Proceedings of the International Conference for Phoenixes on Emerging Current Trends in Engineering and Management (PECTEAM 2018)

Session: Microwave and Intelligent Communication

3 articles

Performance Evaluation of Contrast Enhancement Technique for PET-CT Images in HSI Color Space

J Angelin Jeba, S Nirmala Devi
Medical images are generally noisy due to the physical mechanisms of the acquisition process. Image enhancement is a technique which reduces noise, removesartifacts, and preserves details in the image. Its purpose is to amplify certain image features for analysis, diagnosis, and display. In this paper,...

Interference Mitigation Using Co-operative Localization with Co-operative sensing and relays for Cognitive Radio Networks

G Samuelraj Chrysolite, K Gunaseelan
A change in the transmission parameters are never entertained when it comes to a network where the transmission power is always wanted to be kept a constant for consistent performance. However in a cognitive network scenario, interference mitigation can be improved by using cooperative relay which boosts...

A Novel Approach for Lung Pattern Analysis using Neural Networks and Fuzzy Interface System

N Malligeswari, C Rajani, G Kavya
An important and crucial aspect of image processing is effective identification of lung cancer at an initial stage. One of the state of the art methods in lung cancer detection is machine learning, namely ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks) and Fuzzy Logic. These researches mainly focus upon image quality...