisition of Renewable Energy Based on Quota System

Zhiming Xie, Yuan Zhang
Feed-in tariffs (FIT) is good for renewable energy (RE) power producers, expanding the scale of RE's development. However, it is unfavorable to RE power grid companies' acquisition, so leading to a serious phenomenon of abandoned wind, solar and water energy. Now this article introduces Quota System,...
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Research on a Method and Case of Users' Participation in Product Innovative Design

Ertian Hua, Jiaji Zhong, Lei Hu, Qizong Sun, Chuan Chen
According to the features of abundance, diversification and short-period in consumer product innovative design, an efficient method of users' participation in product innovative design was put forward: Percolating the professional users by analyzing online comments to products; Requiring the experiences...
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A Multi Agent Framework for Trading on the Energy of Internet

Qiang Luo, Chen Qi, Jinglin Guo
We research and develop cloud based multi-functional smart agent technology with deep learning capability, provide technical solution for renewable energy in the hybrid Grids when microgrid integrated into State Grid, and accelerate evolution of the Energy of Internet in China.
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A Comprehensive Evaluation Approach to Measure Sustainable Development of Countries

Zhifeng Kong
Based on the quantitative definition of sustainable development, comprehensive evaluation method is used to estimate the level of a country's sustainable development. The indices chosen under four principles are divided into positive and negative indices after deliberate consideration. AHP is implied...
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Research on Safety Risk Assessment Method of Amphibious Equipment at Maritime Training

Jianhua Luo, Naibo Zheng, Da Xu, Qingyang Guo
This paper aims amphibious equipment maritime training safety risk assessment, introduces the definition, purpose and basis of amphibious equipment maritime training safety risk assessment, the evaluation process and evaluation method are studied, puts forward the comprehensive evaluation method based...
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Research on Cost Control Line of Overhead Transmission Line Projects in Chongqing

Guangjin Peng, Hui Zhu, Xiaorui Xing, Tingting Feng, Xuanhong Liang
Investment of Power transmission projects was always huge, and related to many complex factors. Preliminary design of the project in preparation stage plays a very important role in the project cost control. With the application of clustering theory, partial correlation analysis method and support vector...
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REVA-based Value Analysis on Listed Companies of Power Industry

Qingyou Yan, Yonghua Wang
The paper establishes the regression model based on the economic value added(EVA), refined economic value added(REVA), net profit, net cash flow and other indicators selected from the financial data of power industry. Correlation analysis indicates that, in comparison with traditional financial indicators,...
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First-Principles Investigation of NaMgH3 Hydrogenating Properties Affected by Catalyst

Xuelian Niu, Zhongqi Luan, Dan Zhou, Guijuan Yang
We reported density functional studies of the structure and thermodynamics of NaMgH3 in the cubic perovskite structure as well as corresponding fluorides. Analyses of the calculation results in terms of formation enthalpies, substitution enthalpies, reaction enthalpies showed that partial H were replaced...
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Research on Robot Visual Servo Control Based on Image Identification

Qian Wu, Jinan Gu
The research is mainly about robot system, DPS image processing system and Jacobian matrix. The robot in this study is a plenary robot with two rotary joints. It can only move in two directions, x and y. The joints are powered by Panasonic ac servo motor. The CCD camera is installed at the end of the...
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Analysis and Visualization of Electromagnetic Situation Based on Raster Database

Hanyan Huang, Mingshan Shao, Hua Zhang, Yulan Chen
It is with great significance to improve the speed of analysis and visualization of electromagnetic situation. However, The calculation amount of wave propagation involving numbers of radiation sources to form the electromagnetic situation is very large, and directly calculation is time-consuming. In...
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An Intelligent Methods for Pointer Instrument Reading Based on Machine Vision

Huanjun Liu
This paper puts forward to a novel intelligent methods for pointer instrument reading to replace human reading. The images of pointer instrument are captured. Firstly a segmentation algorithm based on unsupervised learning is presented to segment the image for locating the scales and pointer. This algorithm...
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The Design of Smart Grid Identity Authentication System Based on Fingerprint Identification

Xiuqing Wang, Jimin Zhao, Xueying Qiao, Fangyuan Che
For the problem of the safe integration between Internet and the smart grid, a server based on C/S mode of fingerprint information and user information registration was used in power system and a fingerprint acquisition system based on C/S mode was designed, realizing the collection of fingerprint image...
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Image Secret Key Generation Method Based on Bit Extraction

Shuai Chen, Xiaojun Xu, Youneng Zhang, Fang Han, Ying Li, Xiaodong Zheng
Bit extraction method from chaos sequence was proposed in the paper to realize image communication secretly. The cipher comes from nonlinear chaos iteration by seeds and processing of bits transformation matrix. First, the principle of image encryption keys was described, the cipher sequence features...
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The Virtual Surgery of Extraocular Muscles Based on Gesture Interaction

Mingxuan Chen, Guanglong Du, Ping Zhang, Chuangye Zhao
Virtual surgery is a process which uses virtual reality technology to realize surgery simulation, it can provide doctors with real-life experience of visual, auditory, tactile and so on, and it also plays an important role in surgical training and planning. During the interactive process, we used Leap...
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Voice Gender Recognition Using Deep Learning

Mucahit Buyukyilmaz, Ali Osman Cibikdiken
In this article, a Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) deep learning model has been described to recognize voice gender. The data set have 3,168 recorded samples of male and female voices. The samples are produced by using acoustic analysis. An MLP deep learning algorithm has been applied to detect gender-specific...
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Identification of Opinion Leaders in Social Networks Based on Sentiment Analysis: Evidence from an Automotive Forum

Maoran Zhu, Xingkai Lin, Ting Lu, Hongwei Wang
Opinion leadership of social network plays an important role in the fields of knowledge spreading, public sentiment controlling, marketing, etc. The opinions of users are derived from the reviews of topics, and the analysis of users' sentiment is helpful in recognizing users' emotional preference of...
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Iris Recognition Under Partial Occlusion Based on Non-negative Sparse Representation Classification

Fenghua Wang, Qiumei Zheng, Shaoshu Gao
To improve the reliability and accuracy of personal identification based on iris under partial occlusion, this paper proposed a non-negative dictionary sparse representation and classification scheme for iris recognition. The non-negative dictionary includes the Log-Gabor feature dictionary extracted...
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An Enhanced Local Binary Pattern for Texture Classification

Huawei Tao, Rugang Wang, Li Zhao
In order to improve the recognition rate of texture classification, an enhanced Local binary pattern, called completed local binary pattern based on gray level and structural information (CLBP_GLSI), is proposed in this paper. We firstly proposed an structural texture operator called gray level and structural...
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A Vehicle Target Assignment Method

Yong Sun, Wenwei Li, Dan Huang, Yuan Feng
Based on some definition of threat degree, shooting validity and gain, this paper propose a method of vehicle target assignment, the target can be assigned by rule or integer programming, this method is easy and practicality.
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Study on Strategy of Automatic Shift Based on ANFIS for Intelligent Pure Electric Vehicle

Bingli Zhang, Jiaoyu Xing, Yunsheng Ye, Zhihao Bai
In intelligent pure electric vehicle, different shift strategies has a great influence in energy consumption, The paper established the ANFIS shifting strategy based on the fuzzy neural network control theory and the traditional two parameters shift rules, training the ANFIS shifting strategy by the...
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The Design of Lightweight UAV Classification Accelerating Ectromagnetic Launcher

Hailong Wang, Jingyu Yang, Zhijie Zhang, Chen Li, Zhihao Zhang, Guangliang Xu, Bowen Zhang, Gang Wang
In this paper, a kind of lightweight UAV classification accelerating Ectromagnetic Launcher (EML) has been designed. Firstly, 20kg of lightweight UAV ejection problem has been analyzed in the civil field. Secondly, the advantages and disadvantages of different modes of EML have been considered for lightweight...
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Intelligent Fixture System For CNC Milling Machining Of Thin-walled Structure

Zhijie Zhang, Jingyu Yang, Hailong Wang, Chen Li, Qing Wang, Jiahe Sun, Tianfen Mo, Shiwei Sun
This paper mainly makes the analysis of the corresponding problems of Milling Thin-walled Structures in aerospace field with a digital control. The main contents are as follows: Firstly, on the basis of the present research, the processing characteristics of thin-walled parts under high-speed machining...
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Artificial Neural Networks for Radiation Dose Prediction in Nuclear Emergencies-Preliminary Investigations

Cláudio Márcio do Nascimento Abreu Pereira, Roberto Schirru, Kelcio Gomes, José Luiz Cunha
This work investigates the use of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for radiation dose prediction due to a nuclear power plant (NPP) accident with radioactive material release. The main objective is to avoid necessity of using complex time-consuming simulators during the emergency. Training, test and...
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Research on Maneuvering Target Stealth Method Based on Image Information

Shan Chen, Junchun Ma, Can Sun, Zhong Wang, Ningbo Gao
Stealth technology was an effective means to improve the viability of ground maneuver target. The stealth method of maneuvering target was studied preliminarily based on the visual and infrared images in this paper. For the visual camouflage, methods of stealth technology based on pattern painting was...
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The Implementation of Oilfield Operation Simulation Examination System Client Based on Mobile Device

Ya Zhao, Lina Sun, Shengyi Lv, Lin Lin
This paper aims to research and develop the oilfield operation simulation examination system, which can run on the mobile devices without network. According to the system needs, the paper analyzes the functional requirements of the server and the client; designs the functions according to the client...